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Renouncing selfishness and conceit, he remains always on the side of the Guru; he does not know anyone except the Guru. Says Nanak, listen, O Saints: such a Sikh turns toward the Guru with sincere faith, and becomes sunmukh. || 21 || One who turns away from the Guru, and becomes baymukh - without the True Guru, he shall not find liberation. He shall not find liberation anywhere else either; go and ask the wise ones about this. He shall wander through countless incarnations; without the True Guru, he shall not find liberation. But liberation is attained, when one is attached to the feet of the True Guru, chanting the Word of the Shabad. Says Nanak, contemplate this and see, that without the True Guru, there is no liberation. || 22 || Come, O beloved Sikhs of the True Guru, and sing the True Word of His Bani. Sing the Guru's Bani, the supreme Word of Words. Those who are blessed by the Lord's Glance of Grace - their hearts are imbued with this Bani. Drink in this Ambrosial Nectar, and remain in the Lord's Love forever; meditate on the Lord, the Sustainer of the world. Says Nanak, sing this True Bani forever. || 23 || Without the True Guru, other songs are false. The songs are false without the True Guru; all other songs are false. The speakers are false, and the listeners are false; those who speak and recite are false. They may continually chant, 'Har, Har' with their tongues, but they do not know what they are saying. Their consciousness is lured by Maya; they are just reciting mechanically. Says Nanak, without the True Guru, other songs are false. || 24 || The Word of the Guru's Shabad is a jewel, studded with diamonds. The mind which is attached to this jewel, merges into the Shabad. One whose mind is attuned to the Shabad, enshrines love for the True Lord. He Himself is the diamond, and He Himself is the jewel; one who is blessed, understands its value. Says Nanak, the Shabad is a jewel, studded with diamonds. || 25 || He Himself created Shiva and Shakti, mind and matter; the Creator subjects them to His Command. Enforcing His Order, He Himself sees all. How rare are those who, as Gurmukh, come to know Him. They break their bonds, and attain liberation; they enshrine the Shabad within their minds. Those whom the Lord Himself makes Gurmukh, lovingly focus their consciousness on the One Lord. Says Nanak, He Himself is the Creator; He Himself reveals the Hukam of His Command. || 26 || The Simritees and the Shaastras discriminate between good and evil, but they do not know the true essence of reality. They do not know the true essence of reality without the Guru; they do not know the true essence of reality. The world is asleep in the three modes and doubt; it passes the night of its life sleeping. Those humble beings remain awake and aware, within whose minds, by Guru's Grace, the Lord abides; they chant the Ambrosial Word of the Guru's Bani. Says Nanak, they alone obtain the essence of reality, who night and day remain lovingly absorbed in the Lord; they pass the night of their life awake and aware. || 27 || He nourished us in the mother's womb; why forget Him from the mind? Why forget from the mind such a Great Giver, who gave us sustenance in the fire of the womb? Nothing can harm one, whom the Lord inspires to embrace His Love.

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He Himself is the love, and He Himself is the embrace; the Gurmukh contemplates Him forever. Says Nanak, why forget such a Great Giver from the mind? || 28 || As is the fire within the womb, so is Maya outside. The fire of Maya is one and the same; the Creator has staged this play. According to His Will, the child is born, and the family is very pleased. Love for the Lord wears off, and the child becomes attached to desires; the script of Maya runs its course. This is Maya, by which the Lord is forgotten; emotional attachment and love of duality well up. Says Nanak, by Guru's Grace, those who enshrine love for the Lord find Him, in the midst of Maya. || 29 || The Lord Himself is priceless; His worth cannot be estimated. His worth cannot be estimated, even though people have grown weary of trying. If you meet such a True Guru, offer your head to Him; your selfishness and conceit will be eradicated from within. Your soul belongs to Him; remain united with Him, and the Lord will come to dwell in your mind. The Lord Himself is priceless; very fortunate are those, O Nanak, who attain to the Lord. || 30 || The Lord is my capital; my mind is the merchant. The Lord is my capital, and my mind is the merchant; through the True Guru, I know my capital. Meditate continually on the Lord, Har, Har, O my soul, and you shall collect your profits daily. This wealth is obtained by those who are pleasing to the Lord's Will. Says Nanak, the Lord is my capital, and my mind is the merchant. || 31 || O my tongue, you are engrossed in other tastes, but your thirsty desire is not quenched. Your thirst shall not be quenched by any means, until you attain the subtle essence of the Lord. If you do obtain the subtle essence of the Lord, and drink in this essence of the Lord, you shall not be troubled by desire again. This subtle essence of the Lord is obtained by good karma, when one comes to meet with the True Guru. Says Nanak, all other tastes and essences are forgotten, when the Lord comes to dwell within the mind. || 32 || O my body, the Lord infused His Light into you, and then you came into the world. The Lord infused His Light into you, and then you came into the world. The Lord Himself is your mother, and He Himself is your father; He created the created beings, and revealed the world to them. By Guru's Grace, some understand, and then it's a show; it seems like just a show. Says Nanak, He laid the foundation of the Universe, and infused His Light, and then you came into the world. || 33 || My mind has become joyful, hearing of God's coming. Sing the songs of joy to welcome the Lord, O my companions; my household has become the Lord's Mansion. Sing continually the songs of joy to welcome the Lord, O my companions, and sorrow and suffering will not afflict you. Blessed is that day, when I am attached to the Guru's feet and meditate on my Husband Lord. I have come to know the unstruck sound current and the Word of the Guru's Shabad; I enjoy the sublime essence of the Lord, the Lord's Name.

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Says Nanak, God Himself has met me; He is the Doer, the Cause of causes. || 34 || O my body, why have you come into this world? What actions have you committed? And what actions have you committed, O my body, since you came into this world? The Lord who formed your form - you have not enshrined that Lord in your mind. By Guru's Grace, the Lord abides within the mind, and one's pre-ordained destiny is fulfilled. Says Nanak, this body is adorned and honored, when one's consciousness is focused on the True Guru. || 35 || O my eyes, the Lord has infused His Light into you; do not look upon any other than the Lord. Do not look upon any other than the Lord; the Lord alone is worthy of beholding. This whole world which you see is the image of the Lord; only the image of the Lord is seen. By Guru's Grace, I understand, and I see only the One Lord; there is no one except the Lord. Says Nanak, these eyes were blind; but meeting the True Guru, they became all-seeing. || 36 || O my ears, you were created only to hear the Truth. To hear the Truth, you were created and attached to the body; listen to the True Bani. Hearing it, the mind and body are rejuvenated, and the tongue is absorbed in Ambrosial Nectar. The True Lord is unseen and wondrous; His state cannot be described. Says Nanak, listen to the Ambrosial Naam and become holy; you were created only to hear the Truth. || 37 || The Lord placed the soul to the cave of the body, and blew the breath of life into the musical instrument of the body. He blew the breath of life into the musical instrument of the body, and revealed the nine doors; but He kept the Tenth Door hidden. Through the Gurdwara, the Guru's Gate, some are blessed with loving faith, and the Tenth Door is revealed to them. There are many images of the Lord, and the nine treasures of the Naam; His limits cannot be found. Says Nanak, the Lord placed the soul to the cave of the body, and blew the breath of life into the musical instrument of the body. || 38 || Sing this true song of praise in the true home of your soul. Sing the song of praise in your true home; meditate there on the True Lord forever. They alone meditate on You, O True Lord, who are pleasing to Your Will; as Gurmukh, they understand. This Truth is the Lord and Master of all; whoever is blessed, obtains it. Says Nanak, sing the true song of praise in the true home of your soul. || 39 || Listen to the song of bliss, O most fortunate ones; all your longings shall be fulfilled. I have obtained the Supreme Lord God, and all sorrows have been forgotten. Pain, illness and suffering have departed, listening to the True Bani. The Saints and their friends are in ecstasy, knowing the Perfect Guru. Pure are the listeners, and pure are the speakers; the True Guru is all-pervading and permeating. Prays Nanak, touching the Guru's Feet, the unstruck sound current of the celestial bugles vibrates and resounds. || 40 || 1 ||

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He is the Great Giver of the Universe, the Lover of His devotees, throughout the three worlds. One who is merged in the Word of the Guru's Shabad does not know any other. Dwelling upon the Word of the Guru's Shabad, he does not know any other; he meditates on the One Name of the Lord. By the Grace of Guru Nanak and Guru Angad, Guru Amar Das obtained the supreme status. And when the call came for Him to depart, He merged in the Name of the Lord. Through devotional worship in this world, the imperishable, immovable, immeasurable Lord is found. || 1 || The Guru gladly accepted the Lord's Will, and so the Guru easily reached the Lord God's Presence. The True Guru prays to the Lord, "Please, save my honor. This is my prayer". Please save the honor of Your humble servant, O Lord; please bless him with Your Immaculate Name. At this time of final departure, it is our only help and support; it destroys death, and the Messenger of Death. The Lord God heard the prayer of the True Guru, and granted His request. The Lord showered His Mercy, and blended the True Guru with Himself; He said, "Blessed! Blessed! Wonderful!" || 2 || Listen O my Sikhs, my children and Siblings of Destiny; it is my Lord's Will that I must now go to Him. The Guru gladly accepted the Lord's Will, and my Lord God applauded Him. One who is pleased with the Lord God's Will is a devotee, the True Guru, the Primal Lord. The unstruck sound current of bliss resounds and vibrates; the Lord hugs him close in His embrace. O my children, siblings and family, look carefully in your minds, and see. The pre-ordained death warrant cannot be avoided; the Guru is going to be with the Lord God. || 3 || The True Guru, in His Own Sweet Will, sat up and summoned His family. Let no one weep for me after I am gone. That would not please me at all. When a friend receives a robe of honor, then his friends are pleased with his honor. Consider this and see, O my children and siblings; the Lord has given the True Guru the robe of supreme honor. The True Guru Himself sat up, and appointed the successor to the Throne of Raja Yoga, the Yoga of Meditation and Success. All the Sikhs, relatives, children and siblings have fallen at the Feet of Guru Ram Das. || 4 || Finally, the True Guru said, "When I am gone, sing Kirtan in Praise of the Lord, in Nirvaanaa." Call in the long-haired scholarly Saints of the Lord, to read the sermon of the Lord, Har, Har. Read the sermon of the Lord, and listen to the Lord's Name; the Guru is pleased with love for the Lord. Do not bother with offering rice-balls on leaves, lighting lamps, and other rituals like floating the body out on the Ganges; instead, let my remains be given up to the Lord's Pool. The Lord was pleased as the True Guru spoke; he was blended then with the all-knowing Primal Lord God.

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The Guru then blessed the Sodhi Ram Das with the ceremonial tilak mark, the insignia of the True Word of the Shabad. || 5 || And as the True Guru, the Primal Lord spoke, and the Gursikhs obeyed His Will. His son Mohri turned sunmukh, and become obedient to Him; he bowed, and touched Ram Das' feet. Then, everyone bowed and touched the feet of Ram Das, into whom the Guru infused His essence. And any that did not bow then because of envy - later, the True Guru brought them around to bow in humility. It pleased the Guru, the Lord, to bestow glorious greatness upon Him; such was the pre-ordained destiny of the Lord's Will. Says Sundar, listen, O Saints: all the world fell at His feet. || 6 || 1 ||



Friend, my Friend - standing so near to me is my Friend! Beloved, the Lord my Beloved - with my eyes, I have seen the Lord, my Beloved! With my eyes I have seen Him, sleeping upon the bed within each and every heart; my Beloved is the sweetest ambrosial nectar. He is with all, but he cannot be found; the fool does not know His taste. Intoxicated with the wine of Maya, the mortal babbles on about trivial affairs; giving in to the illusion, he cannot meet the Lord. Says Nanak, without the Guru, he cannot understand the Lord, the Friend who is standing near everyone. || 1 || God, my God - the Support of the breath of life is my God. Merciful Lord, my Merciful Lord - the Giver of gifts is my Merciful Lord. The Giver of gifts is infinite and unlimited; deep within each and every heart, He is so beautiful! He created Maya, His slave, so powerfully pervasive - she has enticed all beings and creatures. One whom the Lord saves, chants the True Name, and contemplates the Word of the Guru's Shabad. Says Nanak, one who is pleasing to God - God is very dear to him. || 2 || I take pride, I take pride in God; I take pride in my God. Wise, God is wise; my Lord and Master is all-wise, and all-knowing. All-wise and all-knowing, and forever supreme; the Name of the Lord is Ambrosial Nectar. Those who have such pre-ordained destiny recorded upon their foreheads, taste it, and are satisfied with the Lord of the Universe. They meditate on Him, and find Him; they place all their pride in Him. Says Nanak, He is seated on His eternal throne; True is His royal court. || 3 || The song of joy, the Lord's song of joy; listen to the song of joy of my God. The wedding song, God's wedding song; the unstruck sound current of His wedding song resounds. The unstruck sound current vibrates, and the Word of the Shabad resounds; there is continuous, continual rejoicing. Meditating on that God, everything is obtained; He does not die, or come or go. Thirst is quenched, and hopes are fulfilled; the Gurmukh meets with the absolute, unmanifest Lord. Says Nanak, in the Home of my God, the songs of joy are continuously, continually heard.

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|| 4 || 1 || RAAMKALEE FIFTH MEHL: Meditate on the Lord, Har, Har, O mind; don't forget Him, even for an instant. Enshrine the Lord, Raam, Raam, Raam, Raam, within your heart and throat. Enshrine within your heart the Primal Lord, Har, Har, the all-pervading, supreme, immaculate Lord God. He sends fear far away; He is the Destroyer of sin; He eradicates the unbearable pains of the terrifying world-ocean. Contemplate the Lord of the World, the Cherisher of the World, the Lord, the Virtuous Lord of the Universe. Prays Nanak, joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, remember the Lord, day and night. || 1 || His lotus feet are the support and anchor of His humble servants. He takes the Naam, the Name of the Infinite Lord, as his wealth, property and treasure. Those who have the treasure of the Lord's Name, enjoy the taste of the One Lord. They meditate on the Infinite Lord with each and every breath, as their pleasure, joy and beauty. The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the Destroyer of sins, the only deed of redemption. The Naam drives out the fear of the Messenger of Death. Prays Nanak, the support of His lotus feet is the capital of His humble servant. || 2 || Your Glorious Virtues are endless, O my Lord and Master; no one knows them all. Seeing and hearing of Your wondrous plays, O Merciful Lord, Your devotees narrate them. All beings and creatures meditate on You, O Primal Transcendent Lord, Master of men. All beings are beggars; You are the One Giver, O Lord of the Universe, Embodiment of mercy. He alone is holy, a Saint, a truly wise person, who is accepted by the Dear Lord. Prays Nanak, they alone realize You, unto whom You show Mercy. || 3 || I am unworthy and without any master; I seek Your Sanctuary, Lord. I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice, a sacrifice to the Divine Guru, who has implanted the Naam within me. The Guru blessed me with the Naam; happiness came, and all my desires were fulfilled. The fire of desire has been quenched, and peace and tranquility have come; after such a long separation, I have met my Lord again. I have found ecstasy, pleasure and true intuitive poise, singing the great glories, the song of bliss of the Lord. Prays Nanak, I have obtained the Name of God from the Perfect Guru. || 4 || 2 || RAAMKALEE, FIFTH MEHL: Rise early each morning, and with the Saints, sing the melodious harmony, the unstruck sound current of the Shabad. All sins and sufferings are erased, chanting the Lord's Name, under Guru's Instructions. Dwell upon the Lord's Name, and drink in the Nectar; day and night, worship and adore Him. The merits of Yoga, charity and religious rituals are obtained by grasping His lotus feet. Loving devotion to the merciful, enticing Lord takes away all pain. Prays Nanak, cross over the world-ocean, meditating on the Lord, your Lord and Master. || 1 || Meditation on the Lord of the Universe is an ocean of peace; Your devotees sing Your Glorious Praises, Lord. Ecstasy, bliss and great happiness are obtained by grasping hold of the Guru's feet. Meeting with the treasure of peace, their pains are taken away; granting His Grace, God protects them. Those who grasp the Lord's feet - their fears and doubts run away, and they chant the Name of the Lord.

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He thinks of the One Lord, and he sings of the One God; he gazes upon the One Lord alone. Prays Nanak, God has granted His Grace, and I have found the Perfect True Guru. || 2 || Meet with the holy, humble servants of God; meeting with the Lord, listen to the Kirtan of His Praises. God is the Merciful Master, the Lord of wealth; there is no end to His Virtues. The Merciful Lord is the Dispeller of pain, the Giver of Sanctuary, the Eradicator of all evil. Emotional attachment, sorrow, corruption and pain - chanting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, one is saved from these. All beings are Yours, O my God; bless me with Your Mercy, that I may become the dust under the feet of all men. Prays Nanak, O God, be kind to me, that I may chant Your Name, and live. || 3 || God saves His humble devotees, attaching them to His feet. Twenty-four hours a day, they meditate in remembrance on their God; they meditae on the One Name. Meditating on that God, they cross over the terrifying world-ocean, and their comings and goings cease. They enjoy eternal peace and pleasure, singing the Kirtan of God's Praises; His Will seems so sweet to them. All my desires are fulfilled, meeting with the Perfect True Guru. Prays Nanak, God has blended me with Himself; I shall never suffer pain or sorrow again. || 4 || 3 || RAAMKALEE, FIFTH MEHL, CHHANT. SHALOK: In the Sanctuary of His lotus feet, I sing His Glorious Praises in ecstasy and bliss. O Nanak, worship God in adoration, the Eradicator of misfortune. || 1 || CHHANT: God is the Eradicator of misfortune; there is none other than Him. Forever and ever, remember the Lord in meditation; He is permeating the water, the land and the sky. He is permeating and pervading the water, the land and the sky; do not forget Him from your mind, even for an instant. Blessed was that day, when I grasped the Guru's feet; all virtues rest in the Lord of the Universe. So serve Him day and night, O servant; whatever pleases Him, happens. Nanak is a sacrifice to the Giver of peace; his mind and body are enlightened. || 1 || SHALOK: Meditating in remembrance on the Lord, the mind and body find peace; the thought of duality is dispelled. Nanak takes the support of the Lord of the World, the Lord of the Universe, the Destroyer of troubles. || 1 || CHHANT: The Merciful Lord has eradicated my fears and troubles. In ecstasy, I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord; God is the Cherisher, the Master of the meek. The Cherishing Lord is imperishable, the One and only Primal Lord; I am imbued with His Love. When I placed my hands and forehead upon His Feet, He blended me with Himself; I became awake and aware forever, night and day. My soul, body, household and home belong to Him, along with my body, youth, wealth and property. Forever and ever, Nanak is a sacrifice to Him, who cherishes and nurtures all beings. || 2 || SHALOK: My tongue chants the Name of the Lord, and chants the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe. Nanak has grasped the sheltering support of the One Transcendent Lord, who shall save him in the end. || 1 || CHHANT: He is God, our Lord and Master, our Saving Grace. Grab hold of the hem of His robe.

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Vibrate, and meditate on the Merciful Divine Lord in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; renounce your intellectual mind. Seek the Support of the One Lord, and surrender your soul to Him; place your hopes only in the Sustainer of the World. Those who are imbued with the Lord's Name, in the Saadh Sangat, cross over the terrifying world-ocean. The corrupting sins of birth and death are eradicated, and no stain ever sticks to them again. Nanak is a sacrifice to the Perfect Primal Lord; His marriage is eternal. || 3 || SHALOK: Righteous faith, wealth, sexual success and salvation; the Lord bestows these four blessings. One who has such pre-ordained destiny upon his forehead, O Nanak, has all his desires fulfilled. || 1 || CHHANT: All my desires are fulfilled, meeting with my Immaculate, Sovereign Lord. I am in ecstasy, O very fortunate ones; the Dear Lord has become manifest in my own home. My Beloved has come to my home, because of my past actions; how can I count His Glories? The Lord, the Giver of peace and intuition, is infinite and perfect; with what tongue can I describe His Glorious Virtues? He hugs me close in His embrace, and merges me into Himself; there is no place of rest other than Him. Nanak is forever a sacrifice to the Creator, who is contained in, and permeating all. || 4 || 4 || RAAG RAAMKALEE, FIFTH MEHL: Sing the melodious harmonies, O my companions, and meditate on the One Lord. Serve your True Guru, O my companions, and you shall obtain the fruits of your mind's desires.



Bow to the Supreme Lord God, and seek the dust of the feet of the Holy. Cast out your self-conceit, and vibrate, meditate, on the Lord, Har, Har. O Nanak, God is all-pervading. || 1 || He is the Eradicator of sinful residues, the Destroyer of fear, the Ocean of peace, the Sovereign Lord King. Merciful to the meek, the Destroyer of pain: O Nanak, always meditate on Him. || 2 || CHHANT: Sing His Praises, O very fortunate ones, and the Dear Lord God shall bless you with His Mercy. Blessed and auspicious is that season, that month, that moment, that hour, when you chant the Lord's Glorious Praises. Blessed are those humble beings, who are imbued with love for His Praises, and who meditate single-mindedly on Him. Their lives become fruitful, and they find that Lord God. Donations to charities and religious rituals are not equal to meditation on the Lord, who destroys all sins. Prays Nanak, meditating in remembrance on Him, I live; birth and death are finished for me. || 1 || SHALOK: Strive for the inaccessible and unfathomable Lord, and bow in humility to His lotus feet. O Nanak, that sermon alone is pleasing to You, Lord, which inspires us to take the Support of the Name. || 1 || Seek the Sanctuary of the Saints, O friends; meditate in remembrance on your infinite Lord and Master. The dried branch shall blossom forth in its greenery again, O Nanak, meditating on the Lord God. || 2 || CHHANT: The season of spring is delightful; the months of Chayt and Baisaakhi are the most pleasant months. I have obtained the Dear Lord as my Husband, and my mind, body and breath have blossomed forth. The eternal, unchanging Lord has come into my home as my Husband, O my companions; dwelling upon His lotus feet, I blossom forth in bliss.

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The Lord of the Universe is beautiful, proficient, wise and all-knowing; His Virtues are priceless. By great good fortune, I have found Him; my pain is dispelled, and my hopes are fulfilled. Prays Nanak, I have entered Your Sanctuary, Lord, and my fear of death is eradicated. || 2 || SHALOK: Without the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, one dies wandering around in confusion, performing all sorts of rituals. O Nanak, all are bound by the attractive bonds of Maya, and the karmic record of past actions. || 1 || Those who are pleasing to God are united with Him; He separates others from Himself. Nanak has entered the Sanctuary of God; His greatness is glorious! || 2 || CHHANT: In the summer season, in the months of Jayt'h and Asaarh, the heat is terrible, intense and severe. The discarded bride is separated from His Love, and the Lord does not even look at her. She does not see her Lord, and she dies with an aching sigh; she is defrauded and plundered by her great pride. She flails around, like a fish out of water; attached to Maya, she is alienated from the Lord. She sins, and so she is fearful of reincarnation; the Messenger of Death will surely punish her. Prays Nanak, take me under Your sheltering support, Lord, and protect me; You are the Fulfiller of desire. || 3 || SHALOK: With loving faith, I am attached to my Beloved; I cannot survive without Him, even for an instant. He is permeating and pervading my mind and body, O Nanak, with intuitive ease. || 1 || My Friend has taken me by the hand; He has been my best friend, lifetime after lifetime. He has made me the slave of His feet; O Nanak, my consciousness is filled with love for God. || 2 || CHHANT: The rainy season is beautiful; the months of Saawan and Bhaadon bring bliss. The clouds are low, and heavy with rain; the waters and the lands are filled with honey. God is all-pervading everywhere; the nine treasures of the Lord's Name fill the homes of all hearts. Meditating in remembrance on the Lord and Master, the Searcher of hearts, all one's ancestry is saved. No blemish sticks to that being who remains awake and aware in the Love of the Lord; the Merciful Lord is forever forgiving. Prays Nanak, I have found my Husband Lord, who is forever pleasing to my mind. || 4 || SHALOK: Thirsty with desire, I wander around; when will I behold the Lord of the World? Is there any humble Saint, any friend, O Nanak, who can lead me to meet with God? || 1 || Without meeting Him, I have no peace or tranquility; I cannot survive for a moment, even for an instant. Entering the Sanctuary of the Lord's Holy Saints, O Nanak, my desires are fulfilled. || 2 || CHHANT: In the cool, autumn season, in the months of Assu and Katik, I am thirsty for the Lord. Searching for the Blessed Vision of His Darshan, I wander around wondering, when will I meet my Lord, the treasure of virtue? Without my Beloved Husband Lord, I find no peace, and all my necklaces and bracelets become cursed. So beautiful, so wise, so clever and knowing; still, without the breath, it is just a body. I look here and there, in the ten directions; my mind is so thirsty to meet God! Prays Nanak, shower Your Mercy upon me; unite me with Yourself, O God, O treasure of virtue. || 5 || SHALOK: The fire of desire is cooled and quenched; my mind and body are filled with peace and tranquility.

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O Nanak, I have met my Perfect God; the illusion of duality is dispelled. || 1 || The Lord Himself sent His Holy Saints, to tell us that He is not far away. O Nanak, doubt and fear are dispelled, chanting the Name of the all-pervading Lord. || 2 || CHHANT: In the cold season of Maghar and Poh, the Lord reveals Himself. My burning desires were quenched, when I obtained the Blessed Vision of His Darshan; the fraudulent illusion of Maya is gone. All my desires have been fulfilled, meeting the Lord face-to-face; I am His servant, I serve at His feet. My necklaces, hair-ties, all decorations and adornments, are in singing the Glorious Praises of the unseen, mysterious Lord. I long for loving devotion to the Lord of the Universe, and so the Messenger of Death cannot even see me. Prays Nanak, God has united me with Himself; I shall never suffer separation from my Beloved again. || 6 || SHALOK: The happy soul bride has found the wealth of the Lord; her consciousness does not waver. Joining together with the Saints, O Nanak, God, my Friend, has revealed Himself in my home. || 1 || With her Beloved Husband Lord, she enjoys millions of melodies, pleasures and joys. The fruits of the mind's desires are obtained, O Nanak, chanting the Lord's Name. || 2 || CHHANT: The snowy winter season, the months of Maagh and Phagun, are pleasing and ennobling to the mind. O my friends and companions, sing the songs of joy; my Husband Lord has come into my home. My Beloved has come into my home; I meditate on Him in my mind. The bed of my heart is beautifully adorned. The woods, the meadows and the three worlds have blossomed forth in their greenery; gazing upon the Blessed Vision of His Darshan, I am fascinated. I have met my Lord and Master, and my desires are fulfilled; my mind chants His Immaculate Mantra. Prays Nanak, I celebrate continuously; I have met my Husband Lord, the Lord of excellence. || 7 || SHALOK: The Saints are the helpers, the support of the soul; they carry us cross the terrifying world-ocean. Know that they are the highest of all; O Nanak, they love the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 1 || Those who know Him, cross over; they are the brave heroes, the heroic warriors. Nanak is a sacrifice to those who meditate on the Lord, and cross over to the other shore. || 2 || CHHANT: His feet are exalted above all. They eradicate all suffering. They destroy the pains of coming and going. They bring loving devotion to the Lord. Imbued with the Lord's Love, one is intoxicated with intuitive peace and poise, and does not forget the Lord from his mind, even for an instant. Shedding my self-conceit, I have entered the Sanctuary of His Feet; all virtues rest in the Lord of the Universe. I bow in humility to the Lord of the Universe, the treasure of virtue, the Lord of excellence, our Primal Lord and Master. Prays Nanak, shower me with Your Mercy, Lord; throughout the ages, You take the same form. || 8 || 1 || 6 || 8 ||



From Ongkaar, the One Universal Creator God, Brahma was created. He kept Ongkaar in his consciousness. From Ongkaar, the mountains and the ages were created. Ongkaar created the Vedas.

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Ongkaar saves the world through the Shabad. Ongkaar saves the Gurmukhs. Listen to the Message of the Universal, Imperishable Creator Lord. The Universal, Imperishable Creator Lord is the essence of the three worlds. || 1 || Listen, O Pandit, O religious scholar, why are you writing about worldly debates? As Gurmukh, write only the Name of the Lord, the Lord of the World. || 1 || Pause || Sassa: He created the entire universe with ease; His One Light pervades the three worlds. Become Gurmukh, and obtain the real thing; gather the gems and pearls. If one understands, realizes and comprehends what he reads and studies, in the end he shall realize that the True Lord dwells deep within his nucleus. The Gurmukh sees and contemplates the True Lord; without the True Lord, the world is false. || 2 || Dhadha: Those who enshrine Dharmic faith and dwell in the City of Dharma are worthy; their minds are steadfast and stable. Dhadha: If the dust of their feet touches one's face and forehead, he is transformed from iron into gold. Blessed is the Support of the Earth; He Himself is not born; His measure and speech are perfect and True. Only the Creator Himself knows His own extent; He alone knows the Brave Guru. || 3 || In love with duality, spiritual wisdom is lost; the mortal rots away in pride, and eats poison. He thinks that the sublime essence of the Guru's song is useless, and he does not like to hear it. He loses the profound, unfathomable Lord. Through the Guru's Words of Truth, the Ambrosial Nectar is obtained, and the mind and body find joy in the True Lord. He Himself is the Gurmukh, and He Himself bestows the Ambrosial Nectar; He Himself leads us to drink it in. || 4 || Everyone says that God is the One and only, but they are engrossed in egotism and pride. Realize that the One God is inside and outside; understand this, that the Mansion of His Presence is within the home of your heart. God is near at hand; do not think that God is far away. The One Lord permeates the entire universe. There in One Universal Creator Lord; there is no other at all. O Nanak, merge into the One Lord. || 5 || How can you keep the Creator under your control? He cannot be seized or measured. Maya has made the mortal insane; she has administered the poisonous drug of falsehood. Addicted to greed and avarice, the mortal is ruined, and then later, he regrets and repents. So serve the One Lord, and attain the state of Salvation; your comings and goings shall cease. || 6 || The One Lord is in all actions, colors and forms. He manifests in many shapes through wind, water and fire. The One Soul wanders through the three worlds. One who understands and comprehends the One Lord is honored. One who gathers in spiritual wisdom and meditation, dwells in the state of balance. How rare are those who, as Gurmukh, attain the One Lord. They alone find peace, whom the Lord blesses with His Grace. In the Gurdwara, the Guru's Door, they speak and hear of the Lord. || 7 || His Light illuminates the ocean and the earth. Throughout the three worlds, is the Guru, the Lord of the World. The Lord reveals His various forms; granting His Grace, He enters the home of the heart. The clouds hang low, and the rain is pouring down. The Lord embellishes and exalts with the Sublime Word of the Shabad. One who knows the mystery of the One God, is Himself the Creator, Himself the Divine Lord. || 8 || When the sun rises, the demons are slain; the mortal looks upwards, and contemplates the Shabad. The Lord is beyond the beginning and the end, beyond the three worlds. He Himself acts, speaks and listens.

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