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June (1999)

Interview with the Head Granthi of The Golden Temple added to 1984 category


Lavan translation added to Sikh Wedding


Reading List category completely revised


Sikh Wedding added to the Ceremonies and Festivals category

Dates category revised and renamed as Sikh Calendar

Complete redesign of the web site


Virtual Tour of the Golden Temple added to the Gurdwaras category


Guru and Sikh by Dr.Yaktanand Singh added to the Essays category

January (1998)

A Tribute to Sikhs in World War I added to the Sikh Memories Page


Redesign of The Sikh Memories site with new pictures added from 1860


'Century of Struggle and Sucess: The Sikh Canadian Experience' added to Sikh Memories page

'A good Sikh never cuts his hair', a film from 1920 added to The Sikh Memories category


Audio Link added to Daily Hukamnama under Sri Guru Granth Sahib category


Translations category renamed 'Select Writings, Political Protests of Guru Nanak added to Select Writings category

Paintings of famous Sikh women added to the Women category

April (1997)

Graphical and navigational redesign of entire site

Download Windows Wallpaper of The Golden Temple from Other Resources category

Two new essays added to Essays category


Complete English Translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib

The Sikhism Home Page moved to it's new domain name: www.sikhs.org

Link to Daily Hukamnama from DSGMC web site added under Sri Guru Granth Sahib category

Mulmantra graphics at top of page on categories hyperlinked to audio file (272K) of the prayer.

Background audio added to play automatically on selected categories


Web Link for Sikhism in the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia

Dates in Sikh History category revised.


Translation of Japji Sahib hymn now includes original Gurmukhi.


Revision to the Dedication of The Sikhism Home Page

Major graphical revisions to make the pages easier to read


Visit the major new web site - Historical Gurdwaras of Punjab


New category added - '1984: Attack on the Golden Temple Complex'

Additional prayers added to the 'Audio Files of Sikh Prayers' category to now encompass all of the daily prayers (Nitnem Banis)

Revision to the Dedication of The Sikhism Home Page


Motion graphics utilizing Java added to Title Page as well as Main Categories Page

Visit the new web site - Sikh Memories: Photographs from Another Era

Rated 3 Star Site by Magellan Directory of 1.5 million web sites

'Audio Files of Sikh Prayers' category added

December (1995)

Article in the December 1995 Issue of The Sikh Review magazine

Revision of 'Other Related Resources' category

'Sikh Names and Their Meanings' category added

'Ceremonies and Festivals' category added

' Essays on Sikhism' category added

New Title Graphics and Layout

Featured on The Discovery Channel TV Show - Life on the Internet

'Sikhism and Islam' sub-category revised


Ranking of World Religions added under 'Sikhism and Other Religions' category

Sidhha Goshth by Guru Nanak added under 'Translations' category

Rated Among the Top 5% of all Internet Web Sites by Points Survey

Site Review in October 1995 Issue of Netguide magazine


'Women and Sikhism' category added

Table of Contents added under 'Sri Guru Granth Sahib' category

Index by Author added under 'Sri Guru Granth Sahib' category

Commentary by Sandeep Singh Brar

New Title Graphic, click on it to see what's under


'Sikhism and Other Religions' category added

December (1994)

The Sikhism Home Page is launched, the worlds first web site on Sikhism


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