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The Jewel of the Lord's Name abides within my heart; the Guru has placed His hand on my forehead. The sins and pains of countless incarnations have been cast out. The Guru has blessed me with the Naam, the Name of the Lord, and my debt has been paid off. || 1 || O my mind, vibrate the Lord's Name, and all your affairs shall be resolved. The Perfect Guru has implanted the Lord's Name within me; without the Name, life is useless. || Pause || Without the Guru, the self-willed manmukhs are foolish and ignorant; they are forever entangled in emotional attachment to Maya. They never serve the feet of the Holy; their lives are totally useless. || 2 || Those who serve at the feet of the Holy, the feet of the Holy, their lives are made fruitful, and they belong to the Lord. Make me the slave of the slave of the slaves of the Lord; bless me with Your Mercy, O Lord of the Universe. || 3 || I am blind, ignorant and totally without wisdom; how can I walk on the Path? I am blind - O Guru, please let me grasp the hem of Your robe, so that servant Nanak may walk in harmony with You. || 4 || 1 || JAITSREE, FOURTH MEHL: A jewel or a diamond may be very valuable and heavy, but without a purchaser, it is worth only straw. When the Holy Guru, the Purchaser, saw this jewel, He purchased it for hundreds of thousands of dollars. || 1 || The Lord has kept this jewel hidden within my mind. The Lord, merciful to the meek, led me to meet the Holy Guru; meeting the Guru, I came to appreciate this jewel. || Pause || The rooms of the self-willed manmukhs are dark with ignorance; in their homes, the jewel is not visible. Those fools die, wandering in the wilderness, eating the poison of the snake, Maya. || 2 || O Lord, Har, Har, let me meet the humble, holy beings; O Lord, keep me in the Sanctuary of the Holy. O Lord, make me Your own; O God, Lord and Master, I have hurried to Your side. || 3 || What Glorious Virtues of Yours can I speak and describe? You are great and unfathomable, the Greatest Being. The Lord has bestowed His Mercy on servant Nanak;

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He has saved the sinking stone. || 4 || 2 || JAITSREE, FOURTH MEHL: I am Your child; I know nothing about Your state and extent; I am foolish, idiotic and ignorant. O Lord, shower me with Your Mercy; bless me with an enlightened intellect; I am foolish - make me clever. || 1 || My mind is lazy and sleepy. The Lord, Har, Har, has led me to meet the Holy Guru; meeting the Holy, the shutters have been opened wide. || Pause || O Guru, each and every instant, fill my heart with love; the Name of my Beloved is my breath of life. Without the Name, I would die; the Name of my Lord and Master is to me like the drug to the addict. || 2 || Those who enshrine love for the Lord within their minds fulfill their pre-ordained destiny. I worship their feet, each and every instant; the Lord seems very sweet to them. || 3 || My Lord and Master, Har, Har, has showered His Mercy upon His humble servant; separated for so long, he is now re-united with the Lord. Blessed, blessed is the True Guru, who has implanted the Naam, the Name of the Lord within me; servant Nanak is a sacrifice to Him. || 4 || 3 || JAITSREE, FOURTH MEHL: I have found the True Guru, my Friend, the Greatest Being. Love and affection for the Lord has blossomed forth. Maya, the snake, has seized the mortal; through the Word of the Guru, the Lord neutralizes the venom. || 1 || My mind is attached to the sublime essence of the Lord's Name. The Lord has purified the sinners, uniting them with the Holy Guru; now, they taste the Lord's Name, and the sublime essence of the Lord. || Pause || Blessed, blessed is the good fortune of those who meet the Holy Guru; meeting with the Holy, they lovingly center themselves in the state of absolute absorption. The fire of desire within them is quenched, and they find peace; they sing the Glorious Praises of the Immaculate Lord. || 2 || Those who do not obtain the Blessed Vision of the True Guru's Darshan, have misfortune pre-ordained for them. In the love of duality, they are consigned to reincarnation through the womb, and they pass their lives totally uselessly. || 3 || O Lord, please, bless me with pure understanding, that I may serve the Feet of the Holy Guru; the Lord seems sweet to me. Servant Nanak begs for the dust of the feet of the Holy; O Lord, be Merciful, and bless me with it. || 4 || 4 || JAITSREE, FOURTH MEHL: The Lord's Name does not abide within their hearts - their mothers should have been sterile. These bodies wander around, forlorn and abandoned, without the Name; their lives waste away, and they die, crying out in pain. || 1 || O my mind, chant the Name of the Lord, the Lord within you. The Merciful Lord God, Har, Har, has showered me with His Mercy; the Guru has imparted spiritual wisdom to me, and my mind has been instructed. || Pause || In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, the Kirtan of the Lord's Praise brings the most noble and exalted status; the Lord is found through the True Guru. I am a sacrifice to my True Guru, who has revealed the Lord's hidden Name to me. || 2 || By great good fortune, I obtained the Blessed Vision of the Darshan of the Holy; it removes all stains of sin.

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I have found the True Guru, the great, all-knowing King; He has shared with me the many Glorious Virtues of the Lord. || 3 || Those, unto whom the Lord, the Life of the world, has shown Mercy, enshrine Him within their hearts, and cherish Him in their minds. The Righteous Judge of Dharma, in the Court of the Lord, has torn up my papers; servant Nanak's account has been settled. || 4 || 5 || JAITSREE, FOURTH MEHL: In the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, I found the Holy, by great good fortune; my restless mind has been quieted. The unstruck melody ever vibrates and resounds; I have taken in the sublime essence of the Lord's Ambrosial Nectar, showering down. || 1 || O my mind, chant the Name of the Lord, the beauteous Lord. The True Guru has drenched my mind and body with the Love of the Lord, who has met me and lovingly embraced me. || Pause || The faithless cynics are bound and gagged in the chains of Maya; they are actively engaged, gathering in the poisonous wealth. They cannot spend this in harmony with the Lord, and so they must endure the pain which the Messenger of Death inflicts upon their heads. || 2 || The Holy Guru has dedicated His Being to the Lord's service; with great devotion, apply the dust of His feet to your face. In this world and the next, you shall receive the Lord's honor, and your mind shall be imbued with the permanent color of the Lord's Love. || 3 || O Lord, Har, Har, please unite me with the Holy; compared to these Holy people, I am just a worm. Servant Nanak has enshrined love for the feet of the Holy Guru; meeting with this Holy One, my foolish, stone-like mind has blossomed forth in lush profusion. || 4 || 6 ||



Remember in meditation the Lord, Har, Har, the unfathomable, infinite Lord. Remembering Him in meditation, pains are dispelled. O Lord, Har, Har, lead me to meet the True Guru; meeting the Guru, I am at peace. || 1 || Sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, O my friend. Cherish the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, in your heart. Read the Ambrosial Words of the Lord, Har, Har; meeting with the Guru, the Lord is revealed. || 2 || The Lord, the Slayer of demons, is my breath of life. His Ambrosial Amrit is so sweet to my mind and body. O Lord, Har, Har, have mercy upon me, and lead me to meet the Guru, the immaculate Primal Being. || 3 || The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is forever the Giver of peace. My mind is imbued with the Lord's Love. O Lord Har, Har, lead me to meet the Guru, the Greatest Being; through the Name of Guru Nanak, I have found peace. || 4 || 1 || 7 || JAITSREE, FOURTH MEHL: Chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, Har, Har. As Gurmukh, ever earn the profit of the Naam. Implant within yourself devotion to the Lord, Har, Har, Har, Har; sincerely dedicate yourself to the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. || 1 || Meditate on the Name of the Merciful Lord, Har, Har. WIth love, forever sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. Dance to the Praises of the Lord, Har, Har, Har; meet with the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, with sincerity. || 2 || Come, O companions - let us unite in the Lord's Union. Listening to the sermon of the Lord, earn the profit of the Naam.

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O Lord, Har, Har, be merciful to me, and lead me to meet the Guru; meeting the Guru, a sincere yearning for the Lord wells up in me. || 3 || Praise Him, the unfathomable and inaccessible Lord. Each and every moment, sing the Lord's Name. Be merciful, and meet me, O Guru, Great Giver; Nanak yearns for the Lord's devotional worship. || 4 || 2 || 8 || JAITSREE, FOURTH MEHL: With love and energetic affection, praise the Lord, the storehouse of Nectar. My mind is drenched with the Lord's Name, and so it earns this profit. Each and every moment, worship Him in devotion, day and night; through the Guru's Teachings, sincere love and devotion well up. || 1 || Chant the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe, Har, Har. Conquering mind and body, I have earned the profit of the Shabad. Through the Guru's Teachings, the five demons are over-powered, and the mind and body are filled with a sincere yearning for the Lord. || 2 || The Name is a jewel - chant the Lord's Name. Sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, and forever earn this profit. O Lord, merciful to the meek, be kind to me, and bless me with sincere longing for the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. || 3 || Meditate on the Lord of the world - meditate within your mind. The Lord of the Universe, Har, Har, is the only real profit in this world. Blessed, blessed, is my Great Lord and Master God; O Nanak, meditate on Him, worship Him with sincere love and devotion. || 4 || 3 || 9 || JAITSREE, FOURTH MEHL: He Himself is the Yogi, and the way throughout the ages. The Fearless Lord Himself is absorbed in Samaadhi. He Himself, all by Himself, is all-pervading; He Himself blesses us with sincere love for the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 1 || He Himself is the lamp, and the Light pervading all the worlds. He Himself is the True Guru; He Himself churns the ocean. He Himself churns it, churning up the essence; meditating on the jewel of the Naam, sincere love comes to the surface. || 2 || O my companions, let us meet and join together, and sing His Glorious Praises. As Gurmukh, chant the Naam, and earn the profit of the Lord's Name. Devotional worship of the Lord, Har, Har, has been implanted within me; it is pleasing to my mind. The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, brings a sincere love. || 3 || He Himself is supremely wise, the greatest King. As Gurmukh, purchase the merchandise of the Naam. O Lord God, Har, Har, bless me with such a gift, that Your Glorious Virtues seem pleasing to me; Nanak is filled with sincere love and yearning for the Lord. || 4 || 4 || 10 || JAITSREE, FOURTH MEHL: Joining the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, and associating with the Guru, the Gurmukh gathers in the merchandise of the Naam. O Lord, Har, Har, Destroyer of demons, have mercy upon me; bless me with a sincere yearning to join the Sat Sangat. || 1 || Let me hear with my ears the Banis, the Hymns, in praise of the Lord; be merciful, and let me meet the True Guru. I sing His Glorious Praises, I speak the Bani of His Word; chanting His Glorious Praises, a sincere yearning for the Lord wells up. || 2 || I have tried visiting all the sacred shrines of pilgrimage, fasting, ceremonial feasts and giving to charities. They do not measure up to the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. The Lord's Name is unweighable, utterly heavy in weight; through the Guru's Teachings, a sincere yearning to chant the Name has welled up in me. || 3 || All good karma and righteous living are found in meditation on the Lord's Name. It washes away the stains of sins and mistakes. Be merciful to meek, humble Nanak; bless him with sincere love and yearning for the Lord. || 4 || 5 || 11 ||

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Does anyone know, who is our friend in this world? He alone understands this, whom the Lord blesses with His Mercy. Immaculate and unstained is his way of life. || 1 || Pause || Mother, father, spouse, children, relatives, lovers, friends and siblings meet, having been associated in previous lives; but none of them will be your companion and support in the end. || 1 || Pearl necklaces, gold, rubies and diamonds please the mind, but they are only Maya. Possessing them, one passes his life in agony; he obtains no contentment from them. || 2 || Elephants, chariots, horses as fast as the wind, wealth, land, and armies of four kinds - none of these will go with him; he must get up and depart, naked. || 3 || The Lord's Saints are the beloved lovers of God; sing of the Lord, Har, Har, with them. O Nanak, in the Society of the Saints, you shall obtain peace in this world, and in the next world, your face shall be radiant and bright. || 4 || 1 ||



Give me a message from my Beloved - tell me, tell me! I am wonder-struck, hearing the many reports of Him; tell them to me, O my happy sister soul-brides. || 1 || Pause || Some say that He is beyond the world - totally beyond it, while others say that He is totally within it. His color cannot be seen, and His pattern cannot be discerned. O happy soul-brides, tell me the truth! || 1 || He is pervading everywhere, and He dwells in each and every heart; He is not stained - He is unstained. Says Nanak, listen, O people: He dwells upon the tongues of the Saints. || 2 || 1 || 2 || JAITSREE, FIFTH MEHL: I am calmed, calmed and soothed, hearing of God. || 1 || Pause || I dedicate my soul, my breath of life, my mind, body and everything to Him: I behold God near, very near. || 1 || Beholding God, the inestimable, infinite and Great Giver, I cherish Him in my mind. || 2 || Whatever I wish for, I receive; my hopes and desires are fulfilled, meditating on God. || 3 || By Guru's Grace, God dwells in Nanak's mind; he never suffers or grieves, having realized God. || 4 || 2 || 3 || JAITSREE, FIFTH MEHL: I seek my Friend the Lord. In each and every home, sing the sublime songs of rejoicing; He abides in each and every heart. || 1 || Pause || In good times, worship and adore Him; in bad times, worship and adore Him; do not ever forget Him. Chanting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the light of millions of suns shines forth, and the darkness of doubt is dispelled. || 1 || In all the spaces and interspaces, everywhere, whatever we see is Yours. One who finds the Society of the Saints, O Nanak, is not consigned to reincarnation again. || 2 || 3 || 4 ||

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Now, I have found peace, bowing before the Guru. I have abandoned cleverness, quieted my anxiety, and renounced my egotism. || 1 || Pause || When I looked, I saw that everyone was enticed by emotional attachment; then, I hurried to the Guru's Sanctuary. In His Grace, the Guru engaged me in the Lord's service, and then, the Messenger of Death gave up pursuing me. || 1 || I swam across the ocean of fire, when I met the Saints, through great good fortune. O servant Nanak, I have found total peace; my consciousness is attached to the Lord's feet. || 2 || 1 || 5 || JAITSREE, FIFTH MEHL: Within my mind, I cherish and meditate on the True Guru. He has implanted within me spiritual wisdom and the Mantra of the Lord's Name; Dear God has shown mercy to me. || 1 || Pause || Death's noose and its mighty entanglements have vanished, along with the fear of death. I have come to the Sanctuary of the Merciful Lord, the Destroyer of pain; I am holding tight to the Support of His feet. || 1 || The Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, has assumed the form of a boat, to cross over the terrifying world-ocean. I drink in the Ambrosial Nectar, and my doubts are shattered; says Nanak, I can bear the unbearable. || 2 || 2 || 6 || JAITSREE, FIFTH MEHL: One who has the Lord of the Universe as his help and support is blessed with all peace, poise and bliss; no afflictions cling to him. || 1 || Pause || He appears to keep company with everyone, but he remains detached, and Maya does not cling to him. He is absorbed in love of the One Lord; he understands the essence of reality, and he is blessed with wisdom by the True Guru. || 1 || Those whom the Lord and Master blesses with His kindness, compassion and mercy are the sublime and sanctified Saints. Associating with them, Nanak is saved; with love and exuberant joy, they sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. || 2 || 3 || 7 || JAITSREE, FIFTH MEHL: The Lord of the Universe is my existence, my breath of life, wealth and beauty. The ignorant are totally intoxicated with emotional attachment; in this darkness, the Lord is the only lamp. || 1 || Pause || Fruitful is the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, O Beloved God; Your lotus feet are incomparably beautiful! So many times, I bow in reverence to Him, offering my mind as incense to Him. || 1 || Exhausted, I have fallen at Your Door, O God; I am holding tight to Your Support. Please, lift Your humble servant Nanak up, out of the pit of fire of the world. || 2 || 4 || 8 || JAITSREE, FIFTH MEHL: If only someone would unite me with the Lord! I hold tight to His feet, and utter sweet words with my tongue; I make my breath of life an offering to Him. || 1 || Pause || I make my mind and body into pure little gardens, and irrigate them with the sublime essence of the Lord. I am drenched with this sublime essence by His Grace, and the powerful hold of Maya's corruption has been broken. || 1 ||

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I have come to Your Sanctuary, O Destroyer of the suffering of the innocent; I keep my consciousness focused on You. Bless me with the gifts of the state of fearlessness, and meditative remembrance, Lord and Master; O Nanak, God is the Breaker of bonds. || 2 || 5 || 9 || JAITSREE, FIFTH MEHL: The sparrow-hawk longs for the rain to fall. O God, ocean of mercy, shower Your mercy on me, that I may yearn for loving devotional worship of the Lord. || 1 || Pause || The chakvi duck does not desire many comforts, but it is filled with bliss upon seeing the dawn. The fish cannot survive any other way - without water, it dies. || 1 || I am a helpless orphan - I seek Your Sanctuary, O My Lord and Master; please bless me with Your mercy. Nanak worships and adores the Lord's lotus feet; without Him, there is no other at all. || 2 || 6 || 10 || JAITSREE, FIFTH MEHL: The Lord, my very breath of life, abides in my mind and body. Bless me with Your mercy, and unite me with the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, O perfect, all-knowing Lord God. || 1 || Pause || Those, unto whom You give the intoxicating herb of Your Love, drink in the supreme sublime essence. I cannot describe their value; what power do I have? || 1 || The Lord attaches His humble servants to the hem of His robe, and they swim across the world-ocean. Meditating, meditating, meditating in remembrance on God, peace is obtained; Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of Your Door. || 2 || 7 || 11 || JAITSREE, FIFTH MEHL: After wandering through so many incarnations, I have come to Your Sanctuary. Save me - lift my body up out of the deep, dark pit of the world, and attach me to Your feet. || 1 || Pause || I do not know anything about spiritual wisdom, meditation or karma, and my way of life is not clean and pure. Please attach me to the hem of the robe of the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; help me to cross over the terrible river. || 1 || Comforts, riches and the sweet pleasures of Maya - do not implant these within your mind. Slave Nanak is satisfied and satiated by the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan; his only ornamentation is the love of the Lord's Name. || 2 || 8 || 12 || JAITSREE, FIFTH MEHL: O humble servants of the Lord, remember the Lord in meditation within your heart. Misfortune does not even approach the Lord's humble servant; the works of His slave are perfectly fulfilled. || 1 || Pause || Millions of obstacles are removed, by serving the Lord, and one enters into the eternal dwelling of the Lord of the Universe. The Lord's devotee is very fortunate; he has absolutely no fear. Even the Messenger of Death pays homage to him. || 1 || Forsaking the Lord of the world, he does other deeds, but these are temporary and transitory. Grasp the Lord's lotus feet, and hold them in your heart, O Nanak; you shall obtain absolute peace and bliss. || 2 || 9 || 13 ||



My mind is deluded, entangled in Maya. Whatever I do, while engaged in greed, only serves to bind me down. || 1 || Pause || I have no understanding at all; I am engrossed in the pleasures of corruption, and I have forgotten the Praises of the Lord. The Lord and Master is with me, but I do not know Him.

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Instead, I run into the forest, looking for Him. || 1 || The Jewel of the Lord is deep within my heart, but I do not have any knowledge of Him. O servant Nanak, without vibrating, meditating on the Lord God, human life is uselessly wasted and lost. || 2 || 1 || JAITSREE, NINTH MEHL: O Dear Lord, please, save my honor! The fear of death has entered my heart; I cling to the Protection of Your Sanctuary, O Lord, ocean of mercy. || 1 || Pause || I am a great sinner, foolish and greedy; but now, at last, I have grown weary of committing sins. I cannot forget the fear of dying; this anxiety is consuming my body. || 1 || I have been trying to liberate myself, running around in the ten directions. The pure, immaculate Lord abides deep within my heart, but I do not understand the secret of His mystery. || 2 || I have no merit, and I know nothing about meditation or austerities; what should I do now? O Nanak, I am exhausted; I seek the shelter of Your Sanctuary; O God, please bless me with the gift of fearlessness. || 3 || 2 || JAITSREE, NINTH MEHL: O mind, embrace true contemplation. Without the Lord's Name, know that this whole world is false. || 1 || Pause || The Yogis are tired of searching for Him, but they have not found His limit. You must understand that the Lord and Master is near at hand, but He has no form or feature. || 1 || The Naam, the Name of the Lord is purifying in the world, and yet you never remember it. Nanak has entered the Sanctuary of the One, before whom the whole world bows down; please, preserve and protect me, by Your innate nature. || 2 || 3 ||



SHALOK: I am thirsty for the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan, day and night; I yearn for Him constantly, night and day. Opening the door, O Nanak, the Guru has led me to meet with the Lord, my Friend. || 1 || CHHANT: Listen, O my intimate friend - I have just one prayer to make. I have been wandering around, searching for that enticing, sweet Beloved. Whoever leads me to my Beloved - I would cut off my head and offer it to him, even if I were granted the Blessed Vision of His Darshan for just an instant. My eyes are drenched with the Love of my Beloved; without Him, I do not have even a moment's peace. My mind is attached to the Lord, like the fish to the water, and the sparrow-hawk, thirsty for the raindrops. Servant Nanak has found the Perfect Guru; his thirst is totally quenched. || 1 || O intimate friend, my Beloved has all these loving companions; I cannot compare to any of them. O intimate friend, each of them is more beautiful than the others; who could consider me? Each of them is more beautiful than the others; countless are His lovers, constantly enjoying bliss with Him. Beholding them, desire wells up in my mind; when will I obtain the Lord, the treasure of virtue? I dedicate my mind to those who please and attract my Beloved. Says Nanak, hear my prayer, O happy soul-brides; tell me, what does my Husband Lord look like? || 2 ||

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O intimate friend, my Husband Lord does whatever He pleases; He is not dependent on anyone. O intimate friend, you have enjoyed your Beloved; please, tell me about Him. They alone find their Beloved, who eradicate self-conceit; such is the good destiny written on their foreheads. Taking me by the arm, the Lord and Master has made me His own; He has not considered my merits or demerits. She, whom You have adorned with the necklace of virtue, and dyed in the deep crimson color of His Love - everything looks beautiful on her. O servant Nanak, blessed is that happy soul-bride, who dwells with her Husband Lord. || 3 || O intimate friend, I have found that peace which I sought. My sought-after Husband Lord has come home, and now, congratulations are pouring in. Great joy and happiness welled up, when my Husband Lord, of ever-fresh beauty, showed mercy to me. By great good fortune, I have found Him; the Guru has united me with Him, through the Saadh Sangat, the True Congregation of the Holy. My hopes and desires have all been fulfilled; my Beloved Husband Lord has hugged me close in His embrace. Prays Nanak, I have found that peace which I sought, meeting with the Guru. || 4 || 1 ||



SHALOK: God is lofty, unapproachable and infinite. He is indescribable - He cannot be described. Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of God, who is all-powerful to save us. || 1 || CHHANT: Save me, any way You can; O Lord God, I am Yours. My demerits are uncountable; how many of them should I count? The sins and crimes I committed are countless; day by day, I continually make mistakes. I am intoxicated by emotional attachment to Maya, the treacherous one; by Your Grace alone can I be saved. Secretly, I commit hideous sins of corruption, even though God is the nearest of the near. Prays Nanak, shower me with Your Mercy, Lord, and lift me up, out of the whirlpool of the terrifying world-ocean. || 1 || SHALOK: Countless are His virtues; they cannot be enumerated. God's Name is lofty and exalted. This is Nanak's humble prayer, to bless the homeless with a home. || 2 || CHHANT: There is no other place at all - where else should I go? Twenty-four hours a day, with my palms pressed together, I meditate on God. Meditating forever on my God, I receive the fruits of my mind's desires. Renouncing pride, attachment, corruption and duality, I lovingly center my attention on the One Lord. Dedicate your mind and body to God; eradicate all your self-conceit. Prays Nanak, shower me with Your mercy, Lord, that I may be absorbed in Your True Name. || 2 || SHALOK: O mind, meditate on the One, who holds everything in His hands. Gather the wealth of the Lord's Name; O Nanak, it shall always be with You. || 3 || CHHANT: God is our only True Friend; there is not any other. In the places and interspaces, in the water and on the land, He Himself is pervading everywhere. He is totally permeating the water, the land and the sky; God is the Great Giver, the Lord and Master of all. The Lord of the world, the Lord of the universe has no limit; His Glorious Virtues are unlimited - how can I count them? I have hurried to the Sanctuary of the Lord Master, the Bringer of peace; without Him, there is no other at all.

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Prays Nanak, that being, unto whom the Lord shows mercy - he alone obtains the Naam. || 3 || SHALOK: Whatever I wish for, that I receive. Meditating on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, Nanak has found total peace. || 4 || CHHANT: My mind is now emancipated; I have joined the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. As Gurmukh, I chant the Naam, and my light has merged into the Light. Remembering the Lord's Name in meditation, my sins have been erased; the fire has been extinguished, and I am satisfied. He has taken me by the arm, and blessed me with His kind mercy; He has accepted me His own. The Lord has hugged me in His embrace, and merged me with Himself; the pains of birth and death have been burnt away. Prays Nanak, He has blessed me with His kind mercy; in an instant, He unites me with Himself. || 4 || 2 || JAITSREE, CHHANT, FIFTH MEHL: The world is like a temporary way-station, but it is filled with pride. People commit countless sins; they are dyed in the color of the love of Maya. In greed, emotional attachment and egotism, they are drowning; they do not even think of dying. Children, friends, worldly occupations and spouses - they talk of these things, while their lives are passing away. When their pre-ordained days have run their course, O mother, they behold the Messengers of the Righteous Judge of Dharma, and they suffer. The karma of their past deeds cannot be erased, O Nanak, if they have not earned the wealth of the Lord's Name. || 1 || He makes all sorts of efforts, but he does not sing the Lord's Name. He wanders around in countless incarnations; he dies, only to be born again. As beasts, birds, stones and trees - their number cannot be known. As are the seeds he plants, so are the pleasures he enjoys; he receives the consequences of his own actions. He loses the jewel of this human life in the gamble, and God is not pleased with him at all. Prays Nanak, wandering in doubt, he does not find any rest, even for an instant. || 2 || Youth has passed, and old age has taken its place. The hands tremble, the head shakes, and the eyes do not see. The eyes do not see, without vibrating and meditating on the Lord; he must leave behind the attractions of Maya, and depart. He burnt his mind and body for his relatives, but now, they do not listen to him, and they throw dust on his head. Love for the infinite, Perfect Lord does not abide in his mind, even for an instant. Prays Nanak, the fort of paper is false - it is destroyed in an instant. || 3 || Nanak has come to the Sanctuary of the Lord's lotus feet. God Himself has carried Him across the impassable, terrifying world-ocean. Joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, I vibrate and meditate on the Lord; God has made me His own, and saved me. The Lord has approved of me, and blessed me with His Name; He did not take anything else into consideration. I have found the infinite Lord and Master, the treasure of virtue, which my mind had yearned for. Prays Nanak, I am satisfied forever; I have eaten the food of the Lord's Name. || 4 || 2 || 3 ||



SHALOK: In the beginning, He was pervading; in the middle, He is pervading; in the end, He will be pervading. He is the Transcendent Lord. The Saints remember in meditation the all-pervading Lord God.

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O Nanak, He is the Destroyer of sins, the Lord of the universe. || 1 || See, hear, speak and implant the True Lord within your mind. He is all-pervading, permeating everywhere; O Nanak, be absorbed in the Lord's Love. || 2 || PAUREE: Sing the Praise of the One, the Immaculate Lord; He is contained within all. The Cause of causes, the Almighty Lord God; whatever He wills, comes to pass. In an instant, He establishes and disestablishes; without Him, there is no other. He pervades the continents, solar systems, nether worlds, islands and all worlds. He alone understands, whom the Lord Himself instructs; he alone is a pure and unstained being. || 1 || SHALOK: Creating the soul, the Lord places this creation in the womb of the mother. With each and every breath, it meditates in remembrance on the Lord, O Nanak; it is not consumed by the great fire. || 1 || With its head down, and feet up, it dwells in that slimy place. O Nanak, how could we forget the Master? Through His Name, we are saved. || 2 || PAUREE: From egg and sperm, you were conceived, and placed in the fire of the womb. Head downwards, you abided restlessly in that dark, dismal, terrible hell. Remembering the Lord in meditation, you were not burnt; enshrine Him in your heart, mind and body. In that treacherous place, He protected and preserved you; do not forget Him, even for an instant. Forgetting God, you shall never find peace; you shall forfeit your life, and depart. || 2 || SHALOK: He grants our hearts' desires, and fulfills all our hopes. He destroys pain and suffering; remember God in meditation, O Nanak - He is not far away. || 1 || Love Him, with whom you enjoy all pleasures. Do not forget that Lord, even for an instant; O Nanak, He fashioned this beautiful body. || 2 || PAUREE: He gave you your soul, breath of life, body and wealth; He gave you pleasures to enjoy. He gave you households, mansions, chariots and horses; He ordained your good destiny. He gave you your children, spouse, friends and servants; God is the all-powerful Great Giver. Meditating in remembrance on the Lord, the body and mind are rejuvenated, and sorrow departs. In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, chant the Praises of the Lord, and all your sickness shall vanish. || 3 || SHALOK: For his family, he works very hard; for the sake of Maya, he makes countless efforts. But without loving devotional worship of the Lord, O Nanak, he forgets God, and then, he is a mere ghost. || 1 || That love shall break, which is established with any other than the Lord. O Nanak, that way of life is true, which inspires love of the Lord. || 2 || PAUREE: Forgetting Him, one's body turns to dust, and everyone calls him a ghost. And those, with whom he was so much in love - they do not let him stay in their home, even for an instant. Practicing exploitation, he gathers wealth, but what use will it be in the end? As one plants, so does he harvest; the body is the field of actions. The ungrateful wretches forget the Lord, and wander in reincarnation. || 4 || SHALOK: The benefits of millions of charitable donations and cleansing baths, and countless ceremonies of purification and piety, O Nanak, are obtained by chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har with one's tongue; all sins are washed away. || 1 || I gathered together a great stack of firewood, and applied a tiny flame to light it.

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