Essays & Articles

Guru and Sikh by Yaktanand Singh
Sikhism presented in modern easy to understand language. A comprehensive and well written guide on the spiritual and physical aspects of Sikhism for both the Sikh and non-Sikh audience.

Understanding the Kirpan for non-Sikhs by Sandeep Singh Brar
Why do Sikhs carry the kirpan (ceremonial sword) and why should they be allowed to carry it in todays society.

Sikhism in the 21st Century: The Challenging Road Ahead by Sandeep Singh Brar
Sikhs are at a crossroads as we enter a new millennia, what are some of the challenges that lay ahead.

Sikhism and Smoking by Bikramjit Singh Dhillon
Sikhism is unique amongst world religions in that it banned smoking for it's followers hundreds of years before the rest of the world discovered it's ill effects.

Guru Nanak Ji's Mission by Janmeet Singh
How was Guru Nanak's view of existing religions and mankinds purpose different from other religions.

These Are Not Symbols by Harcharan Singh
A different perspective on the 5K's and their true meaning. A look beyond the symbolic nature of the 5K's to find their real relevance and significance in today's modern age.

The Concept of Ek-Onkar by Prof. Harmindar Singh
A close look at the first words of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. What they mean and how they are the cornerstone of Guru Nanaks monotheistic philosophy.

The Concept of Naam by Hardit Singh
Repeatidly emphasized throughout Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Naam is sometimes a difficult to grasp concept because it does not translate that well. It means much more than 'God's Name'.

On Being a Sikh by Jasjit Singh
Born into a Sikh family and not fully understanding his religion at a young age. A Sikh comes to terms with what he is and draws strength from it.

Why Sikhism? by Jaswinder Singh
One Sikhs individual battle to maintain his faith and religious values growing up in the west. Not an easy battle, but one that he won with the help of the Gurus.

My Thirteen Reasons For Sikhism by Jaswinder Singh
Thirteen compelling reasons why the author believes that Sikhism is the best religion in the world and how precious it really is.

Misconceptions About Eating Meat by Sandeep Singh Brar
A critical examination of this misunderstood issue. The historical evidence as well as the practices and teachings of the Gurus are examined.

What is a Head Worth? by I.J. Singh
300 years ago when Guru Gobind Singh created the Khalsa he asked who was willing to sacrifice their head for him? He still asks that same question today.

Use of English in Gurdwaras by Amir Tuteja
The greater use of english is of concern to all Sikhs. This article looks at the pros and cons of the language debate from both sides.

A Day at Darbar Sahib by Patwant Singh
A detailed account of the experience and sights of visiting the Golden Temple. Reading it one almost feels that they are there.