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The Fear of God is overpowering, and so very heavy, while the intellect is lightweight, as is the speech one speaks. So place the Fear of God upon your head, and bear that weight; by the Grace of the Merciful Lord, contemplate the Guru. || 1 || Without the Fear of God, no one crosses over the world-ocean. This Fear of God adorns the Love of the Lord. || 1 || Pause || The fire of fear within the body is burnt away by the Fear of God. Through this Fear of God, we are adorned with the Word of the Shabad. Without the Fear of God, all that is fashioned is false. Useless is the mold, and useless are the hammer-strokes on the mold. || 2 || The desire for the worldly drama arises in the intellect, but even with thousands of clever mental tricks, the heat of the Fear of God does not come into play. O Nanak, the speech of the self-willed manmukh is just wind. His words are worthless and empty, like the wind. || 3 || 1 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: Place the Fear of God within the home of your heart; with this Fear of God in your heart, all other fears shall be frightened away. What sort of fear is that, which frightens other fears? Without You, I have other place of rest at all. Whatever happens is all according to Your Will. || 1 || Be afraid, if you have any fear, other than the Fear of God. Afraid of fear, and living in fear, the mind is held in tumult. || 1 || Pause || The soul does not die; it does not drown, and it does not swim across. The One who created everything does everything. By the Hukam of His Command we come, and by the Hukam of His Command we go. Before and after, His Command is pervading. || 2 || Cruelty, attachment, desire and egotism - there is great hunger in these, like the raging torrent of a wild stream. Let the Fear of God be your food, drink and support. Without doing this, the fools simply die. || 3 || If anyone really has anyone else - how rare is that person! All are Yours - You are the Lord of all. All beings and creatures, wealth and property belong to Him. O Nanak, it is so difficult to describe and contemplate Him. || 4 || 2 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: Let wisdom be your mother, and contentment your father. Let Truth be your brother - these are your best relatives. || 1 || He has been described, but He cannot be described at all.

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Your All-pervading creative nature cannot be estimated. || 1 || Pause || Modesty, humility and intuitive understanding are my mother-in-law and father-in-law; I have made good deeds my spouse. || 2 || Union with the Holy is my wedding date, and separation from the world is my marriage. Says Nanak, Truth is the child born of this Union. || 3 || 3 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: The union of air, water and fire - the body is the play-thing of the fickle and unsteady intellect. It has nine doors, and then there is the Tenth Gate. Reflect upon this and understand it, O wise one. || 1 || The Lord is the One who speaks, teaches and listens. One who contemplates his own self is truly wise. || 1 || Pause || The body is dust; the wind speaks through it. Understand, O wise one, who has died. Awareness, conflict and ego have died, but the One who sees does not die. || 2 || For the sake of it, you journey to sacred shrines and holy rivers; but this priceless jewel is within your own heart. The Pandits, the religious scholars, read and read endlessly; they stir up arguments and controversies, but they do not know the secret deep within. || 3 || I have not died - that evil nature within me has died. The One who is pervading everywhere does not die. Says Nanak, the Guru has revealed God to me, and now I see that there is no such thing as birth or death. || 4 || 4 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL, DAKHANEE: I am forever a sacrifice to the one who listens and hears, who understands and believes in the Name. When the Lord Himself leads us astray, there is no other place of rest for us to find. You impart understanding, and You unite us in Your Union. || 1 || I obtain the Naam, which shall go along with me in the end. Without the Name, all are held in the grip of Death. || 1 || Pause || My farming and my trading are by the Support of the Name. The seeds of sin and virtue are bound together. Sexual desire and anger are the wounds of the soul. The evil-minded ones forget the Naam, and then depart. || 2 || True are the Teachings of the True Guru. The body and mind are cooled and soothed, by the touchstone of Truth. This is the true mark of wisdom: that one remains detached, like the water-lily, or the lotus upon the water. Attuned to the Word of the Shabad, one becomes sweet, like the juice of the sugar cane. || 3 || By the Hukam of the Lord's Command, the castle of the body has ten gates. The five passions dwell there, together with the Divine Light of the Infinite. The Lord Himself is the merchandise, and He Himself is the trader. O Nanak, through the Naam, the Name of the Lord, we are adorned and rejuvenated. || 4 || 5 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: How can we know where we came from? Where did we originate, and where will we go and merge? How are we bound, and how do we obtain liberation? How do we merge with intuitive ease into the Eternal, Imperishable Lord? || 1 || With the Naam in the heart and the Ambrosial Naam on our lips, through the Name of the Lord, we rise above desire, like the Lord. || 1 || Pause || With intuitive ease we come, and with intuitive ease we depart. From the mind we originate, and into the mind we are absorbed. As Gurmukh, we are liberated, and are not bound. Contemplating the Word of the Shabad, we are emancipated through the Name of the Lord. || 2 || At night, lots of birds settle on the tree. Some are happy, and some are sad. Caught in the desires of the mind, they perish. And when the life-night comes to its end, then they look to the sky. They fly away in all ten directions, according to their pre-ordained destiny.

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|| 3 || Those who are committed to the Naam, see the world as merely a temporary pasture. Sexual desire and anger are broken, like a jar of poison. Without the merchandise of the Name, the house of the body and the store of the mind are empty. Meeting the Guru, the hard and heavy doors are opened. || 4 || One meets the Holy Saint only through perfect destiny. The Lord's perfect people rejoice in the Truth. Surrendering their minds and bodies, they find the Lord with intuitive ease. Nanak falls at their feet. || 5 || 6 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: The conscious mind is engrossed in sexual desire, anger and Maya. The conscious mind is awake only to falsehood, corruption and attachment. It gathers in the assets of sin and greed. So swim across the river of life, O my mind, with the Sacred Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 1 || Waaho! Waaho! - Great! Great is my True Lord! I seek Your All-powerful Support. I am a sinner - You alone are pure. || 1 || Pause || Fire and water join together, and the breath roars in its fury! The tongue and the sex organs each seek to taste. The eyes which look upon corruption do not know the Love and the Fear of God. Conquering self-conceit, one obtains the Name. || 2 || One who dies in the Word of the Shabad, shall never again have to die. Without such a death, how can one attain perfection? The mind is engrossed in deception, treachery and duality. Whatever the Immortal Lord does, comes to pass. || 3 || So get aboard that boat when your turn comes. Those who fail to embark upon that boat shall be beaten in the Court of the Lord. Blessed is that Gurdwara, the Guru's Gate, where the Praises of the True Lord are sung. O Nanak, the One Creator Lord is pervading hearth and home. || 4 || 7 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: The inverted heart-lotus has been turned upright, through reflective meditation on God. From the Sky of the Tenth Gate, the Ambrosial Nectar trickles down. The Lord Himself is pervading the three worlds. || 1 || O my mind, do not give in to doubt. When the mind surrenders to the Name, it drinks in the essence of Ambrosial Nectar. || 1 || Pause || So win the game of life; let your mind surrender and accept death. When the self dies, the individual mind comes to know the Supreme Mind. As the inner vision is awakened, one comes to know one's own home, deep within the self. || 2 || The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is austerity, chastity and cleansing baths at sacred shrines of pilgrimage. What good are ostentatious displays? The All-pervading Lord is the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts. || 3 || If I had faith in someone else, then I would go to that one's house. But where should I go, to beg? There is no other place for me. O Nanak, through the Guru's Teachings, I am intuitively absorbed in the Lord. || 4 || 8 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: Meeting the True Guru, we are shown the way to die. Remaining alive in this death brings joy deep within. Overcoming egotistical pride, the Tenth Gate is found. || 1 || Death is pre-ordained - no one who comes can remain here. So chant and meditate on the Lord, and remain in the Sanctuary of the Lord. || 1 || Pause || Meeting the True Guru, duality is dispelled. The heart-lotus blossoms forth, and the mind is attached to the Lord God. One who remains dead while yet alive obtains the greatest happiness hereafter. || 2 || Meeting the True Guru, one becomes truthful, chaste and pure. Climbing up the steps of the Guru's Path, one becomes the highest of the high. When the Lord grants His Mercy, the fear of death is conquered. || 3 || Uniting in Guru's Union, we are absorbed in His Loving Embrace. Granting His Grace, He reveals the Mansion of His Presence, within the home of the self. O Nanak, conquering egotism, we are absorbed into the Lord. || 4 || 9 ||

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GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: Past actions cannot be erased. What do we know of what will happen hereafter? Whatever pleases Him shall come to pass. There is no other Doer except Him. || 1 || I do not know about karma, or how great Your gifts are. The karma of actions, the Dharma of righteousness, social class and status, are contained within Your Name. || 1 || Pause || You are So Great, O Giver, O Great Giver! The treasure of Your devotional worship is never exhausted. One who takes pride in himself shall never be right. The soul and body are all at Your disposal. || 2 || You kill and rejuvenate. You forgive and merge us into Yourself. As it pleases You, You inspire us to chant Your Name. You are All-knowing, All-seeing and True, O my Supreme Lord. Please, bless me with the Guru's Teachings; my faith is in You alone. || 3 || One whose mind is attuned to the Lord, has no pollution in his body. Through the Guru's Word, the True Shabad is realized. All Power is Yours, through the greatness of Your Name. Nanak abides in the Sanctuary of Your devotees. || 4 || 10 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: Those who speak the Unspoken, drink in the Nectar. Other fears are forgotten, and they are absorbed into the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 1 || Why should we fear, when fear is dispelled by the Fear of God? Through the Shabad, the Word of the Perfect Guru, I recognize God. || 1 || Pause || Those whose hearts are filled with the Lord's essence are blessed and acclaimed, and intuitively absorbed into the Lord. || 2 || Those whom the Lord puts to sleep, evening and morning - those self-willed manmukhs are bound and gagged by Death, here and hereafter. || 3 || Those whose hearts are filled with the Lord, day and night, are perfect. O Nanak, they merge into the Lord, and their doubts are cast away. || 4 || 11 || GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: One who loves the three qualities is subject to birth and death. The four Vedas speak only of the visible forms. They describe and explain the three states of mind, but the fourth state, union with the Lord, is known only through the True Guru. || 1 || Through devotional worship of the Lord, and service to the Guru, one swims across. Then, one is not born again, and is not subject to death. || 1 || Pause || Everyone speaks of the four great blessings; the Simritees, the Shaastras and the Pandits speak of them as well. But without the Guru, they do not understand their true significance. The treasure of liberation is obtained through devotional worship of the Lord. || 2 || Those, within whose hearts the Lord dwells, become Gurmukh; they receive the blessings of devotional worship. Through devotional worship of the Lord, liberation and bliss are obtained. Through the Guru's Teachings, supreme ecstasy is obtained. || 3 || One who meets the Guru, beholds Him, and inspires others to behold Him as well. In the midst of hope, the Guru teaches us to live above hope and desire. He is the Master of the meek, the Giver of peace to all. Nanak's mind is imbued with the Lotus Feet of the Lord. || 4 || 12 || GAUREE CHAYTEE, FIRST MEHL: With your nectar-like body, you live in comfort, but this world is just a passing drama. You practice greed, avarice and great falsehood, and you carry such a heavy burden. O body, I have seen you blowing away like dust on the earth. || 1 || Listen - listen to my advice! Only the good deeds which you have done shall remain with you, O my soul.

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This opportunity shall not come again! || 1 || Pause || I say to you, O my body: listen to my advice! You slander, and then praise others; you indulge in lies and gossip. You gaze upon the wives of others, O my soul; you steal and commit evil deeds. But when the swan departs, you shall remain behind, like an abandoned woman. || 2 || O body, you are living in a dream! What good deeds have you done? When I stole something by deception, then my mind was pleased. I have no honor in this world, and I shall find no shelter in the world hereafter. My life has been lost, wasted in vain! || 3 || I am totally miserable! O Baba Nanak, no one cares for me at all! || 1 || Pause || Turkish horses, gold, silver and loads of gorgeous clothes - none of these shall go with you, O Nanak. They are lost and left behind, you fool! I have tasted all the sugar candy and sweets, but Your Name alone is Ambrosial Nectar. || 4 || Digging deep foundations, the walls are constructed, but in the end, the buildings return to heaps of dust. People gather and hoard their possessions, and give nothing to anyone else - the poor fools think that everything is theirs. Riches do not remain with anyone - not even the golden palaces of Sri Lanka. || 5 || Listen, you foolish and ignorant mind - only His Will prevails. || 1 || Pause || My Banker is the Great Lord and Master. I am only His petty merchant. This soul and body all are His. He Himself kills, and brings back to life. || 6 || 1 || 13 || GAUREE CHAYTEE, FIRST MEHL: There are five of them, but I am all alone. How can I protect my hearth and home, O my mind? They are beating and plundering me over and over again; unto whom can I complain? || 1 || Chant the Name of the Supreme Lord, O my mind. Otherwise, in the world hereafter, you will have to face the awesome and cruel army of Death. || 1 || Pause || God has erected the temple of the body; He has placed the nine doors, and the soul-bride sits within. She enjoys the sweet play again and again, while the five demons are plundering her. || 2 || In this way, the temple is being demolished; the body is being plundered, and the soul-bride, left all alone, is captured. Death strikes her down with his rod, the shackles are placed around her neck, and now the five have left. || 3 || The wife yearns for gold and silver, and her friends, the senses, yearn for good food. O Nanak, she commits sins for their sake; she shall go, bound and gagged, to the City of Death. || 4 || 2 || 14 || GAUREE CHAYTEE, FIRST MEHL: Let your ear-rings be those ear-rings which pierce deep within your heart. Let your body be your patched coat. Let the five passions be disciples under your control, O begging Yogi, and make this mind your walking stick. || 1 || Thus you shall find the Way of Yoga. There is only the One Word of the Shabad; everything else shall pass away. Let this be the fruits and roots of your mind's diet. || 1 || Pause || Some try to find the Guru by shaving their heads at the Ganges, but I have made the Guru my Ganges. The Saving Grace of the three worlds is the One Lord and Master, but those in darkness do not remember Him. || 2 || Practicing hypocrisy and attaching your mind to worldly objects, your doubt shall never depart.

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If you focus your consciousness on the Feet of the One Lord, what reason would you have to chase after greed? || 3 || Meditate on the Immaculate Lord, and saturate your mind with Him. Why, O Yogi, do you make so many false and deceptive claims? || 1 || Pause || The body is wild, and the mind is foolish. Practicing egotism, selfishness and conceit, your life is passing away. Prays Nanak, when the naked body is cremated, then you will come to regret and repent. || 4 || 3 || 15 || GAUREE CHAYTEE, FIRST MEHL: O mind, there is only the One medicine, mantra and healing herb - center your consciousness firmly on the One Lord. Take to the Lord, the Destroyer of the sins and karma of past incarnations. || 1 || The One Lord and Master is pleasing to my mind. In Your three qualities, the world is engrossed; the Unknowable cannot be known. || 1 || Pause || Maya is so sweet to the body, like sugar or molasses. We all carry loads of it. In the dark of the night, nothing can be seen. The mouse of death is gnawing away at the rope of life, O Siblings of Destiny! || 2 || As the self-willed manmukhs act, they suffer in pain. The Gurmukh obtains honor and greatness. Whatever He does, that alone happens; past actions cannot be erased. || 3 || Those who are imbued with, and committed to the Lord's Love, are filled to overflowing; they never lack anything. If Nanak could be the dust of their feet, then he, the ignorant one, might also obtain some. || 4 || 4 || 16 || GAUREE CHAYTEE, FIRST MEHL: Who is our mother, and who is our father? Where did we come from? We are formed from the fire of the womb within, and the bubble of water of the sperm. For what purpose are we created? || 1 || O my Master, who can know Your Glorious Virtues? My own demerits cannot be counted. || 1 || Pause || I took the form of so many plants and trees, and so many animals. Many times I entered the families of snakes and flying birds. || 2 || I broke into the shops of the city and well-guarded palaces; stealing from them, I snuck home again. I looked in front of me, and I looked behind me, but where could I hide from You? || 3 || I saw the banks of sacred rivers, the nine continents, the shops and bazaars of the cities. Taking the scale, the merchant begins to weigh his actions within his own heart. || 4 || As the seas and the oceans are overflowing with water, so vast are my own sins. Please, shower me with Your Mercy, and take pity upon me. I am a sinking stone - please carry me across! || 5 || My soul is burning like fire, and the knife is cutting deep. Prays Nanak, recognizing the Lord's Command, I am at peace, day and night. || 6 || 5 || 17 || GAUREE BAIRAAGAN, FIRST MEHL: The nights are wasted sleeping, and the days are wasted eating. Human life is such a precious jewel, but it is being lost in exchange for a mere shell. || 1 || You do not know the Name of the Lord. You fool - you shall regret and repent in the end! || 1 || Pause || You bury your temporary wealth in the ground, but how can you love that which is temporary? Those who have departed, after craving for temporary wealth, have returned home without this temporary wealth. || 2 || If people could gather it in by their own efforts, then everyone would be so lucky.

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According to the karma of past actions, one's destiny unfolds, even though everyone wants to be so lucky. || 3 || O Nanak, the One who created the creation - He alone takes care of it. The Hukam of our Lord and Master's Command cannot be known; He Himself blesses us with greatness. || 4 || 1 || 18 || GAUREE BAIRAAGAN, FIRST MEHL: What if I were to become a deer, and live in the forest, picking and eating fruits and roots - by Guru's Grace, I am a sacrifice to my Master. Again and again, I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice. || 1 || I am the shop-keeper of the Lord. Your Name is my merchandise and trade. || 1 || Pause || If I were to become a cuckoo, living in a mango tree, I would still contemplate the Word of the Shabad. I would still meet my Lord and Master, with intuitive ease; the Darshan, the Blessed Vision of His Form, is incomparably beautiful. || 2 || If I were to become a fish, living in the water, I would still remember the Lord, who watches over all beings and creatures. My Husband Lord dwells on this shore, and on the shore beyond; I would still meet Him, and hug Him close in my embrace. || 3 || If I were to become a snake, living in the ground, the Shabad would still dwell in my mind, and my fears would be dispelled. O Nanak, they are forever the happy soul-brides, whose light merges into His Light. || 4 || 2 || 19 ||




In that house where the Praises of the Creator are chanted - in that house, sing the Songs of Praise, and meditate in remembrance on the Creator Lord. || 1 || Sing the Songs of Praise of my Fearless Lord. I am a sacrifice to that Song of Praise which brings eternal peace. || 1 || Pause || Day after day, He cares for His beings; the Great Giver watches over all. Your gifts cannot be appraised; how can anyone compare to the Giver? || 2 || The day of my wedding is pre-ordained. Come - let's gather together and pour the oil over the threshold. My friends, give me your blessings, that I may merge with my Lord and Master. || 3 || Unto each and every home, into each and every heart, this summons is sent out; the call comes each and every day. Remember in meditation the One who summons us; O Nanak, that day is drawing near! || 4 || 1 || 20 ||




Meeting the Guru, we meet the Lord. He Himself unites us in His Union. My God knows all His Own Ways. By the Hukam of His Command, He unites those who recognize the Word of the Shabad. || 1 || By the Fear of the True Guru, doubt and fear are dispelled. Imbued with His Fear, we are absorbed in the Love of the True One. || 1 || Pause || Meeting the Guru, the Lord naturally dwells within the mind. My God is Great and Almighty; His value cannot be estimated. Through the Shabad, I praise Him; He has no end or limitations. My God is the Forgiver. I pray that He may forgive me. || 2 ||

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Meeting the Guru, all wisdom and understanding are obtained. The mind becomes pure, when the True Lord dwells within. When one dwells in Truth, all actions become true. The ultimate action is to contemplate the Word of the Shabad. || 3 || Through the Guru, true service is performed. How rare is that Gurmukh who recognizes the Naam, the Name of the Lord. The Giver, the Great Giver, lives forever. Nanak enshrines love for the Name of the Lord. || 4 || 1 || 21 || GAUREE GWAARAYREE, THIRD MEHL: Those who obtain spiritual wisdom from the Guru are very rare. Those who obtain this understanding from the Guru become acceptable. Through the Guru, we intuitively contemplate the True One. Through the Guru, the Gate of Liberation is found. || 1 || Through perfect good destiny, we come to meet the Guru. The true ones are intuitively absorbed in the True Lord. || 1 || Pause || Meeting the Guru, the fire of desire is quenched. Through the Guru, peace and tranquility come to dwell within the mind. Through the Guru, we become pure, holy and true. Through the Guru, we are absorbed in the Word of the Shabad. || 2 || Without the Guru, everyone wanders in doubt. Without the Name, they suffer in terrible pain. Those who meditate on the Naam become Gurmukh. True honor is obtained through the Darshan, the Blessed Vision of the True Lord. || 3 || Why speak of any other? He alone is the Giver. When He grants His Grace, union with the Shabad is obtained. Meeting with my Beloved, I sing the Glorious Praises of the True Lord. O Nanak, becoming true, I am absorbed in the True One. || 4 || 2 || 22 || GAUREE GWAARAYREE, THIRD MEHL: True is that place, where the mind becomes pure. True is the one who abides in Truth. The True Bani of the Word is known throughout the four ages. The True One Himself is everything. || 1 || Through the karma of good actions, one joins the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation. Sing the Glories of the Lord, sitting in that place. || 1 || Pause || Burn this tongue, which loves duality, which does not taste the sublime essence of the Lord, and which utters insipid words. Without understanding, the body and mind become tasteless and insipid. Without the Name, the miserable ones depart crying out in pain. || 2 || One whose tongue naturally and intuitively tastes the Lord's sublime essence, by Guru's Grace, is absorbed in the True Lord. Imbued with Truth, one contemplates the Word of the Guru's Shabad, and drinks in the Ambrosial Nectar, from the immaculate stream within. || 3 || The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is collected in the vessel of the mind. Nothing is collected if the vessel is upside-down. Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, the Naam abides within the mind. O Nanak, True is that vessel of the mind, which thirsts for the Shabad. || 4 || 3 || 23 || GAUREE GWAARAYREE, THIRD MEHL: Some sing on and on, but their minds do not find happiness. In egotism, they sing, but it is wasted uselessly. Those who love the Naam, sing the song. They contemplate the True Bani of the Word, and the Shabad. || 1 || They sing on and on, if it pleases the True Guru. Their minds and bodies are embellished and adorned, attuned to the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 1 || Pause || Some sing, and some perform devotional worship. Without heart-felt love, the Naam is not obtained. True devotional worship consists of love for the Word of the Guru's Shabad.

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The devotee keeps his Beloved clasped tightly to his heart. || 2 || The fools perform devotional worship by showing off; they dance and dance and jump all around, but they only suffer in terrible pain. By dancing and jumping, devotional worship is not performed. But one who dies in the Word of the Shabad, obtains devotional worship. || 3 || The Lord is the Lover of His devotees; He inspires them to perform devotional worship. True devotional worship consists of eliminating selfishness and conceit from within. My True God knows all ways and means. O Nanak, He forgives those who recognize the Naam. || 4 || 4 || 24 || GAUREE GWAARAYREE, THIRD MEHL: When someone kills and subdues his own mind, his wandering nature is also subdued. Without such a death, how can one find the Lord? Only a few know the medicine to kill the mind. One whose mind dies in the Word of the Shabad, understands Him. || 1 || He grants greatness to those whom He forgives. By Guru's Grace, the Lord comes to dwell within the mind. || 1 || Pause || The Gurmukh practices doing good deeds; thus he comes to understand this mind. The mind is like an elephant, drunk with wine. The Guru is the rod which controls it, and shows it the way. || 2 || The mind is uncontrollable; how rare are those who subdue it. Those who move the immovable become pure. The Gurmukhs embellish and beautify this mind. They eradicate egotism and corruption from within. || 3 || Those who, by pre-ordained destiny, are united in the Lord's Union, are never separated from Him again; they are absorbed in the Shabad. He Himself knows His Own Almighty Power. O Nanak, the Gurmukh realizes the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 4 || 5 || 25 || GAUREE GWAARAYREE, THIRD MEHL: The entire world has gone insane in egotism. In the love of duality, it wanders deluded by doubt. The mind is distracted by great anxiety; no one recognizes one's own self. Occupied with their own affairs, their nights and days are passing away. || 1 || Meditate on the Lord in your hearts, O my Siblings of Destiny. The Gurmukh's tongue savors the sublime essence of the Lord. || 1 || Pause || The Gurmukhs recognize the Lord in their own hearts; they serve the Lord, the Life of the World. They are famous throughout the four ages. They subdue egotism, and realize the Word of the Guru's Shabad. God, the Architect of Destiny, showers His Mercy upon them. || 2 || True are those who merge into the Word of the Guru's Shabad; they restrain their wandering mind and keep it steady. The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the nine treasures. It is obtained from the Guru. By the Lord's Grace, the Lord comes to dwell in the mind. || 3 || Chanting the Name of the Lord, Raam, Raam, the body becomes peaceful and tranquil. He dwells deep within - the pain of death does not touch Him. He Himself is our Lord and Master; He is His Own Advisor. O Nanak, serve the Lord forever; He is the treasure of glorious virtue. || 4 || 6 || 26 || GAUREE GWAARAYREE, THIRD MEHL: Why forget Him, unto whom the soul and the breath of life belong? Why forget Him, who is all-pervading? Serving Him, one is honored and accepted in the Court of the Lord. || 1 || I am a sacrifice to the Name of the Lord. If I were to forget You, at that very instant, I would die. || 1 || Pause || Those whom You Yourself have led astray, forget You.

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Thse who are in love with duality forget You. The ignorant, self-willed manmukhs are consigned to reincarnation. || 2 || Those who are pleasing to the One Lord enshrine the Lord within their minds. Through the Guru's Teachings, they are absorbed in the Lord's Name. || 3 || Those who have virtue as their treasure, contemplate spiritual wisdom. Those who have virtue as their treasure, subdue egotism. Nanak is a sacrifice to those who are attuned to the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 4 || 7 || 27 || GAUREE GWAARAYREE, THIRD MEHL: You are Indescribable; how can I describe You? Those who subdue their minds, through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, are absorbed in You. Your Glorious Virtues are countless; their value cannot be estimated. || 1 || The Word of His Bani belongs to Him; in Him, it is diffused. Your Speech cannot be spoken; through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, it is chanted. || 1 || Pause || Where the True Guru is - there is the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation. Where the True Guru is - there, the Glorious Praises of the Lord are intuitively sung. Where the True Guru is - there egotism is burnt away, through the Word of the Shabad. || 2 || The Gurmukhs serve Him; they obtain a place in the Mansion of His Presence. The Gurmukhs enshrine the Naam within the mind. The Gurmukhs worship the Lord, and are absorbed in the Naam. || 3 || The Giver Himself gives His Gifts, as we enshrine love for the True Guru. Nanak celebrates those who are attuned to the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 4 || 8 || 28 || GAUREE GWAARAYREE, THIRD MEHL: All forms and colors come from the One Lord. Air, water and fire are all kept together. The Lord God beholds the many and various colors. || 1 || The One Lord is wondrous and amazing! He is the One, the One and Only. How rare is that Gurmukh who meditates on the Lord. || 1 || Pause || God is naturally pervading all places. Sometimes He is hidden, and sometimes He is revealed; thus God has made the world of His making. He Himself wakes us from sleep. || 2 || No one can estimate His value, although everyone has tried, over and over again, to describe Him. Those who merge in the Word of the Guru's Shabad, come to understand the Lord. || 3 || They listen to the Shabad continually; beholding Him, they merge into Him. They obtain glorious greatness by serving the Guru. O Nanak, those who are attuned to the Name are absorbed in the Lord's Name. || 4 || 9 || 29 || GAUREE GWAARAYREE, THIRD MEHL: The self-willed manmukhs are asleep, in love and attachment to Maya. The Gurmukhs are awake, contemplating spiritual wisdom and the Glory of God. Those humble beings who love the Naam, are awake and aware. || 1 || One who is awake to this intuitive wisdom does not fall asleep. How rare are those humble beings who understand this through the Perfect Guru. || 1 || Pause || The unsaintly blockhead shall never understand. He babbles on and on, but he is infatuated with Maya. Blind and ignorant, he shall never be reformed. || 2 || In this age, salvation comes only from the Lord's Name. How rare are those who contemplate the Word of the Guru's Shabad. They save themselves, and save all their family and ancestors as well. || 3 ||

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In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, no one is interested in good karma, or Dharmic faith. This Dark Age was born in the house of evil. O Nanak, without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, no one is liberated. || 4 || 10 || 30 || GAUREE, THIRD MEHL, GWAARAYREE: True is the Lord King, True is His Royal Command. Those whose minds are attuned to the True, Carefree Lord enter the True Mansion of His Presence, and merge in the True Name. || 1 || Listen, O my mind: contemplate the Word of the Shabad. Chant the Lord's Name, and cross over the terrifying world-ocean. || 1 || Pause || In doubt he comes, and in doubt he goes. This world is born out of the love of duality. The self-willed manmukh does not remember the Lord; he continues coming and going in reincarnation. || 2 || Does he himself go astray, or does God lead him astray? This soul is enjoined to the service of someone else. It earns only terrible pain, and this life is lost in vain. || 3 || Granting His Grace, He leads us to meet the True Guru. Remembering the One Name, doubt is cast out from within. O Nanak, chanting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the nine treasures of the Name are obtained. || 4 || 11 || 31 || GAUREE GWAARAYREE, THIRD MEHL: Go and ask the Gurmukhs, who meditate on the Lord. Serving the Guru, the mind is satisfied. Those who earn the Lord's Name are wealthy. Through the Perfect Guru, understanding is obtained. || 1 || Chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, O my Siblings of Destiny. The Gurmukhs serve the Lord, and so they are accepted. || 1 || Pause || Those who recognize the self - their minds become pure. They become Jivan-mukta, liberated while yet alive, and they find the Lord. Singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, the intellect becomes pure and sublime, and they are easily and intuitively absorbed in the Lord. || 2 || In the love of duality, no one can serve the Lord. In egotism and Maya, they are eating toxic poison. They are emotionally attached to their children, family and home. The blind, self-willed manmukhs come and go in reincarnation. || 3 || Those, unto whom the Lord bestows His Name, worship Him night and day, through the Word of the Guru's Shabad. How rare are those who understand the Guru's Teachings! O Nanak, they are absorbed in the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 4 || 12 || 32 || GAUREE GWAARAYREE, THIRD MEHL: The Guru's service has been performed throughout the four ages. Very few are those perfect ones who do this good deed. The wealth of the Lord's Name is inexhaustible; it shall never be exhausted. In this world, it brings a constant peace, and at the Lord's Gate, it brings honor. || 1 || O my mind, have no doubt about this. Those Gurmukhs who serve, drink in the Ambrosial Nectar. || 1 || Pause || Those who serve the True Guru are the greatest people of the world. They save themselves, and they redeem all their generations as well. They keep the Name of the Lord clasped tightly to their hearts. Attuned to the Naam, they cross over the terrifying world-ocean. || 2 || Serving the True Guru, the mind becomes humble forever. Egotism is subdued, and the heart-lotus blossoms forth. The Unstruck Melody vibrates, as they dwell within the home of the self. Attuned to the Naam, they remain detached within their own home. || 3 || Serving the True Guru, their words are true. Throughout the ages, the devotees chant and repeat these words.

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