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When the True Lord and Master abides in one's mind, O Nanak, all sins are dispelled. || 2 || PAUREE: Millions of sins are totally erased, by meditating on the Lord's Name. The fruits of one's heart's desires are obtained, by singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. The fear of birth and death is eradicated, and one's eternal, unchanging true home is obtained. If it is so pre-ordained, one is absorbed in the Lord's lotus feet. Bless me with Your mercy, God - please preserve and save me! Nanak is a sacrifice to You. || 5 || SHALOK: They are involved in their beautiful houses, and the pleasures of the mind's desires. They never remember the Lord in meditation; O Nanak, they are like maggots in manure. || 1 || They are engrossed in ostentatious displays, lovingly attached to all their possessions. That body which forgets the Lord, O Nanak, shall be reduced to ashes. || 2 || PAUREE: He may enjoy a beautiful bed, countless pleasures and all sorts of enjoyments. He may possess mansions of gold, studded with pearls and rubies, plastered with fragrant sandalwood oil. He may relish in the pleasures of his mind's desires, and have no anxiety at all. But if he does not remember God, he is like a maggot in manure. Without the Lord's Name, there is no peace at all. How can the mind be comforted? || 6 || SHALOK: One who loves the Lord's lotus feet searches for Him in the ten directions. He renounces the deceptive illusion of Maya, and joins the blissful form of the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. || 1 || The Lord is in my mind, and with my mouth I chant His Name; I seek Him in all the lands of the world. O Nanak, all ostentatious displays are false; hearing the Praises of the True Lord, I live. || 2 || PAUREE: He dwells in a broken-down shack, in tattered clothes, with no social status, no honor and no respect; he wanders in the wilderness, with no friend or lover, without wealth, beauty, relatives or relations. Even so, he is the king of the whole world, if his mind is imbued with the Lord's Name. With the dust of his feet, men are redeemed, because God is very pleased with him. || 7 || SHALOK: The various sorts of pleasures, powers, joys, beauty, canopies, cooling fans and thrones to sit on - the foolish, ignorant and blind are engrossed in these things. O Nanak, desire for Maya is just a dream. || 1 || In a dream, he enjoys all sorts of pleasures, and emotional attachment seems so sweet. O Nanak, without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the beauty of Maya's illusion is fake. || 2 || PAUREE: The fool attaches his consciousness to the dream. When he awakes, he forgets the power, pleasures and enjoyments, and he is sad. He passes his life chasing after worldly affairs. His works are not completed, because he is enticed by Maya. What can the poor helpless creature do? The Lord Himself has deluded him. || 8 || SHALOK: They may live in heavenly realms, and conquer the nine regions of the world, but if they forget the Lord of the world, O Nanak, they are just wanderers in the wilderness. || 1 || In the midst of millions of games and entertainments, the Lord's Name does not come to their minds. O Nanak, their home is like a wilderness, in the depths of hell. || 2 || PAUREE: He sees the terrible, awful wilderness as a city.

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Gazing upon the false objects, he believes them to be real. Engrossed in sexual desire, anger and egotism, he wanders around insane. When the Messenger of Death hits him on the head with his club, then he regrets and repents. Without the Perfect, Divine Guru, he roams around like Satan. || 9 || SHALOK: Power is fraudulent, beauty is fraudulent, and wealth is fraudulent, as is pride of ancestry. One may gather poison through deception and fraud, O Nanak, but without the Lord, nothing shall go along with him in the end. || 1 || Beholding the bitter melon, he is deceived, since it appears so pretty. But it is not worth even a shell, O Nanak; the riches of Maya will not go along with anyone. || 2 || PAUREE: It shall not go along with you when you depart - why do you bother to collect it? Tell me, why do you try so hard to acquire that which you must leave behind in the end? Forgetting the Lord, how can you be satisfied? Your mind cannot be pleased. One who forsakes God, and attaches himself to another, shall be immersed in hell. Be kind and compassionate to Nanak, O Lord, and dispel his fear. || 10 || SHALOK: Princely pleasures are not sweet; sensual enjoyments are not sweet; the pleasures of Maya are not sweet. The Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, is sweet, O slave Nanak; the Blessed Vision of God's Darshan is sweet. || 1 || I have enshrined that love which drenches my soul. I have been pierced by the Truth, O Nanak; the Master seems so sweet to me. || 2 || PAUREE: Nothing seems sweet to His devotees, except the Lord. All other tastes are bland and insipid; I have tested them and seen them. Ignorance, doubt and suffering are dispelled, when the Guru becomes one's advocate. The Lord's lotus feet have pierced my mind, and I am dyed in the deep crimson color of His Love. My soul, breath of life, body and mind belong to God; all falsehood has left me. || 11 || SHALOK: Leaving the water, the fish cannot live; the sparrow-hawk cannot live without the raindrops from the clouds. The deer is enticed by the sound of the hunter's bell, and shot through with the arrow; the bumble bee is entangled in the fragrance of the flowers. The Saints are entranced by the Lord's lotus feet; O Nanak, they desire nothing else. || 1 || Show me Your face, for even an instant, Lord, and I will not give my consciousness to any other. My life is with the Lord Master, O Nanak, the Friend of the Saints. || 2 || PAUREE: How can the fish live without water? Without the raindrops, how can the sparrow-hawk be satisfied? The deer, entranced by the sound of the hunter's bell, runs straight to him; the bumble bee is greedy for the flower's fragrance; finding it, he traps himself in it. Just so, the humble Saints love the Lord; beholding the Blessed Vision of His Darshan, they are satisfied and satiated. || 12 || SHALOK: They contemplate the Lord's lotus feet; they worship and adore Him with each and every breath. They do not forget the Name of the imperishable Lord; O Nanak, the Transcendent Lord fulfills their hopes. || 1 || He is woven into the fabric of my mind; He is not outside of it, even for an instant. O Nanak, the True Lord and Master fulfills my hopes, and always watches over me. || 2 || PAUREE: My hopes rest in You, O Lord of the universe; please, fulfill them. Meeting with the Lord of the world, the Lord of the universe, I shall never grieve. Grant me the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, the desire of my mind, and my worries shall be over.

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By body is sanctified, by the dust of Your feet. O Supreme Lord God, Divine Guru, You are always with me, ever-present. || 13 || SHALOK: With my tongue, I chant the Lord's Name; with my ears, I listen to the Ambrosial Word of His Shabad. Nanak is forever a sacrifice to those who meditate on the Supreme Lord God. || 1 || All concerns are false, except those of the One Lord. O Nanak, blessed are those, who are in love with their True Lord. || 2 || PAUREE: I am forever a sacrifice to those who listen to the sermon of the Lord. Those who bow their heads before God are perfect and distinguished. Those hands, which write the Praises of the infinite Lord are beautiful. Those feet which walk on God's Path are pure and holy. In the Society of the Saints, they are emancipated; all their sorrows depart. || 14 || SHALOK: One's destiny is activated, when one chants the Lord's Name, through perfect good fortune. Fruitful is that moment, O Nanak, when one obtains the Blessed Vision of the Darshan of the Lord of the Universe. || 1 || Its value cannot be estimated; it brings peace beyond measure. O Nanak, that time alone is approved, when my Beloved meets with me. || 2 || PAUREE: Tell me, what is that time, when I shall find God? Blessed and auspicious is that moment, and that destiny, when I shall find the Lord of the Universe. Meditating on the Lord, twenty-four hours a day, my mind's desires are fulfilled. By great good fortune, I have found the Society of the Saints; I bow and touch their feet. My mind thirsts for the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan; Nanak is a sacrifice to Him. || 15 || SHALOK: The Lord of the Universe is the Purifier of sinners; He is the Dispeller of all distress. The Lord God is Mighty, giving His Protective Sanctuary; Nanak chants the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. || 1 || Renouncing all self-conceit, I hold tight to the Lord's Feet. My sorrows and troubles have departed, O Nanak, beholding God. || 2 || PAUREE: Unite with me, O Merciful Lord; I have fallen at Your Door. It is Your very nature to love Your devotees, and save sinners. Without You, there is no other at all; I offer this prayer to You. Take me by the hand, O Merciful Lord, and carry me across the world-ocean. || 16 || SHALOK: The Merciful Lord is the Savior of the Saints; their only support is to sing the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises. One becomes immaculate and pure, by associating with the Saints, O Nanak, and taking the Protection of the Transcendent Lord. || 1 || The burning of the heart is not dispelled at all, by sandalwood paste, the moon, or the cold season. It only becomes cool, O Nanak, by chanting the Name of the Lord. || 2 || PAUREE: Through the Protection and Support of the Lord's lotus feet, all beings are saved. Hearing of the Glory of the Lord of the Universe, the mind becomes fearless. Nothing at all is lacking, when one gathers the wealth of the Naam. The Society of the Saints is obtained, by very good deeds. Twenty-four hours a day, meditate on the Lord, and listen continually to the Lord's Praises. || 17 || SHALOK: The Lord grants His Grace, and dispels the pains of those who sing the Kirtan of the Praises of His Name.

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When the Lord God shows His Kindness, O Nanak, one is no longer engrossed in Maya. || 1 || The burning fire has been put out; God Himself has saved me. Meditate on that God, O Nanak, who created the universe. || 2 || PAUREE: When God becomes merciful, Maya does not cling. Millions of sins are eliminated, by meditating on the Naam, the Name of the One Lord. The body is made immaculate and pure, bathing in the dust of the feet of the Lord's humble servants. The mind and body become contented, finding the Perfect Lord God. One is saved, along with his family, and all his ancestors. || 18 || SHALOK: The Guru is the Lord of the Universe; the Guru is the Lord of the world; the Guru is the Perfect Pervading Lord God. The Guru is compassionate; the Guru is all-powerful; the Guru, O Nanak, is the Saving Grace of sinners. || 1 || The Guru is the boat, to cross over the dangerous, treacherous, unfathomable world-ocean. O Nanak, by perfect good karma, one is attached to the feet of the True Guru. || 2 || PAUREE: Blessed, blessed is the Divine Guru; associating with Him, one meditates on the Lord. When the Guru becomes merciful, then all one's demerits are dispelled. The Supreme Lord God, the Divine Guru, uplifts and exalts the lowly. Cutting away the painful noose of Maya, He makes us His own slaves. With my tongue, I sing the Glorious Praises of the infinite Lord God. || 19 || SHALOK: I see only the One Lord; I hear only the One Lord; the One Lord is all-pervading. Nanak begs for the gift of the Naam; O Merciful Lord God, please grant Your Grace. || 1 || I serve the One Lord, I contemplate the One Lord, and to the One Lord, I offer my prayer. Nanak has gathered in the wealth, the merchandise of the Naam; this is the true capital. || 2 || PAUREE: God is merciful and infinite. The One and Only is all-pervading. He Himself is all-in-all. Who else can we speak of? God Himself grants His gifts, and He Himself receives them. Coming and going are all by the Hukam of Your Will; Your place is steady and unchanging. Nanak begs for this gift; by Your Grace, Lord, please grant me Your Name. || 20 || 1 ||



O my Lord and Master, I know nothing. My mind has sold out, and is in Maya's hands. || 1 || Pause || You are called the Lord and Master, the Guru of the World. I am called a lustful being of the Dark Age of Kali Yuga. || 1 || The five vices have corrupted my mind. Moment by moment, they lead me further away from the Lord. || 2 || Wherever I look, I see loads of pain and suffering. I do not have faith, even though the Vedas bear witness to the Lord. || 3 || Shiva cut off Brahma's head, and Gautam's wife and the Lord Indra mated; Brahma's head got stuck to Shiva's hand, and Indra came to bear the marks of a thousand female organs. || 4 || These demons have fooled, bound and destroyed me. I am very shameless - even now, I am not tired of them. || 5 || Says Ravi Daas, what am I to do now? Without the Sanctuary of the Lord's Protection, who else's should I seek? || 6 || 1 ||

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