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O Nanak, my support is the Creator Lord; I have renounced all other hopes. || 2 || 10 || 19 || GUJRI, FIFTH MEHL: Show Mercy to me, and grant me the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan. I sing Your Praises night and day. With my hair, I wash the feet of Your slave; this is my life's purpose. || 1 || O Lord and Master, without You, there is no other at all. O Lord, in my mind I remain conscious of You; with my tongue I worship You, and with my eyes, I gaze upon You. || 1 || Pause || O Merciful Lord, O Lord and Master of all, with my palms pressed together I pray to You. Nanak, Your slave, chants Your Name, and is redeemed in the twinkling of an eye. || 2 || 11 || 20 || GUJRI, FIFTH MEHL: Overwhelming the realm of Brahma, the realm of Shiva and the realm of Indra, Maya has come running here. But she cannot touch the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; she washes and massages their feet. || 1 || Now, I have come and entered the Lord's Sanctuary. This awful fire has burned so many; the True Guru has cautioned me about it. || 1 || Pause || It clings to the necks of the Siddhas, and the seekers, the demi-gods, angels and mortals. Servant Nanak has the support of God the Creator, who has millions of slaves like her. || 2 || 12 || 21 || GUJRI, FIFTH MEHL: His bad reputation is erased, he is acclaimed all over the world, and he obtains a seat in the Court of the Lord. The fear of death is removed in an instant, and he goes to the Lord's House in peace and bliss. || 1 || His works do not go in vain. Twenty-four hours a day, remember your God in meditation; meditate on Him continually in your mind and body. || 1 || Pause || I seek Your Sanctuary, O Destroyer of the pains of the poor; whatever You give me, God, that is what I receive. Nanak is imbued with the love of Your lotus feet; O Lord, please preserve the honor of Your slave. || 2 || 13 || 22 || GUJRI, FIFTH MEHL: The all-sustaining Lord is the Giver of all beings; His devotional worship is an overflowing treasure. Service to Him is not wasted; in an instant, He emancipates. || 1 || O my mind, immerse yourself in the Lord's lotus feet. Seek from Him, who is worshipped by all beings. || 1 || Pause || Nanak has entered Your Sanctuary, O Creator Lord; You, O God, are the support of my breath of life. He who is protected by You, O Helper Lord - what can the world do to him? || 2 || 14 || 23 || GUJRI, FIFTH MEHL: The Lord Himself has protected the honor of His humble servant. The Guru has given the medicine of the Lord's Name, Har, Har, and all afflictions are gone. || 1 || Pause || The Transcendent Lord, in His Mercy, has preserved Har Gobind. The disease is over, and there is joy all around; we ever contemplate the Glories of God. || 1 || My Creator Lord has made me His own; such is the glorious greatness of the Perfect Guru. Guru Nanak laid the immovable foundation, which grows higher and higher each day. || 2 || 15 || 24 || GUJRI, FIFTH MEHL: You never focused your consciousness on the Lord.

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You have spent your life engaged in worldly pursuits; you have not sung the Glorious Praises of the treasure of the Naam. || 1 || Pause || Shell by shell, you accumulate money; in various ways, you work for this. Forgetting God, you suffer awful pain beyond measure, and you are consumed by the Great Enticer, Maya. || 1 || Show Mercy to me, O my Lord and Master, and do not hold me to account for my actions. O merciful and compassionate Lord God, ocean of peace, Nanak has taken to Your Sanctuary, Lord. || 2 || 16 || 25 || GUJRI, FIFTH MEHL: With your tongue, chant the Lord's Name, Raam, Raam. Renounce other false occupations, and vibrate forever on the Lord God. || 1 || Pause || The One Name is the support of His devotees; in this world, and in the world hereafter, it is their anchor and support. In His mercy and kindness, the Guru has given me the divine wisdom of God, and a discriminating intellect. || 1 || The all-powerful Lord is the Creator, the Cause of causes; He is the Master of wealth - I seek His Sanctuary. Liberation and worldly success come from the dust of the feet of the Holy Saints; Nanak has obtained the Lord's treasure. || 2 || 17 || 26 ||




Give up all your clever tricks, and seek the Sanctuary of the Holy Saint. Sing the Glorious Praises of the Supreme Lord God, the Transcendent Lord. || 1 || O my consciousness, contemplate and adore the Lotus Feet of the Lord. You shall obtain total peace and salvation, and all troubles shall depart. || 1 || Pause || Mother, father, children, friends and siblings - without the Lord, none of them are real. Here and hereafter, He is the companion of the soul; He is pervading everywhere. || 2 || Millions of plans, tricks, and efforts are of no use, and serve no purpose. In the Sanctuary of the Holy, one becomes immaculate and pure, and obtains salvation, through the Name of God. || 3 || God is profound and merciful, lofty and exalted; He gives Sanctuary to the Holy. He alone obtains the Lord, O Nanak, who is blessed with such pre-ordained destiny to meet Him. || 4 || 1 || 27 || GUJRI, FIFTH MEHL: Serve your Guru forever, and chant the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe. With each and every breath, worship the Lord, Har, Har, in adoration, and the anxiety of your mind will be dispelled. || 1 || O my mind, chant the Name of God. You shall be blessed with peace, poise and pleasure, and you shall find the immaculate place. || 1 || Pause || In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, redeem your mind, and and adore the Lord, twenty-four hours a day. Sexual desire, anger and egotism will be dispelled, and all troubles shall end. || 2 || The Lord Master is immovable, immortal and inscrutable; seek His Sanctuary. Worship in adoration the lotus feet of the Lord in your heart, and center your consciousness lovingly on Him alone. || 3 || The Supreme Lord God has shown mercy to me, and He Himself has forgiven me. The Lord has given me His Name, the treasure of peace; O Nanak, meditate on that God. || 4 || 2 || 28 || GUJRI, FIFTH MEHL: By Guru's Grace, I meditate on God, and my doubts are gone.

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Pain, ignorance and fear have left me, and my sins have been dispelled. || 1 || My mind is filled with love for the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. Meeting the Holy Saint, under His Instruction, I meditate on the Lord of the Universe, in the most immaculate way. || 1 || Pause || Chanting, deep meditation and various rituals are contained in the fruitful meditative remembrance of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. Showing His Mercy, the Lord Himself has protected me, and all my works have been brought to fruition. || 2 || With each and every breath, may I never forget You, O God, Almighty Lord and Master. How can my tongue describe Your countless virtues? They are uncountable, and forever indescribable. || 3 || You are the Remover of the pains of the poor, the Savior, the Compassionate Lord, the Bestower of Mercy. Remembering the Naam in meditation, the state of eternal dignity is obtained; Nanak has grasped the protection of the Lord, Har, Har. || 4 || 3 || 29 || GUJRI, FIFTH MEHL: Intellectual egotism and great love for Maya are the most serious chronic diseases. The Lord's Name is the medicine, which is potent to cure everything. The Guru has given me the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 1 || My mind and body yearn for the dust of the Lord's humble servants. With it, the sins of millions of incarnations are obliterated. O Lord of the Universe, please fulfill my desire. || 1 || Pause || In the beginning, in the middle, and in the end, one is hounded by dreadful desires. Through the Guru's spiritual wisdom, we sing the Kirtan of the Praises of the Lord of the Universe, and the noose of death is cut away. || 2 || Those who are cheated by sexual desire, anger, greed and emotional attachment suffer reincarnation forever. By loving devotional worship to God, and meditative remembrance of the Lord of the World, one's wandering in reincarnation is ended. || 3 || Friends, children, spouses and well-wishers are burnt by the three fevers. Chanting the Name of the Lord, Raam, Raam, one's miseries are ended, as one meets the Saintly servants of the Lord. || 4 || Wandering around in all directions, they cry out, "Nothing can save us!" Nanak has entered the Sanctuary of the Lotus Feet of the Infinite Lord; he holds fast to their Support. || 5 || 4 || 30 ||




Worship and adore the Lord of wealth, the fulfilling vision, the Almighty Cause of causes. Uttering His Praises, and hearing of His infinite glory, you shall never suffer separation from Him again. || 1 || O my mind, worship the Lord's Lotus Feet. Meditating in remembrance, strife and sorrow are ended, and the noose of the Messenger of Death is snapped. || 1 || Pause || Chant the Name of the Lord, and your enemies shall be consumed; there is no other way. Show Mercy, O my God, and bestow upon Nanak the taste of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 2 || 1 || 31 || GUJRI, FIFTH MEHL: You are the Almighty Lord, the Giver of Sanctuary, the Destroyer of pain, the King of happiness. Troubles depart, and fear and doubt are dispelled, singing the Glorious Praises of the Immaculate Lord God. || 1 || O Lord of the Universe, without You, there is no other place. Show Mercy to me, O Supreme Lord Master, that I may chant Your Name. || 1 || Pause ||

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Serving the True Guru, I am attached to the Lord's Lotus Feet; by great good fortune, I have embraced love for Him. My heart lotus blossoms forth in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; I have renounced evil-mindedness and intellectualism. || 2 || One who sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord, twenty-four hours a day, and remembers the Lord in meditation, who is Kind to the poor, saves himself, and redeems all his generations; all of his bonds are released. || 3 || I take the Support of Your Feet, O God, O Lord and Master; you are with me through and through, God. Nanak has entered Your Sanctuary, God; giving him His hand, the Lord has protected him. || 4 || 2 || 32 ||




In the one village of the body, live the five thieves; they have been warned, but they still go out stealing. One who keeps his assets safe from the three modes and the ten passions, O Nanak, attains liberation and emancipation. || 1 || Center your mind on the all-pervading Lord, the Wearer of garlands of the jungles. Let your rosary be the chanting of the Lord's Name in your heart. || 1 || Pause || Its roots extend upwards, and its branches reach down; the four Vedas are attached to it. He alone reaches this tree with ease, O Nanak, who remains wakeful in the Love of the Supreme Lord God. || 2 || The Elysian Tree is the courtyard of my house; in it are the flowers, leaves and stems of reality. Meditate on the self-existent, immaculate Lord, whose Light is pervading everywhere; renounce all your worldly entanglements. || 3 || Listen, O seekers of Truth - Nanak begs you to renounce the traps of Maya. Reflect within your mind, that by enshrining love for the One Lord, you shall not be subject to birth and death again. || 4 || He alone is said to be a Guru, he alone is said to be a Sikh, and he alone is said to be a physician, who knows the patient's illness. He is not affected by actions, responsibilities and entanglements; in the entanglements of his household, he maintains the detachment of Yoga. || 5 || He renounces sexual desire, anger, egotism, greed, attachment and Maya. Within his mind, he meditates on the reality of the Imperishable Lord; by Guru's Grace he finds Him. || 6 || Spiritual wisdom and meditation are all said to be God's gifts; all of the demons are turned white before him. He enjoys the taste of the honey of God's lotus; he remains awake, and does not fall asleep. || 7 || This lotus is very deep; its leaves are the nether regions, and it is connected to the whole universe. Under Guru's Instruction, I shall not have to enter the womb again; I have renounced the poison of corruption, and I drink in the Ambrosial Nectar. || 8 || 1 || GUJRI, FIRST MEHL: Those who beg of God the Great Giver - their numbers cannot be counted. You, Almighty True Lord, fulfill the desires within their hearts. || 1 || O Dear Lord, chanting, deep meditation, self-discipline and truth are my foundations. Bless me with Your Name, Lord, that I may find peace. Your devotional worship is a treasure over-flowing. || 1 || Pause || Some remain absorbed in Samaadhi, their minds fixed lovingly on the One Lord; they reflect only on the Word of the Shabad. In that state, there is no water, land, earth or sky; only the Creator Lord Himself exists. || 2 || There is no intoxication of Maya there, and no shadow, nor the infinite light of the sun or the moon.

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The eyes within the mind which see everything - with one glance, they see the three worlds. || 3 || He created air, water and fire, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - the whole creation. All are beggars; You alone are the Great Giver, God. You give Your gifts according to Your own considerations. || 4 || Thirty-three million gods beg of God the Master; even as He gives, His treasures are never exhausted. Nothing can be contained in a vessel turned upside-down; Ambrosial Nectar pours into the upright one. || 5 || The Siddhas in Samaadhi beg for wealth and miracles, and proclaim His victory. As is the thirst within their minds, so is the water which You give to them. || 6 || The most fortunate ones serve their Guru; there is no difference between the Divine Guru and the Lord. The Messenger of Death cannot see those who come to realize within their minds the contemplative meditation of the Word of the Shabad. || 7 || I shall never ask anything else of the Lord; please, bless me with the Love of Your Immaculate Name. Nanak, the song-bird, begs for the Ambrosial Water; O Lord, shower Your Mercy upon him, and bless him with Your Praise. || 8 || 2 || GUJRI, FIRST MEHL: O Dear One, he is born, and then dies; he continues coming and going; without the Guru, he is not emancipated. Those mortals who become Gurmukhs are attuned to the Naam, the Name of the Lord; through the Name, they obtain salvation and honor. || 1 || O Siblings of Destiny, focus your consciousness lovingly on the Lord's Name. By Guru's Grace, one begs of the Lord God; such is the glorious greatness of the Naam. || 1 || Pause || O Dear One, so many wear various religious robes, for begging and filling their bellies. Without devotional worship to the Lord, O mortal, there can be no peace. Without the Guru, pride does not depart. || 2 || O Dear One, death hangs constantly over his head. Incarnation after incarnation, it is his enemy. Those who are attuned to the True Word of the Shabad are saved. The True Guru has imparted this understanding. || 3 || In the Guru's Sanctuary, the Messenger of Death cannot see the mortal, or torture him. I am imbued with the Imperishable and Immaculate Lord Master, and lovingly attached to the Fearless Lord. || 4 || O Dear One, implant the Naam within me; lovingly attached to the Naam, I lean on the True Guru's Support. Whatever pleases Him, He does; no one can erase His actions. || 5 || O Dear One, I have hurried to the Sanctuary of the Guru; I have no love for any other except You. I constantly call upon the One Lord; since the very beginning, and throughout the ages, He has been my help and support. || 6 || O Dear One, please preserve the Honor of Your Name; I am hand and glove with You. Bless me with Your Mercy, and reveal to me the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, O Guru. Through the Word of the Shabad, I have burnt away my ego. || 7 || O Dear One, what should I ask of You? Nothing appears permanent; whoever comes into this world shall depart. Bless Nanak with the wealth of the Naam, to adorn his heart and neck. || 8 || 3 || GUJRI, FIRST MEHL: O Dear One, I am not high or low or in the middle. I am the Lord's slave, and I seek the Lord's Sanctuary. Imbued with the Naam, the Name of the Lord, I am detached from the world; I have forgotten sorrow, separation and disease. || 1 || O Siblings of Destiny, by Guru's Grace, I perform devotional worship to my Lord and Master.

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One whose heart is filled with the Hymns of the True Guru, obtains the Pure Lord. He is not under the power of the Messenger of Death, nor does he owe Death anything. || 1 || Pause || He chants the Glorious Praises of the Lord with his tongue, and abides with God; he does whatever pleases the Lord. Without the Lord's Name, life passes in vain in the world, and every moment is useless. || 2 || The false have no place of rest, either inside or outside; the slanderer does not find salvation. Even if one is resentful, God does not withhold His blessings; day by day, they increase. || 3 || No one can take away the Guru's gifts; my Lordand Master Himself has given them. The black-faced slanderers, with slander in their mouths, do not appreciate the Guru's gifts. || 4 || God forgives and blends with Himself those who take to His Sanctuary; He does not delay for an instant. He is the source of bliss, the Greatest Lord; through the True Guru, we are united in His Union. || 5 || Through His Kindness, the Kind Lord pervades us; through Guru's Teachings, our wanderings cease. Touching the philosopher's stone, metal is transformed into gold. Such is the glorious greatness of the Society of the Saints. || 6 || The Lord is the immaculate water; the mind is the bather, and the True Guru is the bath attendant, O Siblings of Destiny. That humble being who joins the Sat Sangat shall not be consigned to reincarnation again; his light merges into the Light. || 7 || You are the Great Primal Lord, the infinite tree of life; I am a bird perched on Your branches. Grant to Nanak the Immaculate Naam; throughout the ages, he sings the Praises of the Shabad. || 8 || 4 ||




The devotees worship the Lord in loving adoration. They thirst for the True Lord, with infinite affection. They tearfully beg and implore the Lord; in love and affection, their consciousness is at peace. || 1 || Chant the Naam, the Name of the Lord, O my mind, and take to His Sanctuary. The Lord's Name is the boat to cross over the world-ocean. Practice such a way of life. || 1 || Pause || O mind, even death wishes you well, when you remember the Lord through the Word of the Guru's Shabad. The intellect receives the treasure, the knowledge of reality and supreme bliss, by repeating the Lord's Name in the mind. || 2 || The fickle consciousness wanders around chasing after wealth; it is intoxicated with worldly love and emotional attachment. Devotion to the Naam is permanently implanted within the mind, when it is attuned to the Guru's Teachings and His Shabad. || 3 || Wandering around, doubt is not dispelled; afflicted by reincarnation, the world is being ruined. The Lord's eternal throne is free of this affliction; he is truly wise, who takes the Naam as his deep meditation. || 4 || This world is engrossed in attachment and transitory love; it suffers the terrible pains of birth and death. Run to the Sanctuary of the True Guru, chant the Lord's Name in your heart, and you shall swim across. || 5 || Following the Guru's Teaching, the mind becomes stable; the mind accepts it, and reflects upon it in peaceful poise. That mind is pure, which enshrines Truth within, and the most excellent jewel of spiritual wisdom. || 6 || By the Fear of God, and Love of God, and by devotion, man crosses over the terrifying world-ocean, focusing his consciousness on the Lord's Lotus Feet.

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The Name of the Lord, the most pure and sacred, is within my heart; this body is Your Sanctuary, Lord. || 7 || The waves of greed and avarice are subdued, by treasuring the Lord's Name in the mind. Subdue my mind, O Pure Immaculate Lord; says Nanak, I have entered Your Sanctuary. || 8 || 1 || 5 ||




I dance, and make this mind dance as well. By Guru's Grace, I eliminate my self-conceit. One who keeps his consciousness focused on the Lord is liberated; he obtains the fruits of his desires. || 1 || So dance, O mind, before your Guru. If you dance according to the Guru's Will, you shall obtain peace, and in the end, the fear of death shall leave you. || Pause || One whom the Lord Himself causes to dance, is called a devotee. He Himself links us to His Love. He Himself sings, He Himself listens, and He puts this blind mind on the right path. || 2 || One who dances night and day, and banishes Shakti's Maya, enters the House of the Lord Shiva, where there is no sleep. The world is asleep in Maya, the house of Shakti; it dances, jumps and sings in duality. The self-willed manmukh has no devotion. || 3 || The angels, mortals, renunciates, ritualists, silent sages and beings of spiritual wisdom dance. The Siddhas and seekers, lovingly focused on the Lord, dance, as do the Gurmukhs, whose minds dwell in reflective meditation. || 4 || The planets and solar systems dance in the three qualities, as do those who bear love for You, Lord. The beings and creatures all dance, and the four sources of creation dance. || 5 || They alone dance, who are pleasing to You, and who, as Gurmukhs, embrace love for the Word of the Shabad. They are devotees, with the essence of spiritual wisdom, who obey the Hukam of His Command. || 6 || This is devotional worship, that one loves the True Lord; without service, one cannot be a devotee. If one remains dead while yet alive, he reflects upon the Shabad, and then, he obtains the True Lord. || 7 || So many people dance for the sake of Maya; how rare are those who contemplate reality. By Guru's Grace, that humble being obtains You, Lord, upon whom You show Mercy. || 8 || If I forget the True Lord, even for an instant, that time passes in vain. With each and every breath, constantly remember the Lord; He Himself shall forgive you, according to His Will. || 9 || They alone dance, who are pleasing to Your Will, and who, as Gurmukhs, contemplate the Word of the Shabad. Says Nanak, they alone find celestial peace, whom You bless with Your Grace. || 10 || 1 || 6 ||




Without the Lord, my soul cannot survive, like an infant without milk. The inaccessible and incomprehensible Lord God is obtained by the Gurmukh; I am a sacrifice to my True Guru. || 1 || O my mind, the Kirtan of the Lord's Praise is a boat to carry you across. The Gurmukhs obtain the Ambrosial Water of the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

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You bless them with Your Grace. || Pause || Sanak, Sanandan and Naarad the sage serve You; night and day, they continue to chant Your Name, O Lord of the jungle. Slave Prahlaad sought Your Sanctuary, and You saved his honor. || 2 || The One unseen immaculate Lord is pervading everywhere, as is the Light of the Lord. All are beggars, You alone are the Great Giver. Reaching out our hands, we beg from You. || 3 || The speech of the humble devotees is sublime; they sing continually the wondrous, Unspoken Speech of the Lord. Their lives become fruitful; they save themselves, and all their generations. || 4 || The self-willed manmukhs are engrossed in duality and evil-mindedness; within them is the darkness of attachment. They do not love the sermon of the humble Saints, and they are drowned along with their families. || 5 || By slandering, the slanderer washes the filth off others; he is an eater of filth, and a worshipper of Maya. He indulges in the slander of the humble Saints; he is neither on this shore, nor the shore beyond. || 6 || All this worldly drama is set in motion by the Creator Lord; He has infused His almighty strength into all. The thread of the One Lord runs through the world; when He pulls out this thread, the One Creator alone remains. || 7 || With their tongues, they sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, and savor Them. They place the sublime essence of the Lord upon their tongues, and savor it. O Nanak, other than the Lord, I ask for nothing else; I am in love with the Love of the Lord's sublime essence. || 8 || 1 || 7 ||




Among kings, You are called the King. Among land-lords, You are the Land-lord. Among masters, You are the Master. Among tribes, Yours is the Supreme Tribe. || 1 || My Father is wealthy, deep and profound. What praises should I chant, O Creator Lord? Beholding You, I am wonder-struck. || 1 || Pause || Among the peaceful, You are called the Peaceful One. Among givers, You are the Greatest Giver. Among the glorious, You are said to be the Most Glorious. Among revellers, You are the Reveller. || 2 || Among warriors, You are called the Warrior. Among indulgers, You are the Indulger. Among householders, You are the Great Householder. Among yogis, You are the Yogi. || 3 || Among creators, You are called the Creator. Among the cultured, You are the Cultured One. Among bankers, You are the True Banker. Among merchants, You are the Merchant. || 4 || Among courts, Yours is the Court. Yours is the Most Sublime of Sanctuaries. The extent of Your wealth cannot be determined. Your Coins cannot be counted. || 5 || Among names, Your Name, God, is the most respected. Among the wise, You are the Wisest. Among ways, Yours, God, is the Best Way. Among purifying baths, Yours is the Most Purifying. || 6 || Among spiritual powers, Yours, O God, are the Spiritual Powers. Among actions, Yours are the Greatest Actions. Among wills, Your Will, God, is the Supreme Will. Of commands, Yours is the Supreme Command.

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|| 7 || As You cause me to speak, so do I speak, O Lord Master. What other power do I have? In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, O Nanak, sing His Praises; they are so very dear to God. || 8 || 1 || 8 ||




O Lord, Man-lion Incarnate, Companion to the poor, Divine Purifier of sinners; O Destroyer of fear and dread, Merciful Lord Master, Treasure of Excellence, fruitful is Your service. || 1 || O Lord, Cherisher of the World, Guru-Lord of the Universe. I seek the Sanctuary of Your Feet, O Merciful Lord. Carry me across the terrifying world-ocean. || 1 || Pause || O Dispeller of sexual desire and anger, Eliminator of intoxication and attachment, Destroyer of ego, Honey of the mind; set me free from birth and death, O Sustainer of the earth, and preserve my honor, O Embodiment of supreme bliss. || 2 || The many waves of desire for Maya are burnt away, when the Guru's spiritual wisdom is enshrined in the heart, through the Guru's Mantra. Destroy my egotism, O Merciful Lord; dispel my anxiety, O Infinite Primal Lord. || 3 || Remember in meditation the Almighty Lord, every moment and every instant; meditate on God in the celestial peace of Samaadhi. O Merciful to the meek, perfectly blissful Lord, I beg for the dust of the feet of the Holy. || 4 || Emotional attachment is false, desire is filthy, and longing is corrupt. Please, preserve my faith, dispel these doubts from my mind, and save me, O Formless Lord. || 5 || They have become wealthy, loaded with the treasures of the Lord's riches; they were lacking even clothes. The idiotic, foolish and senseless people have become virtuous and patient, receiving the Gracious Glance of the Lord of wealth. || 6 || Become Jivan-Mukta, liberated while yet alive, by meditating on the Lord of the Universe, O mind, and maintaining faith in Him in your heart. Show kindness and mercy to all beings, and realize that the Lord is pervading everywhere; this is the way of life of the enlightened soul, the supreme swan. || 7 || He grants the Blessed Vision of His Darshan to those who listen to His Praises, and who, with their tongues, chant His Name. They are part and parcel, life and limb with the Lord God; O Nanak, they feel the Touch of God, the Savior of sinners. || 8 || 1 || 2 || 5 || 1 || 1 || 2 || 57 ||




SHALOK, THIRD MEHL: This world perishing in attachment and possessiveness; no one knows the way of life. One who walks in harmony with the Guru's Will, obtains the supreme status of life. Those humble beings who focus their consciousness on the Lord's Feet, live forever and ever. O Nanak, by His Grace, the Lord abides in the minds of the Gurmukhs, who merge in celestial bliss. || 1 || THIRD MEHL: Within the self is the pain of doubt; engrossed in worldly affairs, they are killing themselves. Asleep in the love of duality, they never wake up; they are in love with, and attached to Maya. They do not think of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, and they do not contemplate the Word of the Shabad.

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This is the conduct of the self-willed manmukhs. They do not obtain the Lord's Name, and they waste away their lives in vain; O Nanak, the Messenger of Death punishes and dishonors them. || 2 || PAUREE: He created Himself - at that time, there was no other. He consulted Himself for advice, and what He did came to pass. At that time, there were no Akaashic Ethers, no nether regions, nor the three worlds. At that time, only the Formless Lord Himself existed - there was no creation. As it pleased Him, so did He act; without Him, there was no other. || 1 || SHALOK, THIRD MEHL: My Master is eternal. He is seen by practicing the Word of the Shabad. He never perishes; He does not come or go in reincarnation. So serve Him, forever and ever; He is contained in all. Why serve another who is born, and then dies? Fruitless is the life of those who do not know their Lord and Master, and who center their consciousness on others. O Nanak, it cannot be known, how much punishment the Creator shall inflict on them. || 1 || THIRD MEHL: Meditate on the True Name; the True Lord is pervading everywhere. O Nanak, by understanding the Hukam of the Lord's Command, one becomes acceptable, and then obtains the fruit of Truth. He wanders around babbling and speaking, but he does not understand the Lord's Command at all. He is blind, the falsest of the false. || 2 || PAUREE: Creating union and separation, He laid the foundations of the Universe. By His Command, the Lord of Light fashioned the Universe, and infused His Divine Light into it. From the Lord of Light, all light originates. The True Guru proclaims the Word of the Shabad. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, under the influence of the three dispositions, were put to their tasks. He created the root of Maya, and the peace obtained in the fourth state of consciousness. || 2 || SHALOK, THIRD MEHL: That alone is chanting, and that alone is deep meditation, which is pleasing to the True Guru. Pleasing the True Guru, glorious greatness is obtained. O Nanak, renouncing self-conceit, one merges into the Guru. || 1 || THIRD MEHL: How rare are those who receive the Guru's Teachings. O Nanak, he alone receives it, whom the Lord Himself blesses with glorious greatness. || 2 || PAUREE: Emotional attachment to Maya is spiritual darkness; it is very difficult and such a heavy load. Loaded with so very many stones of sin, how can the boat cross over? Those who are attuned to the Lord's devotional worship night and day are carried across. Under the Instruction of the Guru's Shabad, one sheds egotism and corruption, and the mind becomes immaculate. Meditate on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har; the Lord, Har, Har, is our Saving Grace. || 3 || SHALOK: O Kabeer, the gate of liberation is narrow, less than one-tenth of a mustard seed. The mind has become as big as an elephant; how can it pass through this gate? If one meets such a True Guru, by His Pleasure, He shows His Mercy. Then, the gate of liberation becomes wide open, and the soul easily passes through. || 1 || THIRD MEHL: O Nanak, the gate of liberation is very narrow; only the very tiny can pass through. Through egotism, the mind has become bloated. How can it pass through?

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Meeting the True Guru, egotism departs, and one is filled with the Divine Light. Then, this soul is liberated forever, and it remains absorbed in celestial bliss. || 2 || PAUREE: God created the Universe, and He keeps it under His power. God cannot be obtained by counting; the mortal wanders in doubt. Meeting the True Guru, one remains dead while yet alive; understanding Him, he is absorbed in the Truth. Through the Word of the Shabad, egotism is eradicated, and one is united in the Lord's Union. He knows everything, and Himself does everything; beholding His Creation, He rejoices. || 4 || SHALOK, THIRD MEHL: One who has not focused his consciousness on the True Guru, and into whose mind the Naam does not come - cursed is such a life. What has he gained by coming into the world? Maya is false capital; in an instant, its false covering falls off. When it slips from his hand, his body turns black, and his face withers away. Those who focus their consciousness on the True Guru - peace comes to abide in their minds. They meditate on the Name of the Lord with love; they are lovingly attuned to the Name of the Lord. O Nanak, the True Guru has bestowed upon them the wealth, which remains contained within their hearts. They are imbued with supreme love; its color increases day by day. || 1 || THIRD MEHL: Maya is a serpent, clinging to the world. Whoever serves her, she ultimately devours. The Gurmukh is a snake-charmer; he has trampled her and thrown her down, and crushed her underfoot. O Nanak, they alone are saved, who remain lovingly absorbed in the True Lord. || 2 || PAUREE: The minstrel cries out, and God hears him. He is comforted within his mind, and he obtains the Perfect Lord. Whatever destiny is pre-ordained by the Lord, those are the deeds he does. When the Lord and Master becomes Merciful, then one obtains the Mansion of the Lord's Presence as his home. That God of mine is so very great; as Gurmukh, I have met Him. || 5 || SHALOK, THIRD MEHL: There is One Lord God of all; He remains ever-present. O Nanak, if one does not obey the Hukam of the Lord's Command, then within one's own home, the Lord seems far away. They alone obey the Lord's Command, upon whom He casts His Glance of Grace. Obeying His Command, one obtains peace, and becomes the happy, loving soul-bride. || 1 || THIRD MEHL: She who does not love her Husband Lord, burns and wastes away all through the night of her life. O Nanak, the soul-brides dwell in peace; they have the Lord, their King, as their Husband. || 2 || PAUREE: Roaming over the entire world, I have seen that the Lord is the only Giver. The Lord cannot be obtained by any device at all; He is the Architect of Karma. Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, the Lord comes to dwell in the mind, and the Lord is easily revealed within. The fire of desire within is quenched, and one bathes in the Lord's Pool of Ambrosial Nectar. The great greatness of the great Lord God - the Gurmukh speaks of this. || 6 || SHALOK, THIRD MEHL: What love is this between the body and soul, which ends when the body falls?

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