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Peace is enjoyed, meeting the Guru, the Spiritual Teacher. The Lord is the only Master; He is the only Minister. || 5 || The world is held in bondage; he alone is emancipated, who conquers his ego. How rare in the world is that wise person, who practices this. How rare in this world is that scholar who reflects upon this. Without meeting the True Guru, all wander in ego. || 6 || The world is unhappy; only a few are happy. The world is diseased, from its indulgences; it weeps over its lost virtue. The world wells up, and then subsides, losing its honor. He alone, who becomes Gurmukh, understands. || 7 || His price is so costly; His weight is unbearable. He is immovable and undeceivable; enshrine Him in your mind, through the Guru's Teachings. Meet Him through love, become pleasing to Him, and act in fear of Him. Nanak the lowly says this, after deep contemplation. || 8 || 3 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL: When someone dies, the five passions meet and mourn his death. Overcoming self-conceit, he washes off his filth with the Word of the Shabad. One who knows and understands, enters the home of peace and poise. Without understanding, he loses all his honor. || 1 || Who dies, and who weeps for him? O Lord, Creator, Cause of causes, You are over the heads of all. || 1 || Pause || Who weeps over the pain of the dead? Those who weep, do so over their own troubles. God knows the condition of those who are so affected. Whatever the Creator does, comes to pass. || 2 || One who remains dead while yet alive, is saved, and saves others as well. Celebrate the Victory of the Lord; taking to His Sanctuary, the supreme status is obtained. I am a sacrifice to the feet of the True Guru. The Guru is the boat; through the Shabad of His Word, the terrifying world-ocean is crossed over. || 3 || He Himself is Fearless; His Divine Light is contained in all. Without the Name, the world is defiled and untouchable. Through evil-mindedness, they are ruined; why should they cry out and weep? They are born only to die, without hearing the music of devotional worship. || 4 || Only one's true friends mourn one's death. Those under the sway of the three dispositions continue to mourn on and on. Disregarding pain and pleasure, center your consciousness on the Lord. Dedicate your body and mind to the Love of the Lord. || 5 || The One Lord dwells within the various and countless beings. There are so many rituals and religious faiths, their number is innumerable. Without the Fear of God, and devotional worship, one's life is in vain. Singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, the supreme wealth is obtained. || 6 || He Himself dies, and He Himself kills. He Himself establishes, and having established, disestablishes. He created the Universe, and by His Divine Nature, instilled His Divine Light into it. One who reflects upon the Word of the Shabad, meets the Lord, without doubt. || 7 || Pollution is the burning fire, which is consuming the world. Pollution is in the water, upon the land, and everywhere. O Nanak, people are born and die in pollution. By Guru's Grace, they drink in the Lord's sublime elixir. || 8 || 4 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL: One who contemplates his own self, tests the worth of the jewel. With a single glance, the Perfect Guru saves him. When the Guru is pleased, one's mind comforts itself. || 1 || He is such a banker, who tests us. By His True Glance of Grace, we are blessed with the Love of the One Lord, and are saved. || 1 || Pause || The capital of the Naam is immaculate and sublime. That peddler is rendered pure, who is imbued with the Truth. Praising the Lord, in the house of poise, he attains the Guru, the Creator. || 2 || One who burns away hope and desire through the Word of the Shabad, chants the Lord's Name, and inspires others to chant it as well.

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Through the Guru, he finds the Path home, to the Mansion of the Lord's Presence. || 3 || His body becomes golden, by the Lord's Incomparable Light. He beholds the divine beauty in all the three worlds. That inexhaustible wealth of Truth is now in my lap. || 4 || In the five elements, the three worlds, the nine regions and the four directions, the Lord is pervading. He supports the earth and the sky, exercising His almighty power. He turns the outgoing mind around. || 5 || The fool does not realize what he sees with his eyes. He does not taste with his tongue, and does not understand what is said. Intoxicated with poison, he argues with the world. || 6 || In the uplifting society, one is uplifted. He chases after virtue and washes off his sins. Without serving the Guru, celestial poise is not obtained. || 7 || The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is a diamond, a jewel, a ruby. The pearl of the mind is the inner wealth. O Nanak, the Lord tests us, and blesses us with His Glance of Grace. || 8 || 5 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL: The Gurmukh obtains spiritual wisdom, meditation and satisfaction of the mind. The Gurmukh realizes the Mansion of the Lord's Presence. The Gurmukh is attuned to the Word of the Shabad, as his Insignia. || 1 || Such is the loving devotional worship of the Lord's contemplation. The Gurmukh realizes the True Name, the Destroyer of ego. || 1 || Pause || Day and night, he remains immaculately pure, and abides in the sublime place. He gains the wisdom of the three worlds. Through the True Guru, the Command of the Lord's Will is realized. || 2 || He enjoys true pleasure, and suffers no pain. He enjoys the ambrosial wisdom, and the highest sublime essence. He overcomes the five evil passions, and becomes the happiest of all men. || 3 || Your Divine Light is contained in all; everyone belongs to You. You Yourself join and separate again. Whatever the Creator does, comes to pass. || 4 || He demolishes, and He builds; by His Order, he merges us into Himself. Whatever is pleasing to His Will, happens. Without the Guru, no one obtains the Perfect Lord. || 5 || In childhood and old age, he not understand. In the prime of youth, he is drowned in his pride. Without the Name, what can the fool obtain? || 6 || He does not know the One who blesses him with nourishment and wealth. Deluded by doubt, he later regrets and repents. The noose of death is around the neck of that crazy madman. || 7 || I saw the world drowning, and I ran away in fear. How very fortunate are those who have been saved by the True Guru. O Nanak, they are attached to the feet of the Guru. || 8 || 6 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL: They sing religious songs, but their consciousness is wicked. They sing the songs, and call themselves divine, but without the Name, their minds are false and wicked. || 1 || Where are you going? O mind, remain in your own home. The Gurmukhs are satisfied with the Lord's Name; searching, they easily find the Lord. || 1 || Pause || Sexual desire, anger and emotional attachment fill the mind and body; greed and egotism lead only to pain. How can the mind be comforted without the Lord's Name? || 2 || One who cleanses himself within, knows the True Lord. The Gurmukh knows the condition of his innermost being. Without the True Word of the Shabad, the Mansion of the Lord's Presence is not realized. || 3 || One who merges his form into the Formless Lord, abides in the True Lord, the Powerful, beyond power. Such a person does not enter into the womb of reincarnation again. || 4 || Go there, where you may obtain the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

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By Guru's Grace, perform good deeds. Imbued with the Naam, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. || 5 || Serving the Guru, I have come to understand myself. The Ambrosial Naam, the Giver of Peace, abides within my mind. Night and day, I am imbued with the Word of the Guru's Bani, and the Naam. || 6 || When my God attaches someone to Him, only then is that person attached. Conquering ego, he remains awake to the Word of the Shabad. Here and hereafter, he enjoys lasting peace. || 7 || The fickle mind does not know the way. The filthy self-willed manmukh does not understand the Shabad. The Gurmukh chants the Immaculate Naam. || 8 || I offer my prayer to the Lord, that I might dwell in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. There, sins and sufferings are erased, and one is illumined with the Lord's Name. || 9 || In reflective meditation, I have come to love good conduct. Through the Word of the True Guru, I recognize the One Lord. O Nanak, my mind is imbued with the Lord's Name. || 10 || 7 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL: The mind of the faithless cynic is like a crazy elephant. It wanders around the forest, distracted by attachment to Maya. It goes here and there, hounded by death. The Gurmukh seeks, and finds his own home. || 1 || Without the Word of the Guru's Shabad, the mind finds no place of rest. Remember in meditation the Lord's Name, the most pure and sublime; renounce your bitter egotism. || 1 || Pause || Tell me, how can this stupid mind be rescued? Without understanding, it shall suffer the pains of death. The Lord Himself forgives us, and unites us with the True Guru. The True Lord conquers and overcomes the tortures of death. || 2 || This mind commits its deeds of karma, and this mind follows the Dharma. This mind is born of the five elements. This foolish mind is perverted and greedy. Chanting the Naam, the mind of the Gurmukh becomes beautiful. || 3 || The mind of the Gurmukh finds the Lord's home. The Gurmukh comes to know the three worlds. This mind is a Yogi, an enjoyer, a practicer of austerities. The Gurmukh understands the Lord God Himself. || 4 || This mind is a detached renunciate, forsaking egotism. Desire and duality afflict each and every heart. The Gurmukh drinks in the Lord's sublime essence; at His Door, in the Mansion of the Lord's Presence, He preserves his honor. || 5 || This mind is the king, the hero of cosmic battles. The mind of the Gurmukh becomes fearless through the Naam. Overpowering and subduing the five passions, holding ego in its grip, it confines them to one place. || 6 || The Gurmukh renounces other songs and tastes. The mind of the Gurmukh is awakened to devotion. Hearing the unstruck music of the sound current, this mind contemplates the Shabad, and accepts it. Understanding itself, this soul becomes attuned to the Formless Lord. || 7 || This mind becomes immaculately pure, in the Court and the Home of the Lord. The Gurmukh shows his love through loving devotional worship. Night and day, by Guru's Grace, sing the Lord's Praises. God dwells in each and every heart, since the very beginning of time, and throughout the ages. || 8 || This mind is intoxicated with the sublime essence of the Lord; The Gurmukh realizes the essence of totality. For the sake of devotional worship, he dwells at the Guru's Feet. Nanak is the humble servant of the slave of the Lord's slaves.

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|| 9 || 8 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL: When the body perishes, whose wealth is it? Without the Guru, how can the Lord's Name be obtained? The wealth of the Lord's Name is my Companion and Helper. Night and day, center your loving attention on the Immaculate Lord. || 1 || Without the Lord's Name, who is ours? I look upon pleasure and pain alike; I shall not forsake the Naam, the Name of the Lord. The Lord Himself forgives me, and blends me with Himself. || 1 || Pause || The fool loves gold and women. Attached to duality, he has forgotten the Naam. O Lord, he alone chants the Naam, whom You have forgiven. Death cannot touch one who sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord. || 2 || The Lord, the Guru, is the Giver; the Lord, the Sustainer of the World. If it is pleasing to Your Will, please preserve me, O Merciful Lord. As Gurmukh, my mind is pleased with the Lord. My diseases are cured, and my pains are taken away. || 3 || There is no other medicine, Tantric charm or mantra. Meditative remembrance upon the Lord, Har, Har, destroys sins. You Yourself cause us to stray from the path, and forget the Naam. Showering Your Mercy, You Yourself save us. || 4 || The mind is diseased with doubt, superstition and duality. Without the Guru, it dwells in doubt, and contemplates duality. The Guru reveals the Darshan, the Blessed Vision of the Primal Lord. Without the Word of the Guru's Shabad, what use is human life? || 5 || Beholding the Marvellous Lord, I am wonder-struck and astonished. In each and every heart, of the angels and holy men, He dwells in celestial Samaadhi. I have enshrined the All-pervading Lord within my mind. There is no one else equal to You. || 6 || For the sake of devotional worship, we chant Your Name. The Lord's devotees dwell in the Society of the Saints. Breaking his bonds, one comes to meditate on the Lord. The Gurmukhs are emancipated, by the Guru-given knowledge of the Lord. || 7 || The Messenger of Death cannot touch him with pain; the Lord's humble servant remains awake to the Love of the Naam. The Lord is the Lover of His devotees; He dwells with His devotees. O Nanak, they are liberated, through the Love of the Lord. || 8 || 9 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL, IK-TUKEE: One who serves the Guru, knows his Lord and Master. His pains are erased, and he realizes the True Word of the Shabad. || 1 || Meditate on the Lord, O my friends and companions. Serving the True Guru, you shall behold God with your eyes. || 1 || Pause || People are entangled with mother, father and the world. They are entangled with sons, daughters and spouses. || 2 || They are entangled with religious rituals, and religious faith, acting in ego. They are entangled with sons, wives and others in their minds. || 3 || The farmers are entangled by farming. People suffer punishment in ego, and the Lord King exacts the penalty from them. || 4 || They are entangled in trade without contemplation. They are not satisfied by attachment to the expanse of Maya. || 5 || They are entangled with that wealth, amassed by bankers. Without devotion to the Lord, they do not become acceptable. || 6 || They are entangled with the Vedas, religious discussions and egotism. They are entangled, and perish in attachment and corruption. || 7 || Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of the Lord's Name. One who is saved by the True Guru, does not suffer entanglement. || 8 || 10 ||

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Those heads adorned with braided hair, with their parts painted with vermillion - those heads were shaved with scissors, and their throats were choked with dust. They lived in palatial mansions, but now, they cannot even sit near the palaces. || 1 || Hail to You, O Father Lord, Hail to You! O Primal Lord. Your limits are not known; You create, and create, and behold the scenes. || 1 || Pause || When they were married, their husbands looked so handsome beside them. They came in palanquins, decorated with ivory; water was sprinkled over their heads, and glittering fans were waved above them. || 2 || They were given hundreds of thousands of coins when they sat, and hundreds of thousands of coins when they stood. They ate coconuts and dates, and rested comfortably upon their beds. But ropes were put around their necks, and their strings of pearls were broken. || 3 || Their wealth and youthful beauty, which gave them so much pleasure, have now become their enemies. The order was given to the soldiers, who dishonored them, and carried them away. If it is pleasing to God's Will, He bestows greatness; if is pleases His Will, He bestows punishment. || 4 || If someone focuses on the Lord beforehand, then why should he be punished? The kings had lost their higher consciousness, reveling in pleasure and sensuality. Since Baabar's rule has been proclaimed, even the princes have no food to eat. || 5 || The Muslims have lost their five times of daily prayer, and the Hindus have lost their worship as well. Without their sacred squares, how shall the Hindu women bathe and apply the frontal marks to their foreheads? They never remembered their Lord as Raam, and now they cannot even chant Khudaa-i || 6 || Some have returned to their homes, and meeting their relatives, they ask about their safety. For some, it is pre-ordained that they shall sit and cry out in pain. Whatever pleases Him, comes to pass. O Nanak, what is the fate of mankind? || 7 || 11 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL: Where are the games, the stables, the horses? Where are the drums and the bugles? Where are the sword-belts and chariots? Where are those scarlet uniforms? Where are the rings and the beautiful faces? They are no longer to be seen here. || 1 || This world is Yours; You are the Lord of the Universe. In an instant, You establish and disestablish. You distribute wealth as it pleases You. || 1 || Pause || Where are the houses, the gates, the hotels and palaces? Where are those beautiful way-stations? Where are those beautiful women, reclining on their beds, whose beauty would not allow one to sleep?Where are those betel leaves, their sellers, and the haremees? They have vanished like shadows. || 2 || For the sake of this wealth, so many were ruined; because of this wealth, so many have been disgraced. It was not gathered without sin, and it does not go along with the dead. Those, whom the Creator Lord would destroy - first He strips them of virtue. || 3 || Millions of religious leaders failed to halt the invader, when they heard of the Emperor's invasion.

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He burned the rest-houses and the ancient temples; he cut the princes limb from limb, and cast them into the dust. None of the Mugals went blind, and no one performed any miracle. || 4 || The battle raged between the Mugals and the Pat'haans, and the swords clashed on the battlefield. They took aim and fired their guns, and they attacked with their elephants. Those men whose letters were torn in the Lord's Court, were destined to die, O Siblings of Destiny. || 5 || The Hindu women, the Muslim women, the Bhattis and the Rajputs - some had their robes torn away, from head to foot, while others came to dwell in the cremation ground. Their husbands did not return home - how did they pass their night? || 6 || The Creator Himself acts, and causes others to act. Unto whom should we complain? Pleasure and pain come by Your Will; unto whom should we go and cry? The Commander issues His Command, and is pleased. O Nanak, we receive what is written in our destiny. || 7 || 12 ||




As the shepherd is in the field for only a short time, so is one in the world. Practicing falsehood, they build their homes. || 1 || Wake up! Wake up! O sleepers, see that the travelling merchant is leaving. || 1 || Pause || Go ahead and build your houses, if you think you will stay here forever and ever. The body shall fall, and the soul shall depart; if only they knew this. || 2 || Why do you cry out and mourn for the dead? The Lord is, and shall always be. You mourn for that person, but who will mourn for you? || 3 || You are engrossed in worldly entanglements, O Siblings of Destiny, and you are practicing falsehood. The dead person does not hear anything at all; your cries are heard only by other people. || 4 || Only the Lord, who causes the mortal to sleep, O Nanak, can awaken him again. One who understands his true home, does not sleep. || 5 || If the departing mortal can take his wealth with him, then go ahead and gather wealth yourself. See this, reflect upon it, and understand. || 6 || Make your deals, and obtain the true merchandise, or else you shall regret it later. Abandon your vices, and practice virtue, and you shall obtain the essence of reality. || 7 || Plant the seed of Truth in the soil of Dharmic faith, and practice such farming. Only then will you be known as a merchant, if you take your profits with you. || 8 || If the Lord shows His Mercy, one meets the True Guru; contemplating Him, one comes to understand. Then, one chants the Naam, hears the Naam, and deals only in the Naam. || 9 || As is the profit, so is the loss; this is the way of the world. Whatever pleases His Will, O Nanak, is glory for me. || 10 || 13 || AASAA, FIFTH MEHL: I have searched in the four directions, but no one is mine. If it pleases You, O Lord Master, then You are mine, and I am Yours. || 1 || There is no other door for me; where shall I go to worship? You are my only Lord; Your True Name is in my mouth. || 1 || Pause || Some serve the Siddhas, the beings of spiritual perfection, and some serve spiritual teachers; they beg for wealth and miraculous powers. May I never forget the Naam, the Name of the One Lord.

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This is the wisdom of the True Guru. || 2 || Why do the Yogis, the revellers, and the beggars wander in foreign lands? They do not understand the Word of the Guru's Shabad, and the essence of excellence within them. || 3 || The Pandits, the religious scholars, the teachers and astrologers, and those who endlessly read the Puraanas, do not know what is within; God is hidden deep within them. || 4 || Some penitents perform penance in the forests, and some dwell forever at sacred shrines. The unenlightened people do not understand themselves - why have they become renunciates? || 5 || Some control their sexual energy, and are known as celibates. But without the Guru's Word, they are not saved, and they wander in reincarnation. || 6 || Some are householders, servants, and seekers, attached to the Guru's Teachings. They hold fast to the Naam, to charity, to cleansing and purification; they remain awake in devotion to the Lord. || 7 || Through the Guru, the Gate of the Lord's Home is found, and that place is recognized. Nanak does not forget the Naam; his mind has surrendered to the True Lord. || 8 || 14 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL: Stilling the desires of the mind, the mortal truly crosses over the terrifying world-ocean. In the very beginning, and throughout the ages, You have been the Merciful Lord and Master; I seek Your Sanctuary. || 1 || You are the Giver, and I am a mere beggar. Lord, please grant me the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan. The Gurmukh meditates on the Naam; the temple of his mind resounds with joy. || 1 || Pause || Renouncing false greed, one comes to realize the Truth. So let yourself be absorbed in the Word of the Guru's Shabad, and know this supreme realization. || 2 || This mind is a greedy king, engrossed in greed. The Gurmukh eliminates his greed, and comes to an understanding with the Lord. || 3 || Planting the seeds in the rocky soil, how can one reap a profit? The self-willed manmukh is not pleased with Truth; the false are buried in falsehood. || 4 || So renounce greed - you are blind! Greed only brings pain. When the True Lord dwells within the mind, the poisonous ego is conquered. || 5 || Renounce the evil way of duality, or you shall be plundered, O Siblings of Destiny. Day and night, praise the Naam, in the Sanctuary of the True Guru's protection. || 6 || The self-willed manmukh is a rock, a stone. His life is cursed and useless. No matter now long a stone is kept under water, it still remains dry at its core. || 7 || The Name of the Lord is the treasure; the Perfect Guru has given it to me. O Nanak, one who does not forget the Naam, churns and drinks in the Ambrosial Nectar. || 8 || 15 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL: The travellers travel from one road to another. The world is engrossed in its entanglements, and does not appreciate the Truth. || 1 || Why wander around, and why go searching, when the Guru's Shabad reveals Him to us? Leaving behind egotism and attachment, I have arrived at my own home. || 1 || Pause || Through Truth, one meets the True One; He is not obtained through falsehood. Centering your consciousness on the True Lord, you shall not have to come into the world again. || 2 || Why do you weep for the dead? You do not know how to weep. Weep by praising the True Lord, and recognize His Command. || 3 || Blessed is the birth of one who is destined to abide by the Lord's Command. He obtains the true profit, realizing the Lord's Command. || 4 ||

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If it pleases the Commander, one goes to His Court, robed in honor. By His Command, God's slaves are hit over the head. || 5 || The profit is earned by enshrining Truth and justice in the mind. They obtain what is written in their destiny, and overcome pride. || 6 || The self-willed manmukhs are hit over the head, and consumed by conflict. The cheaters are plundered by falsehood; they are chained and led away. || 7 || Enshrine the Lord Master in your mind, and you shall not have to repent. He forgives our sins, when we practice the Teachings of the Guru's Word. || 8 || Nanak begs for the True Name, which is obtained by the Gurmukh. Without You, I have no other at all; please, bless me with Your Glance of Grace. || 9 || 16 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL: Why should I go searching in the forests, when the woods of my home are so green? The True Word of the Shabad has instantaneously come and settled in my heart. || 1 || Wherever I look, there He is; I know no other. Working for the Guru, one realizes the Mansion of the Lord's Presence. || 1 || Pause || The True Lord blends us with Himself, when it is pleasing to His Mind. One who ever walks in accordance with His Will, merges into His Being. || 2 || When the True Lord dwells in the mind, that mind flourishes. He Himself grants greatness; His Gifts are never exhausted. || 3 || Serving this and that person, how can one obtain the Lord's Court? If someone embarks on a boat of stone, he shall drown with its cargo. || 4 || So offer your mind, and surrender your head with it. The Gurmukh realizes the true essence, and finds the home of his own self. || 5 || People discuss birth and death; the Creator created this. Those who conquer their selfhood and remain dead, shall never have to die again. || 6 || Do those deeds which the Primal Lord has ordered for you. If one surrenders his mind upon meeting the True Guru, who can estimate its value? || 7 || That Lord Master is the Assayer of the jewel of the mind; He places the value on it. O Nanak, True is the Glory of that one, in whose mind the Lord Master dwells. || 8 || 17 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL: Those who have forgotten the Naam, the Name of the Lord, are deluded by doubt and duality. Those who abandon the roots and cling to the branches, shall obtain only ashes. || 1 || Without the Name, how can one be emancipated? Who knows this? One who becomes Gurmukh is emancipated; the self-willed manmukhs lose their honor. || 1 || Pause || Those who serve the One Lord become perfect in their understanding, O Siblings of Destiny. The Lord's humble servant finds Sanctuary in Him, the Immaculate One, from the very beginning, and throughout the ages. || 2 || My Lord and Master is the One; there is no other, O Siblings of Destiny. By the Grace of the True Lord, celestial peace is obtained. || 3 || Without the Guru, no one has obtained Him, although many may claim to have done so. He Himself reveals the Way, and implants true devotion within. || 4 || Even if the self-willed manmukh is instructed, he stills goes into the wilderness. Without the Lord's Name, he shall not be emancipated; he shall die, and sink into hell. || 5 || He wanders through birth and death, and never chants the Lord's Name. He never realizes his own value, without serving the Guru. || 6 ||

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Whatever service the Lord causes us to do, that is just what we do. He Himself acts; who else should be mentioned? He beholds His own greatness. || 7 || He alone serves the Guru, whom the Lord Himself inspires to do so. O Nanak, offering his head, one is emancipated, and honored in the Court of the Lord. || 8 || 18 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL: Beautiful is the Supreme Lord and Master, and beautiful is the Word of the Guru's Bani. By great good fortune, one meets the True Guru, and the supreme status of Nirvaanaa is obtained. || 1 || I am the lowest slave of Your slaves; I am Your most humble servant. As You keep me, I live. Your Name is in my mouth. || 1 || Pause || I have such a great thirst for the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan; my mind accepts Your Will, and so You are pleased with me. Greatness is in the Hands of my Lord and Master; by His Will, honor is obtained. || 2 || Do not think that the True Lord is far away; He is deep within. Wherever I look, there I find Him pervading; how can I estimate His value? || 3 || He Himself does, and He Himself undoes. He Himself beholds His glorious greatness. Becoming Gurmukh, one beholds Him, and so, His value is appraised. || 4 || So earn your profits while you are alive, by serving the Guru. If it is so pre-ordained, then one finds the True Guru. || 5 || The self-willed manmukhs continually lose, and wander around, deluded by doubt. The blind manmukhs do not remember the Lord; how can they obtain the Blessed Vision of His Darshan? || 6 || One's coming into the world is judged worthwhile only if one lovingly attunes oneself to the True Lord. Meeting the Guru, one becomes invaluable; his light merges into the Light. || 7 || Day and night, he remains detached, and serves the Primal Lord. O Nanak, those who are imbued with the Lord's Lotus Feet, are content with the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 8 || 19 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL: No matter how much one may describe the Lord, His limits still cannot be known. I am without any support; You, O Lord, are my only Support; You are my almighty power. || 1 || This is Nanak's prayer, that he may be adorned with the True Name. When self-conceit is eradicated, and understanding is obtained, one meets the Lord, through the Word of the Guru's Shabad. || 1|| Pause || Abandoning egotism and pride, one obtains contemplative understanding. When the mind surrenders to the Lord Master, He bestows the support of the Truth. || 2 || Day and night, remain content with the Naam, the Name of the Lord; that is the true service. No misfortune troubles one who follows the Command of the Lord's Will. || 3 || One who follows the Command of the Lord's Will is taken into the Lord's Treasury. The counterfeit find no place there; they are mixed with the false ones. || 4 || Forever and ever, the genuine coins are treasured; with them, the true merchandise is purchased. The false ones are not seen in the Lord's Treasury; they are seized and cast into the fire again. || 5 || Those who understand their own souls, are themselves the Supreme Soul. The One Lord is the tree of ambrosial nectar, which bears the ambrosial fruit. || 6 || Those who taste the ambrosial fruit remain satisfied with Truth. They have no doubt or sense of separation - their tongues taste the divine taste. || 7 || By His Command, and through your past actions, you came into the world; walk forever according to His Will. Please, grant virtue to Nanak, the virtueless one; bless him with the glorious greatness of the Truth. || 8 || 20 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL: One whose mind is attuned to the Lord's Name speaks the truth.

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What would the people lose, if I became pleasing to You, O Lord? || 1 || As long as there is the breath of life, meditate on the True Lord. You shall receive the profit of singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, and find peace. || 1 || Pause || True is Your Service; bless me with it, O Merciful Lord. I live by praising You; You are my Anchor and Support. || 2 || I am Your servant, the gate-keeper at Your Gate; You alone know my pain. How wonderful is Your devotional worship! It removes all pains. || 3 || The Gurmukhs know that by chanting the Naam, they shall dwell in His Court, in His Presence. True and acceptable is that time, when one recognizes the Word of the Shabad. || 4 || Those who practice Truth, contentment and love, obtain the supplies of the Lord's Name. So banish corruption from your mind, and the True One will grant you Truth. || 5 || The True Lord inspires true love in the truthful. He Himself administers justice, as it pleases His Will. || 6 || True is the gift of the True, Compassionate Lord. Day and night, I serve the One whose Name is priceless. || 7 || You are so sublime, and I am so lowly, but I am called Your slave. Please, shower Nanak with Your Glance of Grace, that he, the separated one, may merge with You again, O Lord. || 8 || 21 || AASAA, FIRST MEHL: How can coming and going, the cycle of reincarnation be ended? And how can one meet the Lord? The pain of birth and death is so great, in constant skepticism and duality. || 1 || Without the Name, what is life? Cleverness is detestable and cursed. One who does not serve the Holy True Guru, is not pleased by devotion to the Lord. || 1 || Pause || Coming and going is ended only when one finds the True Guru. He gives the wealth and capital of the Lord's Name, and false doubt is destroyed. || 2 || Joining the humble Saintly beings, let us sing the blessed, blessed Praises of the Lord. The Primal Lord, the Infinite, is obtained by the Gurmukh. || 3 || The drama of the world is staged like the show of a buffoon. For an instant, for a moment, the show is seen, but it disappears in no time at all. || 4 || The game of chance is played on the board of egotism, with the pieces of falsehood and ego. The whole world loses; he alone wins, who reflects upon the Word of the Guru's Shabad. || 5 || As is the cane in the hand of the blind man, so is the Lord's Name for me. The Lord's Name is my Support, night and day and morning. || 6 || As You keep me, Lord, I live; the Lord's Name is my only Support. It is my only comfort in the end; the gate of salvation is found by His humble servants. || 7 || The pain of birth and death is removed, by chanting and meditating on the Naam, the Name of the Lord. O Nanak, one who does not forget the Naam, is saved by the Perfect Guru. || 8 || 22 ||




The Shaastras, the Vedas and the Simritees are contained in the ocean of Your Name; the River Ganges is held in Your Feet. The intellect can understand the world of the three modes, but You, O Primal Lord, are totally astounding. || 1 || Servant Nanak meditates on His Feet, and chants the Ambrosial Word of His Bani. || 1 || Pause || Three hundred thirty million gods are Your servants.

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You bestow wealth, and the supernatural powers of the Siddhas; You are the Support of the breath of life. His beauteous forms cannot be comprehended; what can anyone accomplish by discussing and debating? || 2 || Throughout the ages, You are the three qualities, and the four sources of creation. If You show Your Mercy, then one obtains the supreme status, and speaks the Unspoken Speech. || 3 || You are the Creator; all are created by You. What can any mortal being do? He alone, upon whom You shower Your Grace, is absorbed into the Truth. || 4 || Everyone who comes and goes chants Your Name. When it is pleasing to Your Will, then the Gurmukh understands. Otherwise, the self-willed manmukhs wander in ignorance. || 5 || You gave the four Vedas to Brahma, for him to read and read continually, and reflect upon. The wretched one does not understand His Command, and is reincarnated into heaven and hell. || 6 || In each and every age, He creates the kings, who are sung of as His Incarnations. Even they have not found His limits; what can I speak of and contemplate? || 7 || You are True, and all that You do is True. If You bless me with the Truth, I will speak on it. One whom You inspire to understand the Truth, is easily absorbed into the Naam. || 8 || 1 || 23 || AASAA, THIRD MEHL: The True Guru has dispelled my doubts. He has enshrined the Immaculate Name of the Lord within my mind. Focusing on the Word of the Shabad, I have obtained lasting peace. || 1 || Listen, O my mind, to the essence of spiritual wisdom. The Great Giver knows our condition completely; the Gurmukh obtains the treasure of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 1 || Pause || The great glory of meeting the True Guru is that it has quenched the fire of possessiveness and desire; imbued with peace and poise, I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. || 2 || Without the Perfect Guru, no one knows the Lord. Attached to Maya, they are engrossed in duality. The Gurmukh receives the Naam, and the Bani of the Lord's Word. || 3 || Service to the Guru is the most excellent and sublime penance of penances. The Dear Lord dwells in the mind, and all suffering departs. Then, at the Gate of the True Lord, one appears truthful. || 4 || Serving the Guru, one comes to know the three worlds. Understanding his own self, he obtains the Lord. Through the True Word of His Bani, we enter the Mansion of His Presence. || 5 || Serving the Guru, all of one's generations are saved. Keep the Immaculate Naam enshrined within your heart. In the Court of the True Lord, you shall be adorned with True Glory. || 6 || How very fortunate are they, who are committed to the Guru's service. Night and day, they are engaged in devotional worship; the True Name is implanted within them. Through the Naam, all of one's generations are saved. || 7 || Nanak chants the true thought. Keep the Name of the Lord enshrined within your heart. Imbued with devotion to the Lord, the gate of salvation is found. || 8 || 2 || 24 || AASAA, THIRD MEHL: Everyone lives, hoping in hope. Understanding His Command, one becomes free of desire. So many are asleep in hope. He alone wakes up, whom the Lord awakens. || 1 || The True Guru has led me to understand the Naam, the Name of the Lord; without the Naam, hunger does not go away.

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