Bani Concerning Islam

"Make mercy thy mosque, faith thy prayer-mat, what is just and lawful, thy Quran, modesty thy circumcision and civility thy fast. So shalt thou be a Moslem. Make right conduct thy Mecca, truth thy spiritual guide and pious deeds thy creed and prayer." (Guru Nanak, Slok, pg. 140)

"There are five prayers, five times for prayers, and the five have five names. The first is truthfulness, second the honest earning and third charity in God's Name. The fourth is pure intent and mind, and the fifth the Lord's admiration and praise. Repeat thou the creed of good deeds, and then call thyself a Moslem." (Guru Nanak, pg.141)

"The clay of a muslim (in the grave after death) falls into the potters wheel. From it vessels are fashioned and bricks made and it cries out as it burns. The poor clay burns, burns and weeps and the fiery coals continually fall from it. Nanak, God, the Creator who made the world, alone knows whether it is better to burn or bury." (Guru Nanak, pg.466)

"O Mullah, why do you ascend the minaret of the mosque for loud announcement? The Lord is not deaf. He for Whom you make loud announcements, see Him within your heart." (Bhagat Kabir, Salok, pg. 1374)

"To be called a Muslim is difficult. If one be really so, then he may get himself called a Muslim. First he ought to deem sweet the religion of the Lord's devotees and have his pride of self effaced as rasped with a scraper. Becoming the true disciple of the faith of the Prophet, let him put aside the illusion of death and life. He should heartily submit to the Lord's will, worship the Creator and efface his self-conceit. Therefore if he is merciful to all the sentient beings, O' Nanak! then, alone he shall be called a Musalman." (Guru Nanak, Slok, pg. 141)

"The Qazis, the Sheikhs, and the penitent shall all arise and depart. The Pir, Prophets, and apostles, none of these shall remain stable. The fasting, the call to prayer, the prayer and the Kateb (Book of Moses, Book of David, New Testament and Quran) they shall all vanish without knowing the Lord." (Guru Arjan, Pauri, pg.1100)

(Guru Arjan,Maru, pg. 1083-1084)
Make truth thy prayer and faith thy prayer mat.
Still thou thy desire and overcome thy hope.
Make thou thy body the mosque, thy mind the priest and to be genuinely pure thy Divine word.
Make thou the practice of the Name and the religious conduct thy Shariat, the first stage of mortal life.
Make the search for God and abandonment of the world thy Triquat, the second stage of the mortal life.
O holyman, make the silencing of the mind thy Marft, the third stage and meeting with God thy Haqiqat, the fourth one, by which thou shalt not die again.
Instead of reading Quran and other religious books, practice thou in thy mind the restraint of the ten sense organs or women into evil ways.
Bind down thou the five demons or men with faith, charity and contentment and thus shalt thou be accepted.
Make kindness thy Mecca and the dust of the saints feet thy fasting.
Deem thou the practice of the Prophet's word as heaven.
God alone is the fairy, light and fragrance and the Lord's meditation is the sublime chamber of worship.
He alone is a Qazi, who practices truth.
He alone is the pilgrim, who has been to Mecca, who purifies his mind.
He who banishes Satan is a true devotee, and he whose support is the Lord's praise is the saint.
At all times and all moments do thou remember God, the Creator in thy mind.
Make thou the subjugation of thy ten organs thy rosary to remember God and make the good conduct the great self-restraint thy circumcision.
Know in the mind that everything is but short lived.
The family, home and brothers all are entanglements.
The kings, rulers and nobles are perishable. God's gate alone is the ever stable place.
Thy first prayer is the Lord's praise, second contentment, third humility and fourth alms giving.
Thy fifth prayer is the restraint of the five desires at one place. These are thy exceedingly sublime five times of prayer.
Make the knowledge, that God is everywhere, thy daily worship.
Make the abandonment of evil deeds the water pot in thy hand.
The knowledge that there is but One God is thy making a call to prayer and to be a good child of the Lord is the sounding of a horn.
Eat thou the food which is rightly earned.
Wash away thou thy pollution in the river of thy mind.
He who knows his Prophet is the man of paradise. Azrail, Death's courier goads him not into hell.
Make good deeds thy body and faith thy bride.
Revel thou in the True Lord's love and entertainments.
Make pure what is impure. Deem thou the Lord's presence thy counsel. Let the complete body be the turban on thy head.
A Muslim is he who is kind hearted.
He ought to cleanse his inner pollution from his mind.
He should not draw near the worldly pleasures and ought to be pure like the flower, silk, clarified butter and deer skin.
He on whom is the grace and compassion of the Merciful Master, He is the manliest man among men.
He is the Muslim preacher, the Chief of shaikhs and the pilgrim of Mecca, and he alone is the Lord's slave on whom is the grace of God.