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Enshrine love for the True Guru, and then you shall obtain this understanding. || 7 || This is not Yoga, O Yogi, to abandon your family and wander around. The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is within the household of the body. By Guru's Grace, you shall find your Lord God. || 8 || This world is a puppet of clay, Yogi; the terrible disease, the desire for Maya is in it. Making all sorts of efforts, and wearing religious robes, Yogi, this disease cannot be cured. || 9 || The Name of the Lord is the medicine, Yogi; the Lord enshrines it in the mind. One who becomes Gurmukh understands this; he alone finds the Way of Yoga. || 10 || The Path of Yoga is very difficult, Yogi; he alone finds it, whom God blesses with His Grace. Inside and outside, he sees the One Lord; he eliminates doubt from within himself. || 11 || So play the harp which vibrates without being played, Yogi. Says Nanak, thus you shall be liberated, Yogi, and remain merged in the True Lord. || 12 || 1 || 10 || RAAMKALEE, THIRD MEHL: The treasure of devotional worship is revealed to the Gurmukh; the True Guru has inspired me to understand this understanding. || 1 || O Saints, the Gurmukh is blessed with glorious greatness. || 1 || Pause || Dwelling always in Truth, celestial peace wells up; sexual desire and anger are eliminated from within. || 2 || Eradicating self-conceit, remain lovingly focused on the Naam, the Name of the Lord; through the Word of the Shabad, burn away possessiveness. || 3 || By Him we are created, and by Him we are destroyed; in the end, the Naam will be our only help and support. || 4 || He is ever-present; don't think that He is far away. He created the creation. || 5 || Deep within your heart, chant the True Word of the Shabad; remain lovingly absorbed in the True Lord. || 6 || The Priceless Naam is in the Society of the Saints; by great good fortune, it is obtained. || 7 || Do not be deluded by doubt; serve the True Guru, and keep your mind steady in one place. || 8 || Without the Name, everyone wanders around in confusion; they waste away their lives in vain. || 9 || Yogi, you have lost the Way; you wander around confused. Through hypocrisy, Yoga is not attained. || 10 || Sitting in Yogic postures in the City of God, through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, you shall find Yoga. || 11 || Restrain your restless wanderings through the Shabad, and the Naam will come to dwell in your mind. || 12 || This body is a pool, O Saints; bathe in it, and enshrine love for the Lord. || 13 || Those who cleanse themselves through the Naam, are the most immaculate people; through the Shabad, they wash off their filth. || 14 || Trapped by the three qualities, the unconscious person does not think of the Naam; without the Name, he wastes away. || 15 || The three forms of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are trapped in the three qualities, lost in confusion. || 16 || By Guru's Grace, this triad is eradicated, and one is lovingly absorbed in the fourth state. || 17 || The Pandits, the religious scholars, read, study and discuss the arguments; they do not understand. || 18 || Engrossed in corruption, they wander in confusion; who can they possibly instruct, O Siblings of Destiny? || 19 || The Bani, the Word of the humble devotee is the most sublime and exalted; it prevails throughout the ages. || 20 ||

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One who is committed to this Bani is emancipated, and through the Shabad, merges in Truth. || 21 || One who searches the village of the body, through the Shabad, obtains the nine treasures of the Naam. || 22 || Conquering desire, the mind is absorbed in intuitive ease, and then one chants the Lord's Praises without speaking. || 23 || Let your eyes gaze upon the Wondrous Lord; let your consciousness be attached to the Unseen Lord. || 24 || The Unseen Lord is forever absolute and immaculate; one's light merges into the Light. || 25 || I praise my Guru forever, who has inspired me to understand this true understanding. || 26 || Nanak offers this one prayer: through the Name, may I find salvation and honor. || 27 || 2 || 11 || RAAMKALEE, THIRD MEHL: It is so hard to obtain that devotional worship of the Lord, O Saints. It cannot be described at all. || 1 || O Saints, as Gurmukh, find the Perfect Lord, and worship the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 1 || Pause || Without the Lord, everything is filthy, O Saints; what offering should I place before Him? || 2 || Whatever pleases the True Lord is devotional worship; His Will abides in the mind. || 3 || Everyone worships Him, O Saints, but the self-willed manmukh is not accepted or approved. || 4 || If someone dies in the Word of the Shabad, his mind become immaculate, O Saints; such worship is accepted and approved. || 5 || Sanctified and pure are those true beings, who enshrine love for the Shabad. || 6 || There is no worship of the Lord, other than the Name; the world wanders, deluded by doubt. || 7 || The Gurmukh understands his own self, O Saints; he lolvingly centers his mind on the Lord's Name. || 8 || The Immaculate Lord Himself inspires worship of Him; through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, it is accepted and approved. || 9 || Those who worship Him, but do not know the Way, are polluted with the love of duality. || 10 || One who becomes Gurmukh, knows what worship is; the Lord's Will abides within his mind. || 11 || One who accepts the Lord's Will obtains total peace, O Saints; in the end, the Naam will be our help and support. || 12 || One who does not understand his own self, O Saints, falsely flatters himself. || 13 || The Messenger of Death does not give up on those who practices hypocrisy; they are dragged away in disgrace. || 14 || Those who have the Shabad deep within, understand themselves; they find the way of salvation. || 15 || Their minds enter into the deepest state of Samaadhi, and their light is absorbed into the Light. || 16 || The Gurmukhs listen constantly to the Naam, and chant it in the True Congregation. || 17 || The Gurmukhs sing the Lord's Praises, and erase self-conceit; they obtain true honor in the Court of the Lord. || 18 || True are their words; they speak only the Truth; they lovingly focus on the True Name. || 19 || My God is the Destroyer of fear, the Destroyer of sin; in the end, He is our only help and support. || 20 || He Himself pervades and permeates everything; O Nanak, glorious greatness is obtained through the Naam. || 21 || 3 || 12 || RAAMKALEE, THIRD MEHL: I am filthy and polluted, proud and egotistical; receiving the Word of the Shabad, my filth is taken away. || 1 || O Saints, the Gurmukhs are saved through the Naam, the Name of the Lord. The True Name abides deep within their hearts. The Creator Himself embellishes them.

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|| 1 || Pause || Touching the philosopher's stone, they themselves become the philosopher's stone; the Dear Lord Himself blesses them with His Mercy. || 2 || Some wear religious robes, and wander around in pride; they lose their life in the gamble. || 3 || Some worship the Lord in devotion, night and day; day and night, they keep the Lord's Name enshrined in their hearts. || 4 || Those who are imbued with Him night and day, are spontaneously intoxicated with Him; they intuitively conquer their ego. || 5 || Without the Fear of God, devotional worship is never performed; through the Love and the Fear of God, devotional worship is embellished. || 6 || The Shabad burns away emotional attachment to Maya, and then one contemplates the essence of spiritual wisdom. || 7 || The Creator Himself inspires us to act; He Himself blesses us with His treasure. || 8 || The limits of His virtues cannot be found; I sing His Praises and contemplate the Word of the Shabad. || 9 || I chant the Lord's Name, and praise my Dear Lord; egotism is eradicated from within me. || 10 || The treasure of the Naam is obtained from the Guru; the treasures of the True Lord are inexhaustible. || 11 || He Himself is pleased with His devotees; by His Grace, He infuses His strength within them. || 12 || They always feel hunger for the True Name; they sing and contemplate the Shabad. || 13 || Soul, body and everything are His; it is so difficult to speak of, and contemplate Him. || 14 || Those humble beings who are attached to the Shabad are saved; they cross over the terrifying world-ocean. || 15 || Without the True Lord, no one can cross over; how rare are those who contemplate and understand this. || 16 || We obtain only that which is pre-ordained; receiving the Lord's Shabad, we are embellished. || 17 || Imbued with the Shabad, the body becomes golden, and loves only the True Name. || 18 || The body is then filled to overflowing with Ambrosial Nectar, obtained by contemplating the Shabad. || 19 || Those who seek God, find Him; others burst and die from their own egotism. || 20 || The debaters waste away, while the servants serve, with love and affection for the Guru. || 21 || He alone is a Yogi, who contemplates the essence of spiritual wisdom, and conquers egotism and thirsty desire. || 22 || The True Guru, the Great Giver, is revealed to those upon whom You bestow Your Grace, O Lord. || 23 || Those who do not serve the True Guru, and who are attached to Maya, are drowned; they die in their own egotism. || 24 || As long as there is breath within you, so long you should serve the Lord; then, you will go and meet the Lord. || 25 || Night and day, she remains awake and aware, day and night; she is the darling bride of her Beloved Husband Lord. || 26 || I offer my body and mind in sacrifice to my Guru; I am a sacrifice to Him. || 27 || Attachment to Maya will end and go away; only by contemplating the Shabad will you be saved. || 28 || They are awake and aware, whom the Lord Himself awakens; so contemplate the Word of the Guru's Shabad. || 29 || O Nanak, those who do not remember the Naam are dead. The devotees live in contemplative meditation. || 30 || 4 || 13 || RAAMKALEE, THIRD MEHL: Receiving the treasure of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, from the Guru, I remain satisfied and fulfilled. || 1 ||

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O Saints, the Gurmukhs attain the state of liberation. The One Name abides deep within my heart; such is the glorious greatness of the Perfect Lord. || 1 || Pause || He Himself is the Creator, and He Himself is the Enjoyer. He Himself gives sustenance to all. || 2 || Whatever He wants to do, He is doing; no one else can do anything. || 3 || He Himself fashions and creates the creation; He links each and every person to their task. || 4 || If you serve Him, then you will find peace; the True Guru will unite you in His Union. || 5 || The Lord Himself creates Himself; the Unseen Lord cannot be seen. || 6 || He Himself kills, and brings back to life; He does not have even an iota of greed. || 7 || Some are made givers, and some are made beggars; He Himself inspires us to devotional worship. || 8 || Those who know the One Lord are very fortunate; they remain absorbed in the True Lord. || 9 || He Himself is beautiful, He Himself is wise and clever; His worth cannot be expressed. || 10 || He Himself infuses pain and pleasure; He Himself makes them wander around in doubt. || 11 || The Great Giver is revealed to the Gurmukh; without the Guru, the world wanders in darkness. || 12 || Those who taste, enjoy the flavor; the True Guru imparts this understanding. || 13 || Some, the Lord causes to forget and lose the Name; others become Gurmukh, and are granted this understanding. || 14 || Forever and ever, praise the Lord, O Saints; how glorious is His greatness! || 15 || There is no other King except Him; He administers justice, as He has made it. || 16 || His justice is always True; how rare are those who accept His Command. || 17 || O mortal, meditate forever on the Lord, who has made the Gurmukh in His making. || 18 || That humble being who meets with the True Guru is fulfilled; the Naam abides in his heart. || 19 || The True Lord is Himself forever True; He announces His Bani, the Word of His Shabad. || 20 || Nanak is wonderstruck, hearing and seeing His Lord; my God is all-pervading, everywhere. || 21 || 5 || 14 ||



Some make a big show of their worldly influence. Some make a big show of devotional worship. Some practice inner cleansing teahniques, and control the breath through Kundalini Yoga. I am meek; I worship and adore the Lord, Har, Har. || 1 || I place my faith in You alone, O Beloved Lord. I do not know any other way. || 1 || Pause || Some abandon their homes, and live in the forests. Some put themselves on silence, and call themselves hermits. Some claim that they are devotees of the One Lord alone. I am meek; I seek the shelter and support of the Lord, Har, Har. || 2 || Some say that they live at sacred shrines of pilgrimage. Some refuse food and become Udaasis, shaven-headed renunciates. Some have wandered all across the earth. I am meek; I have fallen at the door of the Lord, Har, Har. || 3 ||

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Some say that they belong to great and noble families. Some say that they have the arms of their many brothers to protect them. Some say that they have great expanses of wealth. I am meek; I have the support of the Lord, Har, Har. || 4 || Some dance, wearing ankle bells. Some fast and take vows, and wear malas. Some apply ceremonial tilak marks to their foreheads. I am meek; I meditate on the Lord, Har, Har, Har. || 5 || Some work spells using the miraculous spiritual powers of the Siddhas. Some wear various religious robes and establish their authority. Some perform Tantric spells, and chant various mantras. I am meek; I serve the Lord, Har, Har, Har. || 6 || One calls himself a wise Pandit, a religious scholar. One performs the six rituals to appease Shiva. One maintains the rituals of pure lifestyle, and does good deeds. I am meek; I seek the Sanctuary of the Lord, Har, Har, Har. || 7 || I have studied the religions and rituals of all the ages. Without the Name, this mind is not awakened. Says Nanak, when I found the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, my thirsty desires were satisfied, and I was totally cooled and soothed. || 8 || 1 || RAAMKALEE, FIFTH MEHL: He created you out of this water. From clay, He fashioned your body. He blessed you with the light of reason and clear consciousness. In your mother's womb, He preserved you. || 1 || Contemplate your Savior Lord. Give up all others thoughts, O mind. || 1 || Pause || He gave you your mother and father; he gave you your charming children and siblings; he gave you your spouse and friends; enshrine that Lord and Master in your consciousness. || 2 || He gave you the invaluable air; He gave you the priceless water; He gave you burning fire; let your mind remain in the Sanctuary of that Lord and Master. || 3 || He gave you the thirty-six varieties of tasty foods; He gave you a place within to hold them; He gave you the earth, and things to use; enshrine in your consciousness the feet of that Lord and Master. || 4 || He gave you eyes to see, and ears to hear; He gave you hands to work with, and a nose and a tongue; He gave you feet to walk upon, and the crowning glory of your head; O mind, worship the Feet of that Lord and Master. || 5 || He transformed you from impure to pure; He installed you above the heads of all creatures; now, you may fulfill your destiny or not; Your affairs shall be resolved, O mind, meditating on God. || 6 || Here and there, only the One God exists. Wherever I look, there You are. My mind is reluctant to serve Him; forgetting Him, I cannot survive, even for an instant. || 7 || I am a sinner, without any virtue at all. I do not serve You, or do any good deeds. By great good fortune, I have found the boat - the Guru. Slave Nanak has crossed over, with Him. || 8 || 2 || RAAMKALEE, FIFTH MEHL: Some pass their lives enjoying pleasures and beauty.

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Some pass their lives with their mothers, fathers and children. Some pass their lives in power, estates and trade. The Saints pass their lives with the support of the Lord's Name. || 1 || The world is the creation of the True Lord. He alone is the Master of all. || 1 || Pause || Some pass their lives in arguments and debates about scriptures. Some pass their lives tasting flavors. Some pass their lives attached to women. The Saints are absorbed only in the Name of the Lord. || 2 || Some pass their lives gambling. Some pass their lives getting drunk. Some pass their lives stealing the property of others. The humble servants of the Lord pass their lives meditating on the Naam. || 3 || Some pass their lives in Yoga, strict meditation, worship and adoration. Some, in sickness, sorrow and doubt. Some pass their lives practicing control of the breath. The Saints pass their lives singing the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises. || 4 || Some pass their lives walking day and night. Some pass their lives on the fields of battle. Some pass their lives teaching children. The Saints pass their lives singing the Lord's Praise. || 5 || Some pass their lives as actors, acting and dancing. Some pass their lives taking the lives of others. Some pass their lives ruling by intimidation. The Saints pass their lives chanting the Lord's Praises. || 6 || Some pass their lives counseling and giving advice. Some pass their lives forced to serve others. Some pass their lives exploring life's mysteries. The Saints pass their lives drinking in the sublime essence of the Lord. || 7 || As the Lord attaches us, so we are attached. No one is foolish, and no one is wise. Nanak is a sacrifice, a sacrifice to those who are blessed by His Grace to receive His Name. || 8 || 3 || RAAMKALEE, FIFTH MEHL: Even in a forest fire, some trees remain green. The infant is released from the pain of the mother's womb. Meditating in remembrance on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, fear is dispelled. Just so, the Sovereign Lord protects and saves the Saints. || 1 || Such is the Merciful Lord, my Protector. Wherever I look, I see You cherishing and nurturing. || 1 || Pause || As thirst is quenched by drinking water; as the bride blossoms forth when her husband comes home; as wealth is the support of the greedy person - just so, the humble servant of the Lord loves the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. || 2 || As the farmer protects his fields; as the mother and father show compassion to their child; as the lover merges on seeing the beloved; just so does the Lord hug His humble servant close in His Embrace. || 3 || As the blind man is in ecstasy, when he can see again; and the mute, when he is able to speak and sing songs; and the cripple, being able to climb over the mountain - just so, the Name of the Lord saves all. || 4 || As cold is dispelled by fire, sins are driven out in the Society of the Saints. As cloth is cleaned by soap, just so, by chanting the Naam, all doubts and fears are dispelled. || 5 || As the chakvi bird longs for the sun, as the sparrow-hawk thirsts for the rain drop, as the deer's ears are attuned to the sound of the bell, the Lord's Name is pleasing to the mind of the Lord's humble servant.

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|| 6 || By Your Grace, we love You. When You show Mercy, then You come into our minds. When the Support of the earth granted His Grace, then I was released from my bonds. || 7 || I have seen all places with my eyes wide open. There is no other than Him. Doubt and fear are dispelled, by Guru's Grace. Nanak sees the wondrous Lord everywhere. || 8 || 4 || RAAMKALEE, FIFTH MEHL: All beings and creatures that are seen, God, depend on Your Support. || 1 || This mind is saved through the Name of the Lord. || 1 || Pause || In an instant, He establishes and disestablishes, by His Creative Power. All is the Creation of the Creator. || 2 || Sexual desire, anger, greed, falsehood and slander are banished in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. || 3 || Chanting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the mind becomes immaculate, and life is passed in absolute peace. || 4 || That mortal who enters the Sanctuary of the devotees, does not lose out, here or hereafter. || 5 || Pleasure and pain, and the condition of this mind, I place before You, Lord. || 6 || You are the Giver of all beings; You cherish what You have made. || 7 || So many millions of times, Nanak is a sacrifice to Your humble servants. || 8 || 5 ||



Receiving the Blessed Vision of His Darshan, all sins are erased, and He unites me with the Lord. || 1 || My Guru is the Transcendent Lord, the Giver of peace. He implants the Naam, the Name of the Supreme Lord God within us; in the end, He is our help and support. || 1 || Pause || The source of all pain within is destroyed; I apply the dust of the feet of the Saints to my forehead. || 2 || In an instant, He purifies the sinners, and dispels the darkness of ignorance. || 3 || The Lord is all-powerful, the Cause of causes. Nanak seeks His Sanctuary. || 4 || Shattering the bonds, the Guru implants the Lord's lotus feet within, and lovingly attunes us to the One Word of the Shabad. || 5 || He has lifted me up, and pulled me out of the deep, dark pit of sin; I am attuned to the True Shabad. || 6 || The fear of birth and death is taken away; I shall never wander again. || 7 || This mind is imbued with the sublime elixir of the Naam; drinking in the Ambrosial Nectar, it is satisfied. || 8 || Joining the Society of the Saints, I sing the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises; I dwell in the eternal, unchanging place. || 9 || The Perfect Guru has given me the perfect teachings; there is nothing except the Lord, O Siblings of Destiny. || 10 || I have obtained the treasure of the Naam, by great good fortune; O Nanak, I shall not fall into hell. || 11 || Clever tricks have not worked for me; I shall act according to the Instructions of the Perfect Guru. || 12 || He is chanting, intense meditation, austere self-discipline and purification. He Himself acts, and causes us to act. || 13 ||

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In the midst of children and spouse, and utter corruption, the True Guru has carried me across. || 14 || You Yourself take care of Your beings; You Yourself attach them to the hem of Your robe. || 15 || I have built the boat of true Dharmic faith, to cross over the terrifying world-ocean. || 16 || The Lord Master is unlimited and endless; Nanak is a sacrifice, a sacrifice to Him. || 17 || Being of Immortal Manifestation, He is not born; He is self-existent; He is the Light in the darkness of Kali Yuga. || 18 || He is the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts, the Giver of souls; gazing upon Him, I am satisfied and fulfilled. || 19 || He is the One Universal Creator Lord, immaculate and fearless; He is permeating and pervading all the water and the land. || 20 || He blesses His devotees with the Gift of devotional worship; Nanak longs for the Lord, O my mother. || 21 || 1 || 6 || RAAMKALEE, FIFTH MEHL, SHALOK: Study the Word of the Shabad, O beloveds. It is your anchoring support in life and in death. Your face shall be radiant, and you will be at peace forever, O Nanak, meditating in remembrance on the One Lord. My mind and body are imbued with my Beloved Lord; I have been blessed with loving devotion to the Lord, O Saints. || 1 || The True Guru has approved my cargo, O Saints. He has blessed His slave with the profit of the Lord's Name; all my thirst is quenched, O Saints. || 1 || Pause || Searching and searching, I have found the One Lord, the jewel; I cannot express His value, O Saints. || 2 || I focus my meditation on His Lotus Feet; I am absorbed in the True Vision of His Darshan, O Saints. || 3 || Singing, singing His Glorious Praises, I am enraptured; meditating in remembrance on the Lord, I am satisfied and fulfilled, O Saints. || 4 || The Lord, the Supreme Soul, is permeating within all; what comes, and what goes, O Saints? || 5 || At the very beginning of time, and throughout the ages, He is, and He shall always be; He is the Giver of peace to all beings, O Saints. || 6 || He Himself is endless; His end cannot be found. He is totally pervading and permeating everywhere, O Saints. || 7 || Nanak: the Lord is my friend, companion, wealth, youth, son, father and mother, O Saints. || 8 || 2 || 7 || RAAMKALEE, FIFTH MEHL: In thought, word and deed, I contemplate the Lord's Name. The horrible world-ocean is very treacherous; O Nanak, the Gurmukh is carried across. || 1 || Pause || Inwardly, peace, and outwardly, peace; meditating on the Lord, evil tendencies are crushed. || 1 || He has rid me of what was clinging to me; my Dear Lord God has blessed me with His Grace. || 2 || The Saints are saved, in His Sanctuary; the very egotistical people rot away and die. || 3 || In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, I have obtained this fruit, the Support of the One Name alone. || 4 || No one is strong, and no one is weak; all are manifestations of Your Light, Lord. || 5 || You are the all-powerful, indescribable, unfathomable, all-pervading Lord. || 6 || Who can estimate Your value, O Creator Lord? God has no end or limitation. || 7 || Please bless Nanak with the glorious greatness of the gift of the Naam, and the dust of the feet of Your Saints. || 8 || 3 || 8 || 22 ||

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I am in ecstasy, O my mother, for I have found my True Guru. I have found the True Guru, with intuitive ease, and my mind vibrates with the music of bliss. The jewelled melodies and their related celestial harmonies have come to sing the Word of the Shabad. The Lord dwells within the minds of those who sing the Shabad. Says Nanak, I am in ecstasy, for I have found my True Guru. || 1 || O my mind, remain always with the Lord. Remain always with the Lord, O my mind, and all sufferings will be forgotten. He will accept You as His own, and all your affairs will be perfectly arranged. Our Lord and Master is all-powerful to do all things, so why forget Him from your mind? Says Nanak, O my mind, remain always with the Lord. || 2 || O my True Lord and Master, what is there which is not in Your celestial home? Everything is in Your home; they receive, unto whom You give. Constantly singing Your Praises and Glories, Your Name is enshrined in the mind. The divine melody of the Shabad vibrates for those, within whose minds the Naam abides. Says Nanak, O my True Lord and Master, what is there which is not in Your home? || 3 || The True Name is my only support. The True Name is my only support; it satisfies all hunger. It has brought peace and tranquility to my mind; it has fulfilled all my desires. I am forever a sacrifice to the Guru, who possesses such glorious greatness. Says Nanak, listen, O Saints; enshrine love for the Shabad. The True Name is my only support. || 4 || The Panch Shabad, the five primal sounds, vibrate in that blessed house. In that blessed house, the Shabad vibrates; He infuses His almighty power into it. Through You, we subdue the five demons of desire, and slay Death, the torturer. Those who have such pre-ordained destiny are attached to the Lord's Name. Says Nanak, they are at peace, and the unstruck sound current vibrates within their homes. || 5 || Without the true love of devotion, the body is without honor. The body is dishonored without devotional love; what can the poor wretches do? No one except You is all-powerful; please bestow Your Mercy, O Lord of all nature. There is no place of rest, other than the Name; attached to the Shabad, we are embellished with beauty. Says Nanak, without devotional love, what can the poor wretches do? || 6 || Bliss, bliss - everyone talks of bliss; bliss is known only through the Guru. Eternal bliss in known only through the Guru, when the Beloved Lord grants His Grace. Granting His Grace, He cuts away our sins; He blesses us with the healing ointment of spiritual wisdom. Those who eradicate attachment from within themselves, are adorned with the Shabad, the Word of the True Lord.

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Says Nanak, this alone is bliss - bliss which is known through the Guru. || 7 || O Baba, he alone receives it, unto whom You give it. He alone receives it, unto whom You give it; what can the other poor wretched beings do? Some are deluded by doubt, wandering in the ten directions; some are adorned with attachment to the Naam. By Guru's Grace, the mind becomes immaculate and pure, for those who follow God's Will. Says Nanak, he alone receives it, unto whom You give it, O Beloved Lord. || 8 || Come, Beloved Saints, let us speak the Unspoken Speech of the Lord. How can we speak the Unspoken Speech of the Lord? Through which door will we find Him? Surrender body, mind, wealth, and everything to the Guru; obey the Order of His Will, and you will find Him. Obey the Hukam of the Guru's Command, and sing the True Word of His Bani. Says Nanak, listen, O Saints, and speak the Unspoken Speech of the Lord. || 9 || O fickle mind, through cleverness, no one has found the Lord. Through cleverness, no one has found Him; listen, O my mind. This Maya is so fascinating; because of it, people wander in doubt. This fascinating Maya was created by the One who has administered this potion. I am a sacrifice to the One who has made emotional attachment sweet. Says Nanak, O fickle mind, no one has found Him through cleverness. || 10 || O beloved mind, contemplate the True Lord forever. This family which you see shall not go along with you. They shall not go along with you, so why do you focus your attention on them? Don't do anything that you will regret in the end. Listen to the Teachings of the True Guru - these shall go along with you. Says Nanak, O beloved mind, contemplate the True Lord forever. || 11 || O inaccessible and unfathomable Lord, Your limits cannot be found. No one has found Your limits; only You Yourself know. All living beings and creatures are Your play; how can anyone describe You? You speak, and You gaze upon all; You created the Universe. Says Nanak, You are forever inaccessible; Your limits cannot be found. || 12 || The angelic beings and the silent sages search for the Ambrosial Nectar; this Amrit is obtained from the Guru. This Amrit is obtained, when the Guru grants His Grace; He enshrines the True Lord within the mind. All living beings and creatures were created by You; only some come to see the Guru, and seek His blessing. Their greed, avarice and egotism are dispelled, and the True Guru seems sweet. Says Nanak, those with whom the Lord is pleased, obtain the Amrit, through the Guru. || 13 || The lifestyle of the devotees is unique and distinct. The devotees' lifestyle is unique and distinct; they follow the most difficult path. They renounce greed, avarice, egotism and desire; they do not talk too much. The path they take is sharper than a two-edged sword, and finer than a hair.

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By Guru's Grace, they shed their selfishness and conceit; their hopes are merged in the Lord. Says Nanak, the lifestyle of the devotees, in each and every age, is unique and distinct. || 14 || As You make me walk, so do I walk, O my Lord and Master; what else do I know of Your Glorious Virtues? As You cause them to walk, they walk - You have placed them on the Path. In Your Mercy, You attach them to the Naam; they meditate forever on the Lord, Har, Har. Those whom You cause to listen to Your sermon, find peace in the Gurdwara, the Guru's Gate. Says Nanak, O my True Lord and Master, you make us walk according to Your Will. || 15 || This song of praise is the Shabad, the most beautiful Word of God. This beauteous Shabad is the everlasting song of praise, spoken by the True Guru. This is enshrined in the minds of those who are so pre-destined by the Lord. Some wander around, babbling on and on, but none obtain Him by babbling. Says Nanak, the Shabad, this song of praise, has been spoken by the True Guru. || 16 || Those humble beings who meditate on the Lord become pure. Meditating on the Lord, they become pure; as Gurmukh, they meditate on Him. They are pure, along with their mothers, fathers, family and friends; all their companions are pure as well. Pure are those who speak, and pure are those who listen; those who enshrine it within their minds are pure. Says Nanak, pure and holy are those who, as Gurmukh, meditate on the Lord, Har, Har. || 17 || By religious rituals, intuitive poise is not found; without intuitive poise, skepticism does not depart. Skepticism does not depart by contrived actions; everybody is tired of performing these rituals. The soul is polluted by skepticism; how can it be cleansed? Wash your mind by attaching it to the Shabad, and keep your consciousness focused on the Lord. Says Nanak, by Guru's Grace, intuitive poise is produced, and this skepticism is dispelled. || 18 || Inwardly polluted, and outwardly pure. Those who are outwardly pure and yet polluted within, lose their lives in the gamble. They contract this terrible disease of desire, and in their minds, they forget about dying. In the Vedas, the ultimate objective is the Naam, the Name of the Lord; but they do not hear this, and they wander around like demons. Says Nanak, those who forsake Truth and cling to falsehood, lose their lives in the gamble. || 19 || Inwardly pure, and outwardly pure. Those who are outwardly pure and also pure within, through the Guru, perform good deeds. Not even an iota of falsehood touches them; their hopes are absorbed in the Truth. Those who earn the jewel of this human life, are the most excellent of merchants. Says Nanak, those whose minds are pure, abide with the Guru forever. || 20 || If a Sikh turns to the Guru with sincere faith, as sunmukh - if a Sikh turns to the Guru with sincere faith, as sunmukh, his soul abides with the Guru. Within his heart, he meditates on the lotus feet of the Guru; deep within his soul, he contemplates Him.

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