Quotes from the Gurus about Who is a Sikh

Adopting the physical symbols or taking the Khalsa baptism ceremony alone does not make one a Gursikh (Sikh of the Gurus). It is a step in the right direction but a full commitment to living the Sikh lifestyle both physically and spiritually is required to be a Gursikh and true Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh.

"Whosoever assumes a religious garb pleases not God even a bit. O ye men, understand this clearly in your minds, that God is attained not through showmanship. They who practice deceit, attain not Deliverance in the Hereafter. They do so only to accomplish the affairs of the world and even the kings worship them for their appearance! But through showmanship, God is attained not, howsoever one searches. He who subdues his mind alone recognizes the Transcendent God." (Guru Gobind Singh, Chaupai 53-55, Chapter 6, Vachitra Natak, Dasam Granth)

"The disguiser puts on various garbs. Within him is desire, and he walks about proudly. His ownself he understands not and loses the game. Putting on religious garbs some play clever. Love of maya and doubt have supremely misled them. Without serving the Guru, they suffer immense pain. They who are imbued with God's Name, ever remained detached." (Guru Amar Das, Gauri, pg. 230)

"Indulging in egotism, one knows not the Lord, whatever religious garb he may wear." (Guru Nanak, Gauri, pg. 226)

"He who calls himself a Sikh of the True Guru, he should get up in the early hours of the morning and remember the Name of the Lord. He should make effort to rise before the day dawns and take a bath in the pool of nectar. Under the instructions of the Guru, he should repeat the mantram of the Guru, all his troubles will end and all his sins and blemishes will be destroyed. Then when the day dawns, he should sing the bani of the Guru and remember the Name of the Lord while sitting or moving. He who remembers my Lord with every breath and loaf, that Gursikh is liked by the Guru. He on whom my Lord showers His Blessings, the Guru instructs that Gursikh. I beg for the dust of the feet of that Gursikh, who not only repeats the Name of the Lord but also makes others to repeat it." (Guru Ram Das, Var Gauri)

"In this body (lamp), put the oil of the practice of reciting the religious books and the wick of Lord's fear. Light this lamp with the fire of the knowledge of the Truth." (Guru Nanak, Sri Rag, pg.25)

"Those who are absorbed in the Name of the Lord, all their eatables, clothes and maya are pure; their houses, temples, palaces and rest-houses are all pure, in which the Gurmukhs, devotees, and the praying Sikhs live or stay; their horses, saddles and sacks are all pure on which the Gurmukh Sikhs and saints take a ride; their actions of piety are all pure, who repeat and remember the Name of the Lord; those who are destined to be virtuous, such Gurmukh Sikhs go to the Guru" (Guru Ram Das, Var Sorath)

"O Gursikhs, always remember the Name of the Lord, the True Guru and the Lord will make the life comfortable in your home, O Gursikhs, consider the bani of the Guru as True, the Lord Himself issues it through his mouth. The dear Lord Himself purifies the mouth of the Gursikhs and Himself makes the whole world proclaim loudly the Praises of the Guru. I am the servant of the Lord, who protects the honour of his servants." (Guru Ram Das, Var Gauri)

"The True Guru is the ocean of pearls, one attains it according to his Writ. The Sikhs like swans gather together according to the Will of the True Guru. The ocean is full of gems and pearls, the swan eats them, but the ocean always remains full. The Lord wills that the ocean and the swans are not separated. Only that Sikh comes to the Guru, on whose forehead this Writ is recorded from the very beginning. Such a Gursikh not only ferries across the world-ocean, himself, but also saves his family and the whole world." (Guru Arjan, Var Ramkali, pg. 960)

"The True Guru is the field of Dharma, in which one reaps whatever one sows. The Gursikh sow the nectar and get the ambrosial fruit of God. They are pure in both worlds and in the Court of the Lord, they receive a robe of honour." (Guru Ram Das, Var Gauri)