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He may proclaim, "I can kill anyone, I can capture anyone, and I can release anyone." But when the Order comes from the Supreme Lord God, he departs and leaves in a day. || 2 || He may perform all sorts of religious rituals and good actions, but he does not know the Creator Lord, the Doer of all. He teaches, but does not practice what he preaches; he does not realize the essential reality of the Word of the Shabad. Naked he came, and naked he shall depart; he is like an elephant, throwing dust on himself. || 3 || O Saints, and friends, listen to me: all this world is false. Continually claiming, "Mine, mine", the mortals are drowned; the fools waste away and die. Meeting the Guru, O Nanak, I meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord; through the True Name, I am emancipated. || 4 || 1 || 38 ||




The whole world is asleep in doubt; it is blinded by worldly entanglements. How rare is that humble servant of the Lord who is awake and aware. || 1 || The mortal is intoxicated with the great enticement of Maya, which is dearer to him than life. How rare is the one who renounces it. || 2 || The Lord's Lotus Feet are incomparably beautiful; so is the Mantra of the Saint. How rare is that holy person who is attached to them. || 3 || O Nanak, in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the love of divine knowledge is awakened; the Lord's Mercy is bestowed upon those who are blessed with such good destiny. || 4 || 1 || 39 ||




Whatever pleases You is acceptable to me; that alone brings peace and ease to my mind. You are the Doer, the Cause of causes, All-powerful and Infinite; there is none other than You. || 1 || Your humble servants sing Your Glorious Praises with enthusiasm and love. That alone is good advice, wisdom and cleverness for Your humble servant, which You do or cause to be done. || 1 || Pause || Your Name is Ambrosial Nectar, O Beloved Lord; in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, I have obtained its sublime essence. Those humble beings are satisfied and fulfilled, singing the Praises of the Lord, the treasure of peace. || 2 || One who has Your Support, O Lord Master, is not afflicted by anxiety. One who is blessed by Your Kind Mercy, is the best, the most fortunate king. || 3 || Doubt, attachment, and deceit have all disappeared, since I obtained the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan. Dealing in the Naam, O Nanak, we become truthful, and in the Love of the Lord's Name, we are absorbed. || 4 || 1 | 40 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: He washes off the filth of other peoples' incarnations, but he obtains the rewards of his own actions. He has no peace in this world, and he has no place in the Court of the Lord. In the City of Death, he is tortured. || 1 || The slanderer loses his life in vain. He cannot succeed in anything, and in the world hereafter, he finds no place at all. || 1 || Pause || Such is the fate of the wretched slanderer - what can the poor creature do?

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He is ruined there, where no one can protect him; with whom should he lodge his complaint? || 2 || The slanderer shall never attain emancipation; this is the Will of the Lord and Master. The more the Saints are slandered, the more they dwell in peace. || 3 || The Saints have Your Support, O Lord and Master; You are the Saints' Help and Support. Says Nanak, the Saints are saved by the Lord; the slanderers are drowned in the deep. || 4 || 2 || 41 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: He washes outwardly, but within, his mind is filthy; thus he loses his place in both worlds. Here, he is engrossed in sexual desire, anger and emotional attachment; hereafter, he shall sigh and weep. || 1 || The way to vibrate and meditate on the Lord of the Universe is different. Destroying the snake-hole, the snake is not killed; the deaf person does not hear the Lord's Name. || 1 || Pause || He renounces the affairs of Maya, but he does not appreciate the value of devotional worship. He finds fault with the Vedas and the Shaastras, and does not know the essence of Yoga. || 2 || He stands exposed, like a counterfeit coin, when inspected by the Lord, the Assayer. The Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts, knows everything; how can we hide anything from Him? || 3 || Through falsehood, fraud and deceit, the mortal collapses in an instant - he has no foundation at all. Truly, truly, truly, Nanak speaks; look within your own heart, and realize this. || 4 || 3 || 42 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Making the effort, the mind becomes pure; in this dance, the self is silenced. The five passions are kept under control, and the One Lord dwells in the mind. || 1 || Your humble servant dances and sings Your Glorious Praises. He plays upon the guitar, tambourine and cymbals, and the unstruck sound current of the Shabad resounds. || 1 || Pause || First, he instructs his own mind, and then, he leads others. He chants the Lord's Name and meditates on it in his heart; with his mouth, he announces it to all. || 2 || He joins the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, and washes their feet; he applies the dust of the Saints to his body. He surrenders his mind and body, and places them before the Guru; thus, he obtains the true wealth. || 3 || Whoever listens to, and beholds the Guru with faith, shall see his pains of birth and death taken away. Such a dance eliminates hell; O Nanak, the Gurmukh remains wakeful. || 4 || 4 || 43 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: The lowly outcaste becomes a Brahmin, and the untouchable sweeper becomes pure and sublime. The burning desire of the nether regions and the etheric realms is finally quenched and extinguished. || 1 || The house-cat has been taught otherwise, and is terrified upon seeing the mouse. The Guru has put the tiger under the control of the sheep, and now, the dog eats grass. || 1 || Pause || Without pillars, the roof is supported, and the homeless have found a home. Without the jeweller, the jewel has been set, and the wonderful stone shines forth. || 2 || The claimant does not succeed by placing his claim, but by keeping silent, he obtains justice.

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The dead sit on costly carpets, and what is seen with the eyes shall vanish. || 3 || One who claims to know, is ignorant; he does not know the Knower of all. Says Nanak, the Guru has given me the Ambrosial Nectar to drink in; savoring it and relishing it, I blossom forth in bliss. || 4 || 5 || 44 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: He has cut away my bonds, and overlooked my shortcomings, and so He has confirmed His nature. Becoming merciful to me, like a mother or a father, he has come to cherish me as His own child. || 1 || The GurSikhs are preserved by the Guru, by the Lord of the Universe. He rescues them from the terrible world ocean, casting His Glance of Grace upon them. || 1 || Pause || Meditating in remembrance on Him, we escape from the Messenger of Death; here and hereafter, we obtain peace. With every breath and morsel of food, meditate, and chant with your tongue, continually, each and every day; sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. || 2 || Through loving devotional worship, the supreme status is obtained, and in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, sorrows are dispelled. I am not worn down, I do not die, and nothing strikes fear in me, since I have the wealth of the Lord's Immaculate Name in my purse. || 3 || At the very last moment, God becomes the mortal's Help and Support; here and hereafter, He is the Savior Lord. He is my breath of life, my friend, support and wealth; O Nanak, I am forever a sacrifice to Him. || 4 || 6 || 45 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Since You are my Lord and Master, what is there for me to fear? Other than You, who else should I praise? You are the One and only, and so do all things exist; without You, there is nothing at all for me. || 1 || O Father, I have seen that the world is poison. Save me, O Lord of the Universe! Your Name is my only Support. || 1 || Pause || You know completely the condition of my mind; who else could I go to tell of it? Without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the whole world has gone crazy; obtaining the Naam, it finds peace. || 2 || What shall I say? Unto whom shall I speak? What I have to say, I say to God. Everything which exists was created by You. You are my hope, forever and ever. || 3 || If you bestow greatness, then it is Your greatness; here and hereafter, I meditate on You. The Lord God of Nanak is forever the Giver of peace; Your Name is my only strength. || 4 || 7 || 46 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Your Name is Ambrosial Nectar, O Lord Master; Your humble servant drinks in this supreme elixir. The fearful load of sins from countless incarnations has vanished; doubt and duality are also dispelled. || 1 || I live by beholding the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan. Listening to Your Words, O True Guru, my mind and body are cooled and soothed. || 1 || Pause || By Your Grace, I have joined the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; You Yourself have caused this to happen. Holding fast to Your Feet, O God, the poison is easily neutralized. || 2 || Your Name, O God, is the treasure of peace; I have received this everlasting Mantra. Showing His Mercy, the True Guru has given it to me, and my fever and pain and hatred are annulled. || 3 || Blessed is the attainment of this human body, by which God blends Himself with me. Blessed, in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, is the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, where the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises are sung.

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O Nanak, the Naam is my only Support. || 4 || 8 || 47 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Everything is pre-ordained; what else can be known through study? The errant child has been forgiven by the Supreme Lord God. || 1 || My True Guru is always merciful; He has saved me, the meek one. He has cured me of my disease, and I have obtained the greatest peace; He has placed the Ambrosial Name of the Lord in my mouth. || 1 || Pause || He has washed away my countless sins; He has cut away my bonds, and I am liberated. He has taken me by the arm, and pulled me out of the terrible, deep dark pit. || 2 || I have become fearless, and all my fears have been erased. The Savior Lord has saved me. Such is Your generosity, O my God, that You have resolved all my affairs. || 3 || My mind has met with my Lord and Master, the treasure of excellence. Taking to His Sanctuary, Nanak has become blissful. || 4 || 9 || 48 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: If I forget You, then everyone becomes my enemy. When You come to mind, then they serve me. I do not know any other at all, O True, Invisible, Inscrutable Lord. || 1 || When You come to mind, You are always merciful to me; what can the poor people do to me? Tell me, who should I call good or bad, since all beings are Yours? || 1 || Pause || You are my Shelter, You are my Support; giving me Your hand, You protect me. That humble being, upon whom You bestow Your Grace, is not touched by slander or suffering. || 2 || That is peace, and that is greatness, which is pleasing to the mind of the Dear Lord God. You are all-knowing, You are forever compassionate; obtaining Your Name, I revel in it and make merry. || 3 || I offer my prayer to You; my body and soul are all Yours. Says Nanak, this is all Your greatness; no one even knows my name. || 4 || 10 || 49 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Show Your Mercy, O God, O Searcher of hearts, that in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, I might obtain You, Lord. When You open Your Door, and reveal the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, the mortal is not relegated to reincarnation again. || 1 || Meeting with my Beloved Lord aand Master, all my pains are taken away. I am saved and carried across, in the company of those who remember the Supreme Lord God in their hearts. || 1 || Pause || This world is a great wilderness, an ocean of fire, in which mortals abide, in pleasure and pain. Meeting with the True Guru, the mortal becomes immaculately pure; with his tongue, he chants the Ambrosial Name of the Lord. || 2 || He preserves his body and wealth, and takes everything as his own; such are the subtle bonds which bind him. By Guru's Grace, the mortal becomes liberated, meditating on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. || 3 || God, the Savior, has saved those, who are pleasing to the Will of God. The soul and body are all Yours, O Great Giver; O Nanak, I am forever a sacrifice. || 4 || 11 || 50 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: You have avoided the slumber of attachment and impurity - by whose favor has this happened? The great enticer does not affect you.

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Where has your laziness gone? || 1 || Pause || How have you escaped from the treachery of sexual desire, anger and egotism? The holy beings, angels and demons of the three qualities, and all the worlds have been plundered. || 1 || The forest fire has burnt down so much of the grass; how rare are the plants which have remained green. He is so All-powerful, that I cannot even describe Him; no one can chant His Praises. || 2 || In the store-room of the lamp-black, I did not turn black; my color remained immaculate and pure. The Guru has implanted the Maha Mantra, the Great Mantra, within my heart, and I have heard the wondrous Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 3 || Showing His Mercy, God has looked upon me with favor, and He has attached me to His feet. Through loving devotional worship, O Nanak, I have obtained peace; in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, I am absorbed into the Lord. || 4 || 12 || 51 ||




That red dress looks so beautiful on your body. Your Husband Lord is pleased, and His heart is enticed. || 1 || Whose handiwork is this red beauty of yours? Whose love has rendered the poppy so red? || 1 || Pause || You are so beautiful; you are the happy soul-bride. Your Beloved is in your home; good fortune is in your home. || 2 || You are pure and chaste, you are most distinguished. You are pleasing to Your Beloved, and you have sublime understanding. || 3 || I am pleasing to my Beloved, and so I am imbued with the deep red color. Says Nanak, I have been totally blessed with the Lord's Glance of Grace. || 4 || Listen, O companions: this is my only work; God Himself is the One who embellishes and adorns. || 1 || Second Pause || 1 || 52 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: I suffered in pain, when I thought He was far away; but now, He is Ever-present, and I receive His instructions. || 1 || My pride is gone, O friends and companions; my doubt is dispelled, and the Guru has united me with my Beloved. || 1 || Pause || My Beloved has drawn me near to Him, and seated me on His Bed; I have escaped the clutches of others. || 2 || In the mansion of my heart, shines the Light of the Shabad. My Husband Lord is blissful and playful. || 3 || According to the destiny written upon my forehead, my Husband Lord has come home to me. Servant Nanak has obtained the eternal marriage. || 4 || 2 || 53 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: My mind is attached to the True Name. My dealings with other people are only superficial. || 1 || Outwardly, I am on good terms with all; but I remain detached, like the lotus upon the water. || 1 || Pause || By word of mouth, I talk with everyone; but I keep God clasped to my heart. || 2 || I may appear utterly terrible, but my mind is the dust of all men's feet. Servant Nanak has found the Perfect Guru.

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Inwardly and outwardly, He has shown me the One Lord. || 4 || 3 || 54 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: The mortal revels in joy, in the vigor of youth; but without the Name, he mingles with dust. || 1 || He may wear ear-rings and fine clothes, and have a comfortable bed, and his mind may be so proud. || 1 || Pause || He may have elephants to ride, and golden umbrellas over his head; but without devotional worship to the Lord, he is buried beneath the dirt. || 2 || He may enjoy many women, of exquisite beauty; but without the sublime essence of the Lord, all tastes are tasteless. || 3 || Deluded by Maya, the mortal is led into sin and corruption. Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of God, the All-powerful, Compassionate Lord. || 4 || 4 || 55 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: There is a garden, in which so many plants have grown. They bear the Ambrosial Nectar of the Naam as their fruit. || 1 || Consider this, O wise one, by which you may attain the state of Nirvaanaa. All around this garden are pools of poison, but within it is the Ambrosial Nectar, O Siblings of Destiny. || 1 || Pause || There is only one gardener who tends it. He takes care of every leaf and branch. || 2 || He brings all sorts of plants and plants them there. They all bear fruit - none is without fruit. || 3 || One who receives the Ambrosial Fruit of the Naam from the Guru - O Nanak, such a servant crosses over the ocean of Maya. || 4 || 5 || 56 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: The pleasures of royalty are derived from Your Name. I attain Yoga, singing the Kirtan of Your Praises. || 1 || All comforts are obtained in Your Shelter. The True Guru has removed the veil of doubt. || 1 || Pause || Understanding the Command of the Lord's Will, I revel in pleasure and joy. Serving the True Guru, I obtain the supreme state of Nirvaanaa. || 2 || One who recognizes You is recognized as a householder, and as a renunciate. Imbued with the Naam, the Name of the Lord, he dwells in Nirvaanaa. || 3 || One who has obtained the treasure of the Naam - prays Nanak, his treasure-house is filled to overflowing. || 4 || 6 || 57 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Journeying to sacred shrines of pilgrimage, I see the mortals acting in ego. If I ask the Pandits, I find them tainted by Maya. || 1 || Show me that place, O friend, where the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises are forever sung. || 1 || Pause || The Shaastras and the Vedas speak of sin and virtue; they say that mortals are reincarnated into heaven and hell, over and over again. || 2 || In the householder's life, there is anxiety, and in the life of the renunciate, there is egotism. Performing religious rituals, the soul is entangled. || 3 || By God's Grace, the mind is brought under control; O Nanak, the Gurmukh crosses over the ocean of Maya. || 4 || In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, sing the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises. This place is found through the Guru. || 1 || Second Pause || 7 || 58 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Within my home there is peace, and outwardly there is peace as well. Remembering the Lord in meditation, all pains are erased. || 1 || There is total peace, when You come into my mind.

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He alone is pleasing to Your Will, who chants the Naam. || 1 || Pause || My body and mind are cooled and soothed, chanting the Name of the Lord. Meditating on the Lord, Har, Har, the house of pain is demolished. || 2 || He alone, who understands the Command of the Lord's Will, is approved. The True Shabad of the Word of God is his trademark and insignia. || 3 || The Perfect Guru has implanted the Lord's Name within me. Prays Nanak, my mind has found peace. || 4 || 8 || 59 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Wherever You send me, there I go. Whatever You give me, brings me peace. || 1 || I am forever the chaylaa, the humble disciple, of the Lord of the Universe, the Sustainer of the World. By Your Grace, I am satisfied and satiated. || 1 || Pause || Whatever You give me, I wear and eat. By Your Grace, O God, my life passes peacefully. || 2 || Deep within my mind and body, I meditate on You. I recognize none as equal to You. || 3 || Says Nanak, this is my continual meditation: that I may be emancipated, clinging to the Feet of the Saints. || 4 || 9 || 60 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: While standing up, and sitting down, and even while asleep, meditate on the Lord. Walking on the Way, sing the Praises of the Lord. || 1 || With your ears, listen to the Ambrosial Sermon. Listening to it, your mind shall be filled with bliss, and the troubles and diseases of your mind shall all depart. || 1 || Pause || While you work at your job, on the road and at the beach, meditate and chant. By Guru's Grace, drink in the Ambrosial Essence of the Lord. || 2 || The humble being who sings the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises, day and night, does not have to go with the Messenger of Death. || 3 || One who does not forget the Lord, twenty-four hours a day, is emancipated; O Nanak, I fall at his feet. || 4 || 10 || 61 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Remembering Him in meditation, one abides in peace; one becomes happy, and suffering is ended. || 1 || Celebrate, make merry, and sing God's Glories. Forever and ever, surrender to the True Guru. || 1 || Pause || Act in accordance with the Shabad, the True Word of the True Guru. Remain steady and stable within the home of your own self, and find God. || 2 || Do not harbor evil intentions against others in your mind, and you shall not be troubled, O Siblings of Destiny, O friends. || 3 || The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is the Tantric exercise, and the Mantra, given by the Guru. Nanak knows this peace alone, night and day. || 4 || 11 || 62 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: That wretched being, whom no one knows - chanting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, he is honored in the four directions. || 1 || I beg for the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan; please, give it to me, O Beloved! Serving You, who, who has not been saved? || 1 || Pause || That person, whom no one wants to be near - the whole world comes to wash the dirt of his feet. || 2 || That mortal, who is of no use to anyone at all - by the Grace of the Saints, he meditates on the Naam. || 3 || In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the sleeping mind awakens. Then, O Nanak, God seems sweet. || 4 || 12 || 63 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: With my eyes, I behold the One and Only Lord. Forever and ever, I contemplate the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

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|| 1 || I sing the Praises of the Lord, Raam, Raam, Raam. By the graceful favor of the Saints, I meditate on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. || 1 || Pause || Everything is strung on His string. He is contained in each and every heart. || 2 || He creates and destroys in an instant. He Himself remains unattached, and without attributes. || 3 || He is the Creator, the Cause of causes, the Searcher of hearts. Nanak's Lord and Master celebrates in bliss. || 4 || 13 || 64 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: My wandering through millions of births has ended. I have won, and not lost, this human body, so difficult to obtain. || 1 || My sins have been erased, and my sufferings and pains are gone. I have been sanctified by the dust of the feet of the Saints. || 1 || Pause || The Saints of God have the ability to save us; they meet with those of us who have such pre-ordained destiny. || 2 || My mind is filled with bliss, since the Guru gave me the Mantra of the Lord's Name. My thirst has been quenched, and my mind has become steady and stable. || 3 || The wealth of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is for me the nine treasures, and the spiritual powers of the Siddhas. O Nanak, I have obtained understanding from the Guru. || 4 || 14 || 65 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: My thirst, and the darkness of ignorance have been removed. Serving the Holy Saints, countless sins are obliterated. || 1 || I have obtained celestial peace and immense joy. Serving the Guru, my mind has become immaculately pure, and I have heard the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, Har, Har. || 1 || Pause || The stubborn foolishness of my mind is gone; God's Will has become sweet to me. || 2 || I have grasped the Feet of the Perfect Guru, and the sins of countless incarnations have been washed away. || 3 || The jewel of this life has become fruitful. Says Nanak, God has shown mercy to me. || 4 || 15 || 66 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: I contemplate, forever and ever, the True Guru; with my hair, I dust the feet of the Guru. || 1 || Be wakeful, O my awakening mind! Without the Lord, nothing else shall be of use to you; false is emotional attachment, and useless are worldly entanglements. || 1 || Pause || Embrace love for the Word of the Guru's Bani. When the Guru shows His Mercy, pain is destroyed. || 2 || Without the Guru, there is no other place of rest. The Guru is the Giver, the Guru gives the Name. || 3 || The Guru is the Supreme Lord God; He Himself is the Transcendent Lord. Twenty-four hours a day, O Nanak, meditate on the Guru. || 4 || 16 || 67 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: He Himself is the tree, and the branches extending out. He Himself preserves His own crop. || 1 || Wherever I look, I see that One Lord alone. Deep within each and every heart, He Himself is contained. || 1 || Pause || He Himself is the sun, and the rays emanating from it. He is concealed, and He is revealed. || 2 || He is said to be of the highest attributes, and without attributes. Both converge onto His single point. || 3 || Says Nanak, the Guru has dispelled my doubt and fear. With my eyes, I perceive the Lord, the embodiment of bliss, to be everywhere. || 4 || 17 || 68 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: I know nothing of arguments or cleverness.

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Day and night, I chant Your Name. || 1 || I am worthless; I have no virtue at all. God is the Creator, the Cause of all causes. || 1 || Pause || I am foolish, stupid, ignorant and thoughtless; Your Name is my mind's only hope. || 2 || I have not practiced chanting, deep meditation, self-discipline or good actions; but within my mind, I have worshipped God's Name. || 3 || I know nothing, and my intellect is inadequate. Prays Nanak, O God, You are my only Support. || 4 || 18 || 69 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: These two words, Har, Har, make up my maalaa. Continually chanting and reciting this rosary, God has become merciful to me, His humble servant. || 1 || I offer my prayer to the True Guru. Shower Your Mercy upon me, and keep me safe in Your Sanctuary; please, give me the maalaa, the rosary of Har, Har. || 1 || Pause || One who enshrines this rosary of the Lord's Name within his heart, is freed of the pains of birth and death. || 2 || The humble being who contemplates the Lord within his heart, and chants the Lord's Name, Har, Har, with his mouth, never wavers, here or hereafter. || 3 || Says Nanak, one who is imbued with the Name, goes to the next world with the maalaa of the Lord's Name. || 4 || 19 || 70 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: All things belong to Him - let yourself belong to Him as well. No stain clings to such a humble being. || 1 || The Lord's servant is liberated forever. Whatever He does, is pleasing to His servant; the way of life of His slave is immaculately pure. || 1 || Pause || One who renounces everything, and enters the Lord's Sanctuary - how can Maya cling to him? || 2 || With the treasure of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, in his mind, he suffers no anxiety, even in dreams. || 3 || Says Nanak, I have found the Perfect Guru. My doubts and attachments have been totally obliterated. || 4 || 20 || 71 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: When my God is totally pleased with me, then, tell me, how can suffering or doubt draw near me? || 1 || Continually listening to Your Glory, I live. I am worthless - save me, O Lord! || 1 || Pause || My suffering has been ended, and my anxiety is forgotten. I have obtained my reward, chanting the Mantra of the True Guru. || 2 || He is True, and True is His glory. Remembering, remembering Him in meditation, keep Him clasped to your heart. || 3 || Says Nanak, what action is there left to do, by one whose mind is filled with the Lord's Name? || 4 || 21 || 72 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Sexual desire, anger, and egotism lead to ruin. Meditating on the Lord, the Lord's humble servants are redeemed. || 1 || The mortals are asleep, intoxicated with the wine of Maya. The devotees remain awake, imbued with the Lord's meditation. || 1 || Pause || In emotional attachment and doubt, the mortals wander through countless incarnations. The devotees remain ever-stable, meditating on the Lord's Lotus Feet. || 2 || Bound to household and possessions, the mortals are lost in the deep, dark pit. The Saints are liberated, knowing the Lord to be near at hand. || 3 || Says Nanak, one who has taken to God's Sanctuary, obtains peace in this world, and salvation in the world hereafter.

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|| 4 || 22 || 73 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: You are my waves, and I am Your fish. You are my Lord and Master; I wait at Your Door. || 1 || You are my Creator, and I am Your servant. I have taken to Your Sanctuary, O God, most profound and excellent. || 1 || Pause || You are my life, You are my Support. Beholding You, my heart-lotus blossoms forth. || 2 || You are my salvation and honor; You make me acceptable. You are All-powerful, You are my strength. || 3 || Night and day, I chant the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the treasure of excellence. This is Nanak's prayer to God. || 4 || 23 || 74 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: The mourner practices falsehood; he laughs with glee, while mourning for others. || 1 || Someone has died, while there is singing in someone else's house. One mourns and bewails, while another laughs with glee. || 1 || Pause || From childhood to old age, the mortal does not attain his goals, and he comes to regret in the end. || 2 || The world is under the influence of the three qualities. The mortal is reincarnated, again and again, into heaven and hell. || 3 || Says Nanak, one who is attached to the Naam, the Name of the Lord, becomes acceptable, and his life becomes fruitful. || 4 || 24 || 75 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: She remains asleep, and does not know the news of God. The day dawns, and then, she regrets. || 1 || Loving the Beloved, the mind is filled with celestial bliss. You yearn to meet with God, so why do you delay? || 1 || Pause || He came and poured His Ambrosial Nectar into your hands, but it slipped through your fingers, and fell onto the ground. || 2 || You are burdened with desire, emotional attachment and egotism; it is not the fault of God the Creator. || 3 || In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the darkness of doubt is dispelled. O Nanak, the Creator Lord blends us with Himself. || 4 || 25 || 76 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: I long for the Lotus Feet of my Beloved Lord. The wretched Messenger of Death has run away from me. || 1 || You enter into my mind, by Your Kind Mercy. Meditating on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, all diseases are destroyed. || 1 || Pause || Death gives so much pain to others, but it cannot even come near Your slave. || 2 || My mind thirst for Your Vision; in peaceful ease and bliss, I dwell in detachment. || 3 || Hear this prayer of Nanak: please, infuse Your Name into his heart. || 4 || 26 || 77 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: My mind is satisfied, and my entanglements have been dissolved. God has become merciful to me. || 1 || By the Grace of the Saints, everything has turned out well. His House is overflowing with all things; I have met Him, the Fearless Master. || 1 || Pause || By the Kind Mercy of the Holy Saints, the Naam has been implanted within me. The most dreadful desires have been eliminated. || 2 || My Master has given me a gift; the fire has been extinguished, and my mind is now at peace. || 3 ||

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My search has ended, and my mind is absorbed in celestial bliss. Nanak has obtained the treasure of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 4 || 27 || 78 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Those who are attuned to their Lord and Master are satisfied and fulfilled with the perfect food. || 1 || The Lord's devotees never run short of anything. They have plenty to eat, spend, enjoy and give. || 1 || Pause || One who has the Unfathomable Lord of the Universe as his Master - how can any mere mortal stand up to him? || 2 || One who is served by the eighteen supernatural powers of the Siddhas - grasp his feet, even for an instant. || 3 || That one, upon whom You have showered Your Mercy, O my Lord Master - says Nanak, he does not lack anything. || 4 || 28 || 79 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: When I meditate on my True Guru, my mind becomes supremely peaceful. || 1 || The record of my account is erased, and my doubts are dispelled. Imbued with the Naam, the Name of the Lord, His humble servant is blessed with food fortune. || 1 || Pause || When I remember my Lord and Master, my fears are dispelled, O my friend. || 2 || When I took to Your Protection, O God, my desires were fulfilled. || 3 || Gazing upon the wonder of Your play, my mind has become encouraged. Servant Nanak relies on You alone. || 4 || 29 || 80 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Night and day, the mouse of time gnaws away at the rope of life. Falling into the well, the mortal eats the sweet treats of Maya. || 1 || Thinking and planning, the night of the life is passing away. Thinking of the many pleasures of Maya, the mortal never remembers the Lord, the Sustainer of the earth. || 1 || Pause || Believing the shade of the tree to be permanent, he builds his house beneath it. But the noose of death is around his neck, and Shakti, the power of Maya, has aimed her arrows at him. || 2 || The sandy shore is being washed away by the waves, but the fool still believes that place to be permanent. || 3 || In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, chant the Name of the Lord, the King. Nanak lives by singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. || 4 || 30 || 81 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL, DU-TUKAS 9: With that, you are engaged in playful sport; with that, I am joined to you. With that, everyone longs for you; without it, no one would even look at your face. || 1 || Where is that detached soul now contained? Without it, you are miserable. || 1 || Pause || With that, you are the woman of the house; with that, you are respected. With that, you are caressed; without it, you are reduced to dust. || 2 || With that, you have honor and respect; with that, you have relatives in the world. With that, you are adorned in every way; without it, you are reduced to dust. || 3 || That detached soul is neither born, nor dies. It acts according to the Command of the Lord's Will. O Nanak, having fashioned the body, the Lord unites the soul with it, and separates them again; He alone knows His All-powerful creative nature. || 4 || 31 || 82 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL:

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