Bani Concerning Hinduism

"In the womb dwelling, the mortal has no lineage and caste. From the seed of the Lord, all have sprung. Say O Pundit, since when hast thou been a Brahmin? Waste not thy life by repeatedly calling thyself Brahmin. If thou art a Brahmin born of a Brahmni Mother, then why has thou not come by some other way? How art thou a Brahmin and how am I of low caste? How am I of blood and how thou art of milk? Says Kabir, only he who contemplates over the Lord, is said to be a Brahmin among us." (Bhagat Kabir, Gauri, pg. 324)

"Brahma was born of the lotus of Vishnu's navel and attuning their throat, people read the Vedas with their mouth. Lord's limit, he could not see and he remained in the darkness of coming and going." (Guru Nanak, Gujri, pg. 489)

"The Hindus have forgotten the Primal Lord and are going the wrong way. As Narad instructed so they worship the idols. They are blind, dumb and the blindest of the blind. The ignorant fools take stones and worship them. Those stones when they themselves sink, how shall they ferry thee across?" (Guru Nanak, Slok, pg. 556)

"Through Brahma, the hymns of the Vedas were revealed, however he extended the love of worldly pleasures. The seer Shiva remains absorbed in himself and he is engrossed in excessive wrath and pride. Vishnu is ever busy in reincarnating himself. So, by whose association is the world to be emancipated? The Guru-wards are imbued with divine knowledge in this age and they are rid of the darkness of worldly love." (Guru Amar Das, Wadhans, pg. 559)

"Reading and reciting the Vedas Brahma grew weary. He found not even a sesame's worth of God. The strivers and adepts roam about wailing. They too are bewitched by mammon. There have been ten incarnations, kings and forsakers like Shiva. They too found not Thine limit, thou some grew weary of smearing their body with ashes." (Guru Arjan Dev, Suhi, pg. 747)

"The Vedas know not God's greatness. Brahmas can realize not His secrets. The incarnations know not His limit. Infinite is God, the Transcendent Lord. His state, He Himself knows. Others speak of Him from mere hearsay. Shiva knows not the Lord's way. The gods have grown weary searching for Him. The goddesses know not His mystery. Over all is the Unseen Supreme Lord." (Guru Arjan, Ramkali, pg. 894)

(Guru Gobind Singh, 33 Swaiyyas)
Some cherish, faithfully the images of Vishnu; others call Shiva their God.
Some proclaim His Presence in the temple, others in the mosque.
Some declare Rama to be His incarnation, others that He is no other than Krishna.
I have forsaken these fruitless ways, and the Creator-Lord alone I have called my God.
The All-pervading God, Unconquerable and Unconceived, how could He as Rama be born from the womb of Kaushalya? If one calls Krishna the Immortal God, then why did he surrender himself to the power of Death?
All loving is He and All Holy too then why did He drive Arjuna to battle?
Yea, recognize Him alone to be thy All-powerful God, whose Mystery no one has unraveled, nor will.
If Krishna be God, the Treasure of Mercy, why the huntsman pierced him with an arrow?
He who saves the families of others, why did he get his own annihilated?
He who's called the Primeval God, unconceived, how did He enter into the womb of Devaki?
Yea, He who has neither father nor mother, how could He call Vasudeva His sire?
Why call Shiva thy God, why Brahma thy Lord?
He (God) belongs not to the Raghu clan (of Rama), nor to the family of yadvas (like Krishna), nor is He Rama's spouse; not one of these is the God of the universe.
You forsake the One and cling to many; but thiswise even Sukhdeva, Prasara and Vyasa (famous Hindu sages) fell in error.
Hark O man, these ways avail not:
So, I have recognized the One alone in every form.
Some look upon Shiva, others on Brahma, as God.
Still others declare Vishnu as the Lord of the universe dwelling upon whom end ones sins and sorrows.
Give this thy deepest thought, O ignorant wretch, that all these forsake thee in the end.
Contemplate Him (God) therefore, who was, and is, and will also be, and whose proof is in thy very heart.
Millions of Indras and Upindras He made and then brought them to an end.
And the gods and the demons too and birds and beasts and mountains and Seshnagas.
For His sake have Brahma and Shiva done penance to this day, but found not His limits.
Yea, He whose Mystery is fathomed not by the Vedas or the Semitic texts, Him alone my Teacher instructed me to accept as the Guru.