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The noose of Death is cut away from around his neck. || 10 || Everyone speaks as they please. The self-willed manmukh, in duality, does not know how to speak. The blind person has a blind and deaf intellect; coming and going in reincarnation, he suffers in pain. || 11 || In pain he is born, and in pain he dies. His pain is not relieved, without seeking the Sanctuary of the Guru. In pain he is created, and in pain he perishes. What has he brought with himself? And what will he take away? || 12 || True are the actions of those who are under the Guru's influence. They do not come and go in reincarnation, and they are not subject to the laws of Death. Whoever abandons the branches, and clings to the true root, enjoys true ecstasy within his mind. || 13 || Death cannot strike down the people of the Lord. They do not see pain on the most difficult path. Deep within the nucleus of their hearts, they worship and adore the Lord's Name; there is nothing else at all for them. || 14 || There is no end to the Lord's sermon and Praise. As it pleases You, I remain under Your Will. I am embellished with robes of honor in the Court of the Lord, by the Order of the True King. || 15 || How can I chant Your uncounted glories? Even the greatest of the great do not know Your limits. Please bless Nanak with the Truth, and preserve his honor; You are the supreme emperor above the heads of kings. || 16 || 6 || 12 || MARU, FIRST MEHL, DAKHANEE: Deep within the body-village is the fortress. The dwelling of the True Lord is within the city of the Tenth Gate. This place is permanent and forever immaculate. He Himself created it. || 1 || Within the fortress are balconies and bazaars. He Himself takes care of His merchandise. The hard and heavy doors of the Tenth Gate are closed and locked. Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, they are thrown open. || 2 || Within the fortress is the cave, the home of the self. He established the nine gates of this house, by His Command and His Will. In the Tenth Gate, the Primal Lord, the unknowable and infinite dwells; the unseen Lord reveals Himself. || 3 || Within the body of air, water and fire, the One Lord dwells. He Himself stages His wondrous dramas and plays. By His Grace, water puts out the burning fire; He Himself stores it up in the watery ocean. || 4 || Creating the earth, He established it as the home of Dharma. Creating and destroying, He remains unattached. He stages the play of the breath everywhere. Withdrawing His power, He lets the beings crumble. || 5 || Your gardener is the vast vegetation of nature. The wind blowing around is the chauree, the fly-brush, waving over You. The Lord placed the two lamps, the sun and the moon; the sun merges in the house of the moon. || 6 || The five birds do not fly wild. The tree of life is fruitful, bearing the fruit of Ambrosial Nectar. The Gurmukh intuitively sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord; he eats the food of the Lord's sublime essence. || 7 || The dazzling light glitters, although neither the moon nor the stars are shining; neither the sun's rays nor the lightning flashes across the sky. I describe the indescribable state, which has no sign, where the all-pervading Lord is still pleasing to the mind. || 8 || The rays of Divine Light have spread out their brilliant radiance. Having created the creation, the Merciful Lord Himself gazes upon it. The sweet, melodious, unstruck sound current vibrates continuously in the home of the fearless Lord.

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|| 9 || When the unstruck sound current resounds, doubt and fear run away. God is all-pervading, giving shade to all. All belong to You; to the Gurmukhs, You are known. Singing Your Praises, they look beautiful in Your Court. || 10 || He is the Primal Lord, immaculate and pure. I know of no other at all. The One Universal Creator Lord dwells within, and is pleasing to the mind of those who banishe egotism and pride. || 11 || I drink in the Ambrosial Nectar, given by the True Guru. I do not know any other second or third. He is the One, Unique, Infinite and Endless Lord; He evaluates all beings and places some in His treasury. || 12 || Spiritual wisdom and meditation on the True Lord are deep and profound. No one knows Your expanse. All that are, beg from You; You are attained only by Your Grace. || 13 || You hold karma and Dharma in Your hands, O True Lord. O Independent Lord, Your treasures are inexhaustible. You are forever kind and compassionate, God. You unite in Your Union. || 14 || You Yourself see, and cause Yourself to be seen. You Yourself establish, and You Yourself disestablish. The Creator Himself unites and separates; He Himself kills and rejuvenates. || 15 || As much as there is, is contained within You. You gaze upon Your creation, sitting within Your royal palace. Nanak offers this true prayer; gazing upon the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan, I have found peace. || 16 || 1 || 13 || MARU, FIRST MEHL: If I am pleasing to You, Lord, then I obtain the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan. In loving devotional worship, O True Lord, I sing Your Glorious Praises. By Your Will, O Creator Lord, You have become pleasing to me, and so sweet to my tongue. || 1 || The devotees look beautiful in the Darbaar, the Court of God. Your slaves, Lord, are liberated. Eradicating self-conceit, they are attuned to Your Love; night and day, they meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord. || 2 || Shiva, Brahma, gods and goddesses, Indra, ascetics and silent sages serve You. Celibates, givers of charity and the many forest-dwellers have not found the Lord's limits. || 3 || No one knows You, unless You let them know You. Whatever is done, is by Your Will. You created the 8.4 million species of beings; by Your Will, they draw their breath. || 4 || Whatever is pleasing to Your Will, undoubtedly comes to pass. The self-willed manmukh shows off, and comes to grief. Forgetting the Name, he finds no place of rest; coming and going in reincarnation, he suffers in pain. || 5 || Pure is the body, and immaculate is the swan-soul; within it is the immaculate essence of the Naam. Such a being drinks in all his pains like Ambrosial Nectar; he never suffers sorrow again. || 6 || For his excessive indulgences, he receives only pain; from his enjoyments, he contracts diseases, and in the end, he wastes away. His pleasure can never erase his pain; without accepting the Lord's Will, he wanders lost and confused. || 7 || Without spiritual wisdom, they all just wander around. The True Lord is pervading and permeating everywhere, lovingly engaged. The Fearless Lord is known through the Shabad, the Word of the True Guru; one's light merges into the Light. || 8 || He is the eternal, unchanging, immeasurable Lord. In an instant, He destroys, ang then reconstructs. He has no form or shape, no limit or value.

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Pierced by the Shabad, one is satisfied. || 9 || I am the slave of Your slaves, O my Beloved. The seekers of Truth and goodness contemplate You. Whoever believes in the Name, wins; He Himself implants Truth within. || 10 || The Truest of the True has the Truth is His lap. The True Lord is pleased with those who love the Shabad. Exerting His power, the Lord has established Truth throughout the three worlds; with Truth He is pleased. || 11 || Everyone calls Him the greatest of the great. Without the Guru, no one understands Him. The True Lord is pleased with those who merge in Truth; they are not separated again, and they do not suffer. || 12 || Separated from the Primal Lord, they loudly weep and wail. They die and die, only to be reborn, when their time has passed. He blesses those whom He forgives with glorious greatness; united with Him, they do not regret or repent. || 13 || He Himself is the Creator, and He Himself is the Enjoyer. He Himself is satisfied, and He Himself is liberated. The Lord of liberation Himself grants liberation; He eradicates possessiveness and attachment. || 14 || I consider Your gifts to be the most wonderful gifts. You are the Cause of causes, Almighty Infinite Lord. Creating the creation, You gaze upon what You have created; You cause all to do their deeds. || 15 || They alone sing Your Glorious Praises, who are pleasing to You, O True Lord. They issue forth from You, and merge again into You. Nanak offers this true prayer; meeting with the True Lord, peace is obtained. || 16 || 2 || 14 || MARU, FIRST MEHL: For endless eons, there was only utter darkness. There was no earth or sky; there was only the infinite Command of His Hukam. There was no day or night, no moon or sun; God sat in primal, profound Samaadhi. || 1 || There were no sources of creation or powers of speech, no air or water. There was no creation or destruction, no coming or going. There were no continents, nether regions, seven seas, rivers or flowing water. || 2 || There were no heavenly realms, earth or nether regions of the underworld. There was no heaven or hell, no death or time. There was no hell or heaven, no birth or death, no coming or going in reincarnation. || 3 || There was no Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva. No one was seen, except the One Lord. There was no female or male, no social class or caste of birth; no one experienced pain or pleasure. || 4 || There were no people of celibacy or charity; no one lived in the forests. There were no Siddhas or seekers, no one living in peace. There were no Yogis, no wandering pilgrims, no religious robes; no one called himself the master. || 5 || There was no chanting or meditation, no self-discipline, fasting or worship. No one spoke or talked in duality. He created Himself, and rejoiced; He evaluates Himself. || 6 || There was no purification, no self-restraint, no malas of basil seeds. There were no Gopis, no Krishna, no cows or cowherds. There were no tantras, no mantras and no hypocrisy; no one played the flute. || 7 || There was no karma, no Dharma, no buzzing fly of Maya. Social class and birth were not seen with any eyes. There was no noose of attachment, no death inscribed upon the forehead; no one meditated on anything. || 8 || There was no slander, no seed, no soul and no life. There was no Gorakh and no Maachhindra.

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There was no spiritual wisdom or meditation, no ancestry or creation, no reckoning of accounts. || 9 || There were no castes or social classes, no religious robes, no Brahmin or Kh'shaatriya. There were no demi-gods or temples, no cows or Gaayatri prayer. There were no burnt offerings, no ceremonial feasts, no cleansing rituals at sacred shrines of pilgrimage; no one worshipped in adoration. || 10 || There was no Mullah, there was no Qazi. There was no Shaykh, or pilgrims to Mecca. There was no king or subjects, and no worldly egotism; no one spoke of himself. || 11 || There was no love or devotion, no Shiva or Shakti - no energy or matter. There were no friends or companions, no semen or blood. He Himself is the banker, and He Himself is the merchant. Such is the Pleasure of the Will of the True Lord. || 12 || There were no Vedas, Korans or Bibles, no Simritees or Shaastras. There was no recitation of the Puraanas, no sunrise or sunset. The Unfathomable Lord Himself was the speaker and the preacher; the unseen Lord Himself saw everything. || 13 || When He so willed, He created the world. Without any supporting power, He sustained the universe. He created Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; He fostered enticement and attachment to Maya. || 14 || How rare is that person who listens to the Word of the Guru's Shabad. He created the creation, and watches over it; the Hukam of His Command is over all. He formed the planets, solar systems and nether regions, and brought what was hidden to manifestation. || 15 || No one knows His limits. This understanding comes from the Perfect Guru. O Nanak, those who are attuned to the Truth are wonderstruck; singing His Glorious Praises, they are filled with wonder. || 16 || 3 || 15 || MARU, FIRST MEHL: He Himself created the creation, remaining unattached. The Merciful Lord has established His True Home. Binding together air, water and fire, He created the fortress of the body. || 1 || The Creator established the nine gates. In the Tenth Gate, is the dwelling of the infinite, unseen Lord. The seven seas are overflowing with the Ambrosial Water; the Gurmukhs are not stained with filth. || 2 || The lamps of the sun and the moon fill all with light. Creating them, He beholds His own glorious greatness. The Giver of peace is forever the embodiment of Light; from the True Lord, glory is obtained. || 3 || Within the fortress are the stores and markets; the business is transacted there. The Supreme Merchant weighs with the perfect weights. He Himself buys the jewel, and He Himself appraises its value. || 4 || The Appraiser appraises its value. The Independent Lord is overflowing with His treasures. He holds all powers, He is all-pervading; how few are those who, as Gurmukh, understand this. || 5 || When He bestows His Glance of Grace, one meets the Perfect Guru. The tyrannical Messenger of Death cannot strike him then. He blossoms forth like the lotus flower in the water; he blossoms forth in joyful meditation. || 6 || He Himself rains down the Ambrosial Stream of jewels, diamonds, and rubies of priceless value. When they meet the True Guru, then they find the Perfect Lord; they obtain the treasure of Love. || 7 || Whoever receives the priceless treasure of Love - his weight never decreases; he has perfect weight. The trader of Truth becomes true, and obtains the merchandise. || 8 || How rare are those who obtain the true merchandise.

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Meeting the Perfect True Guru, one meets with the Lord. One who becomes Gurmukh realizes the Hukam of His command; surrendering to His Command, one merges in the Lord. || 9 || By His Command we come, and by His command we merge into Him again. By His Command, the world was formed. By His Command, the heavens, this world and the nether regions were created; by His Command, His Power supports them. || 10 || The Hukam of His Command is the mythical bull which supports the burden of the earth on its head. By His Hukam, air, water and fire came into being. By His Hukam, one dwells in the house of matter and energy - Shiva and Shakti. By His Hukam, He plays His plays. || 11 || By the Hukam of His command, the sky is spread above. By His Hukam, His creatures dwell in the water, on the land and throughout the three worlds. By His Hukam, we draw our breath and receive our food; by His Hukam, He watches over us, and inspires us to see. || 12 || By His Hukam, He created His ten incarnations, and the uncounted and infinite gods and devils. Whoever obeys the Hukam of His Command, is robed with honor in the Court of the Lord; united with the Truth, He merges in the Lord. || 13 || By the Hukam of His Command, the thirty-six ages passed. By His Hukam, the Siddhas and seekers contemplate Him. The Lord Himself has brought all under His control. Whoever He forgives, is liberated. || 14 || In the strong fortress of the body with its beautiful doors, is the king, with his special assistants and ministers. Those gripped by falsehood and greed do not dwell in the celestial home; engrossed in greed and sin, they come to regret and repent. || 15 || Truth and contentment govern this body-village. Chastity, truth and self-control are in the Sanctuary of the Lord. O Nanak, one intuitively meets the Lord, the Life of the World; the Word of the Guru's Shabad brings honor. || 16 || 4 || 16 || MARU, FIRST MEHL: In the Primal Void, the Infinite Lord assumed His Power. He Himself is unattached, infinite and incomparable. He Himself exercised His Creative Power, and He gazes upon His creation; from the Primal Void, He formed the Void. || 1 || From this Primal Void, He fashioned air and water. He created the universe, and the king in the fortress of the body. Your Light pervades fire, water and souls; Your Power rests in the Primal Void. || 2 || From this Primal Void, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva issued forth. This Primal Void is pervasive throughout all the ages. That humble being who contemplates this state is perfect; meeting with him, doubt is dispelled. || 3 || From this Primal Void, the seven seas were established. The One who created them, Himself contemplates them. That human being who becomes Gurmukh, who bathes in the pool of Truth, is not cast into the womb of reincarnation again. || 4 || From this Primal Void, came the moon, the sun and the earth. His Light pervades all the three worlds. The Lord of this Primal Void is unseen, infinite and immaculate; He is absorbed in the Primal Trance of Deep Meditation. || 5 || From this Primal Void, the earth and the Akaashic Ethers were created. He supports them without any visible support, by exercising His True Power. He fashioned the three worlds, and the rope of Maya; He Himself creates and destroys. || 6 || From this Primal Void, came the four sources of creation, and the power of speech. They were created from the Void, and they will merge into the Void. The Supreme Creator created the play of Nature; through the Word of His Shabad, He stages His Wondrous Show. || 7 || From this Primal Void, He made both night and day; creation and destruction, pleasure and pain. The Gurmukh is immortal, untouched by pleasure and pain.

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He obtains the home of his own inner being. || 8 || The Saam Veda, the Rig Veda, the Jujar Veda and the At'harva Veda form the mouth of Brahma; they speak of the three gunas, the three qualities of Maya. None of them can describe His worth. We speak as He inspires us to speak. || 9 || From the Primal Void, He created the seven nether regions. From the Primal Void, He established this world to lovingly dwell upon Him. The Infinite Lord Himself created the creation. Everyone acts as You make them act, Lord. || 10 || Your Power is diffused through the three gunas: raajas, taamas and satva. Through egotism, they suffer the pains of birth and death. Those blessed by His Grace become Gurmukh; they attain the fourth state, and are liberated. || 11 || From the Primal Void, the ten incarnations welled up. Creating the Universe, He made the expanse. He fashioned the demi-gods and demons, the heavenly heralds and celestial musicians; everyone acts according to their past karma. || 12 || The Gurmukh understands, and does not suffer the disease. How rare are those who understand this ladder of the Guru. Throughout the ages, they are dedicated to liberation, and so they become liberated; thus they are honored. || 13 || From the Primal Void, the five elements became manifest. They joined to form the body, which engages in actions. Both bad and good are written on the forehead, the seeds of vice and virtue. || 14 || The True Guru, the Primal Being, is sublime and detached. Attuned to the Word of the Shabad, He is intoxicated with the sublime essence of the Lord. Riches, intellect, miraculous spiritual powers and spiritual wisdom are obtained from the Guru; through perfect destiny, they are received. || 15 || This mind is so in love with Maya. Only a few are spiritually wise enough to understand and know this. In hope and desire, egotism and skepticism, the greedy man acts falsely. || 16 || From the True Guru, contemplative meditation is obtained. And then, one dwells with the True Lord in His celestial home, the Primal State of Absorption in Deepest Samaadhi. O Nanak, the immaculate sound current of the Naad, and the Music of the Shabad resound; one merges into the True Name of the Lord. || 17 || 5 || 17 || MARU, FIRST MEHL: Wherever I look, I see the Lord, merciful to the meek. God is compassionate; He does not come or go in reincarnation. He pervades all beings in His mysterious way; the Sovereign Lord remains detached. || 1 || The world is a reflection of Him; He has no father or mother. He has not acquired any sister or brother. There is no creation or destruction for Him; He has no ancestry or social status. The Ageless Lord is pleasing to my mind. || 2 || You are the Deathless Primal Being. Death does not hover over Your head. You are the unseen inaccessible and detached Primal Lord. You are true and content; the Word of Your Shabad is cool and soothing. Through it, we are lovingly, intuitively attuned to You. || 3 || The three qualities are pervasive; the Lord dwells in His home, the fourth state. He has made death and birth into a bite of food. The immaculate Light is the Life of the whole world. The Guru reveals the unstruck melody of the Shabad. || 4 || Sublime and good are those humble Saints, the Beloveds of the Lord. They are intoxicated with the sublime essence of the Lord, and are carried across to the other side. Nanak is the dust of the Society of the Saints; by Guru's Grace, he finds the Lord. || 5 ||

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You are the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts. All beings belong to You. You are the Great Giver; I am Your slave. Please be merciful and bless me with Your Ambrosial Naam, and the jewel, the lamp of the Guru's spiritual wisdom. || 6 || From the union of the five elements, this body was made. Finding the Lord, the Supreme Soul, peace is established. The good karma of past actions brings fruitful rewards, and man is blessed with the jewel of the Lord's Name. || 7 || His mind does not feel any hunger or thirst. He knows the Immaculate Lord to be everywhere, in each and every heart. Imbued with the Lord's Ambrosial essence, he becomes a pure, detached renunciate; he is lovingly absorbed in the Guru's Teachings. || 8 || Whoever does the deeds of the soul, day and night, sees the immaculate Divine Light deep within. Enraptured with the delightful essence of the Shabad, the source of nectar, my tongue plays the sweet music of the flute. || 9 || He alone plays the sweet music of this flute, who knows the three worlds. O Nanak, know this, through the Guru's Teachings, and lovingly focus yourself on the Lord's Name. || 10 || Rare are those beings in this world, who contemplate the Word of the Guru's Shabad, and remain detached. They save themselves, and save all their associates and ancestors; fruitful is their birth and coming into this world. || 11 || He alone knows the home of his own heart, and the door to the temple, who obtains perfect understanding from the Guru. In the body-fortress is the palace; God is the True Master of this Palace. The True Lord established His True Throne there. || 12 || The fourteen realms and the two lamps are the witnesses. The Lord's servants, the self-elect, do not taste the poison of corruption. Deep within, is the priceless, incomparable commodity; meeting with the Guru, the wealth of the Lord is obtained. || 13 || He alone sits on the throne, who is worthy of the throne. Following the Guru's Teachings, he subdues the five demons, and becomes the Lord's foot soldier. He has existed from the very beginning of time and throughout the ages; He exists here and now, and will always exist. Meditating on Him, skepticism and doubt are dispelled. || 14 || The Lord of the Throne is greeted and worshipped day and night. This true glorious greatness comes to those who love the Guru's Teachings. O Nanak, meditate on the Lord, and swim across the river; they find the Lord, their best friend, in the end. || 15 || 1 || 18 || MARU, FIRST MEHL: Gather in the wealth of the Lord, O humble Siblings of Destiny. Serve the True Guru, and remain in His Sanctuary. This wealth cannot be stolen; the celestial melody of the Shabad wells up and keeps us awake and aware. || 1 || You are the One Universal Creator, the Immaculate King. You Yourself arrange and resolve the affairs of Your humble servant. You are immortal, immovable, infinite and priceless; O Lord, Your place is beautiful and eternal. || 2 || In the body-village, the most sublime place, the supremely noble people dwell. Above them is the Immaculate Lord, the One Universal Creator; they are lovingly absorbed in the profound, primal state of Samaadhi. || 3 || There are nine gates to the body-village; the Creator Lord fashioned them for each and every person. Within the Tenth Gate, dwells the Primal Lord, detached and unequalled. The unknowable reveals Himself. || 4 || The Primal Lord cannot be held to account; True is His Celestial Court. The Hukam of His Command is in effect; True is His Insignia.

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O Nanak, search and examine your own home, and you shall find the Supreme Soul, and the Name of the Lord. || 5 || The Primal Lord is everywhere, immaculate and all-knowing. He administers justice, and is absorbed in the spiritual wisdom of the Guru. He seizes sexual desire and anger by their necks, and kills them; He eradicates egotism and greed. || 6 || In the True Place, the Formless Lord abides. Whoever understands his own self, contemplates the Word of the Shabad. He comes to abide deep within the True Mansion of His Presence, and his comings and goings are ended. || 7 || His mind does not waver, and he is not buffeted by the winds of desire. Such a Yogi vibrates the unstruck sound current of the Shabad. God Himself plays the pure music of the Panch Shabad, the five primal sounds to hear. || 8 || In the Fear of God, in detachment, one intuitively merges into the Lord. Renouncing egotism, he is imbued with the unstruck sound current. With the ointment of enlightenment, the Immaculate Lord is known; the Immaculate Lord King is pervading everywhere. || 9 || God is eternal and imperishable; He is the Destroyer of pain and fear. He cures the disease, and cuts away the noose of death. O Nanak, the Lord God is the Destroyer of fear; meeting the Guru, the Lord God is found. || 10 || One who knows the Immaculate Lord chews up death. One who understands karma, realizes the Word of the Shabad. He Himself knows, and He Himself realizes. This whole world is all His play. || 11 || He Himself is the Banker, and He Himself is the Merchant. The Appraiser Himself appraises. He Himself tests upon His Touchstone, and He Himself estimates the value. || 12 || God Himself, the Merciful Lord, grants His Grace. The Gardener pervades and permeates each and every heart. The pure, primal, detached Lord abides within all. The Guru, the Lord Incarnate, leads us to meet the Lord God. || 13 || God is wise and all-knowing; He purges men of their pride. Eradicating duality, the One Lord reveals Himself. Such a being remains unattached amidst hope, singing the Praise of the Immaculate Lord, who has no ancestry. || 14 || Eradicating egotism, he obtains the peace of the Shabad. He alone is spiritually wise, who contemplates his own self. O Nanak, singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, the true profit is obtained; in the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, the fruit of Truth is obtained. || 15 || 2 || 19 || MARU, FIRST MEHL: Speak the Truth, and remain in the home of Truth. Remain dead while yet alive, and cross over the terrifying world-ocean. The Guru is the boat, the ship, the raft; meditating on the Lord in your mind, you shall be carried across to the other side. || 1 || Eliminating egotism, possessiveness and greed, one is liberated from the nine gates, and obtains a place in the Tenth Gate. Lofty and high, the farthest of the far and infinite, He created Himself. || 2 || Receiving the Guru's Teachings, and lovingly attuned to the Lord, one crosses over. Singing the Praises of the absolute Lord, why should anyone be afraid of death? Wherever I look, I see only You; I do not sing of any other at all. || 3 || True is the Lord's Name, and True is His Sanctuary. True is the Word of the Guru's Shabad, grasping it, one is carries across. Speaking the Unspoken, one sees the Infinite Lord, and then, he does not have to enter the womb of reincarnation again. || 4 || Without the Truth, no one finds sincerity or contentment. Without the Guru, no one is liberated; coming and going in reincarnation continue. Chanting the Mool Mantra, and the Name of the Lord, the source of nectar, says Nanak, I have found the Perfect Lord.

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|| 5 || Without the Truth, the terrifying world-ocean cannot be crossed. This ocean is vast and unfathomable; it is overflowing with the worst poison. One who receives the Guru's Teachings, and remains aloof and detached, obtains a place in the home of the Fearless Lord. || 6 || False is the cleverness of loving attachment to the world. In no time at all, it comes and goes. Forgetting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the proud egotistical people depart; in creation and destruction they are wasted away. || 7 || In creation and destruction, they are bound in bondage. The noose of egotism and Maya is around their necks. Whoever does not accept the Guru's Teachings, and does not dwell upon the Lord's Name, is bound and bagged, and dragged into the City of Death. || 8 || Without the Guru, how can anyone be emancipated or liberated? Without the Guru, how can anyone meditate on the Lord's Name? Accepting the Guru's Teachings, cross over the arduous, terrifying world-ocean; you shall be emancipated, and find peace. || 9 || Through the Guru's Teachings, Krishna lifted up the mountain of Govardhan. Through the Guru's Teachings, Rama floated stones across the ocean. Accepting the Guru's Teachings, the supreme status is obtained; O Nanak, the Guru eradicates doubt. || 10 || Accepting the Guru's Teachings, cross over to the other side through Truth. O soul, remember the Lord within your heart. The noose of death is cut away, meditating on the Lord; you shall obtain the Immaculate Lord, who has no ancestry. || 11 || Through the Guru's Teachings, the Holy become one's friends and Siblings of Destiny. Through the Guru's Teachings, the inner fire is subdued and extinguished. Chant the Naam with your mind and mouth; know the unknowable Lord, the Life of the World, deep within the nucleus of your heart. || 12 || The Gurmukh understands, and is pleased with the Word of the Shabad. Who does he praise or slander? Know yourself, and meditate on the Lord of the Universe; let your mind be pleased with the Lord, the Master of the Universe. || 13 || Know the One who pervades all the realms of the universe. As Gurmukh, understand and realize the Shabad. The Enjoyer enjoys each and every heart, and yet He remains detached from all. || 14 || Through the Guru's Teachings, chant the Pure Praises of the Lord. Through the Guru's Teachings, behold the lofty Lord with your eyes. Whoever listens to the Lord's Name, and the Word of His Bani, O Nanak, is imbued with the color of the Lord's Love. || 15 || 3 || 20 || MARU, FIRST MEHL: Leave behind sexual desire, anger and the slander of others. Renounce greed and possessiveness, and become carefree. Break the chains of doubt, and remain unattached; you shall find the Lord, and the Lord's sublime essence, deep within yourself. || 1 || As one sees the flash of lightning in the night, see the Divine Light deep within your nucleus, day and night. The Lord, the embodiment of bliss, incomparably beautiful, reveals the Perfect Guru. || 2 || So meet with the True Guru, and God Himself will save you. He placed the lamps of the sun and the moon in the home of the sky. See the invisible Lord, and remain absorbed in loving devotion. God is all throughout the three worlds. || 3 || Obtaining the sublime ambrosial essence, desire and fear are dispelled. The state of inspired illumination is obtained, and self-conceit is eradicated. The lofty and exalted state, the highest of the high is obtained, practicing the immaculate Word of the Shabad. || 4 || The Naam, the Name of the invisible and unfathomable Lord, is infinite.

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The sublime essence of the Beloved Naam is utterly sweet. O Lord, please bless Nanak with Your Praise in each and every age; meditating on the Lord, I cannot find His limits. || 5 || With the Naam deep within the nucleus of the self, the jewel is obtained. Meditating on the Lord, the mind is comforted and consoled by the mind itself. On that most difficult path, the Destroyer of fear is found, and one does not have to enter the womb of reincarnation again. || 6 || Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, inspiration for loving devotional worship wells up. I beg for the treasure of the Naam, and the Lord's Praise. When it pleases the Lord, He unites me in Union with the Guru; the Lord saves the whole world. || 7 || One who chants the Lord's Chant, attains the Wisdom of the True Guru. The tyrant, the Messenger of Death, becomes a servant at his feet. In the noble congregation of the Sangat, one's state and way of life become noble as well, and one crosses over the terrifying world-ocean. || 8 || Through the Shabad, one crosses over this terrifying world-ocean. The duality within is burnt away from within. Taking up the five arrows of virtue, Death is killed, drawing the Bow of the Tenth Gate in the Mind's Sky. || 9 || How can the faithless cynics attain enlightened awareness of the Shabad? Without awareness of the Shabad, they come and go in reincarnation. O Nanak, the Gurmukh obtains the support of liberation; by perfect destiny, he meets the Lord. || 10 || The Fearless True Guru is our Savior and Protector. Devotional worship is obtained through the Guru, the Lord of the world. The blissful music of the unstruck sound current vibrates and resounds; through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, the Immaculate Lord is obtained. || 11 || He alone is fearless, who has no destiny written on His head. God Himself is unseen; He reveals Himself through His wondrous creative power. He Himself is unattached, unborn and self-existent. O Nanak, through the Guru's Teachings, He is found. || 12 || The True Guru knows the state of one's inner being. He alone is fearless, who realizes the Word of the Guru's Shabad. He looks within his own inner being, and realizes the Lord within all; his mind does not waver at all. || 13 || He alone is fearless, within whose being the Lord abides. Day and night, he is delighted with the Immaculate Naam, the Name of the Lord. O Nanak, in the Sangat, the Holy Congregation, the Lord's Praise is obtained, and one easily, intuitively meets the Lord. || 14 || One who knows God, within the self and beyond, remains detached, and brings his wandering mind back to its home. The True Primal Lord is over all the three worlds; O Nanak, His Ambrosial Nectar is obtained. || 15 || 4 || 21 || MARU, FIRST MEHL: The Creator Lord is infinite; His creative power is wondrous. Created beings have no power over Him. He formed the living beings, and He Himself sustains them; the Hukam of His Command controls each and every one. || 1 || The all-pervading Lord orchestrates all through His Hukam. Who is near, and who is far away? Behold the Lord, both hidden and manifest, in each and every heart; the unique Lord is permeating all. || 2 || One whom the Lord unites with Himself, merges in conscious awareness. Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, meditate on the Lord's Name. God is the embodiment of bliss, incomparably beautiful and unfathomable; meeting with the Guru, doubt is dispelled. || 3 || The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is more dear to me than my mind, body and wealth. In the end, when I must depart, it shall be my only help and support.

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In this world of love and attachment, no one is anyone else's friend or companion; without the Lord, without the Guru, who has ever found peace? || 4 || He, unto whom the Perfect Guru grants His Grace, is merged in the Word of the Shabad, through the Teachings of the brave, heroic Guru. O Nanak, dwell upon, and serve at the Guru's feet; He places those who wander back on the Path. || 5 || The wealth of the Lord's Praise is very dear to the humble Saints. Through the Guru's Teachings, I have obtained Your Name, Lord. The beggar serves at the Lord's door, and in the Court of the Lord, sings His Praises. || 6 || When one meets the True Guru, he is called into the Mansion of the Lord's Presence. In the True Court, he is blessed with salvation and honor. The faithless cynic has no place of rest in the Lord's palace; he suffers the pains of birth and death. || 7 || So serve the True Guru, the unfathomable ocean, and you shall obtain the profit, the wealth, the jewel of the Naam. The filth of corruption is washed away, by bathing in the pool of Ambrosial Nectar. In the Guru's pool, contentment is obtained. || 8 || So serve the Guru without hesitation. And in the midst of hope, remain unmoved by hope. Serve the Eradicator of cynicism and suffering, and you shall never again be afflicted by the disease. || 9 || One who is pleasing to the True Lord is blessed with glorious greatness. Who else can teach him anything? The Lord and the Guru are pervading in one form. O Nanak, the Lord loves the Guru. || 10 || Some read scriptures, the Vedas and the Puraanas. Some sit and listen, and read to others. Tell me, how can the heavy, rigid doors be opened? Without the True Guru, the essence of reality is not realized. || 11 || Some collect dust, and smear their bodies with ashes; but deep within them are the outcasts of anger and egotism. Practicing hypocrisy, Yoga is not obtained; without the True Guru, the unseen Lord is not found. || 12 || Some make vows to visit sacred shrines of pilgrimage, keep fasts and live in the forest. Some practice chastity, charity and self-discipline, and speak of spiritual wisdom. But without the Lord's Name, how can anyone find peace? Without the True Guru, doubt is not dispelled. || 13 || Inner cleansing techniques, channeling the energy to raise the Kundalini to the Tenth Gate, inhaling, exhaling and holding the breath by the force of the mind - by empty hypocritical practices, Dharmic love for the Lord is not produced. Only through the Word of the Guru's Shabad is the sublime, supreme essence obtained. || 14 || Seeing the Lord's creative power, my mind remains satisfied. Through the Guru's Shabad, I have realized that all is God. O Nanak, the Lord, the Supreme Soul, is in all. The Guru, the True Guru, has inspired me to see the unseen Lord. || 15 || 5 || 22 ||



By the Hukam of His Command, He effortlessly created the Universe. Creating the creation, He gazes upon His own greatness. He Himself acts, and inspires all to act; in His Will, He pervades and permeates all. || 1 || The world is in the darkness of love and attachment to Maya. How rare is that Gurmukh who contemplates, and understands.

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