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SHALOK: The Divine Guru is my mother, the Divine Guru is my father; the Divine Guru is my Transcendent Lord and Master. The Divine Guru is my companion, the Destroyer of ignorance; the Divine Guru is my relative and brother. The Divine Guru is the Giver, the Teacher of the Lord's Name. The Divine Guru is the Mantra which never fails. The Divine Guru is the Image of peace, truth and wisdom. The Divine Guru is the Philosopher's Stone - touching it, one is transformed. The Divine Guru is the sacred shrine of pilgrimage, and the pool of divine ambrosia; bathing in the Guru's wisdom, one experiences the Infinite. The Divine Guru is the Creator, and the Destroyer of all sins; the Divine Guru is the Purifier of sinners. The Divine Guru existed at the primal beginning, throughout the ages, in each and every age. The Divine Guru is the Mantra of the Lord's Name; chanting it, one is saved. O God, please be merciful to me, that I may be with the Divine Guru; I am a foolish sinner, but holding onto Him, I am carried across. The Divine Guru is the True Guru, the Supreme Lord God, the Transcendent Lord; Nanak bows in humble reverence to the Lord, the Divine Guru. || 1 || SHALOK: He Himself acts, and causes others to act; He Himself can do everything. O Nanak, the One Lord is pervading everywhere; there has never been any other, and there never shall be. || 1 || PAUREE: ONG: I humbly bow in reverence to the One Universal Creator, to the Holy True Guru. In the beginning, in the middle, and in the end, He is the Formless Lord. He Himself is in the absolute state of primal meditation; He Himself is in the seat of peace. He Himself listens to His Own Praises. He Himself created Himself. He is His Own Father, He is His Own Mother. He Himself is subtle and etheric; He Himself is manifest and obvious. O Nanak, His wondrous play cannot be understood. || 1 || O God, Merciful to the meek, please be kind to me, that my mind might become the dust of the feet of Your Saints. || Pause || SHALOK: He Himself is formless, and also formed; the One Lord is without attributes, and also with attributes. Describe the One Lord as One, and Only One; O Nanak, He is the One, and the many. || 1 || PAUREE: ONG: The One Universal Creator created the Creation through the Word of the Primal Guru. He strung it upon His one thread. He created the diverse expanse of the three qualities. From formless, He appeared as form. The Creator has created the creation of all sorts. The attachment of the mind has led to birth and death. He Himself is above both, untouched and unaffected. O Nanak, He has no end or limitation. || 2 || SHALOK: Those who gather Truth, and the riches of the Lord's Name, are rich and very fortunate. O Nanak, truthfulness and purity are obtained from Saints such as these. || 1 || PAUREE: SASSA: True, True, True is that Lord. No one is separate from the True Primal Lord. They alone enter the Lord's Sanctuary, whom the Lord inspires to enter. Meditating, meditating in remembrance, they sing and preach the Glorious Praises of the Lord. Doubt and skepticism do not affect them at all. They behold the manifest glory of the Lord. They are the Holy Saints - they reach this destination. Nanak is forever a sacrifice to them. || 3 || SHALOK: Why are you crying out for riches and wealth? All this emotional attachment to Maya is false.

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Without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, O Nanak, all are reduced to dust. || 1 || PAUREE: DHADHA: The dust of the feet of the Saints is sacred. Blessed are those whose minds are filled with this longing. They do not seek wealth, and they do not desire paradise. They are immersed in the deep love of their Beloved, and the dust of the feet of the Holy. How can worldly affairs affect those who do not abandon the One Lord, and who go nowhere else? One whose heart is filled with God's Name, O Nanak, is a perfect spiritual being of God. || 4 || SHALOK: By all sorts of religious robes, knowledge, meditation and stubborn-mindedness, no one has ever met God. Says Nanak, those upon whom God showers His Mercy, are devotees of spiritual wisdom. || 1 || PAUREE: NGANGA: Spiritual wisdom is not obtained by mere words of mouth. It is not obtained through the various debates of the Shaastras and scriptures. They alone are spiritually wise, whose minds are firmly fixed on the Lord. Hearing and telling stories, no one attains Yoga. They alone are spiritually wise, who remain firmly committed to the Lord's Command. Heat and cold are all the same to them. The true people of spiritual wisdom are the Gurmukhs, who contemplate the essence of reality; O Nanak, the Lord showers His Mercy upon them. || 5 || SHALOK: Those who have come into the world without understanding are like animals and beasts. O Nanak, those who become Gurmukh understand; upon their foreheads is such pre-ordained destiny. || 1 || PAUREE: They have come into this world to meditate on the One Lord. But ever since their birth, they have been enticed by the fascination of Maya. Upside-down in the chamber of the womb, they performed intense meditation. They remembered God in meditation with each and every breath. But now, they are entangled in things which they must leave behind. They forget the Great Giver from their minds. O Nanak, those upon whom the Lord showers His Mercy, do not forget Him, here or hereafter. || 6 || SHALOK: By His Command, we come, and by His Command, we go; no one is beyond His Command. Coming and going in reincarnation is ended, O Nanak, for those whose minds are filled with the Lord. || 1 || PAUREE: This soul has lived in many wombs. Enticed by sweet attachment, it has been trapped in reincarnation. This Maya has subjugated beings through the three qualities. Maya has infused attachment to itself in each and every heart. O friend, tell me some way, by which I may swim across this treacherous ocean of Maya. The Lord showers His Mercy, and leads us to join the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation. O Nanak, Maya does not even come near. || 7 || SHALOK: God Himself causes one to perform good and bad actions. The beast indulges in egotism, selfishness and conceit; O Nanak, without the Lord, what can anyone do? || 1 || PAUREE: The One Lord Himself is the Cause of all actions. He Himself distributes sins and noble acts. In this age, people are attached as the Lord attaches them. They receive that which the Lord Himself gives. No one knows His limits. Whatever He does, comes to pass. From the One, the entire expanse of the Universe emanated. O Nanak, He Himself is our Saving Grace. || 8 || SHALOK: Man remains engrossed in women and playful pleasures; the tumult of his passion is like the dye of the safflower, which fades away all too soon.

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O Nanak, seek God's Sanctuary, and your selfishness and conceit shall be taken away. || 1 || PAUREE: O mind: without the Lord, whatever you are involved in shall bind you in chains. The faithless cynic does those deeds which will never allow him to be emancipated. Acting in egotism, selfishness and conceit, the lovers of rituals carry the unbearable load. When there is no love for the Naam, then these rituals are corrupt. The rope of death binds those who are in love with the sweet taste of Maya. Deluded by doubt, they do not understand that God is always with them. When their accounts are called for, they shall not be released; their wall of mud cannot be washed clean. One who is made to understand - O Nanak, that Gurmukh obtains immaculate understanding. || 9 || SHALOK: One whose bonds are cut away joins the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. Those who are imbued with the Love of the One Lord, O Nanak, take on the deep and lasting color of His Love. || 1 || PAUREE: RARRA: Dye this heart of yours in the color of the Lord's Love. Meditate on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har - chant it with your tongue. In the Court of the Lord, no one shall speak harshly to you. Everyone shall welcome you, saying, "Come, and sit down." In that Mansion of the Lord's Presence, you shall find a home. There is no birth or death, or destruction there. One who has such karma written on his forehead, O Nanak, has the wealth of the Lord in his home. || 10 || SHALOK: Greed, falsehood, corruption and emotional attachment entangle the blind and the foolish. Bound down by Maya, O Nanak, a foul odor clings to them. || 1 || PAUREE: LALLA: People are entangled in the love of corrupt pleasures; they are drunk with the wine of egotistical intellect and Maya. In this Maya, they are born and die. People act according to the Hukam of the Lord's Command. No one is perfect, and no one is imperfect. No one is wise, and no one is foolish. Wherever the Lord engages someone, there he is engaged. O Nanak, our Lord and Master is forever detached. || 11 || SHALOK: My Beloved God, the Sustainer of the World, the Lord of the Universe, is deep, profound and unfathomable. There is no other like Him; O Nanak, He is not worried. || 1 || PAUREE: LALLA: There is no one equal to Him. He Himself is the One; there shall never be any other. He is now, He has been, and He shall always be. No one has ever found His limit. In the ant and in the elephant, He is totally pervading. The Lord, the Primal Being, is known by everyone everywhere. That one, unto whom the Lord has given His Love - O Nanak, that Gurmukh chants the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. || 12 || SHALOK: One who knows the taste of the Lord's sublime essence, intuitively enjoys the Lord's Love. O Nanak, blessed, blessed, blessed are the Lord's humble servants; how fortunate is their coming into the world! || 1 || PAUREE: How fruitful is the coming into the world, of those whose tongues celebrate the Praises of the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. They come and dwell with the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; night and day, they lovingly meditate on the Naam. Blessed is the birth of those humble beings who are attuned to the Naam; the Lord, the Architect of Destiny, bestows His Kind Mercy upon them. They are born only once - they shall not be reincarnated again. O Nanak, they are absorbed into the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan. || 13 || SHALOK: Chanting it, the mind is filled with bliss; love of duality is eliminated, and pain, distress and desires are quenched.

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O Nanak, immerse yourself in the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 1 || PAUREE: YAYYA: Burn away duality and evil-mindedness. Give them up, and sleep in intuitive peace and poise. Yaya: Go, and seek the Sanctuary of the Saints; with their help, you shall cross over the terrifying world-ocean. Yaya: One who weaves the One Name into his heart, does not have to take birth again. Yaya: This human life shall not be wasted, if you take the Support of the Perfect Guru. O Nanak, one whose heart is filled with the One Lord finds peace. || 14 || SHALOK: The One who dwells deep within the mind and body is your friend here and hereafter. The Perfect Guru has taught me, O Nanak, to chant His Name continually. || 1 || PAUREE: Night and day, meditate in remembrance on the One who will be your Help and Support in the end. This poison shall last for only a few days; everyone must depart, and leave it behind. Who is our mother, father, son and daughter? Household, wife, and other things shall not go along with you. So gather that wealth which shall never perish, so that you may go to your true home with honor. In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, those who sing the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy - O Nanak, they do not have to endure reincarnation again. || 15 || SHALOK: He may be very handsome, born into a highly respected family, very wise, a famous spiritual teacher, prosperous and wealthy; but even so, he is looked upon as a corpse, O Nanak, if he does not love the Lord God. || 1 || PAUREE: NGANGA: He may be a scholar of the six Shaastras. He may practice inhaling, exhaling and holding the breath. He may practice spiritual wisdom, meditation, pilgrimages to sacred shrines and ritual cleansing baths. He may cook his own food, and never touch anyone else's; he may live in the wilderness like a hermit. But if he does not enshrine love for the Lord's Name within his heart, then everything he does is transitory. Even an untouchable pariah is superior to him, O Nanak, if the Lord of the World abides in his mind. || 16 || SHALOK: He wanders around in the four quarters and in the ten directions, according to the dictates of his karma. Pleasure and pain, liberation and reincarnation, O Nanak, come according to one's pre-ordained destiny. || 1 || PAUREE: KAKKA: He is the Creator, the Cause of causes. No one can erase His pre-ordained plan. Nothing can be done a second time. The Creator Lord does not make mistakes. To some, He Himself shows the Way. While He causes others to wander miserably in the wilderness. He Himself has set His own play in motion. Whatever He gives, O Nanak, that is what we receive. || 17 || SHALOK: People continue to eat and consume and enjoy, but the Lord's warehouses are never exhausted. So many chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har; O Nanak, they cannot be counted. || 1 || PAUREE: KHAKHA: The All-powerful Lord lacks nothing; whatever He is to give, He continues to give - let anyone go anywhere he pleases. The wealth of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is a treasure to spend; it is the capital of His devotees. With tolerance, humility, bliss and intuitive poise, they continue to meditate on the Lord, the Treasure of excellence. Those, unto whom the Lord shows His Mercy, play happily and blossom forth. Those who have the wealth of the Lord's Name in their homes are forever wealthy and beautiful. Those who are blessed with the Lord's Glance of Grace suffer neither torture, nor pain, nor punishment.

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O Nanak, those who are pleasing to God become perfectly successful. || 18 || SHALOK: See, that even by calculating and scheming in their minds, people must surely depart in the end. Hopes and desires for transitory things are erased for the Gurmukh; O Nanak, the Name alone brings true health. || 1 || PAUREE: GAGGA: Chant the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe with each and every breath; meditate on Him forever. How can you rely on the body? Do not delay, my friend; there is nothing to stand in Death's way - neither in childhood, nor in youth, nor in old age. That time is not known, when the noose of Death shall come and fall on you. See, that even spiritual scholars, those who meditate, and those who are clever shall not stay in this place. Only the fool clings to that, which everyone else has abandoned and left behind. By Guru's Grace, one who has such good destiny written on his forehead remembers the Lord in meditation. O Nanak, blessed and fruitful is the coming of those who obtain the Beloved Lord as their Husband. || 19 || SHALOK: I have searched all the Shaastras and the Vedas, and they say nothing except this: "In the beginning, throughout the ages, now and forevermore, O Nanak, the One Lord alone exists." || 1 || PAUREE: GHAGHA: Put this into your mind, that there is no one except the Lord. There never was, and there never shall be. He is pervading everywhere. You shall be absorbed into Him, O mind, if you come to His Sanctuary. In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, only the Naam, the Name of the Lord, shall be of any real use to you. So many work and slave continually, but they come to regret and repent in the end. Without devotional worship of the Lord, how can they find stability? They alone taste the supreme essence, and drink in the Ambrosial Nectar, O Nanak, unto whom the Lord, the Guru, gives it. || 20 || SHALOK: He has counted all the days and the breaths, and placed them in people's destiny; they do not increase or decrease one little bit. Those who long to live in doubt and emotional attachment, O Nanak, are total fools. || 1 || PAUREE: NGANGA: Death seizes those whom God has made into faithless cynics. They are born and they die, enduring countless incarnations; they do not realize the Lord, the Supreme Soul. They alone find spiritual wisdom and meditation, whom the Lord blesses with His Mercy; no one is emancipated by counting and calculating. The vessel of clay shall surely break. They alone live, who, while alive, meditate on the Lord. They are respected, O Nanak, and do not remain hidden. || 21 || SHALOK: Focus your consciousness on His Lotus Feet, and the inverted lotus of your heart shall blossom forth. The Lord of the Universe Himself becomes manifest, O Nanak, through the Teachings of the Saints. || 1 || PAUREE: CHACHA: Blessed, blessed is that day, when I became attached to the Lord's Lotus Feet. After wandering around in the four quarters and the ten directions, God showed His Mercy to me, and then I obtained the Blessed Vision of His Darshan. By pure lifestyle and meditation, all duality is removed. In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the mind becomes immaculate. Anxieties are forgotten, and the One Lord alone is seen, O Nanak, by those whose eyes are anointed with the ointment of spiritual wisdom. || 22 || SHALOK: The heart is cooled and soothed, and the mind is at peace, chanting and singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe. Show such Mercy, O God, that Nanak may become the slave of Your slaves. || 1 || PAUREE: CHHACHHA: I am Your child-slave. I am the water-carrier of the slave of Your slaves. Chhachha:

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I long to become the dust under the feet of Your Saints. Please shower me with Your Mercy, O Lord God! I have given up my excessive cleverness and scheming, and I have taken the support of the Saints as my mind's support. Even a puppet of ashes attains the supreme status, O Nanak, if it has the help and support of the Saints. || 23 || SHALOK: Practicing oppression and tyranny, he puffs himself up; he acts in corruption with his frail, perishable body. He is bound by his egotistical intellect; O Nanak, salvation comes only through the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 1 || PAUREE: JAJJA: When someone, in his ego, believes that he has become something, he is caught in his error, like a parrot in a trap. When he believes, in his ego, that he is a devotee and a spiritual teacher, then, in the world hereafter, the Lord of the Universe shall have no regard for him at all. When he believes himself to be a preacher, he is merely a peddler wandering over the earth. But one who conquers his ego in the Company of the Holy, O Nanak, meets the Lord. || 24 || SHALOK: Rise early in the morning, and chant the Naam; worship and adore the Lord, night and day. Anxiety shall not afflict you, O Nanak, and your misfortune shall vanish. || 1 || PAUREE: JHAJHA: Your sorrows shall depart, when you deal with the Lord's Name. The faithless cynic dies in sorrow and pain; his heart is filled with the love of duality. Your evil deeds and sins shall fall away, O my mind, listening to the ambrosial speech in the Society of the Saints. Sexual desire, anger and wickedness fall away, O Nanak, from those who are blessed by the Mercy of the Lord of the World. || 25 || SHALOK: You can try all sorts of things, but you still cannot remain here, my friend. But you shall live forevermore, O Nanak, if you vibrate and love the Naam, the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. || 1 || PAUREE: NYANYA: Know this as absolutely correct, that that this ordinary love shall come to an end. You may count and calculate as much as you want, but you cannot count how many have arisen and departed. Whoever I see shall perish. With whom should I associate? Know this as true in your consciousness, that the love of Maya is false. He alone knows, and he alone is a Saint, who is free of doubt. He is lifted up and out of the deep dark pit; the Lord is totally pleased with him. God's Hand is All-powerful; He is the Creator, the Cause of causes. O Nanak, praise the One, who joins us to Himself. || 26 || SHALOK: The bondage of birth and death is broken and peace is obtained, by serving the Holy. O Nanak, may I never forget from my mind, the Treasure of Virtue, the Sovereign Lord of the Universe. || 1 || PAUREE: Work for the One Lord; no one returns empty-handed from Him. When the Lord abides within your mind, body, mouth and heart, then whatever you desire shall come to pass. He alone obtains the Lord's service, and the Mansion of His Presence, unto whom the Holy Saint is compassionate. He joins the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, only when the Lord Himself shows His Mercy. I have searched and searched, across so many worlds, but without the Name, there is no peace. The Messenger of Death retreats from those who dwell in the Saadh Sangat. Again and again, I am forever devoted to the Saints. O Nanak, my sins from so long ago have been erased. || 27 || SHALOK: Those beings, with whom the Lord is thoroughly pleased, meet with no obstacles at His Door.

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Those humble beings whom God has made His own, O Nanak, are blessed, so very blessed. || 1 || PAUREE: T'HAT'HA: Those who have abandoned all else, and who cling to the One Lord alone, do not make trouble for anyone's mind. Those who are totally absorbed and preoccupied with Maya are dead; they do not find happiness anywhere. One who dwells in the Society of the Saints finds a great peace; the Ambrosial Nectar of the Naam becomes sweet to his soul. That humble being, who is pleasing to his Lord and Master - O Nanak, his mind is cooled and soothed. || 28 || SHALOK: I bow down, and fall to the ground in humble adoration, countless times, to the All-powerful Lord, who possesses all powers. Please protect me, and save me from wandering, God. Reach out and give Nanak Your Hand. || 1 || PAUREE: DADDA: This is not your true place; you must know where that place really is. You shall come to realize the way to that place, through the Word of the Guru's Shabad. This place, here, is established by hard work, but not one iota of this shall go there with you. The value of that place beyond is known only to those, upon whom the Perfect Lord God casts His Glance of Grace. That permanent and true place is obtained in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; O Nanak, those humble beings do not waver or wander. || 29 || SHALOK: When the Righteous Judge of Dharma begins to destroy someone, no one can place any obstacle in His Way. O Nanak, those who join the Saadh Sangat and meditate on the Lord are saved. || 1 || PAUREE: DHADHA: Where are you going, wandering and searching? Search instead within your own mind. God is with you, so why do you wander around from forest to forest? In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, tear down the mound of your frightful, egotistical pride. You shall find peace, and abide in intuitive bliss; gazing upon the Blessed Vision of God's Darshan, you shall be delighted. One who has such a mound as this, dies and suffers the pain of reincarnation through the womb. One who is intoxicated by emotional attachment, entangled in egotism, selfishness and conceit, shall continue coming and going in reincarnation. Slowly and steadily, I have now surrendered to the Holy Saints; I have come to their Sanctuary. God has cut away the noose of my pain; O Nanak, He has merged me into Himself. || 30 || SHALOK: Where the Holy people constantly vibrate the Kirtan of the Praises of the Lord of the Universe, O Nanak - the Righteous Judge says, "Do not approach that place, O Messenger of Death, or else neither you nor I shall escape!" || 1 || PAUREE: NANNA: One who conquers his own soul, wins the battle of life. One who dies, while fighting against egotism and alienation, becomes sublime and beautiful. One who eradicates his ego, remains dead while yet alive, through the Teachings of the Perfect Guru. He conquers his mind, and meets the Lord; he is dressed in robes of honor. He does not claim anything as his own; the One Lord is his Anchor and Support. Night and day, he continually contemplates the Almighty, Infinite Lord God. He makes his mind the dust of all; such is the karma of the deeds he does. Understanding the Hukam of the Lord's Command, he attains everlasting peace. O Nanak, such is his pre-ordained destiny. || 31 || SHALOK: I offer my body, mind and wealth to anyone who can unite me with God. O Nanak, my doubts and fears have been dispelled, and the Messenger of Death does not see me any longer. || 1 || PAUREE: TATTA: Embrace love for the Treasure of Excellence, the Sovereign Lord of the Universe. You shall obtain the fruits of your mind's desires, and your burning thirst shall be quenched.

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One whose heart is filled with the Name shall have no fear on the path of death. He shall obtain salvation, and his intellect shall be enlightened; he will find his place in the Mansion of the Lord's Presence. Neither wealth, nor household, nor youth, nor power shall go along with you. In the Society of the Saints, meditate in remembrance on the Lord. This alone shall be of use to you. There will be no burning at all, when He Himself takes away your fever. O Nanak, the Lord Himself cherishes us; He is our Mother and Father. || 32 || SHALOK: They have grown weary, struggling in all sorts of ways; but they are not satisfied, and their thirst is not quenched. Gathering in and hoarding what they can, the faithless cynics die, O Nanak, but the wealth of Maya does not go with them in the end. || 1 || PAUREE: T'HAT'HA: Nothing is permanent - why do you stretch out your feet? You commit so many fraudulent and deceitful actions as you chase after Maya. You work to fill up your bag, you fool, and then you fall down exhausted. But this shall be of no use to you at all at that very last instant. You shall find stability only by vibrating upon the Lord of the Universe, and accepting the Teachings of the Saints. Embrace love for the One Lord forever - this is true love! He is the Doer, the Cause of causes. All ways and means are in His Hands alone. Whatever You attach me to, to that I am attached; O Nanak, I am just a helpless creature. || 33 || SHALOK: His slaves have gazed upon the One Lord, the Giver of everything. They continue to contemplate Him with each and every breath; O Nanak, the Blessed Vision of His Darshan is their Support. || 1 || PAUREE: DADDA: The One Lord is the Great Giver; He is the Giver to all. There is no limit to His Giving. His countless warehouses are filled to overflowing. The Great Giver is alive forever. O foolish mind, why have you forgotten Him? No one is at fault, my friend. God created the bondage of emotional attachment to Maya. He Himself removes the pains of the Gurmukh; O Nanak, he is fulfilled. || 34 || SHALOK: O my soul, grasp the Support of the One Lord; give up your hopes in others. O Nanak, meditating on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, your affairs shall be resolved. || 1 || PAUREE: DHADHA: The mind's wanderings cease, when one comes to dwell in the Society of the Saints. If the Lord is Merciful from the very beginning, then one's mind is enlightened. Those who have the true wealth are the true bankers. The Lord, Har, Har, is their wealth, and they trade in His Name. Patience, glory and honor come to those who listen to the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. That Gurmukh whose heart remains merged with the Lord, O Nanak, obtains glorious greatness. || 35 || SHALOK: O Nanak, one who chants the Naam, and meditates on the Naam with love inwardly and outwardly, receives the Teachings from the Perfect Guru; he joins the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, and does not fall into hell. || 1 || PAUREE: NANNA: Those whose minds and bodies are filled with the Naam, the Name of the Lord, shall not fall into hell. Those Gurmukhs who chant the treasure of the Naam, are not destroyed by the poison of Maya. Those who have been given the Mantra of the Naam by the Guru, shall not be turned away.

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They are filled and fulfilled with the Ambrosial Nectar of the Lord, the Treasure of sublime wealth; O Nanak, the unstruck celestial melody vibrates for them. || 36 || SHALOK: The Guru, the Supreme Lord God, preserved my honor, when I renounced hypocrisy, emotional attachment and corruption. O Nanak, worship and adore the One, who has no end or limitation. || 1 || PAUREE: PAPPA: He is beyond estimation; His limits cannot be found. The Sovereign Lord King is inaccessible; He is the Purifier of sinners. Millions of sinners are purified; they meet the Holy, and chant the Ambrosial Naam, the Name of the Lord. Deception, fraud and emotional attachment are eliminated, by those who are protected by the Lord of the World. He is the Supreme King, with the royal canopy above His Head. O Nanak, there is no other at all. || 37 || SHALOK: The noose of Death is cut, and one's wanderings cease; victory is obtained, when one conquers his own mind. O Nanak, eternal stability is obtained from the Guru, and one's day-to-day wanderings cease. || 1 || PAUREE: FAFFA: After wandering and wandering for so long, you have come; in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, you have obtained this human body, so very difficult to obtain. This opportunity shall not come into your hands again. So chant the Naam, the Name of the Lord, and the noose of Death shall be cut away. You shall not have to come and go in reincarnation over and over again, if you chant and meditate on the One and Only Lord. Shower Your Mercy, O God, Creator Lord, and unite poor Nanak with Yourself. || 38 || SHALOK: Hear my prayer, O Supreme Lord God, Merciful to the meek, Lord of the World. The dust of the feet of the Holy is peace, wealth, great enjoyment and pleasure for Nanak. || 1 || PAUREE: BABBA: One who knows God is a Brahmin. A Vaishnaav is one who, as Gurmukh, lives the righteous life of Dharma. One who eradicates his own evil is a brave warrior; no evil even approaches him. Man is bound by the chains of his own egotism, selfishness and conceit. The spiritually blind place the blame on others. But all debates and clever tricks are of no use at all. O Nanak, he alone comes to know, whom the Lord inspires to know. || 39 || SHALOK: The Destroyer of fear, the Eradicator of sin and sorrow - enshrine that Lord in your mind. One whose heart abides in the Society of the Saints, O Nanak, does not wander around in doubt. || 1 || PAUREE: BHABHA: Cast out your doubt and delusion - this world is just a dream. The angelic beings, goddesses and gods are deluded by doubt. The Siddhas and seekers, and even Brahma are deluded by doubt. Wandering around, deluded by doubt, people are ruined. It is so very difficult and treacherous to cross over this ocean of Maya. That Gurmukh who has eradicated doubt, fear and attachment, O Nanak, obtains supreme peace. || 40 || SHALOK: Maya clings to the mind, and causes it to waver in so many ways. When You, O Lord, restrain someone from asking for wealth, then, O Nanak, he comes to love the Name. || 1 || PAUREE: MAMMA: The beggar is so ignorant - the Great Giver continues to give. He is All-knowing. Whatever He gives, He gives once and for all. O foolish mind, why do you complain, and cry out so loud? Whenever you ask for something, you ask for worldly things; no one has obtained happiness from these. If you must ask for a gift, then ask for the One Lord.

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O Nanak, by Him, you shall be saved. || 41 || SHALOK: Perfect is the intellect, and most distinguished is the reputation, of those whose minds are filled with the Mantra of the Perfect Guru. Those who come to know their God, O Nanak, are very fortunate. || 1 || PAUREE: MAMMA: Those who understand God's mystery are satisfied, joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. They look upon pleasure and pain as the same. They are exempt from incarnation into heaven or hell. They live in the world, and yet they are detached from it. The Sublime Lord, the Primal Being, is totally pervading each and every heart. In His Love, they find peace. O Nanak, Maya does not cling to them at all. || 42 || SHALOK: Listen, my dear friends and companions: without the Lord, there is no salvation. O Nanak, one who falls at the Feet of the Guru, has his bonds cut away. || 1 || PAUREE: YAYYA: People try all sorts of things, but without the One Name, how far can they succeed? Those efforts, by which emancipation may be attained - those efforts are made in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. Everyone has this idea of salvation, but without meditation, there can be no salvation. The All-powerful Lord is the boat to carry us across. O Lord, please save these worthless beings! Those whom the Lord Himself instructs in thought, word and deed - O Nanak, their intellect is enlightened. || 43 || SHALOK: Do not be angry with anyone else; look within your own self instead. Be humble in this world, O Nanak, and by His Grace you shall be carried across. || 1 || PAUREE: RARRA: Be the dust under the feet of all. Give up your egotistical pride, and the balance of your account shall be written off. Then, you shall win the battle in the Court of the Lord, O Siblings of Destiny. As Gurmukh, lovingly attune yourself to the Lord's Name. Your evil ways shall be slowly and steadily blotted out, by the Shabad, the Incomparable Word of the Perfect Guru. You shall be imbued with the Lord's Love, and intoxicated with the Nectar of the Naam. O Nanak, the Lord, the Guru, has given this gift. || 44 || SHALOK: The afflictions of greed, falsehood and corruption abide in this body. Drinking in the Ambrosial Nectar of the Lord's Name, Har, Har, O Nanak, the Gurmukh abides in peace. || 1 || PAUREE: LALLA: One who takes the medicine of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is cured of his pain and sorrow in an instant. One whose heart is filled with the medicine of the Naam, is not infested with disease, even in his dreams. The medicine of the Lord's Name is in all hearts, O Siblings of Destiny. Without the Perfect Guru, no one knows how to prepare it. When the Perfect Guru gives the instructions to prepare it, then, O Nanak, one does not suffer illness again. || 45 || SHALOK: The All-pervading Lord is in all places. There is no place where He does not exist. Inside and outside, He is with you. O Nanak, what can be hidden from Him? || 1 || PAUREE: WAWWA: Do not harbor hatred against anyone. In each and every heart, God is contained. The All-pervading Lord is permeating and pervading the oceans and the land. How rare are those who, by Guru's Grace, sing of Him. Hatred and alienation depart from those who, as Gurmukh, listen to the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises.

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O Nanak, one who becomes Gurmukh chants the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, and rises above all social classes and status symbols. || 46 || SHALOK: Acting in egotism, selfishness and conceit, the foolish, ignorant, faithless cynic wastes his life. He dies in agony, like one dying of thirst; O Nanak, this is because of the deeds he has done. || 1 || PAUREE: RARRA: Conflict is eliminated in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; meditate in adoration on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the essence of karma and Dharma. When the Beautiful Lord abides within the heart, conflict is erased and ended. The foolish, faithless cynic picks arguments - his heart is filled with corruption and egotistical intellect. RARRA: For the Gurmukh, conflict is eliminated in an instant, O Nanak, through the Teachings. || 47 || SHALOK: O mind, grasp the Support of the Holy Saint; give up your clever arguments. One who has the Guru's Teachings within his mind, O Nanak, has good destiny inscribed upon his forehead. || 1 || PAUREE: SASSA: I have now entered Your Sanctuary, Lord; I am so tired of reciting the Shaastras, the Simritees and the Vedas. I searched and searched and searched, and now I have come to realize, that without meditating on the Lord, there is no emancipation. With each and every breath, I make mistakes. You are All-powerful, endless and infinite. I seek Your Sanctuary - please save me, Merciful Lord! Nanak is Your child, O Lord of the World. || 48 || SHALOK: When selfishness and conceit are erased, peace comes, and the mind and body are healed. O Nanak, then He comes to be seen - the One who is worthy of praise. || 1 || PAUREE: KHAKHA: Praise and extol Him on High, who fills the empty to over-flowing in an instant. When the mortal being becomes totally humble, then he meditates night and day on God, the Detached Lord of Nirvaanaa. If it pleases the Will of our Lord and Master, then He blesses us with peace. Such is the Infinite, Supreme Lord God. He forgives countless sins in an instant. O Nanak, our Lord and Master is merciful forever. || 49 || SHALOK: I speak the Truth - listen, O my mind: take to the Sanctuary of the Sovereign Lord King. Give up all your clever tricks, O Nanak, and He shall absorb you into Himself. || 1 || PAUREE: SASSA: Give up your clever tricks, you ignorant fool! God is not pleased with clever tricks and commands. You may practice a thousand forms of cleverness, but not even one will go along with you in the end. Meditate on that Lord, that Lord, day and night. O soul, He alone shall go along with you. Those whom the Lord Himself commits to the service of the Holy, O Nanak, are not afflicted by suffering. || 50 || SHALOK: Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, and keeping it in your mind, you shall find peace. O Nanak, the Lord is pervading everywhere; He is contained in all spaces and interspaces. || 1 || PAUREE: Behold! The Lord God is totally pervading each and every heart. Forever and ever, the Guru's wisdom has been the Destroyer of pain. Quieting the ego, ecstasy is obtained. Where the ego does not exist, God Himself is there. The pain of birth and death is removed, by the power of the Society of the Saints. He becomes kind to those who lovingly enshrine the Name of the Merciful Lord within their hearts, in the Society of the Saints.

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