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You are the Emperor, and I call You a chief - how does this add to Your greatness? As You permit me, I praise You, O Lord and Master; I am ignorant, and I cannot chant Your Praises. || 1 || Please bless me with such understanding, that I may sing Your Glorious Praises. May I dwell in Truth, according to Your Will. || 1 || Pause || Whatever has happened, has all come from You. You are All-knowing. Your limits cannot be known, O my Lord and Master; I am blind - what wisdom do I have? || 2 || What should I say? While talking, I talk of seeing, but I cannot describe the indescribable. As it pleases Your Will, I speak; it is just the tiniest bit of Your greatness. || 3 || Among so many dogs, I am an outcast; I bark for my body's belly. Without devotional worship, O Nanak, even so, still, my Master's Name does not leave me. || 4 || 1 || BILAAWAL, FIRST MEHL: My mind is the temple, and my body is the simple cloth of the humble seeker; deep within my heart, I bathe at the sacred shrine. The One Word of the Shabad abides within my mind; I shall not come to be born again. || 1 || My mind is pierced through by the Merciful Lord, O my mother! Who can know the pain of another? I think of none other than the Lord. || 1 || Pause || O Lord, inaccessible, unfathomable, invisible and infinite: please, take care of me! In the water, on the land and in sky, You are totally pervading. Your Light is in each and every heart. || 2 || All teachings, instructions and understandings are Yours; the mansions and sanctuaries are Yours as well. Without You, I know no other, O my Lord and Master; I continually sing Your Glorious Praises. || 3 || All beings and creatures seek the Protection of Your Sanctuary; all thought of their care rests with You. That which pleases Your Will is good; this alone is Nanak's prayer. || 4 || 2 || BILAAWAL, FIRST MEHL: He Himself is the Word of the Shabad, and He Himself is the Insignia. He Himself is the Listener, and He Himself is the Knower. He Himself created the creation, and He Himself beholds His almighty power.

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You are the Great Giver; Your Name alone is approved. || 1 || Such is the Name of the Immaculate, Divine Lord. I am just a beggar; You are invisible and unknowable. || 1 || Pause || Love of Maya is like a cursed woman, ugly, dirty and promiscuous. Power and beauty are false, and last for only a few days. But when one is blessed with the Naam, the darkness within is illuminated. || 2 || I tasted Maya and renounced it, and now, I have no doubts. One whose father is known, cannot be illegitimate. One who belongs to the One Lord, has no fear. The Creator acts, and causes all to act. One who dies in the Word of the Shabad conquers his mind, through his mind. Keeping his mind restrained, he enshrines the True Lord within his heart. He does not know any other, and he is a sacrifice to the Guru. O Nanak, attuned to the Naam, he is emancipated. || 4 || 3 || BILAAVAL, FIRST MEHL: Through the Word of the Guru's Teachings, the mind intuitively meditates on the Lord. Imbued with the Lord's Love, the mind is satisfied. The insane, self-willed manmukhs wander around, deluded by doubt. Without the Lord, how can anyone survive? Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, He is realized. || 1 || Without the Blessed Vision of His Darshan, how can I live, O my mother? Without the Lord, my soul cannot survive, even for an instant; the True Guru has helped me understand this. || 1 || Pause || Forgetting my God, I die in pain. With each breath and morsel of food, I meditate on my Lord, and seek Him. I remain always detached, but I am enraptured with the Lord's Name. Now, as Gurmukh, I know that the Lord is always with me. || 2 || The Unspoken Speech is spoken, by the Will of the Guru. He shows us that God is unapproachable and unfathomable. Without the Guru, what lifestyle could we practice, and what work could we do? Eradicating egotism, and walking in harmony with the Guru's Will, I am absorbed in the Word of the Shabad. || 3 || The self-willed manmukhs are separated from the Lord, gathering false wealth. The Gurmukhs are celebrated with the glory of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. The Lord has showered His Mercy upon me, and made me the slave of His slaves. The Name of the Lord is the wealth and capital of servant Nanak. || 4 || 4 ||



Cursed, cursed is the food; cursed, cursed is the sleep; cursed, cursed are the clothes worn on the body. Cursed is the body, along with family and friends, when one does not find his Lord and Master in this life. He misses the step of the ladder, and this opportunity will not come into his hands again; his life is wasted, uselessly. || 1 || The love of duality does not allow him to lovingly focus his attention on the Lord; he forgets the Feet of the Lord. O Life of the World, O Great Giver, you eradicate the sorrows of your humble servants. || 1 || Pause || You are Merciful, O Great Giver of Mercy; what are these poor beings? All are liberated or placed into bondage by You; this is all one can say. One who becomes Gurmukh is said to be liberated, while the poor self-willed manmukhs are in bondage. || 2 || He alone is liberated, who lovingly focuses his attention on the One Lord, always dwelling with the Lord. His depth and condition cannot be described. The True Lord Himself embellishes him.

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Those who wander around, deluded by doubt, are called manmukhs; they are neither on this side, nor on the other side. || 3 || That humble being, who is blessed by the Lord's Glance of Grace obtains Him, and contemplates the Word of the Guru's Shabad. In the midst of Maya, the Lord's servant is emancipated. O Nanak, one who has such destiny inscribed upon his forehead, conquers and destroys death. || 4 || 1 || BILAAVAL, THIRD MEHL: How can the unweighable be weighed? If there is anyone else as great, then he alone could understand the Lord. There is no other than Him. How can His value be estimated? || 1 || By Guru's Grace, He comes to dwell in the mind. One comes to know Him, when duality departs. || 1 || Pause || He Himself is the Assayer, applying the touch-stone to test it. He Himself analyzes the coin, and He Himself approves it as currency. He Himself weights it perfectly. He alone knows; He is the One and Only Lord. || 2 || All the forms of Maya emanate from Him. He alone becomes pure and immaculate, who is united with the Lord. He alone is attached, whom the Lord attaches. All Truth is revealed to him, and then, he merges in the True Lord. || 3 || He Himself leads the mortals to focus on Him, and He Himself causes them to chase after Maya. He Himself imparts understanding, and He reveals Himself. He Himself is the True Guru, and He Himself is the Word of the Shabad. O Nanak, He Himself speaks and teaches. || 4 || 2 || BILAAVAL, THIRD MEHL: My Lord and Master has made me His servant, and blessed me with His service; how can anyone argue about this? Such is Your play, One and Only Lord; You are the One, contained among all. || 1 || When the True Guru is pleased and appeased, one is absorbed in the Lord's Name. One who is blessed by the Lord's Mercy, finds the True Guru; night and day, he automatically remains focused on the Lord's meditation. || 1 || Pause || How can I serve You? How can I be proud of this? When You withdraw Your Light, O Lord and Master, then who can speak and teach? || 2 || You Yourself are the Guru, and You Yourself are the chaylaa, the humble disciple; You Yourself are the treasure of virtue. As You cause us to move, so do we move, according to the Pleasure of Your Will, O Lord God. || 3 || Says Nanak, You are the True Lord and Master; who can know Your actions? Some are blessed with glory in their own homes, while others wander in doubt and pride. || 4 || 3 || BILAAVAL, THIRD MEHL: The perfect Lord has fashioned the Perfect Creation. Behold the Lord Lord pervading everywhere. In this play of the world, is the glorious greatness of the True Name. No one should take pride in himself. || 1 || One who accepts the wisdom of the True Guru's Teachings, is absorbed into the True Guru. The Lord's Name abides deep within the nucleus of one who realizes the Bani of the Guru's Word within his soul. || 1 || Pause || Now, this is the essence of the teachings of the four ages: for the human race, the Name of the One Lord is the greatest treasure. Celibacy, self-discipline and pilgrimages were the essence of Dharma in those past ages; but in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, the Praise of the Lord's Name is the essence of Dharma. || 2 || Each and every age has its own essence of Dharma; study the Vedas and the Puraanas, and see this as true. They are Gurmukh, who meditate on the Lord, Har, Har; in this world, they are perfect and approved.

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Says Nanak, loving the True Lord, the mind's egotism and self-conceit is eradicated. Those who speak and listen to the Lord's Name, all find peace. Those who believe in it, obtain the supreme treasure. || 4 || 4 || BILAAVAL, THIRD MEHL: The Lord Himself attaches the Gurmukh to His Love; joyful melodies permeate his home, and he is embellished with the Word of the Guru's Shabad. The women come and sing the songs of joy. Meeting with their Beloved, lasting peace is obtained. || 1 || I am a sacrifice to those, whose minds are filled with the Lord. Meeting with the humble servant of the Lord, peace is obtained, and one intuitively sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord. || 1 || Pause || They are always imbued with Your Joyful Love; O Dear Lord, You Yourself come to dwell in their minds. They obtain eternal glory. The Gurmukhs are united in the Lord's Union. || 2 || The Gurmukhs are imbued with the love of the Word of the Shabad. They abide in the home of their own being, singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. They are dyed in the deep crimson color of the Lord's Love; they look so beautiful. This dye never fades away; they are absorbed in the True Lord. || 3 || The Shabad deep within the nucleus of the self dispels the darkness of ignorance. Meeting with my Friend, the True Guru, I have obtained spiritual wisdom. Those who are attuned to the True Lord, do not have to enter the cycle of reincarnation again. O Nanak, my Perfect Guru implants the Naam, the Name of the Lord, deep within. || 4 || 5 || BILAAVAL, THIRD MEHL: From the Perfect Guru, I have obtained glorious greatness. The Naam, the Name of the Lord, has spontaneously come to abide in my mind. Through the Word of the Shabad, I have burnt away egotism and Maya. Through the Guru, I have obtained honor in the Court of the True Lord. || 1 || I serve the Lord of the Universe; I have no other work to do. Night and day, my mind is in ecstasy; as Gurmukh, I beg for the bliss-giving Naam. || 1 || Pause || From the mind itself, mental faith is obtained. Through the Guru, I have realized the Shabad. How rare is that person, who looks upon life and death alike. She shall never die again, and shall not have to see the Messenger of Death. || 2 || Within the home of the self are all the millions of treasures. The True Guru has revealed them, and my egotistical pride is gone. I keep my meditation always focused on the Cosmic Lord. Night and day, I sing the One Name. || 3 || I have obtained glorious greatness in this age, from the Perfect Guru, meditating on the Naam. Wherever I look, I see the Lord permeating and pervading. He is forever the Giver of peace; His worth cannot be estimated. || 4 || By perfect destiny, I have found the Perfect Guru. He has revealed to me the treasure of the Naam, deep within the nucleus of my self. The Word of the Guru's Shabad is so very sweet. O Nanak, my thirst is quenched, and my mind and body have found peace. || 5 || 6 || 4 || 6 || 10 ||



Effort and intelligence come from God, the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts; as He wills, they act. As the violinist plays upon the strings of the violin, so does the Lord play the living beings.

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|| 1 || Chant the Name of the Lord with your tongue, O mind. According to the pre-ordained destiny written upon my forehead, I have found the Guru, and the Lord abides within my heart. || 1 || Pause || Entangled in Maya, the mortal wanders around. Save Your humble servant, O Lord, as you saved Prahlaad from the clutches of Harnaakash; keep him in Your Sanctuary, Lord. || 2 || How can I describe the state and the condition, O Lord, of those many sinners you have purified? Ravi Daas, the leather-worker, who worked with hides and carried dead animals was saved, by entering the Lord's Sanctuary. || 3 || O God, Merciful to the meek, carry Your devotees across the world-ocean; I am a sinner - save me from sin! O Lord, make me the slave of the slave of Your slaves; servant Nanak is the slave of Your slaves. || 4 || 1 || BILAAVAL, FOURTH MEHL: I am foolish, idiotic and ignorant; I seek Your Sanctuary, O Primal Being, O Lord beyond birth. Have Mercy upon me, and save me, O my Lord and Master; I am a lowly stone, with no good karma at all. || 1 || O my mind, vibrate and meditate on the Lord, the Name of the Lord. Under Guru's Instructions, obtain the sublime, subtle essence of the Lord; renounce other fruitless actions. || 1 || Pause || The humble servants of the Lord are saved by the Lord; I am worthless - it is Your glory to save me. I have no other than You, O my Lord and Master; I meditate on the Lord, by my good karma. || 2 || Those who lack the Naam, the Name of the Lord, their lives are cursed, and they must endure terrible pain. They are consigned to reincarnation over and over again; they are the most unfortunate fools, with no good karma at all. || 3 || The Naam is the Support of the Lord's humble servants; their good karma is pre-ordained. The Guru, the True Guru, has implanted the Naam within servant Nanak, and his life is fruitful. || 4 || 2 || BILAAVAL, FOURTH MEHL: My consciousness is lured by emotional attachment and corruption; is is filled with evil-minded filth. I cannot serve You, O God; I am ignorant - how can I cross over? || 1 || O my mind, chant the Name of the Lord, the Lord, the Lord of man. God has showered His Mercy upon His humble servant; meeting with the True Guru, he is carried across. || 1 || Pause || O my Father, my Lord and Master, Lord God, please bless me with such understanding, that I may sing Your Praises. Those who are attached to You are saved, like iron which is carried across with wood. || 2 || The faithless cynics have little or no understanding; they do not serve the Lord, Har, Har. Those beings are unfortunate and vicious; they die, and are consigned to reincarnation, over and over again. || 3 || Those whom You unite with Yourself, O Lord and Master, bathe in the Guru's cleansing pool of contentment. Vibrating upon the Lord, the filth of their evil-mindedness is washed away; servant Nanak is carried across. || 4 || 3 || BILAAVAL, FOURTH MEHL: Come, O Saints, and join together, O my Siblings of Destiny; let us tell the Stories of the Lord, Har, Har. The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the boat in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga; the Word of the Guru's Shabad is the boatman to ferry us across. || 1 || O my mind, chant the Glorious Praises of the Lord.

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According to the pre-ordained destiny inscribed upon your forehead, sing the Praises of the Lord; join the Holy Congregation, and cross over the world-ocean. || 1 || Pause || Within the body-village is the Lord's supreme, sublime essence. How can I obtain it? Teach me, O humble Saints. Serving the True Guru, you shall obtain the Fruitful Vision of the Lord's Darshan; meeting Him, drink in the ambrosial essence of the Lord's Nectar. || 2 || The Ambrosial Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is so sweet; O Saints of the Lord, taste it, and see. Under Guru's Instruction, the Lord's essence seems so sweet; through it, all corrupt sensual pleasures are forgotten. || 3 || The Name of the Lord is the medicine to cure all diseases; so serve the Lord, O humble Saints. The four great blessings are obtained, O Nanak, by vibrating upon the Lord, under Guru's Instruction. || 4 || 4 || BILAAVAL, FOURTH MEHL: Anyone, from any class - Kh'shaatriya, Brahman, Soodra or Vaishya - can chant, and meditate on the Mantra of the Lord's Name. Worship the Guru, the True Guru, as the Supreme Lord God; serve Him constantly, all day and night. || 1 || O humble servants of the Lord, behold the True Guru with your eyes. Whatever you wish for, you shall receive, chanting the Word of the Lord's Name, under Guru's Instruction. || 1 || Pause || People think of many and various efforts, but that alone happens, which is to happen. All beings seek goodness for themselves, but what the Lord does - that may not be what we think and expect. || 2 || So renounce the clever intellect of your mind, O humble servants of the Lord, no matter how hard this may be. Night and day, meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, Har, Har; accept the wisdom of the Guru, the True Guru. || 3 || Wisdom, balanced wisdom is in Your power, O Lord and Master; I am the instrument, and You are the player, O Primal Lord. O God, O Creator, Lord and Master of servant Nanak, as You wish, so do I speak. || 4 || 5 || BILAAVAL, FOURTH MEHL: I meditate on the source of bliss, the Sublime Primal Being; night and day, I am in ecstasy and bliss. The Righteous Judge of Dharma has no power over me; I have cast off all subservience to the Messenger of Death. || 1 || Meditate, O mind, on the Naam, the Name of the Lord of the Universe. By great good fortune, I have found the Guru, the True Guru; I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of supreme bliss. || 1 || Pause || The foolish faithless cynics are held captive by Maya; in Maya, they continue wandering, wandering around. Burnt by desire, and bound by the karma of their past actions, they go round and round, like the ox at the mill press. || 2 || The Gurmukhs, who focus on serving the Guru, are saved; by great good fortune, they perform service. Those who meditate on the Lord obtain the fruits of their rewards, and the bonds of Maya are all broken. || 3 || He Himself is the Lord and Master, and He Himself is the servant. The Lord of the Universe Himself is all by Himself. O servant Nanak, He Himself is All-pervading; as He keeps us, we remain. || 4 || 6 ||



O Siblings of Destiny, chant the Name of the Lord, the Purifier of sinners. The Lord emancipates his Saints and devotees.

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The Lord is totally permeating and pervading everywhere; the Name of the Lord is pervading the water and the land. So sing continuously of the Lord, the Dispeller of pain. || 1 || Pause || The Lord has made my life fruitful and rewarding. I meditate on the Lord, the Dispeller of pain. I have met the Guru, the Giver of liberation. The Lord has made my life's journey fruitful and rewarding. Joining the Sangat, the Holy Congregation, I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. || 1 || O mortal, place your hopes in the Name of the Lord, and your love of duality shall simply vanish. One who, in hope, remains unattached to hope, such a humble being meets with his Lord. And one who sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord's Name - servant Nanak falls at his feet. || 2 || 1 || 7 || 4 || 6 || 7 || 17 ||



He is attached to what he sees. How can I meet You, O Imperishable God? Have Mercy upon me, and place me upon the Path; let me be attached to the hem of the robe of the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. || 1 || How can I cross over the poisonous world-ocean? The True Guru is the boat to carry us across. || 1 || Pause || The wind of Maya blows and shakes us, but the Lord's devotees remain ever-stable. They remain unaffected by pleasure and pain. The Guru Himself is the Savior above their heads. || 2 || Maya, the snake, holds all in her coils. They burn to death in egotism, like the moth lured by seeing the flame. They make all sorts of decorations, but they do not find the Lord. When the Guru becomes Merciful, He leads them to meet the Lord. || 3 || I wander around, sad and depressed, seeking the jewel of the One Lord. This priceless jewel is not obtained by any efforts. That jewel is within the body, the Temple of the Lord. The Guru has torn away the veil of illusion, and beholding the jewel, I am delighted. || 4 || One who has tasted it, comes to know its flavor; he is like the mute, whose mind is filled with wonder. I see the Lord, the source of bliss, everywhere. Servant Nanak speaks the Glorious Praises of the Lord, and merges in Him. || 5 || 1 || BILAAVAL, FIFTH MEHL: The Divine Guru has blessed me with total happiness. He has linked His servant to His service. No obstacles block my path, meditating on the incomprehensible, inscrutable Lord. || 1 || The soil has been sanctified, singing the Glories of His Praises. The residues of sinful mistakes are eradicated, meditating on the Name of the Lord. || 1 || Pause || He Himself is pervading everywhere; from the very beginning, and throughout the ages, His Glory has been radiantly manifest. By Guru's Grace, sorrow does not touch me. || 2 || The Guru's Feet seem so sweet to my mind. He is unobstructed, dwelling everywhere. I found total peace, when the Guru was pleased. || 3 || The Supreme Lord God has become my Savior. Wherever I look, I see Him there with me. O Nanak, the Lord and Master protects and cherishes His slaves. || 4 || 2 || BILAAVAL, FIFTH MEHL: You are the treasure of peace, O my Beloved God.

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Your Glories are uncounted, O God, my Lord and Master. I am an orphan, entering Your Sanctuary. Have Mercy on me, O Lord, that I may meditate on Your Feet. || 1 || Take pity upon me, and abide within my mind; I am worthless - please let me grasp hold of the hem of Your robe. || 1 || Pause || When God comes into my consciousness, what misfortune can strike me? The Lord's servant does not suffer pain from the Messenger of Death. All pains are dispelled, when one remembers the Lord in meditation; God abides with him forever. || 2 || The Name of God is the Support of my mind and body. Forgetting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the body is reduced to ashes. When God comes into my consciousness, all my affairs are resolved. Forgetting the Lord, one becomes subservient to all. || 3 || I am in love with the Lotus Feet of the Lord. I am rid of all evil-minded ways. The Mantra of the Lord's Name, Har, Har, is deep within my mind and body. O Nanak, eternal bliss fills the home of the Lord's devotees. || 4 || 3 ||




You are the Support of my mind, O my Beloved, You are the Support of my mind. All other clever tricks are useless, O Beloved; You alone are my Protector. || 1 || Pause || One who meets with the Perfect True Guru, O Beloved, that humble person is enraptured. He alone serves the Guru, O Beloved, unto whom the Lord becomes merciful. Fruitful is the form of the Divine Guru, O Lord and Master; He is overflowing with all powers. O Nanak, the Guru is the Supreme Lord God, the Transcendent Lord; He is ever-present, forever and ever. || 1 || I live by hearing, hearing of those who know their God. They contemplate the Lord's Name, they chant the Lord's Name, and their minds are imbued with the Lord's Name. I am Your servant; I beg to serve Your humble servants. By the karma of perfect destiny, I do this. This is Nanak's prayer: O my Lord and Master, may I obtain the Blessed Vision of Your humble servants. || 2 || They are said to be very fortunate, O Beloved, who who dwell in the Society of the Saints. They contemplate the Immaculate, Ambrosial Naam, and their minds are illuminated. The pains of birth and death are eradicated, O Beloved, and the fear of the Messenger of Death is ended. They alone obtain the Blessed Vision of this Darshan, O Nanak, who are pleasing to their God. || 3 || O my lofty, incomparable and infinite Lord and Master, who can know Your Glorious Virtues? Those who sing them are saved, and those who listen to them are saved; all their sins are erased. You save the beasts, demons and fools, and even stones are carried across. Slave Nanak seeks Your Sanctuary; he is forever and ever a sacrifice to You. || 4 || 1 || 4 || BILAAVAL, FIFTH MEHL: Renounce the tasteless water of corruption, O my companion, and drink in the supreme nectar of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. Without the taste of this nectar, all have drowned, and their souls have not found happiness. You have no honor, glory or power - become the slave of the Holy Saints.

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O Nanak, they alone look beautiful in the Court of the Lord, whom the Lord has made His Own. || 1 || Maya is a mirage, which deludes the mind, O my companion, like the scent-crazed deer, or the transitory shade of a tree. Maya is fickle, and does not go with you, O my companion; in the end, it will leave you. He may enjoy pleasures and sensual delights with supremely beautiful women, but no one finds peace in this way. Blessed, blessed are the humble, Holy Saints of the Lord, O my companion. O Nanak, they meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 2 || Go, O my very fortunate companion: dwell in the Company of the Saints, and merge with the Lord. There, neither pain nor hunger nor disease will afflict you; enshrine love for the Lord's Lotus Feet. There is no birth or death there, no coming or going in reincarnation, when you enter the Sanctuary of the Eternal Lord. Love does not end, and attachment does not grip you, O Nanak, when you meditate on the One Lord. || 3 || Bestowing His Glance of Grace, my Beloved has pierced my mind, and I am intuitively attuned to His Love. My bed is embellished, meeting with my Beloved; in ecstasy and bliss, I sing His Glorious Praises. O my friends and companions, I am imbued with the Lord's Love; the desires of my mind and body are satisfied. O Nanak, the wonder-struck soul blends with the Wonderful Lord; this state cannot be described. || 4 || 2 || 5 ||



The entire Universe is the form of the One Lord. He Himself is the trade, and He Himself is the trader. || 1 || How rare is that one who is blessed with such spiritual wisdom. Wherever I go, there I see Him. || 1 || Pause || He manifests many forms, while still unmanifest and absolute, and yet He has One Form. He Himself is the water, and He Himself is the waves. || 2 || He Himself is the temple, and He Himself is selfless service. He Himself is the worshipper, and He Himself is the idol. || 3 || He Himself is the Yoga; He Himself is the Way. Nanak's God is forever liberated. || 4 || 1 || 6 || BILAAVAL, FIFTH MEHL: He Himself creates, and He Himself supports. He Himself causes all to act; He takes no blame Himself. || 1 || He Himself is the teaching, and He Himself is the teacher. He Himself is the splendor, and He Himself is the experiencer of it. || 1 || Pause || He Himself is silent, and He Himself is the speaker. He Himself is undeceivable; He cannot be deceived. || 2 || He Himself is hidden, and He Himself is manifest. He Himself is in each and every heart; He Himself is unattached. || 3 || He Himself is absolute, and He Himself is with the Universe. Says Nanak, all are beggars of God. || 4 || 2 || 7 || BILAAVAL, FIFTH MEHL: He places the one who strays back on the Path; such a Guru is found by great good fortune. || 1 || Meditate, contemplate the Name of the Lord, O mind.

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The Beloved Feet of the Guru abide within my heart. || 1 || Pause || The mind is engrossed in sexual desire, anger, greed and emotional attachment. Breaking my bonds, the Guru has liberated me. || 2 || Experiencing pain and pleasure, one is born, only to die again. The Lotus Feet of the Guru bring peace and shelter. || 3 || The world is drowning in the ocean of fire. O Nanak, holding me by the arm, the True Guru has saved me. || 4 || 3 || 8 || BILAAVAL, FIFTH MEHL: Body, mind, wealth and everything, I surrender to my Lord. What is that wisdom, by which I may come to chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har? || 1 || Nurturing hope, I have come to beg from God. Gazing upon You, the courtyard of my heart is embellished. || 1 || Pause || Trying several methods, I reflect deeply upon the Lord. In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, this mind is saved. || 2 || I have neither intelligence, wisdom, common sense nor cleverness. I meet You, only if You lead me to meet You. || 3 || My eyes are content, gazing upon the Blessed Vision of God's Darshan. Says Nanak, such a life is fruitful and rewarding. || 4 || 4 || 9 || BILAAVAL, FIFTH MEHL: Mother, father, children and the wealth of Maya, will not go along with you. In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, all pain is dispelled. || 1 || God Himself is pervading, and permeating all. Chant the Name of the Lord with your tongue, and pain will not afflict you. || 1 || Pause || One who is afflicted by the terrible fire of thirst and desire, becomes cool, chanting the Praises of the Lord, Har, Har. || 2 || By millions of efforts, peace is not obtained; the mind is satisfied only by singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. || 3 || Please bless me with devotion, O God, O Searcher of hearts. This is Nanak's prayer, O Lord and Master. || 4 || 5 || 10 || BILAAVAL, FIFTH MEHL: By great good fortune, the Perfect Guru is found. Meeting with the Holy Saints, meditate on the Name of the Lord. || 1 || O Supreme Lord God, I seek Your Sanctuary. Meditating on the Guru's Feet, sinful mistakes are erased. || 1 || Pause || All other rituals are just worldly affairs; joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, one is saved. || 2 || One may contemplate the Simritees, Shaastras and Vedas, but only by chanting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is one saved and carried across. || 3 || Have Mercy upon servant Nanak, O God, and bless him with the dust of the feet of the Holy, that he may be emancipated. || 4 || 6 || 11 || BILAAVAL, FIFTH MEHL: I contemplate the Word of the Guru's Shabad within my heart; all my hopes and desires are fulfilled. The faces of the humble Saints are radiant and bright; the Lord has mercifully blessed them with the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 1 || Pause || Holding them by the hand, He has lifted them up out of the deep, dark pit, and their victory is celebrated throughout the world. || 2 || He elevates and exalts the lowly, and fills the empty. They receive the supreme, sublime essence of the Ambrosial Naam. || 3 || The mind and body are made immaculate and pure, and sins are burnt to ashes. Says Nanak, God is pleased with me. || 4 || 7 || 12 || BILAAVAL, FIFTH MEHL: All desires are fulfilled, O my friend, lovingly centering your consciousness on the Lord's Lotus Feet.

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|| 1 || I am a sacrifice to those who meditate on God. The fire of desire is quenched, singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, Har, Har. || 1 || Pause || One's life become fruitful and rewarding, by great good fortune. In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, enshrine love for the Lord. || 2 || Wisdom, honor, wealth, peace and celestial bliss are attained, if one does not forget the Lord of supreme bliss, even for an instant. || 3 || My mind is so very thirsty for the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan. Prays Nanak, O God, I seek Your Sanctuary. || 4 || 8 || 13 || BILAAVAL, FIFTH MEHL: I am worthless, totally lacking all virtues. Bless me with Your Mercy, and make me Your Own. || 1 || My mind and body are embellished by the Lord, the Lord of the World. Granting His Mercy, God has come into the home of my heart. || 1 || Pause || He is the Lover and Protector of His devotees, the Destroyer of fear. Now, I have been carried across the world-ocean. || 2 || It is God's Way to purify sinners, say the Vedas. I have seen the Supreme Lord with my eyes. || 3 || In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the Lord becomes manifest. O slave Nanak, all pains are relieved. || 4 || 9 || 14 || BILAAVAL, FIFTH MEHL: Who can know the value of serving You, God? God is imperishable, invisible and incomprehensible. || 1 || His Glorious Virtues are infinite; God is profound and unfathomable. The Mansion of God, my Lord and Master, is lofty and high. You are unlimited, O my Lord and Master. || 1 || Pause || There is no other than the One Lord. You alone know Your worship and adoration. || 2 || No one can do anything by himself, O Siblings of Destiny. He alone obtains the Naam, the Name of the Lord, unto whom God bestows it. || 3 || Says Nanak, that humble being who pleases God, he alone finds God, the treasure of virtue. || 4 || 10 || 15 || BILAAVAL, FIFTH MEHL: Extending His Hand, the Lord protected you in your mother's womb. Renouncing the sublime essence of the Lord, you have tasted the fruit of poison. || 1 || Meditate, vibrate on the Lord of the Universe, and renounce all entanglements. When the Messenger of Death comes to murder you, O fool, then your body will be shattered and helplessly crumble. || 1 || Pause || You hold onto your body, mind and wealth as your own, and you do not meditate on the Creator Lord, even for an instant. || 2 || You have fallen into the deep, dark pit of great attachment. Caught in the illusion of Maya, you have forgotten the Supreme Lord. || 3 || By great good fortune, one sings the Kirtan of God's Praises. In the Society of the Saints, Nanak has found God. || 4 || 11 || 16 || BILAAVAL, FIFTH MEHL: Mother, father, children, relatives and siblings - O Nanak, the Supreme Lord is our help and support. || 1 || He blesses us with peace, and abundant celestial bliss. Perfect is the Bani, the Word of the Perfect Guru. His Virtues are so many, they cannot be counted. || 1 || Pause || God Himself makes all arrangements. Meditating on God, desires are fulfilled. || 2 || He is the Giver of wealth, Dharmic faith, pleasure and liberation.

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