A concise history of the Sikhs, Ardas is used as the common prayer. It is recited whenever starting or ending any reading of Sri Guru Granth Sahib or any other important task. The first part of it appears as a prologue to Chandi Di Var written by Guru Gobind Singh invoking blessings of God and the Gurus. The remainder of the bulk was incorporated by the great Sikh scholar Bhai Mani Singh. Further additions have been added over time taking into account major events affecting Sikhs.


God is One. All victory is of the Wondrous Guru (God).


May the respected sword (God in the form of the Destroyer of evil doers) help us!


Ode of the respected sword recited by the Tenth Guru.


First remember the sword (God in the form of Destroyer of evil doers); then remember and meditate upon Guru Nanak.


Then remember and meditate upon Guru Angad, Guru Amar Das and Guru Ram Das: May they help us!


Remember and meditate upon Guru Arjan, Guru Hargobind and Respected Guru Har Rai.

Remember and meditate upon respected Guru Har Krishan, by having the sight of whom, all pains vanish.


Remember and meditate upon Guru Tegh Bahadur; and then nine sources of wealth will come hastening to your home.


Oh Respected Gurus! kindly help us everywhere.


May the kind, the respected Tenth Guru Gobind Singh assist us everywhere.


Think and meditate upon the divine light of the Ten Kings contained in the respected Guru Granth Sahib and turn your thoughts to the divine teachings of and get pleasure by the sight of Guru Granth Sahib; Utter Wahe Guru (Wondrous God)!


Think of the deeds of the Five Beloved Ones, of the four sons (of Guru Gobind Singh); of the Forty Martyrs; of the brave Sikhs of indomitable determination; of the devotees steeped in the colour of the Name; of those who were absorbed in the Name; of those who remembered the Name and shared their food in companionship; of those who started free kitchens; of those who wielded their swords (for preserving truth); of those who overlooked others shortcomings; All the aforesaid were pure and truly devoted ones; Utter Wahe Guru (Wondrous God)!


Think of and remember the unique service rendered by those brave Sikh men as well as women, who sacrificed their heads but did not surrender their Sikh Religion; Who got themselves cut to pieces from each of the joints of the body; Who got their scalps removed; Who were tied and rotated on the wheels and broken into pieces; Who were cut by saws; Who were flayed alive; Who sacrificed themselves to upkeep the dignity of the Gurdwaras; Who did not abandon their Sikh faith; Who kept their Sikh Religion and saved their long hair till their last breath; Utter Wahe Guru (Wondrous God)!


Turn your thoughts to the five seats of Sikh Religion and all the Gurdwaras; utter Wahe Guru (Wondrous God)!


First the entire respected Khalsa make this supplication that may they meditate on Your Name; and may all pleasures and comforts come through such meditation.


Wherever respected Khalsa is present, give Your protection and grace; May the free kitchen and sword never fail; Maintain the honour of your devotees; Confer victory upon the Sikh people; May the respected sword always come to our assistance; May the Khalsa always get honours; Utter Wahe Guru (Wondrous God)!


Kindly confer upon the Sikhs the gift of Sikhism, the gift of long hair, the gift of observing Sikh laws, the gift of divine knowledge, the gift of firm faith, the gift of belief and the biggest gift of Name and of having bath in the respected Tank of Nectar.


O God! May the choirs, the mansion and the banners exist forever; may the truth ever triumph; utter Wahe Guru (Wondrous God)!


May the minds of all the Sikhs remain humble and their wisdom exalted; O God! Your are the protector of wisdom.


O Immortal God, the constant Helper of His Sikhs, kindly confer the gift of visiting, maintaining, controlling and worshipping, without any restrictions, the Gurdwara of Nanakana Sahib Ji, othe Gurdwaras, and Gurus Mansions of which the Khalsa has been deprived.


O True Father, Wahe Guru! you are the honour of the meek, the Power of the helpless ones, the shelter of the shelterless, we humbly make prayer in your presence. We have offered prayers as contained in (substitute the occasion or prayer made here). Kindly pardon our errors and shortcomings in reciting the above Gurbani.


Kindly fulfill the objects of all. Kindly cause us to meet those true devotees by meeting whom, we may remember and meditate upon Your Name. O God! through the True Guru Nanak, may Your Name be exalted, and may all prosper according to Your will.


The Khalsa belongs to God; all victory is the victory of God.