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Death is ordained from the very beginning, and yet ego makes us cry. Meditating on the Naam, as Gurmukh, one becomes stable and steady. || 1 || Blessed is the Perfect Guru, through whom the way of Death is known. The sublime people earn the profit of the Naam, the Name of the Lord; they are absorbed in the Word of the Shabad. || 1 || Pause || The days of one's life are pre-ordained; they will come to their end, O mother. One must depart, today or tomorrow, according to the Lord's Primal Order. || 2 || Useless are the lives of those, who have forgotten the Naam. They play the game of chance in this world, and lose their mind. || 3 || Those who have found the Guru are at peace, in life and in death. O Nanak, the true ones are truly absorbed into the True Lord. || 4 || 12 || 64 || AASAA, FOURTH MEHL: Having obtained the treasure of this human birth, I meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord. By Guru's Grace, I understand, and I am absorbed into the True Lord. || 1 || Those who have such pre-ordained destiny practice the Naam. The True Lord summons the truthful to the Mansion of His Presence. || 1 || Pause || Deep within is the treasure of the Naam; it is obtained by the Gurmukh. Night and day, meditate on the Naam, and sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. || 2 || Deep within are infinite substances, but the self-willed manmukh does not find them. In egotism and pride, the mortal's proud self consumes him. || 3 || O Nanak, his identity consumes his identical identity. Through the Guru's Teachings, the mind is illumined, and meets the True Lord. || 4 || 13 || 65 ||




Night and day, I sing the Kirtan, the Praises of the Name of the Lord. The True Guru has revealed to me the Name of the Lord; without the Lord, I cannot live, for a moment, even an instant. || 1 || Pause || My ears hear the Lord's Kirtan, and I contemplate Him; without the Lord, I cannot live, even for an instant. As the swan cannot live without the lake, how can the Lord's slave live without serving Him? || 1 || Some enshrine love for duality in their hearts, and some pledge love for worldly attachments and ego. The Lord's servant embraces love for the Lord and the state of Nirvaanaa; Nanak contemplates the Lord, the Lord God. || 2 || 14 || 66 || AASAAVAREE, FOURTH MEHL: O mother, my mother, tell me about my Beloved Lord. Without the Lord, I cannot live for a moment, even an instant; I love Him, like the camel loves the vine. || 1 || Pause || My mind has become sad and distant, longing for the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan, my Friend.

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As the bumblebee cannot live without the lotus, I cannot live without the Lord. || 1 || Keep me under Your Protection, O Beloved Master of the Universe; fulfill my faith, O Lord of the World. Servant Nanak's mind is filled with bliss, when he beholds the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan, even for an instant. || 2 || 39 || 13 || 15 || 67 ||




One who loves her, is ultimately devoured. One who seats her in comfort, is totally terrified by her. Siblings, friends and family, beholding her, argue. But she has come under my control, by Guru's Grace. || 1 || Beholding her, all are bewitched: the strivers, the Siddhas, the demi-gods, angels and mortals. All, except the Saadhus, are deceived by her deception. || 1 || Pause || Some wander around as renunciates, but they are engrossed in sexual desire. Some grow rich as householders, but she does not belong to them. Some call themselves men of charity, and she torments them terribly. The Lord has saved me, by attaching me to the Feet of the True Guru. || 2 || She leads astray the penitents who practice penance. The scholarly Pandits are all seduced by greed. The world of the three qualities is enticed, and the heavens are enticed. The True Guru has saved me, by giving me His Hand. || 3 || She is the slave of those who are spiritually wise. With her palms pressed together, she serves them and offers her prayer: "Whatever you wish, that is what I shall do." O servant Nanak, she does not draw near to the Gurmukh. || 4 || 1 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: I have been separated from my Beloved by Maya (my mother-in-law). Hope and desire (my younger brother-in-law and sister-in-law) are dying of grief. I am no longer swayed by the fear of Death (my elder brother-in-law). I am protected by my All-knowing, Wise Husband Lord. || 1 || Listen, O people: I have tasted the elixir of love. The evil ones are dead, and my enemies are destroyed. The True Guru has given me the Name of the Lord. || 1 || Pause || First, I renounced my egotistical love of myself. Second, I renounced the ways of the world. Renouncing the three qualities, I look alike upon friend and enemy. And then, the fourth state of bliss was revealed to me by the Holy One. || 2 || In the cave of celestial bliss, I have obtained a seat. The Lord of Light plays the unstruck melody of bliss. I am in ecstasy, contemplating the Word of the Guru's Shabad. Imbued with my Beloved Husband Lord, I am the blessed, happy soul-bride. || 3 || Servant Nanak chants the wisdom of God; one who listens and practices it, is carried across and saved. He is not born, and he does not die; he does not come or go. He remains blended with the Lord. || 4 || 2 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: The bride shows such special devotion, and has such an agreeable disposition. Her beauty is incomparable, and her character is perfect. The house in which she dwells is such a praiseworthy house. But rare are those who, as Gurmukh, attain that state || 1 ||

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As the soul-bride of pure actions, I have met with the Guru. In worship, marriage and in the next world, such a soul-bride looks beautiful. || 1 || Pause || As long as she lived with her father, her Husband wandered around in sadness. I served and surrendered to the Lord, the True Being; the Guru brought my bride to my home, and I obtained total happiness. || 2 || She is blessed with all sublime attributes, and her generations are unblemished. Her Husband, her Lord and Master, fulfills her heart's desires. Hope and desire (my younger brother-in-law and sister-in-law) are now totally content. || 3 || She is the most noble of all the family. She counsels and advises her hope and desire. How blessed is that household, in which she has appeared. O servant Nanak, she passes her time in perfect peace and comfort. || 4 || 3 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Whatever I resolve, she does not allow it to come to pass. She stands blocking the way of goodness and self-discipline. She wears many disguises, and assumes many forms, and she does not allow me to dwell in my own home. She forces me to wander around in different directions. || 1 || She has become the mistress of my home, and she does not allow me to live in it. If I try, she fights with me. || 1 || Pause || In the beginning, she was sent as a helper, but she has overwhelmed the nine continents, all places and interspaces. She has not spared even the river banks, the sacred shrines of pilgrimage, the Yogis and Sannyaasees, or those who tirelessly read the Simritees and study the Vedas. || 2 || Wherever I sit, she sits there with me. She has imposed her power upon the whole world. Seeking meager protection, I am not protected from her. Tell me, O my friend: unto whom should I turn for protection? || 3 || I heard of His Teachings, and so I have come to the True Guru. The Guru has implanted the Mantra of the Lord's Name, Har, Har, within me. And now, I dwell in the home of my own inner self; I sing the Glorious Praises of the Infinite Lord. I have met God, O Nanak, and I have become care-free. || 4 || My home is now my own, and she is now my mistress. She is now my servant, and the Guru has made me intimate with the Lord. || 1 || Second Pause || 4 || 4 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: First, they advised me to send a letter. Second, they advised me to send two men. Third, they advised me to make the effort and do something. But I have renounced everything, and I meditate only on You, God. || 1 || Now, I am totally blissful, carefree and at ease. The enemies and evil-doers have perished, and I have obtained peace. || 1 || Pause || The True Guru has imparted the Teachings to me. My soul, body and everything belong to the Lord. Whatever I do, is by Your Almighty Power. You are my only Support, You are my only Court. || 2 || If I were to renounce You, God, unto whom could I turn? There is no other, comparable to You. Who else is Your servant to serve? The faithless cynics are deluded; they wander around in the wilderness. || 3 || Your Glorious Greatness cannot be described. Wherever I am, you save me, hugging me close in Your embrace. Nanak, Your slave, has entered Your Sanctuary. God has preserved his honor, and congratulations are pouring in. || 4 || 5 ||

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AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Having wandered through foreign lands, I have come here to do business. I heard of the incomparable and profitable merchandise. I have gathered in my pockets my capital of virtue, and I have brought it here with me. Beholding the jewel, this mind is fascinated. || 1 || I have come to the door of the Trader. Please display the merchandise, so that the business may be transacted. || 1 || Pause || The Trader has sent me to the Banker. The jewel is priceless, and the capital is priceless. O my gentle brother, mediator and friend - I have obtained the merchandise, and my consciousness is now steady and stable. || 2 || I have no fear of thieves, of wind or water. I have easily made my purchase, and I easily take it away. I have earned Truth, and I shall have no pain. I have brought this merchandise home, safe and sound. || 3 || I have earned the profit, and I am happy. Blessed is the Banker, the Perfect Bestower. How rare is the Gurmukh who obtains this merchandise; Nanak has brought this profitable merchandise home. || 4 || 6 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: He does not consider my merits or demerits. He does not look at my beauty, color or decorations. I do not know the ways of wisdom and good conduct. But taking me by the arm, my Husband Lord has led me to His Bed. || 1 || Hear, O my companions, my Husband, my Lord Master, possesses me. Placing His Hand upon my forehead, He protects me as His Own. What do these ignorant people know? || 1 || Pause || My married life now appears so beauteous; my Husband Lord has met me, and He sees all my pains. Within the courtyard of my heart, the glory of the moon shines. Night and day, I have fun with my Beloved. || 2 || My clothes are dyed the deep crimson color of the poppy. All the ornaments and garlands around my neck adorn me. Gazing upon my Beloved with my eyes, I have obtained all treasures; I have shaken off the power of the evil demons. || 3 || I have obtained eternal bliss, and I constantly celebrate. With the nine treasures of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, I am satisfied in my own home. Says Nanak, when the happy soul-bride is adorned by her Beloved, she is forever happy with her Husband Lord. || 4 || 7 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: They give you donations and worship you. You take from them, and then deny that they have given anything to you. That door, through which you must ultimately go, O Brahmin - at that door, you will come to regret and repent. || 1 || Such Brahmins shall drown, O Siblings of Destiny; they think of doing evil to the innocent. || 1 || Pause || Within them is greed, and they wander around like mad dogs. They slander others and carry loads of sin upon their heads. Intoxicated by Maya, they do not think of the Lord. Deluded by doubt, they wander off on many paths. || 2 || Outwardly, they wear various religious robes, but within, they are enveloped by poison. They instruct others, but do not understand themselves. Such Brahmins will never be emancipated. || 3 || O foolish Brahmin, reflect upon God. He watches and hears, and is always with you. Says Nanak, if this is your destiny, renounce your pride, and grasp the Guru's Feet. || 4 || 8 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL:

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Pain and disease have left my body, and my mind has become pure; I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, Har, Har. I am in bliss, meeting with the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, and now, my mind does not go wandering. || 1 || My burning desires are quenched, through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, O mother. The fever of doubt has been totally eliminated; meeting the Guru, I am cooled and soothed, with intuitive ease. || 1 || Pause || My wandering has ended, since I have realized the One and Only Lord; now, I have come to dwell in the eternal place. Your Saints are the Saving Grace of the world; beholding the Blessed Vision of their Darshan, I remain satisfied. || 2 || I have left behind the sins of countless incarnations, now that I have grasped the feet of the eternal Holy Guru. My mind sings the celestial melody of bliss, and death shall no longer consume it. || 3 || My Lord, the Cause of all causes, is All-powerful, the Giver of peace; He is my Lord, my Lord King. Nanak lives by chanting Your Name, O Lord; You are my helper, with me, through and through. || 4 || 9 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: The slanderer cries out and bewails. He has forgotten the Supreme Lord, the Transcendent Lord; the slanderer reaps the rewards of his own actions. || 1 || Pause || If someone is his companion, then he shall be taken along with him. Like the dragon, the slanderer carries his huge, useless loads, and burns in his own fire. || 1 || Nanak proclaims and announces what happens at the Door of the Transcendent Lord. The humble devotees of the Lord are forever in bliss; singing the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises, they blossom forth. || 2 || 10 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Even though I totally decorated myself, still, my mind was not satisfied. I applied various scented oils to my body, and yet, I did not obtain even a tiny bit of pleasure from this. Within my mind, I hold such a desire, that I may live only to behold my Beloved, O my mother. || 1 || O mother, what should I do? This mind cannot rest. It is bewitched by the tender love of my Beloved. || 1 || Pause || Garments, ornaments, and such exquisite pleasures - I look upon these as of no account. Likewise, honor, fame, dignity and greatness, obedience by the whole world, and a household as beautiful as a jewel. If I am pleasing to God's Will, then I shall be blessed, and forever in bliss. || 2 || With foods and delicacies of so many different kinds, and such abundant pleasures and entertainments, power and property and absolute command - with these, the mind is not satisfied, and its thirst is not quenched. Without meeting Him, this day does not pass. Meeting God, I find peace. || 3 || By searching and seeking, I have heard this news, that without the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, no one swims across. One who has this good destiny written upon his forehead, finds the True Guru. His hopes are fulfilled, and his mind is satisfied. When one meets God, then his thirst is quenched. Nanak has found the Lord, within his mind and body. || 4 || 11 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL,

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PANCH-PADAS: First, your social status is high. Second, you are honored in society. Third, your home is beautiful. But you are so ugly, with self-conceit in your mind. || 1 || O beautiful, attractive, wise and clever woman: you have been trapped by your pride and attachment. || 1 || Pause || Your kitchen is so clean. You take your bath, and worship, and apply the crimson mark upon your forehead; with your mouth you speak wisdom, but you are destroyed by pride. The dog of greed has ruined you in every way. || 2 || You wear your robes and enjoy pleasures; you practice good conduct to impress people; you apply scented oils of sandalwood and musk, but your constant companion is the demon of anger. || 3 || Other people may be your water-carriers; in this world, you may be a ruler. Gold, silver and wealth may be yours, but the goodness of your conduct has been destroyed by sexual promiscuity. || 4 || That soul, upon whom the Lord has bestowed His Glance of Grace, is delivered from bondage. Joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the Lord's sublime essence is obtained. Says Nanak, how fruitful is that body. || 5 || All graces and all comforts shall come to you, as the happy soul-bride; you shall be supremely beautiful and wise. || 1 || Second Pause || 12 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL, IK-TUKAS: One who is seen to be alive, shall surely die. But he who is dead shall remain ever-lasting. || 1 || Those who die while yet alive, shall through this death, live on. They place the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, as medicine in their mouths, and through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, they drink in the Ambrosial Nectar. || 1 || Pause || The clay pot of the body shall be broken. One who has eliminated the three qualities dwells in the home of his inner self. || 2 || One who climbs high, shall fall into the nether regions of the underworld. One who lies upon the ground, shall not be touched by death. || 3 || Those who continue to wander around, achieve nothing. Those who practice the Guru's Teachings, become steady and stable. || 4 || This body and soul all belong to the Lord. O Nanak, meeting the Guru, I am enraptured. || 5 || 13 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: The puppet of the body has been fashioned with great skill. Know for sure that it shall turn to dust. || 1 || Remember your origins, O thoughtless fool. Why are you so proud of yourself? || 1 || Pause || You are a guest, given three meals a day; other things are entrusted to you. || 2 || you are just excrement, bones and blood, wrapped up in skin - this is what you are taking such pride in! || 3 || If you could understand even one thing, then you would be pure. Without understanding, you shall be forever impure. || 4 || Says Nanak, I am a sacrifice to the Guru; through Him, I obtain the Lord, the All-knowing Primal Being. || 5 || 14 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL, IK-TUKAS, CHAU-PADAS: One moment, one day, is for me many days. My mind cannot survive - how can I meet my Beloved? || 1 || I cannot endure one day, even one instant without Him.

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My mind's desire for the Blessed Vision of His Darshan is so great. Is there any Saint who can lead me to meet my Beloved? || 1 || Pause || The four watches of the day are like the four ages. And when night comes, I think that it shall never end. || 2 || The five demons have joined together, to separate me from my Husband Lord. Wandering and rambling, I cry out and wring my hands. || 3 || The Lord has revealed the Blessed Vision of His Darshan to servant Nanak; realizing his own self, he has obtained supreme peace. || 4 || 15 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: In the Lord's service, are the greatest treasures. Serving the Lord, the Ambrosial Naam comes into one's mouth. || 1 || The Lord is my Companion; He is with me, as my Help and Support. In pain and pleasure, whenever I remember Him, He is present. How can the poor Messenger of Death frighten me now? || 1 || Pause || The Lord is my Support; the Lord is my Power. The Lord is my Friend; He is my mind's advisor. || 2 || The Lord is my capital; the Lord is my credit. As Gurmukh, I earn the wealth, with the Lord as my Banker. || 3 || By Guru's Grace, this wisdom has come. Servant Nanak has merged into the Being of the Lord. || 4 || 16 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: When God shows His Mercy, then this mind is focused on Him. Serving the True Guru, all rewards are obtained. || 1 || O my mind, why are you so sad? My True Guru is Perfect. He is the Giver of blessings, the treasure of all comforts; His Ambrosial Pool of Nectar is always overflowing. || 1 || Pause || One who enshrines His Lotus Feet within the heart, meets the Beloved Lord; the Divine Light is revealed to him. || 2 || The five companions have met together to sing the songs of joy. The unstruck melody, the sound current of the Naad, vibrates and resounds. || 3 || O Nanak, when the Guru is totally pleased, one meets the Lord, the King. Then, the night of one's life passes in peace and natural ease. || 4 || 17 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Showing His Mercy, the Lord has revealed Himself to me. Meeting the True Guru, I have received the perfect wealth. || 1 || Gather such a wealth of the Lord, O Siblings of Destiny. It cannot be burned by fire, and water cannot drown it; it does not forsake society, or go anywhere else. || 1 || Pause || It does not run short, and it does not run out. Eating and consuming it, the mind remains satisfied. || 2 || He is the true banker, who gathers the wealth of the Lord within his own home. With this wealth, the whole world profits. || 3 || He alone receives the Lord's wealth, who is pre-ordained to receive it. O servant Nanak, at that very last moment, the Naam shall be your only decoration. || 4 || 18 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Just like the farmer, He plants His crop, and, whether it is ripe or unripe, He cuts it down. || 1 || Just so, you must know this well, that whoever is born, shall die. Only the devotee of the Lord of the Universe becomes stable and permanent. || 1 || Pause || The day shall certainly be followed by the night. And when the night passes, the morning shall again dawn. || 2 || In the love of Maya, the unfortunate ones remain in sleep.

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By Guru's Grace, a rare few remain awake and aware. || 3 || Says Nanak, sing continually the Glorious Praises of the Lord. Your face shall be radiant, and your consciousness shall be immaculately pure. || 4 || 19 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: The nine treasures are Yours - all treasures are Yours. The Fulfiller of desires saves mortals in the end. || 1 || You are my Beloved, so what hunger can I have? When You dwell within my mind, pain does not touch me. || 1 || Pause || Whatever You do, is acceptable to me. O True Lord and Master, True is Your Order. || 2 || When it is pleasing to Your Will, I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. Within Your Home, there is justice, forever and ever. || 3 || O True Lord and Master, You are unknowable and mysterious. Nanak is committed to Your service. || 4 || 20 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: He is near at hand; He is the eternal Companion of the soul. His Creative Power is all-pervading, in form and color. || 1 || My mind does not worry; it does not grieve, or cry out. Imperishable, Unshakable, Unapproachable and forever safe and sound is my Husband Lord. || 1 || Pause || Unto whom does Your servant pay homage? His King preserves his honor. || 2 || That slave, whom God has released from the restrictions of social status - who can now hold him in bondage? || 3 || The Lord is absolutely independent, and totally care-free; O servant Nanak, chant His Glorious Praises. || 4 || 21 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Forsaking the Lord's sublime essence, the mortal is intoxicated with false essences. The substance is within the home of the self, but the mortal goes out to find it. || 1 || He cannot hear the true ambrosial discourse. Attached to false scriptures, he is engaged in argument. || 1 || Pause || He takes his wages from his Lord and Master, but he serves another. With such sins, the mortal is engrossed. || 2 || He tries to hide from the One who is always with him. He begs from Him, again and again. || 3 || Says Nanak, God is merciful to the meek. As it pleases Him, He cherishes us. || 4 || 22 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is my soul, my life, my wealth. Here and hereafter, it is with me, to help me. || 1 || Without the Lord's Name, everything else is useless. My mind is satisfied and satiated by the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan. || 1 || Pause || Gurbani is the jewel, the treasure of devotion. Singing, hearing and acting upon it, one is enraptured. || 2 || My mind is attached to the Lord's Lotus Feet. The True Guru, in His Pleasure, has given this gift. || 3 || Unto Nanak, the Guru has revealed these instructions: recognize the Imperishable Lord God in each and every heart. || 4 || 23 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: The All-pervading Lord has established joys and celebrations. He Himself embellishes His own works. || 1 || Perfect is the Creation of the Perfect Lord Master. His magnificent greatness is totally all-pervading. || 1 || Pause || His Name is the treasure; His reputation is immaculate. He Himself is the Creator; there is no other. || 2 || All beings and creatures are in His Hands. God is pervading in all, and is always with them. || 3 ||

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The Perfect Guru has fashioned His perfect fashion. O Nanak, the Lord's devotees are blessed with glorious greatness. || 4 || 24 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: I have shaped this mind in the mold of the Guru's Word. Beholding the Blessed Vision of the Guru's Darshan, I have gathered the wealth of the Lord. || 1 || O sublime understanding, come, enter into my mind, that I may meditate and sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe, and love so dearly the Lord's Name. || 1 || Pause || I am satisfied and satiated by the True Name. My cleansing bath at the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage is the dust of the Saints. || 2 || I recognize that the One Creator is contained in all. Joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, my understanding is refined. || 3 || I have become the servant of all; I have renounced my ego and pride. The Guru has given this gift to Nanak. || 4 || 25 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: My intellect has been enlightened, and my understanding is perfect. Thus my evil-mindedness, which kept me far from Him, has been removed. || 1 || Such are the Teachings which I have received from the Guru; while I was drowning in the pitch black well, I was saved, O my Siblings of Destiny. || 1 || Pause || The Guru is the boat to cross over the totally unfathomable ocean of fire; He is treasure of jewels. || 2 || This ocean of Maya is dark and treacherous. The Perfect Guru has revealed the way to cross over it. || 3 || I do not have the ability to chant or practice intense meditation. Guru Nanak seeks Your Sanctuary. || 4 || 26 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL, TI-PADAS: One who drinks in the Lord's sublime essence is forever imbued with it, while other essences wear off in an instant. Intoxicated with the Lord's sublime essence, the mind is forever in ecstasy. Other essences bring only anxiety. || 1 || One who drinks in the Lord's sublime essence, is intoxicated and enraptured; all other essences have no effect. || 1 || Pause || The value of the Lord's sublime essence cannot be described. The Lord's sublime essence permeates the homes of the Holy. One may spend thousands and millions, but it cannot be purchased. He alone obtains it, who is so pre-ordained. || 2 || Tasting it, Nanak is wonder-struck. Through the Guru, Nanak has obtained this taste. Here and hereafter, it does not leave him. Nanak is imbued and enraptured with the Lord's subtle essence. || 3 || 27 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: If she renounces and eliminates her sexual desire, anger, greed and attachment, and her evil-mindedness and self-conceit as well; and if, becoming humble, she serves Him, then she becomes dear to her Beloved's Heart. || 1 || Listen, O beautiful soul-bride: By the Word of the Holy Saint, you shall be saved. Your pain, hunger and doubt shall vanish, and you shall obtain peace, O happy soul-bride. || 1 || Pause || Washing the Guru's feet, and serving Him, the soul is sanctified, and the thirst for sin is quenched. If you become the slave of the slave of the Lord's slaves, then you shall obtain honor in the Court of the Lord. || 2 || This is right conduct, and this is the correct lifestyle, to obey the Command of the Lord's Will; this is your devotional worship. One who practices this Mantra, O Nanak, swims across the terrifying world-ocean. || 3 || 28 ||

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AASAA, FIFTH MEHL, DU-PADAS: You have been blessed with this human body. This is your chance to meet the Lord of the Universe. Other efforts are of no use to you. Joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, vibrate and meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 1 || Make the effort, and cross over the terrifying world ocean. This human life is passing away in vain, in the love of Maya. || 1 || Pause || I have not practiced meditation, penance, self-restraint or righteous living; I have not served the Holy Saints, and I do not know the Lord, my King. Says Nanak, my actions are vile and despicable; O Lord, I seek Your Sanctuary - please, preserve my honor. || 2 || 29 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Without You, there is no other for me; You alone are in my mind. You are my Friend and Companion, God; why should my soul be afraid? || 1 || You are my support, You are my hope. While sitting down or standing up, while sleeping or waking, with every breath and morsel of food, I never forget You. || 1 || Pause || Protect me, please protect me, O God; I have come to Your Sanctuary; the ocean of fire is so horrible. The True Guru is the Giver of peace to Nanak; I am Your child, O Lord of the World. || 2 || 30 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: The Lord God has saved me, His slave. My mind has surrendered to my Beloved; my fever has taken poison and died. || 1 || Pause || Cold and heat do not touch me at all, when I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. My consciousness is not affected by the witch, Maya; I take to the Sanctuary of the Lord's Lotus Feet. || 1 || By the Grace of the Saints, the Lord has shown His Mercy to me; He Himself is my Help and Support. Nanak ever sings the Praises of the Lord, the treasure of excellence; his doubts and pains are eliminated. || 2 || 31 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: I have taken the medicine of the Name of the Lord. I have found peace, and the seat of pain has been removed. || 1 || The fever has been broken, by the Teachings of the Perfect Guru. I am in ecstasy, and all of my sorrows have been dispelled. || 1 || Pause || All beings and creatures obtain peace, O Nanak, meditating on the Supreme Lord God. || 2 || 32 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: That time, which the mortal does not wish for, eventually comes. Without the Lord's Command, how can understanding be understood? || 1 || The body is consumed by water, fire and earth. But the soul is neither young nor old, O Siblings of Destiny. || 1 || Pause || Servant Nanak has entered the Sanctuary of the Holy. By Guru's Grace, he has shaken off the fear of death. || 2 || 33 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Forever and ever, the soul is illumined; in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, it dwells at the Feet of the Lord. || 1 || Chant the Lord's Name each and every day, O my mind. You shall find lasting peace, contentment and tranquility, and all your sins shall depart. || 1 || Pause || Says Nanak, one who is blessed with perfect good karma, meets the True Guru, and obtains the Perfect Supreme Lord God. || 2 || 34 || Thirty-four Shabads in Second House. || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: She who has the Lord God as her Friend -

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her pain is dispelled, and she shall not become sad again. || 1 || Pause || Showing His Mercy, He joins her with His Feet, and she attains celestial peace, joy and comfort. || 1 || In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, she sings the Glorious Praises of the Immeasurable Lord. Remembering the Lord in meditation, O Nanak, she becomes invaluable. || 2 || 35 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: Sexual desire, anger, intoxication with Maya and jealousy - I have lost all of these in the game of chance. Purity, contentment, compassion, faith and truthfulness - I have ushered these into the home of my self. || 1 || All the loads of birth and death have been removed. Joining the Saints' Society, my mind has become pure; the Perfect Guru has saved me in an instant. || 1 || Pause || My mind has become the dust of all, and everyone seems a sweet friend to me. My Lord and Master is contained in all. He gives His Gifts to all beings, and cherishes them. || 2 || He Himself is the One and only; from the One, the One and only, came the expanse of the entire creation. Chanting and meditating, all the humble beings have become Holy; meditating on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, so many have been saved. || 3 || The Lord of the Universe is deep, profound and infinite; He has no end or limitation. By Your Grace, Nanak sings Your Glorious Praises; meditating, meditating, he humbly bows to God. || 4 || 36 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: You are Infinite, Eternal and Incomprehensible; all this is Your Creation. What clever games can we play, when everything is contained in You? || 1 || O my True Guru, protect me, Your child, through the power of Your play. Grant me the good sense to ever sing Your Glorious Praises, O my Inaccessible and Infinite Lord and Master. || 1 || Pause || The mortal is preserved in the womb of his mother, by the Support of the Naam, the Name of the Lord; he makes merry, and with each and every breath he remembers the Lord, and the fire does not touch him. || 2 || Others' wealth, others' wives, and the slander of others - renounce your craving for these. Serve the Lord's Lotus Feet within your heart, and hold to the Support of the Perfect Guru. || 3 || Houses, mansions and palaces which you see - none of these shall go with you. As long as you live in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, O servant Nanak, remember the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 4 || 37 ||




Power, property, youth, household, fame and the beauty of youth; great wealth, elephants, horses and jewels, purchased with tens of thousands of dollars; hereafter, these shall be of no avail in the Court of the Lord; the proud must depart, leaving them behind. || 1 || Why center your consciousness on any other than the Lord? Sitting down, standing up, sleeping and waking, forever and ever, meditate on the Lord. || 1 || Pause || He may have the most wondrous and beautiful arenas, and be victorious on the field of battle.

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