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The Lord is your Help and Support. || 1 || Pause || Grasping hold of the Feet of the Saints, I have abandoned sexual desire, anger and greed. The Guru, the Lord of the World, has been kind to me, and I have realized my destiny. || 1 || My doubts and attachments have been dispelled, and the blinding bonds of Maya have been broken. My Lord and Master is pervading and permeating everywhere; no one is an enemy. My Lord and Master is totally satisfied with me; He has rid me of the pains of death and birth. Grasping hold of the Feet of the Saints, Nanak sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord. || 2 || 3 || 132 || SAARANG, FIFTH MEHL: Chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, Har; enshrine the Lord, Har, Har, within your mind. || 1 || Pause || Hear Him with your ears, and practice devotional worship - these are good deeds, which make up for past evils. So seek the Sanctuary of the Holy, and forget all your other habits. || 1 || Love the Lord's Feet, continually and continuously - the most sacred and sanctified. Fear is taken away from the servant of the Lord, and the dirty residues of past sinful mistakes are burnt away. Those who speak are liberated, and those who listen are liberated; those who keep the Rehit, the Code of Conduct, are not reincarnated again. The Lord's Name is the most sublime essence; Nanak contemplates the nature of reality. || 2 || 4 || 133 || SAARANG, FIFTH MEHL: I beg for devotion to the Naam, the Name of the Lord; I have forsaken all other activities. || 1 || Pause || Meditate lovingly on the Lord, and sing forever the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe. I long for the dust of the feet of the Lord's humble servant, O Great Giver, my Lord and Master. || 1 || The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the ultimate ecstasy, bliss, happiness, peace and tranquility. The fear is death is dispelled by meditating in remembrance on the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts. Only the Sanctuary of the Feet of the Lord of the Universe can destroy all the suffering of the world. The Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, is the boat, O Nanak, to carry us across to the other side. || 2 || 5 || 134 || SAARANG, FIFTH MEHL: Gazing upon my Guru, I sing the Praises of my Beloved Lord. I escape from the five thieves, and I find the One, when I join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. || 1 || Pause || Nothing of the visible world shall go along with you; abandon your pride and attachment. Love the One Lord, and join the Saadh Sangat, and you shall be embellished and exalted. || 1 || I have found the Lord, the Treasure of Excellence; all my hopes have been fulfilled. Nanak's mind is in ecstasy; the Guru has shattered the impregnable fortress. || 2 || 6 || 135 || SAARANG, FIFTH MEHL: My mind is neutral and detached; I seek only the Blessed Vision of His Darshan. || 1 || Pause || Serving the Holy Saints, I meditate on my Beloved within my heart. Gazing upon the Embodiment of Ecstasy, I rise to the Mansion of His Presence. || 1 || I work for Him; I have forsaken everything else. I seek only His Sanctuary. O Nanak, my Lord and Master hugs me close in His Embrace; the Guru is pleased and satisfied with me. || 2 || 7 || 136 || SAARANG, FIFTH MEHL: This is my condition. Only my Merciful Lord knows it. || 1 || Pause || I have abandoned my mother and father, and sold my mind to the Saints. I have lost my social status, birth-right and ancestry; I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, Har, Har. || 1 || I have broken away from other people and family; I work only for God.

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The Guru has taught me, O Nanak, to serve only the One Lord. || 2 || 8 || 137 || SAARANG, FIFTH MEHL: You are my Loving Beloved Enticing Lord of the World. You are in worms, elephants, stones and all beings and creatures; You nourish and cherish them all. || 1 || Pause || You are not far away; You are totally present with all. You are Beautiful, the Source of Nectar. || 1 || You have no caste or social class, no ancestry or family. Nanak: God, You are Merciful. || 2 || 9 || 138 || Acting and play-acting, the mortal sinks into corruption. Even the moon and the sun are enticed and bewitched. The disturbing noise of corruption wells up, in the tinkling ankle bells of Maya the beautiful. With her beguiling gestures of love, she seduces everyone except the Lord. || Pause || Maya clings to the three worlds; those who are stuck in wrong actions cannot escape her. Drunk and engrossed in blind worldly affairs, they are tossed about on the mighty ocean. || 1 || The Saint, the slave of the Lord is saved; the noose of the Messenger of Death is snapped. The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the Purifier of sinners; O Nanak, remember Him in meditation. || 2 || 10 || 139 || 3 || 13 || 155 ||



No one will be your help and support, except the Lord. Who has any mother, father, child or spouse? Who is anyone's brother or sister? || 1 || Pause || All the wealth, land and property which you consider your own - when you leave your body, none of it shall go along with you. Why do you cling to them? || 1 || God is Merciful to the meek, forever the Destroyer of fear, and yet you do not develop any loving relationship with Him. Says Nanak, the whole world is totally false; it is like a dream in the night. || 2 || 1 || SAARANG, NINTH MEHL: O mortal, why are you engrossed in corruption? No one is allowed to remain in this world; one comes, and another departs. || 1 || Pause || Who has a body? Who has wealth and property? With whom should we fall in love? Whatever is seen, shall all disappear, like the shade of a passing cloud. || 1 || Abandon egotism, and grasp the Sanctuary of the Saints; you shall be liberated in an instant. O servant Nanak, without meditating and vibrating on the Lord God, there is no peace, even in dreams. || 2 || 2|| SAARANG, NINTH MEHL: O mortal, why have you wasted your life? Intoxicated with Maya and its riches, involved in corrupt pleasures, you have not sought the Sanctuary of the Lord. || 1 || Pause || This whole world is just a dream; why does seeing it fill you with greed? Everything that has been created will be destroyed; nothing will remain. || 1 || You see this false body as true; in this way, you have placed yourself in bondage. O servant Nanak, he is a liberated being, whose consciousness lovingly vibrates, and meditates on the Lord. || 2 || 3 || SAARANG, FIFTH MEHL: In my mind, I never sang the Glorious Praises of the Lord.

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I remained under the influence of corruption, night and day; I did whatever I pleased. || 1 || Pause || I never listened to the Guru's Teachings; I was entangled with others' spouses. I ran all around slandering others; I was taught, but I never learned. || 1 || How can I even describe my actions? This is how I wasted my life. Says Nanak, I am totally filled with faults. I have come to Your Sanctuary - please save me, O Lord! || 2 || 4 || 3 || 13 || 139 || 4 || 159 ||



How can I live, O my mother? Hail to the Lord of the Universe. I ask to sing Your Praises; without You, O Lord, I cannot even survive. || 1 || Pause || I am thirsty, thirsty for the Lord; the soul-bride gazes upon Him all through the night. My mind is absorbed into the Lord, my Lord and Master. Only God knows the pain of another. || 1 || My body suffers in pain, without the Lord; through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, I find the Lord. O Dear Lord, please be kind and compassionate to me, that I might remain merged in You, O Lord. || 2 || Follow such a path, O my conscious mind, that you may remain focused on the Feet of the Lord. I am wonder-struck, singing the Glorious Praises of my Fascinating Lord; I am intuitively absorbed in the Fearless Lord. || 3 || That heart, in which the Eternal, Unchanging Naam vibrates and resounds, does not diminish, and cannot be evaluated. Without the Name, everyone is poor; the True Guru has imparted this understanding. || 4 || My Beloved is my breath of life - listen, O my companion. The demons have taken poison and died. As love for Him welled up, so it remains. My mind is imbued with His Love. || 5 || I am absorbed in celestial samaadhi, lovingly attached to the Lord forever. I live by singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. Imbued with the Word of the Guru's Shabad, I have become detached from the world. In the profound primal trance, I dwell within the home of my own inner being. || 6 || The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is sublimely sweet and supremely delicious; within the home of my own self, I understand the essence of the Lord. Wherever You keep my mind, there it is. This is what the Guru has taught me. || 7 || Sanak and Sanandan, Brahma and Indra, were imbued with devotional worship, and came to be in harmony with Him. O Nanak, without the Lord, I cannot live, even for an instant. The Name of the Lord is glorious and great. || 8 || 1 || SAARANG, FIRST MEHL: Without the Lord, how can my mind be comforted? The guilt and sin of millions of ages is erased, and one is released from the cycle of reincarnation, when the Truth is implanted within. || 1 || Pause || Anger is gone, egotism and attachment have been burnt away; I am imbued with His ever-fresh Love. Other fears are forgotten, begging at God's Door. The Immaculate Lord is my Companion. || 1 || Forsaking my fickle intellect, I have found God, the Destroyer of fear; I am lovingly attuned to the One Word, the Shabad. Tasting the sublime essence of the Lord, my thirst is quenched; by great good fortune, the Lord has united me with Himself. || 2 ||

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The empty tank has been filled to overflowing. Following the Guru's Teachings, I am enraptured with the True Lord. My mind is imbued with love for the Naam. The Immaculate Lord is merciful, from the beginning of time, and througout the ages. || 3 || My mind is fascinated with the Fascinating Lord. By great good fortune, I am lovingly attuned to Him. Contemplating the True Lord, all the resides of sins and mistakes are wiped away. My mind is pure and immaculate in His Love. || 4 || God is the Deep and Unfathomable Ocean, the Source of all jewels; no other is worthy of worship. I contemplate the Shabad, the Destroyer of doubt and fear; I do not know any other at all. || 5 || Subduing my mind, I have realized the pure status; I am totally imbued with the sublime essence of the Lord. I do not know any other except the Lord. The True Guru has imparted this understanding. || 6 || God is Inaccessible and Unfathomable, Unmastered and Unborn; through the Guru's Teachings, I know the One Lord. Filled to overflowing, my consciousness does not waver; through the Mind, my mind is pleased and appeased. || 7 || By Guru's Grace, I speak the Unspoken; I speak what He makes me speak. O Nanak, my Lord is Merciful to the meek; I do not know any other at all. || 8 || 2 ||



O my mind, the Name of the Lord is glorious and great. I know of none, other than the Lord; through the Lord's Name, I have attained liberation and emancipation. || 1 || Pause || Through the Word of the Shabad, I am lovingly attuned to the Lord, the Destroyer of fear, the Destroyer of the Messenger of Death. As Gurmukh, I have realized the Lord, the Giver of peace; I remain intuitively absorbed in Him. || 1 || The Immaculate Name of the Lord is the food of His devotees; they wear the glory of devotional worship. They abide in the home of their inner beings, and they serve the Lord forever; they are honored in the Court of the Lord. || 2 || The intellect of the self-willed manmukh is false; his mind wavers and wobbles, and he cannot speak the Unspoken Speech. Following the Guru's Teachings, the Eternal Unchanging Lord abides within the mind; the True Word of His Bani is Ambrosial Nectar. || 3 || The Shabad calms the turbulent waves of the mind; the tongue is intuively imbued with peace. So remain united forever with your True Guru, who is lovingly attuned to the Lord. || 4 || If the mortal dies in the Shabad, then he is liberated; he focuses his consciousness on the Lord's Feet. The Lord is an Ocean; His Water is Forever Pure. Whoever bathes in it is intuitively imbued with peace. || 5 || Those who contemplate the Shabad are forever imbued with His Love; their egotism and desires are subdued. The Pure, Unattached Lord permeates their inner beings; the Lord, the Supreme Soul, is pervading all. || 6 || Your humble servants serve You, O Lord; those who are imbued with the Truth are pleasing to Your Mind. Those who are involved in duality do not find the Mansion of the Lord's Presence; caught in the false nature of the world, they do not discriminate between merits and demerits. || 7 || When the Lord merges us into Himself, we speak the Unspoken Speech; True is the Shabad, and True is the Word of His Bani. O Nanak, the true people are absorbed in the Truth; they chant the Name of the Lord. || 8 || 1 || SAARANG, THIRD MEHL: O my mind, the Name of the Lord is supremely sweet.

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It is the Destroyer of the sinful residues, the guilt and fears of countless incarnations; the Gurmukh sees the One Lord. || 1 || Pause || Millions upon millions of sins are erased, when the mind comes to love the True Lord. I do not know any other, except the Lord; the True Guru has revealed the One Lord to me. || 1 || Those whose hearts are filled with the wealth of the Lord's Love, remain intuitively absorbed in Him. Imbued with the Shabad, they are dyed in the deep crimson color of His Love. They are imbued with the Lord's celestial peace and poise. || 2 || Contemplating the Shabad, the tongue is imbued with joy; embracing His Love, it is dyed a deep crimson. I have come to know the Name of the Pure Detached Lord; my mind is satisfied and comforted. || 3 || The Pandits, the religious scholars, read and study, and all the silent sages have grown weary; they have grown weary of wearing their religious robes and wandering all around. By Guru's Grace, I have found the Immaculate Lord; I contemplate the True Word of the Shabad. || 4 || My coming and going in reincarnation is ended, and I am imbued with Truth; the True Word of the Shabad is pleasing to my mind. Serving the True Guru, eternal peace is found, and self-conceit is eliminated from within. || 5 || Through the True Word of the Shabad, the celestial melody wells up, and the mind is lovingly focused on the True Lord. The Immaculate Naam, the Name of the Inaccessible and Unfathomable Lord, abides in the mind of the Gurmukh. || 6 || The whole world is contained in the One Lord. How rare are those who understand the One Lord. One who dies in the Shabad comes to know everything; night and day, he realizes the One Lord. || 7 || That humble being, upon whom the Lord casts His Glance of Grace, understands. Nothing else can be said. O Nanak, those who are imbued with the Naam are forever detached from the world; they are lovingly attuned to the One Word of the Shabad. || 8 || 2 || SAARANG, THIRD MEHL: O my mind, the Speech of the Lord is unspoken. That humble being who is blessed by the Lord's Glance of Grace, obtains it. How rare is that Gurmukh who understands. || 1 || Pause || The Lord is Deep, Profound and Unfathomable, the Ocean of Excellence; He is realized through the Word of the Guru's Shabad. Mortals do their deeds in all sorts of ways, in the love of duality; but without the Shabad, they are insane. || 1 || That humble being who bathes in the Lord's Name becomes immaculate; he never becomes polluted again. Without the Name, the whole world is polluted; wandering in duality, it loses its honor. || 2 || What should I grasp? What should I gather up or leave behind? I do not know. O Dear Lord, Your Name is the Help and Support of those whom You bless with Your kindness and compassion. || 3 || The True Lord is the True Giver, the Architect of Destiny; as He pleases, He links mortals to the Name. He alone comes to understand, who enters the Guru's Gate, whom the Lord Himself instructs. || 4 || Even gazing upon the wonders of the Lord, this mind does not think of Him. The world comes and goes in reincarnation. Serving the True Guru, the mortal comes to understand, and finds the Door of Salvation. || 5 || Those who understand the Lord's Court, never suffer separation from him. The True Guru has imparted this understanding. They practice truth, self-restraint and good deeds; their comings and goings are ended. || 6 || In the Court of the True Lord, they practice Truth. The Gurmukhs take the Support of the True Lord.

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The self-willed manmukhs wander, lost in doubt and duality. They do not know how to contemplate the Lord. || 7 || He Himself is the Gurmukh, and He Himself gives; He Himself creates and beholds. O Nanak, those humble beings are approved, whose honor the Lord Himself accepts. || 8 || 3 ||



O Lord of the World, I gaze upon Your wondrous glory. You are the Doer, the Cause of causes, the Creator and Destroyer. You are the Sovereign Lord of all. || 1 || Pause || The rulers and nobles and kings shall become beggars. Their ostentatious shows are false. My Sovereign Lord King is eternally stable. His Praises are sung in every heart. || 1 || Listen to the Praises of my Lord King, O Saints. I chant them as best I can. My Lord King, the Great Giver, is Immeasurable. He is the Highest of the high. || 2 || He has strung His Breath throughout the creation; He locked the fire in the wood. He placed the water and the land together, but neither blends with the other. || 3 || In each and every heart, the Story of our Sovereign Lord is told; in each and every home, they yearn for Him. Afterwards, He created all beings and creatures; but first, He provided them with sustenance. || 4 || Whatever He does, He does by Himself. Who has ever given Him advice? The mortals make all sorts of efforts and showy displays, but He is realized only through the Teachings of Truth. || 5 || The Lord protects and saves His devotees; He blesses them with the glory of His Name. Whoever is disrespectful to the humble servant of the Lord, shall be swept away and destroyed. || 6 || Those who join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, are liberated; all their demerits are taken away. Seeing them, God becomes merciful; they are carried across the terrifying world-ocean. || 7 || I am lowly, I am nothing at all; You are my Great Lord and Master - how can I even contemplate Your creative potency? My mind and body are cooled and soothed, gazing upon the Blessed Vision of the Guru's Darshan. Nanak takes the Support of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 8 || 1 ||



Listen to the Story of the Inaccessible and Unfathomable. The glory of the Supreme Lord God is wondrous and amazing! || 1 || Pause || Forever and ever, humbly bow to the True Guru. By Guru's Grace, sing the Glorious Praises of the Infinite Lord. His Light shall radiate deep within your mind. With the healing ointment of spiritual wisdom, ignorance is dispelled. || 1 || There is no limit to His Expanse. His Glory is Infinite and Endless. His many plays cannot be counted. He is not subject to pleasure or pain. || 2 || Many Brahmas vibrate Him in the Vedas. Many Shivas sit in deep meditation.

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Many beings take incarnation. Many Indras stand at the Lord's Door. || 3 || Many winds, fires and waters. Many jewels, and oceans of butter and milk. Many suns, moons and stars. Many gods and goddesses of so many kinds. || 4 || Many earths, many wish-fulfilling cows. Many miraculous Elysian trees, many Krishnas playing the flute. Many Akaashic ethers, many nether regions of the underworld. Many mouths chant and meditate on the Lord. || 5 || Many Shaastras, Simritees and Puraanas. Many ways in which we speak. Many listeners listen to the Lord of Treasure. The Lord God totally permeates all beings. || 6 || Many righteous judges of Dharma, many gods of wealth. Many gods of water, many mountains of gold. Many thousand-headed snakes, chanting ever-new Names of God. They do not know the limits of the Supreme Lord God. || 7 || Many solar systems, many galaxies. Many forms, colors and celestial realms. Many gardens, many fruits and roots. He Himself is mind, and He Himself is matter. || 8 || Many ages, days and nights. Many apocalypses, many creations. Many beings are in His home. The Lord is perfectly pervading all places. || 9 || Many Mayas, which cannot be known. Many are the ways in which our Sovereign Lord plays. Many exquisite melodies sing of the Lord. Many recording scribes of the conscious and subconscious are revealed there. || 10 || He is above all, and yet He dwells with His devotees. Twenty-four hours a day, they sing His Praises with love. Many unstruck melodies resound and resonate with bliss. There is no end or limit of that sublime essence. || 11 || True is the Primal Being, and True is His dwelling. He is the Highest of the high, Immaculate and Detached, in Nirvaanaa. He alone knows His handiwork. He Himself pervades each and every heart. The Merciful Lord is the Treasure of Compassion, O Nanak. Those who chant and meditate on Him, O Nanak, are exalted and enraptured. || 12 || 1 || 2 || 2 || 3 || 7 ||



See the Giver of fearlessness in all. The Detached Lord is totally permeating each and every heart. Like waves in the water, He created the creation. He enjoys all tastes, and takes pleasure in all hearts. There is no other like Him at all. The color of the Lord's Love is the one color of our Lord and Master; in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, God is realized. O Nanak, I am drenched with the Blessed Vision of the Lord, like the fish in the water. I see the Giver of fearlessness in all. || 1 || What praises should I give, and what approval should I offer to Him? The Perfect Lord is totally pervading and permeating all places. The Perfect Enticing Lord adorns each and every heart.

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When He withdraws, the mortal turns to dust. Why do you not worship and adore Him? Join together with the Holy Saints; any instant, your time shall come. All your property and wealth, and all that you see - none of it will go along with you. Says Nanak, worship and adore the Lord, Har, Har. What praise, and what approval, can I offer to Him? || 2 || I ask the Saints, what is my Lord and Master like? I offer my heart, to one who brings me news of Him. Give me news of my Dear God; where does the Enticer live? He is the Giver of peace to life and limb; God is totally permeating all places, interspaces and countries. He is liberated from bondage, joined to each and every heart. I cannot say what the Lord is like. Gazing upon His wondrous play, O Nanak, my mind is fascinated. I humbly ask, what is my Lord and Master like? || 3 || In His Kindness, He has come to His humble servant. Blessed is that heart, in which the Lord's Feet are enshrined. His Feet are enshrined within, in the Society of the Saints; the darkness of ignorance is dispelled. The heart is enlightened and illumined and enraptured; God has been found. Pain is gone, and peace has come to my house. The ultimate intuitive peace prevails. Says Nanak, I have found the Perfect Lord; in His Kindness, He has come to His humble servant. || 4 || 1 ||



SHALOK, SECOND MEHL: The key of the Guru opens the lock of attachment, in the house of the mind, under the roof of the body. O Nanak, without the Guru, the door of the mind cannot be opened. No one else holds the key in hand. || 1 || FIRST MEHL: He is not won over by music, songs or the Vedas. He is not won over by intuitive wisdom, meditation or Yoga. He is not won over by feeling sad and depressed forever. He is not won over by beauty, wealth and pleasures. He is not won over by wandering naked at sacred shrines. He is not won over by giving donations in charity. He is not won over by living alone in the wilderness. He is not won over by fighting and dying as a warrior in battle. He is not won over by becoming the dust of the masses. The account is written of the loves of the mind. O Nanak, the Lord is won over only by His Name. || 2 || FIRST MEHL: You may study the nine grammars, the six Shaastras and the six divions of the Vedas. You may recite the Mahaabhaarata. Even these cannot find the limits of the Lord. Without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, how can anyone be liberated? Brahma, in the lotus of the navel, does not know the limits of God. The Gurmukh, O Nanak, realizes the Naam. || 3 || PAUREE: The Immaculate Lord Himself, by Himself, created Himself. He Himself created the whole drama of all the world's play. He Himself formed the three gunas, the three qualities; He increased the attachment to Maya. By Guru's Grace, they are saved - those who love the Will of God.

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O Nanak, the True Lord is pervading everywhere; all are contained within the True Lord. || 1 || SHALOK, SECOND MEHL: He Himself creates, O Nanak; He establishes the various creatures. How can anyone be called bad? We have only One Lord and Master. There is One Lord and Master of all; He watches over all, and assigns all to their tasks. Some have less, and some have more; no one is allowed to leave empty. Naked we come, and naked we go; in between, we put on a show. O Nanak, one who does not understand the Hukam of God's Command - what will he have to do in the world hereafter? || 1 || FIRST MEHL: He sends out the various created beings, and he calls back the various created beings again. He himself establishes, and He Himself disestablishes. He fashions them in various forms. And all the human beings who wander around as beggars, He Himself gives in charity to them. As it is recorded, the mortals speak, and as it is recorded, they walk. So why put on all this show? This is the basis of intelligence; this is certified and approved. Nanak speaks and proclaims it. By past actions, each being is judged; what else can anyone say? || 2 || PAUREE: The Guru's Word makes the drama play itself out. Through virtue, this becomes evident. Whoever utters the Word of the Guru's Bani - the Lord is enshrined in his mind. Maya's power is gone, and doubt is eradicated; awaken to the Light of the Lord. Those who hold onto goodness as their treasure meet the Guru, the Primal Being. O Nanak, they are intuitively absorbed and blended into the Name of the Lord. || 2 || SHALOK, SECOND MEHL: The merchants come from the Banker; He sends the account of their destiny with them. On the basis of their accounts, He issues the Hukam of His Command, and they are left to take care of their merchandise. The merchants have purchased their merchandise and packed up their cargo. Some depart after having earned a good profit, while others leave, having lost their investment altogether. No one asks to have less; who should be celebrated? The Lord casts His Glance of Grace, O Nanak, upon those who have preserved their capital investment. || 1 || SHALOK, FIRST MEHL: United, the united separate, and separated, they unite again. Living, the living die, and dying, they live again. They become the fathers of many, and the sons of many; they become the gurus of many, and the disciples. No account can be made of the future or the past; who knows what shall be, or what was? All the actions and events of the past are recorded; the Doer did, He does, and He will do. The self-willed manmukh dies, while the Gurmukh is saved; O Nanak, the Gracious Lord bestows His Glance of Grace. || 2 || PAUREE: The self-willed manmukh wanders in duality, lured and enticed by duality. He practices falsehood and deception, telling lies. Love and attachment to children and spouse is total misery and pain. He is gagged and bound at the door of the Messenger of Death; he dies, and wanders lost in reincarnation. The self-willed manmukh wastes his life; Nanak loves the Lord. || 3 || SHALOK, SECOND MEHL: Those who are blessed with the glorious greatness of Your Name - their minds are imbued with Your Love. O Nanak, there is only One Ambrosial Nectar; there is no other nectar at all. O Nanak, the Ambrosial Nectar is obtained within the mind, by Guru's Grace.

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They alone drink it in with love, who have such pre-ordained destiny. || 1 || SECOND MEHL: Why praise the created being? Praise the One who created all. O Nanak, there is no other Giver, except the One Lord. Praise the Creator Lord, who created the creation. Praise the Great Giver, who gives sustenence to all. O Nanak, the treasure of the Eternal Lord is over-flowing. Praise and honor the One, who has no end or limitation. || 2 || PAUREE: The Name of the Lord is a treasure. Serving it, peace is obtained. I chant the Name of the Immaculate Lord, so that I may go home with honor. The Word of the Gurmukh is the Naam; I enshrine the Naam within my heart. The bird of the intellect comes under one's control, by meditating on the True Guru. O Nanak, if the Lord becomes merciful, the mortal lovingly tunes in to the Naam. || 4 || SHALOK, SECOND MEHL: How can we speak of Him? Only He knows Himself. His decree cannot be challenged; He is our Supreme Lord and Master. By His Decree, even kings, nobles and commanders must step down. Whatever is pleasing to His Will, O Nanak, is a good deed. By His Decree, we walk; nothing rests in our hands. When the Order comes from our Lord and Master, all must rise up and take to the road. As His Decree is issued, so is His Command obeyed. Those who are sent, come, O Nanak; when they are called back, they depart and go. || 1 || SECOND MEHL: Those whom the Lord blesses with His Praises, are the true keepers of the treasure. Those who are blessed with the key - they alone receive the treasure. That treasure, from which virtue wells up - that treasure is approved. Those who are blessed by His Glance of Grace, O Nanak, bear the Insignia of the Naam. || 2 || PAUREE: The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is immaculate and pure; hearing it, peace is obtained. Listening and hearing, It is enshrined in the mind; how rare is that humble being who realizes it. Sitting down and standing up, I shall never forget Him, the Truest of the true. His devotees have the Support of His Name; in His Name, they find peace. O Nanak, He permeates and pervades mind and body; He is the Lord, the Guru's Word. || 5 || SHALOK, FIRST MEHL: O Nanak, the weight is weighed out, when the soul is placed on the scale. Nothing is equal to speaking of the One, who perfectly unites us with the Perfect Lord. To call Him glorious and great carries such a heavy weight. Other intellectualisms are lightweight; other words are lightweight as well. The weight of the earth, water and mountains - how can the goldsmith weigh it on the scale? What weights can balance the scale? O Nanak, when questioned, the answer is given. The blind fool is running around, leading the blind. The more they say, the more they expose themselves. || 1 || FIRST MEHL: It is difficult to chant it; it is difficult to listen to it. It cannot be chanted with the mouth. Some speak with their mouths and chant the Word of the Shabad - the low and the high, day and night. If He were something, then He would be visible. His form and state cannot be seen. The Creator Lord does all deeds; He is established in the hearts of the high and the low.

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It is so difficult to chant it, O Nanak; it cannot be chanted with the mouth. || 2 || PAUREE: Hearing the Name, the mind is delighted. The Name brings peace and tranquility. Hearing the Name, the mind is satisfied, and all pains are taken away. Hearing the Name, one becomes famous; the Name brings glorious greatness. The Name brings all honor and status; through the Name, salvation is obtained. The Gurmukh meditates on the Name; Nanak is lovingly attuned to the Name. || 6 || SHALOK, FIRST MEHL: Impurity does not come from music; impurity does not come from the Vedas. Impurity does not come from the phases of the sun and the moon. Impurity does not come from food; impurity does not come from ritual cleansing baths. Impurity does not come from the rain, which falls everywhere. Impurity does not come from the earth; impurity does not come from the water. Impurity does not come from the air which is diffused everywhere. O Nanak, the one who has no Guru, has no redeeming virtues at all. Impurity comes from turning one's face away from God. || 1 || FIRST MEHL: O Nanak, the mouth is truly cleansed by ritual cleansing, if you really know how to do it. For the intuitively aware, cleansing is spiritual wisdom. For the Yogi, it is self-control. For the Brahmin, cleansing is contentment; for the householder, it is truth and charity. For the king, cleansing is justice; for the scholar, it is true meditation. The consciousness is not washed with water; you drink it to quench your thirst. Water is the father of the world; in the end, water destroys it all. || 2 || PAUREE: Hearing the Name, all supernatural spiritual powers are obtained, and wealth follows along. Hearing the Name, the nine treasures are received, and the mind's desires are obtained. Hearing the Name, contentment comes, and Maya meditates at one's feet. Hearing the Name, intuitive peace and poise wells up. Through the Guru's Teachings, the Name is obtained; O Nanak, sing His Glorious Praises. || 7 || SHALOK, FIRST MEHL: In pain, we are born; in pain, we die. In pain, we deal with the world. Hereafter, there is said to be pain, only pain; the more the mortals read, the more they cry out. The packages of pain are untied, but peace does not emerge. In pain, the soul burns; in pain, it departs weeping and wailing. O Nanak, imbued with the Lord's Praise, the mind and body blossom forth, rejuvenated. In the fire of pain, the mortals die; but pain is also the cure. || 1 || FIRST MEHL: O Nanak, worldly pleasures are nothing more than dust. They are the dust of the dust of ashes. The mortal earns only the dust of the dust; his body is covered with dust. When the soul is taken out of the body, it too is covered with dust. And when one's account is called for in the world hereafter, he receives only ten times more dust. || 2 || PAUREE: Hearing the Name, one is blessed with purity and self-control, and the Messenger of Death will not draw near. Hearing the Name, the heart is illumined, and darkness is dispelled. Hearing the Name, one comes to understand his own self, and the profit of the Name is obtained. Hearing the Name, sins are eradicated, and one meets the Immaculate True Lord. O Nanak, hearing the Name, one's face becomes radiant. As Gurmukh, meditate on the Name. || 8 || SHALOK, FIRST MEHL: In your home, is the Lord God, along with all your other gods.

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