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I was a sinner, and I have been sanctified, taking to the Guru's Feet. Dispelling my doubts and fears, the Guru has rid me of hatred. The Guru has fulfilled the desires of my mind. || 4 || One who has obtained the Name is wealthy. One who meditates on God is glorified. Sublime are all the actions of those who join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. Servant Nanak is intuitively absorbed into the Lord. || 5 || 1 || 166 || GAUREE, FIFTH MEHL, MAAJH: Come to me, O my Beloved Lord. Night and day, with each and every breath, I think of You. O Saints, give Him this message; I fall at Your Feet. Without You, how can I be saved? || 1 || In Your Company, I am in ecstasy. In the forest, the fields and the three worlds, there is peace and supreme bliss. My bed is beautiful, and my mind blossoms forth in ecstasy. Beholding the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, I have found this peace. || 2 || I wash Your Feet, and constantly serve You. O Divine Lord, I worship and adore You; I bow down before You. I am the slave of Your slaves; I chant Your Name. I offer this prayer to my Lord and Master. || 3 || My desires are fulfilled, and my mind and body are rejuvenated. Beholding the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan, all my pains have been taken away. Chanting and meditating on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, I have been saved. Nanak endures this unendurable celestial bliss. || 4 || 2 || 167 || GAUREE MAAJH, FIFTH MEHL: Listen, listen, O my friend and companion, O Beloved of my mind: my mind and body are Yours. This life is a sacrifice to You as well. May I never forget God, the Support of the breath of life. I have come to Your Eternal Sanctuary. || 1 || Meeting Him, my mind is revived, O Siblings of Destiny. By Guru's Grace, I have found the Lord, Har, Har. All things belong to God; all places belong to God. I am forever a sacrifice to God. || 2 || Very fortunate are those who meditate on this treasure. They enshrine love for the Naam, the Name of the One Immaculate Lord. Finding the Perfect Guru, all suffering is dispelled. Twenty-four hours a day, I sing the Glories of God. || 3 || Your Name is the treasure of jewels, Lord. You are the True Banker; Your devotee is the trader. True is the trade of those who have the wealth of the Lord's assets. Servant Nanak is forever a sacrifice. || 4 || 3 || 168 ||




I am so proud of You, O Creator; I am so proud of You. Through Your Almighty Power, I dwell in peace. The True Word of the Shabad is my banner and insignia. || 1 || Pause || He hears and knows everything, but he keeps silent. Bewitched by Maya, he never regains awareness. || 1 ||

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The riddles and hints are given, and he sees them with his eyes. But he is foolish and greedy, and he never listens to what he is told. || 2 || Why bother to count one, two, three, four? The whole world is defrauded by the same enticements. Hardly anyone loves the Lord's Name; how rare is that place which is in bloom. || 3 || The devotees look beautiful in the True Court; night and day, they are happy. They are imbued with the Love of the Transcendent Lord; servant Nanak is a sacrifice to them. || 4 || 1 || 169 || GAUREE, FIFTH MEHL, MAAJH: The Destroyer of sorrow is Your Name, Lord; the Destroyer of sorrow is Your Name. Twenty-four hours a day, dwell upon the wisdom of the Perfect True Guru. || 1 || Pause || That heart, in which the Supreme Lord God abides, is the most beautiful place. The Messenger of Death does not even approach those who chant the Glorious Praises of the Lord with the tongue. || 1 || I have not understood the wisdom of serving Him, nor have I worshipped Him in meditation. You are my Support, O Life of the World; O my Lord and Master, Inaccessible and Incomprehensible. || 2 || When the Lord of the Universe became merciful, sorrow and suffering departed. The hot winds do not even touch those who are protected by the True Guru. || 3 || The Guru is the All-pervading Lord, the Guru is the Merciful Master; the Guru is the True Creator Lord. When the Guru was totally satisfied, I obtained everything. Servant Nanak is forever a sacrifice to Him. || 4 || 2 || 170 || GAUREE MAAJH, FIFTH MEHL: The Lord, the Lord, Raam, Raam, Raam: meditating on Him, all affairs are resolved. || 1 || Pause || Chanting the Name of the Lord of the Universe, one's mouth is sanctified. One who recites to me the Praises of the Lord is my friend and brother. || 1 || All treasures, all rewards and all virtues are in the Lord of the Universe. Why forget Him from your mind? Remembering Him in meditation, pain departs. || 2 || Grasping the hem of His robe, we live, and cross over the terrifying world-ocean. Joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, one is saved, and one's face becomes radiant in the Court of the Lord. || 3 || The Praise of the Sustainer of the Universe is the essence of life, and the wealth of His Saints. Nanak is saved, chanting the Naam, the Name of the Lord; in the True Court, he is cheered and applauded. || 4 || 3 || 171 || GAUREE MAAJH, FIFTH MEHL: Sing the Sweet Praises of the Lord, O my soul, sing the Sweet Praises of the Lord. Attuned to the True One, even the homeless find a home. || 1 || Pause || All other tastes are bland and insipid; through them, the body and mind are rendered insipid as well. Without the Transcendent Lord, what can anyone do? Cursed is his life, and cursed his reputation. || 1 || Grasping the hem of the robe of the Holy Saint, we cross over the world-ocean. Worship and adore the Supreme Lord God, and all your family will be saved as well. || 2 || He is a companion, a relative, and a good friend of mine, who implants the Lord's Name within my heart. He washes off all my demerits, and is so generous to me. || 3 || Wealth, treasures, and household are all just ruins; the Lord's Feet are the only treasure. Nanak is a beggar standing at Your Door, God; he begs for Your charity. || 4 || 4 || 172 ||

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Holy Saadhus: forsake the pride of your mind. Sexual desire, anger and the company of evil people - run away from them, day and night. || 1 || Pause || One who knows that pain and pleasure are both the same, and honor and dishonor as well, who remains detached from joy and sorrow, realizes the true essence in the world. || 1 || Renounce both praise and blame; seek instead the state of Nirvaanaa. O servant Nanak, this is such a difficult game; only a few Gurmukhs understand it! || 2 || 1 || GAUREE, NINTH MEHL: Holy Saadhus: the Lord fashioned the creation. One person passes away, and another thinks that he will live forever - this is a wonder beyond understanding! || 1 || Pause || The mortal beings are held in the power of sexual desire, anger and emotional attachment; they have forgotten the Lord, the Immortal Form. The body is false, but they believe it to be true; it is like a dream in the night. || 1 || Whatever is seen, shall all pass away, like the shadow of a cloud. O servant Nanak, one who knows the world to be unreal, dwells in the Sanctuary of the Lord. || 2 || 2 || GAUREE, NINTH MEHL: The Praise of the Lord does not come to dwell in the minds of the mortal beings. Day and night, they remain engrossed in Maya. Tell me, how can they sing God's Glories? || 1 || Pause || In this way, they bind themselves to children, friends, Maya and possessiveness. Like the deer's delusion, this world is false; and yet, beholding it, they chase after it. || 1 || Our Lord and Master is the source of pleasures and liberation; and yet, the fool forgets Him. O servant Nanak, among millions, there is scarcely anyone who attains the Lord's meditation. || 2 || 3 || GAUREE, NINTH MEHL: Holy Saadhus: this mind cannot be restrained. Fickle desires dwell with it, and so it cannot remain steady. || 1 || Pause || The heart is filled with anger and violence, which cause all sense to be forgotten. The jewel of spiritual wisdom has been taken away from everyone; nothing can withstand it. || 1 || The Yogis have tried everything and failed; the virtuous have grown weary of singing God's Glories. O servant Nanak, when the Lord becomes merciful, then every effort is successful. || 2 || 4 || GAUREE, NINTH MEHL: Holy Saadhus: sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe. You have obtained the priceless jewel of this human life; why are you uselessly wasting it? || 1 || Pause || He is the Purifier of sinners, the Friend of the poor. Come, and enter the Lord's Sanctuary. Remembering Him, the elephant's fear was removed; so why do you forget Him? || 1 || Renounce your egotistical pride and your emotional attachment to Maya; focus your consciousness on the Lord's meditation. Says Nanak, this is the path to liberation. Become Gurmukh, and attain it. || 2 || 5 || GAUREE, NINTH MEHL: O mother, if only someone would instruct my wayward mind.

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This mind listens to the Vedas, the Puraanas, and the ways of the Holy Saints, but it does not sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, for even an instant. || 1 || Pause || Having obtained this human body, so very difficult to obtain, it is now being uselessly wasted. Emotional attachment to Maya is such a treacherous wilderness, and yet, people are in love with it. || 1 || Inwardly and outwardly, God is always with them, and yet, they do not enshrine Love for Him. O Nanak, know that those whose hearts are filled with the Lord are liberated. || 2 || 6 || GAUREE, NINTH MEHL: Holy Saadhus: rest and peace are in the Sanctuary of the Lord. This is the blessing of studying the Vedas and the Puraanas, that you may meditate on the Name of the Lord. || 1 || Pause || Greed, emotional attachment to Maya, possessiveness, the service of evil, pleasure and pain - those who are not touched by these, are the very embodiment of the Divine Lord. || 1 || Heaven and hell, ambrosial nectar and poison, gold and copper - these are all alike to them. Praise and slander are all the same to them, as are greed and attachment. || 2 || They are not bound by pleasure and pain - know that they are truly wise. O Nanak, recognize those mortal beings as liberated, who live this way of life. || 3 || 7 || GAUREE, NINTH MEHL: O mind, why have you gone crazy? Don't you know that your life is decreasing, day and night? Your life is made worthless with greed. || 1 || Pause || That body, which you believe to be your own, and your beautiful home and spouse - none of these is yours to keep. See this, reflect upon it and understand. || 1 || You have wasted the precious jewel of this human life; you do not know the Way of the Lord of the Universe. You have not been absorbed in the Lord's Feet, even for an instant. Your life has passed away in vain! || 2 || Says Nanak, that man is happy, who sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord's Name. All the rest of the world is enticed by Maya; they do not obtain the state of fearless dignity. || 3 || 8 || GAUREE, NINTH MEHL: You people are unconscious; you should be afraid of sin. Seek the Sanctuary of the Lord, Merciful to the meek, Destroyer of all fear. || 1 || Pause || The Vedas and the Puraanas sing His Praises; enshrine His Name within your heart. Pure and sublime is the Name of the Lord in the world. Remembering it in meditation, all sinful mistakes shall be washed away. || 1 || You shall not obtain this human body again; make the effort - try to achieve liberation! Says Nanak, sing of the Lord of compassion, and cross over the terrifying world-ocean. || 2 || 9 || 251 ||





The nine treasures and the miraculous spiritual powers come by contemplating the Immaculate Naam, the Name of the Lord. The Perfect Lord is All-pervading everywhere; He destroys the poison of Maya. I am rid of the three-phased Maya, dwelling in the Pure Lord.

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The Guru's Teachings are useful to my soul. || 1 || Chanting the Lord's Name in this way, my mind is satisfied. I have obtained the ointment of spiritual wisdom, recognizing the Word of the Guru's Shabad. || 1 || Pause || Blended with the One Lord, I enjoy intuitive peace. Through the Immaculate Bani of the Word, my doubts have been dispelled. Instead of the pale color of Maya, I am imbued with the deep crimson color of the Lord's Love. By the Lord's Glance of Grace, the poison has been eliminated. || 2 || When I turned away, and became dead while yet alive, I was awakened. Chanting the Word of the Shabad, my mind is attached to the Lord. I have gathered in the Lord's sublime essence, and cast out the poison. Abiding in His Love, the fear of death has run away. || 3 || My taste for pleasure ended, along with conflict and egotism. My consciousness is attuned to the Lord, by the Order of the Infinite. When He blessed me with His Glance of Grace, peace was established in my soul. || 4 || Without You, I see no friend at all. Whom should I serve? Unto whom should I dedicate my consciousness? Whom should I ask? At whose feet should I fall? By whose teachings will I remain absorbed in His Love? || 5 || I serve the Guru, and I fall at the Guru's Feet. I worship Him, and I am absorbed in the Lord's Name. The Lord's Love is my instruction, sermon and food. Enjoined to the Lord's Command, I have entered the home of my inner self. || 6 || With the extinction of pride, my soul has found peace and meditation. The Divine Light has dawned, and I am absorbed in the Light. Pre-ordained destiny cannot be erased; the Shabad is my banner and insignia. I know the Creator, the Creator of His Creation. || 7 || I am not a learned Pandit, I am not clever or wise. I do not wander; I am not deluded by doubt. I do not speak empty speech; I have recognized the Hukam of His Command. Nanak is absorbed in intuitive peace through the Guru's Teachings. || 8 || 1 || GAUREE GWAARAYREE, FIRST MEHL: The mind is an elephant in the forest of the body. The Guru is the controlling stick; when the Insignia of the True Shabad is applied, one obtains honor in the Court of God the King. || 1 || He cannot be known through clever tricks. Without subduing the mind, how can His value be estimated? || 1 || Pause || In the house of the self is the Ambrosial Nectar, which is being stolen by the thieves. No one can say no to them. He Himself protects us, and blesses us with greatness. || 2 || There are billions, countless billions of fires of desire at the seat of the mind. They are extinguished only with the water of understanding, imparted by the Guru. Offering my mind, I have attained it, and I joyfully sing His Glorious Praises. || 3 || Just as He is within the home of the self, so is He beyond. But how can I describe Him, sitting in a cave? The Fearless Lord is in the oceans, just as He is in the mountains. || 4 || Tell me, who can kill someone who is already dead? What does he fear? Who can frighten the fearless one? He recognizes the Word of the Shabad, throughout the three worlds. || 5 || One who speaks, merely describes speech. But one who understands, intuitively realizes. Seeing and reflecting upon it, my mind surrenders. || 6 || Praise, beauty and liberation are in the One Name. In it, the Immaculate Lord is permeating and pervading. He dwells in the home of the self, and in His own sublime place. || 7 || The many silent sages lovingly praise Him.

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Their bodies and minds are purified, as they enshrine the True Lord in their consciousness. O Nanak, meditate on the Lord, each and every day. || 8 || 2 || GAUREE GWAARAYREE, FIRST MEHL: The mind does not die, so the job is not accomplished. The mind is under the power of the demons of evil intellect and duality. But when the mind surrenders, through the Guru, it becomes one. || 1 || The Lord is without attributes; the attributes of virtue are under His control. One who eliminates selfishness contemplates Him. || 1 || Pause || The deluded mind thinks of all sorts of corruption. When the mind is deluded, the load of wickedness falls on the head. But when the mind surrenders to the Lord, it realizes the One and Only Lord. || 2 || The deluded mind enters the house of Maya. Engrossed in sexual desire, it does not remain steady. O mortal, lovingly vibrate the Lord's Name with your tongue. || 3 || Elephants, horses, gold, children and spouses - in the anxious affairs of all these, people lose the game and depart. In the game of chess, their pieces do not reach their destination. || 4 || They gather wealth, but only evil comes from it. Pleasure and pain stand in the doorway. Intuitive peace comes by meditating on the Lord, within the heart. || 5 || When the Lord bestows His Glance of Grace, then He unites us in His Union. Through the Word of the Shabad, merits are gathered in, and demerits are burned away. The Gurmukh obtains the treasure of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 6 || Without the Name, all live in pain. The consciousness of the foolish, self-willed manmukh is the dwelling place of Maya. The Gurmukh obtains spiritual wisdom, according to pre-ordained destiny. || 7 || The fickle mind continuously runs after fleeting things. The Pure True Lord is not pleased by filth. O Nanak, the Gurmukh sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord. || 8 || 3 || GAUREE GWAARAYREE, FIRST MEHL: Acting in egotism, peace is not obtained. The intellect of the mind is false; only the Lord is True. All who love duality are ruined. People act as they are pre-ordained. || 1 || I have seen the world to be such a gambler; all beg for peace, but they forget the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 1 || Pause || If the Unseen Lord could be seen, then He could be described. Without seeing Him, all descriptions are useless. The Gurmukh sees Him with intuitive ease. So serve the One Lord, with loving awareness. || 2 || People beg for peace, but they receive severe pain. They are all weaving a wreath of corruption. You are false - without the One, there is no liberation. The Creator created the creation, and He watches over it. || 3 || The fire of desire is quenched by the Word of the Shabad. Duality and doubt are automatically eliminated. Following the Guru's Teachings, the Naam abides in the heart. Through the True Word of His Bani, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. || 4 || The True Lord abides within the body of that Gurmukh who enshrines love for Him. Without the Naam, none obtain their own place. The Beloved Lord King is dedicated to love. If He bestows His Glance of Grace, then we realize His Name. || 5 || Emotional attachment to Maya is total entanglement. The self-willed manmukh is filthy, cursed and dreadful. Serving the True Guru, these entanglements are ended. In the Ambrosial Nectar of the Naam, you shall abide in lasting peace. || 6 || The Gurmukhs understand the One Lord, and enshrine love for Him. They dwell in the home of their own inner beings, and merge in the True Lord. The cycle of birth and death is ended. This understanding is obtained from the Perfect Guru. || 7 ||

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Speaking the speech, there is no end to it. I have consulted the Guru, and I have seen that there is no other door than His. Pain and pleasure reside in the Pleasure of His Will and His Command. Nanak, the lowly, says embrace love for the Lord. || 8 || 4 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: The duality of Maya dwells in the consciousness of the people of the world. They are destroyed by sexual desire, anger and egotism. || 1 || Whom should I call the second, when there is only the One? The One Immaculate Lord is pervading among all. || 1 || Pause || The dual-minded evil intellect speaks of a second. One who harbors duality comes and goes and dies. || 2 || In the earth and in the sky, I do not see any second. Among all the women and the men, His Light is shining. || 3 || In the lamps of the sun and the moon, I see His Light. Dwelling among all is my ever-youthful Beloved. || 4 || In His Mercy, He attuned my consciousness to the Lord. The True Guru has led me to understand the One Lord. || 5 || The Gurmukh knows the One Immaculate Lord. Subduing duality, one comes to realize the Word of the Shabad. || 6 || The Command of the One Lord prevails throughout all the worlds. From the One, all have arisen. || 7 || There are two routes, but remember that their Lord and Master is only One. Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, recognize the Hukam of the Lord's Command. || 8 || He is contained in all forms, colors and minds. Says Nanak, praise the One Lord. || 9 || 5 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: Those who live a spiritual lifestyle - they alone are true. What can the false know about the secrets of liberation? || 1 || Those who contemplate the Way are Yogis. They conquer the five thieves, and enshrine the True Lord in the heart. || 1 || Pause || Those who enshrine the True Lord deep within, realize the value of the Way of Yoga. || 2 || The sun and the moon are one and the same for them, as are household and wilderness. The karma of their daily practice is to praise the Lord. || 3 || They beg for the alms of the one and only Shabad. They remain awake and aware in spiritual wisdom and meditation, and the true way of life. || 4 || They remain absorbed in the fear of God; they never leave it. Who can estimate their value? They remain lovingly absorbed in the Lord. || 5 || The Lord unites them with Himself, dispelling their doubts. By Guru's Grace, the supreme status is obtained. || 6 || In the Guru's service is reflection upon the Shabad. Subduing ego, practice pure actions. || 7 || Chanting, meditation, austere self-discipline and the reading of the Puraanas, says Nanak, are contained in surrender to the Unlimited Lord. || 8 || 6 || GAUREE, FIFTH MEHL: To practice forgiveness is the true fast, good conduct and contentment. Disease does not afflict me, nor does the pain of death. I am liberated, and absorbed into God, who has no form or feature. || 1 || What fear does the Yogi have? The Lord is among the trees and the plants, within the household and outside as well. || 1 || Pause || The Yogis meditate on the Fearless, Immaculate Lord. Night and day, they remain awake and aware, embracing love for the True Lord. Those Yogis are pleasing to my mind. || 2 || The trap of death is burnt by the Fire of God. Old age, death and pride are conquered. They swim across, and save their ancestors as well. || 3 || Those who serve the True Guru are the Yogis. Those who remain immersed in the Fear of God become fearless. They become just like the One they serve. ||

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4 || The Name makes a man pure and fearless. It makes the masterless become the master of all. I am a sacrifice to him. Such a person is not reincarnated again; he sings the Glories of God. || 5 || Inwardly and outwardly, he knows the One Lord; through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, he realizes himself. He bears the Banner and Insignia of the True Shabad in the Lord's Court. || 6 || One who dies in the Shabad abides in his own home within. He does not come or go in reincarnation, and his hopes are subdued. Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, his heart-lotus blossoms forth. || 7 || Whoever is seen, is driven by hope and despair, by sexual desire, anger, corruption, hunger and thirst. O Nanak, those detached recluses who meet the Lord are so very rare. || 8 || 7 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: Meeting such a slave, peace is obtained. Pain is forgotten, when the True Lord is found. || 1 || Beholding the blessed vision of his darshan, my understanding has become perfect. The cleansing baths at the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage are in the dust of his feet. || 1 || Pause || My eyes are contented with the constant love of the One Lord. My tongue is purified by the most sublime essence of the Lord. || 2 || True are my actions, and deep within my being, I serve Him. My mind is satisfied by the Inscrutable, Mysterious Lord. || 3 || Wherever I look, there I find the True Lord. Without understanding, the world argues in falsehood. || 4 || When the Guru instructs, understanding is obtained. How rare is that Gurmukh who understands. || 5 || Show Your Mercy, and save me, O Savior Lord! Without understanding, people become beasts and demons. || 6 || The Guru has said that there is no other at all. So tell me, who should I see, and who should I worship? || 7 || For the sake of the Saints, God has established the three worlds. One who understands his own soul, contemplates the essence of reality. || 8 || One whose heart is filled with Truth and true love - prays Nanak, I am his servant. || 9 || 8 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: Brahma acted in pride, and did not understand. Only when he was faced with the downfall of the Vedas did he repent. Remembering God in meditation, the mind is conciliated. || 1 || Such is the horrible pride of the world. The Guru eliminates the pride of those who meet Him. || 1 || Pause || Bal the King, in Maya and egotism, held his ceremonial feasts, but he was puffed up with pride. Without the Guru's advice, he had to go to the underworld. || 2 || Hari Chand gave in charity, and earned public praise. But without the Guru, he did not find the limits of the Mysterious Lord. The Lord Himself misleads people, and He Himself imparts understanding. || 3 || The evil-minded Harnaakhash committed evil deeds. God, the Lord of all, is the Destroyer of pride. He bestowed His Mercy, and saved Prahlaad. || 4 || Raawan was deluded, foolish and unwise. Sri Lanka was plundered, and he lost his head. He indulged in ego, and lacked the love of the True Guru. || 5 || The Lord killed the thousand-armed Arjun, and the demons Madhu-keetab and Meh-khaasaa. He seized Harnaakhash and tore him apart with his nails. The demons were slain; they did not practice devotional worship. || 6 || The demons Jaraa-sandh and Kaal-jamun were destroyed. Rakat-beej and Kaal-naym were annihilated. Slaying the demons, the Lord saved His Saints. || 7 ||

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He Himself, as the True Guru, contemplates the Shabad. Because of the love of duality, God killed the demons. By their true devotion, the Gurmukhs have been saved. || 8 || Sinking down, Durodhan lost his honor. He did not know the Creator Lord. One who makes the Lord's humble servant suffer, shall himself suffer and rot. || 9 || Janameja did not know the Word of the Guru's Shabad. Deluded by doubt, how could he find peace? Making a mistake, for even an instant, you shall regret and repent later on. || 10 || Kansa the King and his warriors Kays and Chandoor had no equals. But they did not remember the Lord, and they lost their honor. Without the Lord of the Universe, no one can be saved. || 11 || Without the Guru, pride cannot be eradicated. Following the Guru's Teachings, one obtains Dharmic faith, composure and the Lord's Name. O Nanak, singing the Glories of God, His Name is received. || 12 || 9 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: I may anoint my limbs with sandalwood oil and musk. I may dress up and wear silk and satin clothes. But without the Lord's Name, where would I find peace? || 1 || So what should I wear? In what clothes should I display myself? Without the Lord of the Universe, how can I find peace? || 1 || Pause || I may wear ear-rings, and a pearl necklace around my neck; my bed may be adorned with red blankets, flowers and red powder; but without the Lord of the Universe, where can I search for peace? || 2 || I may have a beautiful woman with fascinating eyes; she may decorate herself with the sixteen adornments, and make herself appear gorgeous. But without meditating on the Lord of the Universe, there is only continual suffering. || 3 || In his hearth and home, in his palace, upon his soft and comfortable bed, day and night, the flower-girls scatter flower petals; but without the Lord's Name, the body is miserable. || 4 || Horses, elephants, lances, marching bands, armies, standard bearers, royal attendants and ostentatious displays - without the Lord of the Universe, these undertakings are all useless. || 5 || He may be called a Siddha, a man of spiritual perfection, and he may summon riches and supernatural powers; he may place a crown upon his head, and carry a royal umbrella; but without the Lord of the Universe, where can Truth be found? || 6 || He may be called an emperor, a lord, and a king; he may give orders - "Do this now, do this then" - but this is a false display. Without the Word of the Guru's Shabad, his works are not accomplished. || 7 || Egotism and possessiveness are dispelled by the Word of the Guru's Shabad. With the Guru's Teachings in my heart, I have come to know the Lord. Prays Nanak, I seek Your Sanctuary. || 8 || 10 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: Those who serve the One Lord, do not know any other. They abandon the bitter worldly conflicts. Through love and truth, they meet the Truest of the True. || 1 || Such are the humble devotees of the Lord. They sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, and their pollution is washed away. || 1 || Pause || The heart-lotus of the entire universe is upside-down. The fire of evil-mindedness is burning up the world. They alone are saved, who contemplate the Word of the Guru's Shabad. || 2 || The bumble bee, the moth, the elephant, the fish and the deer - all suffer for their actions, and die. Trapped by desire, they cannot see reality. || 3 || The lover of women is obsessed with sex. All the wicked are ruined by their anger.

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Honor and good sense are lost, when one forgets the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 4 || The self-willed manmukh is lured by another man's wife. The noose is around his neck, and he is entangled in petty conflicts. The Gurmukh is emancipated, singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. || 5 || The lonely widow gives her body to a stranger; but without her husband, she is never satisfied. || 6 || You may read, recite and study the scriptures, the Simritees, Vedas and Puraanas; but without being imbued with the Lord's essence, the mind wanders endlessly. || 7 || As the sparrow-hawk thirsts longingly for the drop of rain, and as the fish delights in the water, Nanak is satisfied by the sublime essence of the Lord. || 8 || 11 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: One who dies in stubbornness shall not be approved, even though he may wear religious robes and smear his body all over with ashes. Forgetting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, he comes to regret and repent in the end. || 1 || Believe in the Dear Lord, and you shall find peace of mind. Forgetting the Naam, you shall have to endure the pain of death. || 1 || Pause || The smell of musk, sandalwood and camphor, and the intoxication of Maya, takes one far away from the state of supreme dignity. Forgetting the Naam, one becomes the most false of all the false. || 2 || Lances and swords, marching bands, thrones and the salutes of others only increase his desire; he is engrossed in sexual desire. Without seeking the Lord, neither devotional worship nor the Naam are obtained. || 3 || Union with God is not obtained by arguments and egotism. But by offering your mind, the comfort of the Naam is obtained. In the love of duality and ignorance, you shall suffer. || 4 || Without money, you cannot buy anything in the store. Without a boat, you cannot cross over the ocean. Without serving the Guru, everything is lost. || 5 || Waaho! Waaho! - Hail, hail, to the one who shows us the Way. Waaho! Waaho! - Hail, hail, to the one who teaches the Word of the Shabad. Waaho! Waaho! - Hail, hail, to the one who unites me in the Lord's Union. || 6 || Waaho! Waaho! - Hail, hail, to the one who is the Keeper of this soul. Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, contemplate this Ambrosial Nectar. The Glorious Greatness of the Naam is bestowed according to the Pleasure of Your Will. || 7 || Without the Naam, how can I live, O mother? Night and day, I chant it; I remain in the Protection of Your Sanctuary. O Nanak, attuned to the Naam, honor is attained. || 8 || 12 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: Acting in egotism, the Lord is not known, even by wearing religious robes. How rare is that Gurmukh, who surrenders his mind in devotional worship. || 1 || By actions done in egotism, selfishness and conceit, the True Lord is not obtained. But when egotism departs, then the state of supreme dignity is obtained. || 1 || Pause || The kings act in egotism, and undertake all sorts of expeditions. But through their egotism, they are ruined; they die, only to be reborn over and over again. || 2 || Egotism is overcome only by contemplating the Word of the Guru's Shabad. One who restrains his fickle mind subdues the five passions. || 3 || With the True Lord deep within the self, the Celestial Mansion is intuitively found. Understanding the Sovereign Lord, the state of supreme dignity is obtained. || 4 || The Guru dispels the doubts of those whose actions are true. They focus their attention on the Home of the Fearless Lord. || 5 || Those who act in egotism, selfishness and conceit die; what do they gain? Those who meet the Perfect Guru are rid of all conflicts. || 6 || Whatever exists, is in reality nothing.

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Obtaining spiritual wisdom from the Guru, I sing the Glories of God. || 7 || Egotism binds people in bondage, and causes them to wander around lost. O Nanak, peace is obtained through devotional worship of the Lord. || 8 || 13 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: First, Brahma entered the house of Death. Brahma entered the lotus, and searched the nether regions, but he did not find the end of it. He did not accept the Lord's Order - he was deluded by doubt. || 1 || Whoever is created, shall be destroyed by Death. But I am protected by the Lord; I contemplate the Word of the Guru's Shabad. || 1 || Pause || All the gods and goddesses are enticed by Maya. Death cannot be avoided, without serving the Guru. That Lord is Imperishable, Invisible and Inscrutable. || 2 || The sultans, emperors and kings shall not remain. Forgetting the Name, they shall endure the pain of death. My only Support is the Naam, the Name of the Lord; as He keeps me, I survive. || 3 || The leaders and kings shall not remain. The bankers shall die, after accumulating their wealth and money. Grant me, O Lord, the wealth of Your Ambrosial Naam. || 4 || The people, rulers, leaders and chiefs - none of them shall be able to remain in the world. Death is inevitable; it strikes the heads of the false. || 5 || Only the One Lord, the Truest of the True, is permanent. He who created and fashioned everything, shall destroy it. One who becomes Gurmukh and meditates on the Lord is honored. || 6 || The Qazis, Shaykhs and Fakeers in religious robes call themselves great; but through their egotism, their bodies are suffering in pain. Death does not spare them, without the Support of the True Guru. || 7 || The trap of Death is hanging over their tongues and eyes. Death is over their ears, when they hear talk of evil. Without the Shabad, they are plundered, day and night. || 8 || Death cannot touch those whose hearts are filled with the True Name of the Lord, and who sing the Glories of God. O Nanak, the Gurmukh is absorbed in the Word of the Shabad. || 9 || 14 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: They speak the Truth - not an iota of falsehood. The Gurmukhs walk in the Way of the Lord's Command. They remain unattached, in the Sanctuary of the True Lord. || 1 || They dwell in their true home, and Death does not touch them. The self-willed manmukhs come and go, in the pain of emotional attachment. || 1 || Pause || So, drink deeply of this Nectar, and speak the Unspoken Speech. Dwelling in the home of your own being within, you shall find the home of intuitive peace. One who is imbued with the Lord's sublime essence, is said to experience this peace. || 2 || Following the Guru's Teachings, one becomes perfectly stable, and never wavers. Following the Guru's Teachings, one intuitively chants the Name of the True Lord. Drinking in this Ambrosial Nectar, and churning it, the essential reality is discerned. || 3 || Beholding the True Guru, I have received His Teachings. I have offered my mind and body, after searching deep within my own being. I have come to realize the value of understanding my own soul. || 4 || The Naam, the Name of the Immaculate Lord, is the most excellent and sublime food. The pure swan-souls see the True Light of the Infinite Lord. Wherever I look, I see the One and Only Lord. || 5 || One who remains pure and unblemished and practices only true deeds, obtains the supreme status, serving at the Guru's Feet. The mind is reconciliated with the mind, and the ego's wandering ways come to an end. || 6 || In this way, who - who has not been saved?

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