Audio Files of Sikh Prayers

click on Mulmantir above to listen to it (266K file)

Nitnem Banis, all of the daily Sikh prayers recited in Punjabi appear in their entirety and are in RealAudio format (filename.ra). Files will have to be downloaded to your computer before listening to them using a RealAudio player (this server does not have realtime broadcasting capabilities). To download a file just click on the small yellow icons beside any prayer. If you do not have a RealAudio player you can download one for free from the RealAudio web site by clicking on the large red icon below. There are RealAudio players available for the PC, Macintosh and UNIX platforms.

Prayer File Size Listening Time
Japji 1,222KB 20 min
Jaap 1,856KB 31 min
Tav Prasad Savaiye 300KB 5 min
Bayntee Choupai 461KB 8 min
Anand 1,086KB 18 min
Rahras 1,140KB 19 min
Kirtan Sohila 242KB 4 min
Ardas 234KB 4 min


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