Guru and Sikh
by Yuktanand Singh


In conclusion, I would like to quote some words of Shri Naranjan Singh Ji. They are similar to what Dr. Harcharanjit Singh wrote in the book, "Divine Mystic Reflections on Gurmat" (a record of His Holiness' words):

"The word 'religion' is a western term. The eastern word, Dharma, simply means duty. The Fifth Master, Guru Arjan Ji has said in his Gurbani of Sukhmani Sahib: 'Of all religions (Dharma), the best one is, to utter sincerely the Name of God; this is the most pious work.' That is, the foremost of all religions is the religion of remembering the Lord and having pure thought and action. Religion abides in every soul. It is the innermost nature of everything that exists. It is the yearning of man to be perfect. There is only one religion: Of the droplet of water to become the ocean; of the incomplete man to become complete; and of a flame to merge with the fire. Even without knowing it, we are all moving towards that perfection " (p.20)