Anand Sahib

One of the daily prayers, Anand by Guru Amar Das is the 'Song of Eternal Bliss and Joy'. It is composed of 40 stanzas and is also recited by the five beloved ones during the Khalsa initiation ceremony.


There is only One God. He is obtained by the Grace of the True Guru.

O My Mother God, I have obtained True Bliss, because I have found the True Guru.

I have met the True Guru easily and have obtained peace of mind. The Divine music conveying congratulations has appeared in my heart.

Most valuable Divine Rags (Measures) and their consorts and family members (branches of various Measures), playing heavenly music and female singers of heaven are singing Spiritual Hymns within me.

They, within whom God resides, sing The Divine Hymns of His praises.

Nanak proclaims that I have obtained Spiritual Bliss, as I have met the True Guru. (1)


O my soul, remain ever attached with God.

O my soul, abide with God, the Destroyer of all pains.

God will accept you and will manage all your affairs.

God is Omnipotent in all respects; do not forget Him.

Nanak says: O my mind, remain permanently absorbed in God. (2)


O True God, what is there, which is not present in Your House?

Everything exists in Your House; One, to whom You give, shall receive the same.

He will constantly go on singing Your praises and glories, and will fix Your Name in his heart.

The Divine Shabad constantly resounds within the heart where the Name resides.

Nanak says, O True God, what is there, which is not present in Your House? (3)


The True Name is my support.

The True Name, which satisfies all my hungers, is my mainstay.

God’s Name, which has taken abode in my house within my body and mind has fulfilled all my ambitions and has bestowed upon me peace and bliss.

I am always a sacrifice to my True Guru, Who possesses such virtues.

Nanak says: O saints, love God’s Name.

The True Name is my support. (4)


In that happy and fortunate house, in the heart where God resides the five forms of heavenly music are played.

The Celestial Strains resulting from the worship of Shabad resound in the happy and fortunate house, into which God has infused His magic and might.

O God, you have enabled the devotee to control five evil passions; and the god of Death, the torturer, has been defeated.

They who were so pre-destined, have absorbed their minds in God’s Name.

Nanak says that they have obtained Divine Bliss; and the unbeaten music goes on playing in their hearts. (5)


Without true love for God, the human body commands no respect.

Without such love, the human body is unhonoured and the poor man is helpless.

Excepting You, none is Omnipotent; O God, have mercy on me!

There is no place (shelter) for the mortal, excepting His Word, by meditating upon which he gets perfection.

Nanak says, what can the poor man do (achieve) without such meditation? (6)


All talk of (boast about) happiness; but the Divine Happiness can be known (achieved) through the True Guru.

If the True Guru showers his grace, only then Divine Happiness will be obtained forever.

The True Guru becomes merciful and then all pains and sins are cut (washed); and He puts the salve of Divine Knowledge in the devotees eyes.

Those, who have parted with love for the world, have been adorned with the Word (their speech becomes sweet and true).

Nanak says, that this is the True Bliss, which is known through the True Guru. (7)


O Father, he to whom You give the Divine Bliss, obtains it.

He to whom You give, obtains it; what can the other poor men do?

Some misled by doubts, go on wandering in ten (all) directions, while others are adorned (reformed) through attachment with the Name.

Through the Grace of the True Guru, the minds (hearts) of those, who abide by the Will of God, become pure.

Nanak says, he, to whom you, O Beloved, give Divine Bliss, obtains it. (8)


Come dear saints, let us narrate stories (the praises) of the Ineffable God.

Let us narrate stories of the Ineffable God, and know as to how to realize Him.

O man, offer your body, soul and riches to the True Guru, and you will obtain God by obeying His Order.

Obey the Order of the True Guru and sing the True Divine Hymns.

Nanak says, O holy men, narrate the stories of the Ineffable God in this manner. (9)


O clever and fickle mind (mortal), one cannot obtain God through cleverness.

O my mind, hear, none has obtained Him through cleverness.

The false mammon (maya), which has misguided the man who is attached with it, has created false doubts.

He has created this illusion (maya) which is deceiving the man.

I am a sacrifice to God, Who has caused in the mortal false love for mammon.

Nanak says, O clever mind, one cannot obtain God through cleverness. (10)


O my dear mind (man), cherish love for the Truth (God ) forever.

Your family members, whom you see, will not accompany you when you die.

The family members will not go with you, then why do you remain attached with them?

Never do that thing, for which you will have to repent at the end.

Follow the Sermons of the True Guru, which will accompany (help) you after you die.

Nanak says, O dear mind (man), always cherish love for the Truth (God). (11)


O inaccessible and inapprehensible God! You ends cannot be found.

None has found Your ends; and You alone know this.

Men and lower beings are all your sport (drama); none can describe the same.

God who has created the world, Himself speaks and sees takes care of it.

Nanak says, You are perpetually inaccessible and Your end cannot be found. (12)


Demigods, men, saints and silent devotees search for the Nectar; but it can be obtained through the True Guru.

One, upon whom the True Guru showers his Grace, obtains the Nectar and keeps in his mind, the True One.

God has created men and lower living beings, some of whom come to see the Guru and contact His holy feet to act upon His sermons.

They who love the True Guru and His sermons, leave their avarice, greed and ego.

Nanak says, he with whom the True Guru is pleased, obtains the Nectar from him. (13)


The ways of the true devotees are distinct and separate from those of the other men.

The ways of true devotees are distinct and separate; they travel by a difficult road.

They have abandoned avarice, covetousness, ego and yearning for mammon; and do not speak much.

They follow the path, which is sharper than a sword and finer than a hair most difficult, delicate and dangerous way.

With the Grace of the True Guru, the yearnings for maya of those, who surrender their self, vanish and they remain concentrated on God.

Nanak says, the ways of the true saints are distinct and separate, throughout the ages. (14)


We walk (act) as God causes us to do; O God what else can I know about Your virtues?

They, whom You put on the True Path, travel on it, as You cause them do so.

They, whom You in Your mercy, attach with Your Name, ever utter and remember the Name.

They to whom You impart Your Instructions through the True Guru, obtain Divine Happiness.

Nanak says, O True God, You make us walk as You please. (15)


The beautiful Divine Word is the Song of Joy.

The True Guru has communicated to me the Divine Word, the beautiful perpetual Song of Joy.

The Divine Word dwells in the hearts of those, who are so destined from the beginning.

Some wander and talk a lot; but none has obtained the Divine Word through mere empty talk.

Nanak says, the True Guru has communicated to me the Divine Word, the Song of Joy. (16)


They who meditate (remember) God, have become pure.

They, who meditate (remember) God as faithful devotees under the True Gurus Instructions, have become pure.

They have become pure along with their parents, family members and their associates.

They, who repeat God’s Name, have become pure; they who hear God’s Name have become pure; and they who have enshrined God’s Name in their hearts, have become pure.

Nanak says, they who meditate upon (remember) God, as faithful devotees, under the True Gurus instructions, become pure. (17)


The Divine knowledge, without which the doubts and superstitions will not vanish, cannot be obtained through useless ceremonies and rituals.

The doubt and superstitions will not vanish by useless efforts, howsoever much men may go on performing useless ceremonies and rituals.

The mind becomes impure through doubts, then by what process is it to be cleaned?

Wash the mind by remaining attached with the Name and by continuing to meditate upon God.

Nanak says, True Knowledge is obtained through the Grace of the True Guru and then the doubts are dispelled. (18)


Men who are dirty from within, but are pure outwardly;

They who are pure outwardly but are dirty from within, have lost their human lives in gambling.

They have contracted the dangerous disease of greed so they never think of the death.

They do not hear the Purest Name of God, as advised by the holy scriptures, so go on wandering in all directions like demons.

Nanak says, they who have renounced the Truth and remain attached with falsehood, have lost their human lives in gambling. (19)


They who are pure from within, as well as from outside;

They who are pure from within, as well as, from outside, perform virtuous acts, through the instructions of the True Guru.

Even the very name of falsehood does not go near them and the object of their desire is the Truth.

They, who have earned the jewel, the true aim of human birth, are fortunate and worth traders.

Nanak says, they whose hearts are pure, constantly remain united and attached with the True Guru. (20)


If a true disciple sincerely goes to have the sight of the True Guru;

If a true disciple sincerely goes to have the sight of the True Guru, he must serve and love the True Guru from his heart.

He must worship the feet (obey the instructions) of the True Guru, and must meditate upon God within his heart.

He must leave self (ego) and ever live in accordance with the directions of the True Guru; and must not worship anyone else.

Nanak says, O saints, hear, such a disciple shall always look towards the True Guru for everything. (21)


Whosoever deserts the Guru, will never obtain salvation without the True Guru.

You may inquire from wise saints, they will tell you that such a person will never obtain salvation elsewhere.

He shall wander in many births and deaths and will not obtain Salvation without the True Guru.

However he may subsequently obtain Salvation, by attaching himself with the feet (obeying the instructions) of the True Guru, who will infuse in him the Word.

Nanak says reflect carefully on this matter; there can be no Salvation without the True Guru. (22)


Come you true and beloved devotees of the True Guru and sing the True Hymns.

Sing the True Hymns of the True Guru, which are the Hymns of all Hymns.

The True Hymns will enter the hearts of those persons, upon whom God looks with kindness.

Abide in the true love of God, meditate on His Name and then you will ever drink Nectar.

Nanak says, sing the True Hymns forever. (23)


All hymns, excepting those of the True Guru are false (fruitless).

All hymns, excepting those of the True Guru are false (fruitless)

Those who utter such false hymns, are false; those who hear these are also false, and the author of these is also false.

Such ones (false Men) may continually repeat God’s Name with their tongue; but they don not care for what they say.

Those, whose hearts are lured by mammon talk (offer prayers) mechanically.

Nanak says, all hymns are false, except those of the True Guru. (24)


The Divine word (hymns) of the True Guru is the True Jewel, encased with diamonds.

The devotee, whose heart is attached with the Jewel of the Divine Word, shall be united with God.

When the heart is attached with the Divine Word, the man loves the True God.

God is the Diamond, God is the Jewel; and He explains its value to whomsoever He gives this Jewel.

Nanak says, the Divine Word is the Jewel encased with diamonds. (25)


God created soul and maya (the world) with His Divine Power and then it is controlled by His Command.

God controls the world through His Command; He Himself beholds the world drama; and He enables some rare devotee to understand this.

Such fortunate saint keeps the word within his heart, gives a place to it, breaks away his bonds and achieves his salvation.

One will become holy, if God so desires; and then he will meditate only on One God.

Nanak says God is the Creator and He Himself explains His Command to the true devotees. (26)


The Simritis and Shastras define good and evil, but readers of these know nothing of the Real Thing.

They know nothing of the Real Thing; and without the True Guru they can now nothing of the Real Thing.

The world lies asleep under the influence of mammon and superstition and it passes its night (time) in sleep.

They who wake up, keep God within their hearts by the Grace of the True Guru, and utter Nectarian Words.

Nanak says, they who meditate upon God through the day and night and remain awake during night (life) shall obtain the Real Thing. (27)


O man why have you forgotten God, Who cherished you in the wombs of your mothers?

Why have you forgotten that Great Benefactor, Who gives sustenance in the midst of burning fire?

One whom God enables to love Him, cannot be affected by anything (maya).

The true devotee, whom God causes to love Him, continuously remembers Him.

Nanak says, why have you forgotten such a Great Benefactor? (28)


Just as there is fire in the womb, so there is the fire of mammon outside in this world.

The fire of mammon and that of the womb are similar; the Creator has played this drama.

When it pleases God, a child is born, and then the family loves it.

Afterwards the love for God is departed and maya controls him.

Mays is that influence by which God is forgotten, worldly love is born and the mortal gets attached to secular things and pleasures.

Nanak says they who love God with the Grace of the Guru, will find Him, even in the midst of maya. (29)


God is priceless; His value cannot be estimated.

His value cannot be estimated by anybody, although people make every effort;

If the mortal meets the True Guru, he must offer his head to him and abandon egoism.

In this way, the mortal will see God, the Owner of the soul, and He will come to reside in the heart.

Nanak says, God is most valuable; those who have found Him are very fortunate. (30)


My capital is God and my mind is the trader.

My capital is God, my mind is the trader and through the True Guru the capital has become known.

O my soul, repeat God’s Name from within, and then you will collect true profits everyday.

Those who are pleasing to God get this wealth.

Nanak says, my mind is the trader and my capital is God. (31)


O my tongue, you love other tastes yet your thirst is not quenched.

Your thirsts will not be quenched by any method, until you get God’s Nectar.

When you will get and drink God’ Nectar, the thirst will never again trouble you.

This God’s Nectar is obtained by one, who due to his previous pious acts, meets the True Guru.

Nanak says when God comes to reside in the heart, all other tastes are forgotten. (32)


O my body, God infused His light into you and then you appeared in the world.

When God infused His light into you, you appeared in the world.

God Himself is the mother, as well as the father, Who having created man, enables him to see the world.

To whom the True Guru gives this understanding, this world appears to him to be a mere show.

Nanak says, when God laid the foundation of the universe and infused His light into the body, then you appeared in this world. (33)


My soul is overjoyed, on hearing about God’s arrival within my heart.

O my dear soul, sing songs of joy (His praises) because now my house (heart ) has become a palace for Him.

Always sing songs of joy, my soul; and then you will not face sufferings or grief.

Auspicious are the days when I am attached to the Gurus feet (His Divine Hymns) and I realize my Beloved Husband.

I hear the Unbeaten Divine music under the directions of the Guru and enjoy the Divine Taste of God’ Name.

Nanak says, God Who does and causes everything to be done, has Himself met me. (34)


O my body, what have you done after coming into this world?

What have you done, O my body, since you came into this world?

You have not given any place in your heart to God, Who created you.

God comes to reside in the heart, if so pre destined, by Gurus Grace.

Nanak says the man who attaches his heart to the True Guru, is approved in the Divine Court. (35)


O my eyes, God put Light into you, so don not see anyone else except God.

Do not see anyone else except God, see Him everywhere and in all living beings).

The entire world, which you see is Gods image, God’s image exists in it.

When, with the Grace of the Guru, I obtain the understanding, I realized that God is one and that there is none else except Him.

Nanak says these eyes were blind without Divine Light; but on meeting the True Guru, they got sight. (36)


O my ears, you were created to hear only Truth.

You were created and attached to the body to hear Truth; so hear the True Hymns;

By hearing which the soul and body remain alive, and tongue remains attached with the taste of God’s Nectar.

The True One is invisible and wondrous; His state is indescribable.

Nanak says, hear the Nectarian Name and become pure; you were created to hear the Truth. (37)


God put the soul into the cave (inner depth) of the body and blew air (breath) into it like a musical instrument (gave power to speak).

He blew air (breath) into it like a musical instrument; He created nine visible doors, while the tenth one was kept concealed.

God show the tenth door to some, through devotion to the Guru.

There are many forms of the Creator, there are the nine Treasures of His Name; but His limits cannot be found.

Nanak says the beloved Creator, having put the soul into the cave (inner depth) of the body, blew air (breath) into it as a musical instrument. (38)


Sing the True song of Joy in the True Temple with true devotees.

Sing the True Song of Joy in the True Temple, where there is perpetual meditation of the True One.

O True one, those who please You and to whom You give understanding through the Gurus Words, meditate on You.

The True One is the Lord of all, and to whom He gives will receive the Truth.

Nanak says, sing the True song in the True Temple. (39)


O my most luck friends, hear this in the Anand (True Song of Greatest Spiritual Bliss), which fulfills all my objects and desires.

I have realized God, the Supreme God; and all my grief’s have vanished.

My sorrows, pains and sufferings have left me on hearing the True Word.

The pious men get joy on hearing it, from the Perfect Guru.

They who hear it, are pure; they who utter it are stainless; and the True Guru will occupy their hearts.

Nanak says that the celestial trumpets blow in honour of those devotees who are absorbed in the worship of the feet of the True Guru. (40)