Miscellaneous Resources

IRC channel #Sikh setup on the DALNET ( port 7000) IRC Server for Sikhi discussion and discussion of issues that affect Sikhs from around the world. A IRC Chat program is required or you can visit their web site to chat using a Java applet.

Usenet Sikh Religion Newsgroup: soc.religion.sikhism

Usenet Punjab Newsgroup: soc.culture.punjab

Gurbani-CD with Gurmukhi Truetype fonts, MS Word files of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in original Gurmukhi as well as a english translation. General information on Sikhism, pictures of Gurdwaras and much more. Being offered on a non-profit donations basis. For more information write to: Sikh Center of Orange County, 2530 W. Warner Avenue, Santa Ana, California 92704 (Attention: Dr. Tarlochan Singh) or phone Dr. Tarlochan Singh at (714) 280-1430 or email him at or order the CD on-line through a web site..

SikhLink, a free, non-commercial Mailing List open to all Sikhs. All Sikhs are welcome to join and discuss Sikhism and Sikh culture with fellow Sikhs around the world. People interested in joining SikhLink should contact with their name and email address.

Khalsa Net Mailing List: $36 per year membership contact

Recieve the Daily Hukamnama by email. All you need to do is send an e-mail to with the word: "subscribe" in the Subject field.

Learn to read Punjabi easily. Punjabi Reader books written in a North American context for ages 5 to Adult. Reader 1 ($5.00 U.S.) is an intro to the Gurmukhi alphabet & character modifiers. Reader 2 ($10.00) covers sentence structures. Reader 3 ($15.00) has extensive reading passages explaining Punjabi variations. Published by The Sikh Social & Educational Society contact (Sandeep Singh Brar)

MS Windows Punjabi and Gurmukhi software by Akal Systems. Anandpur TrueType font, Shabad Kosh electronic Punjabi/English and English/Punjabi dictionary, multimedia Gurmukhi learning programs with pictures and sounds. Contact singh@akal.Eng.Sun.COM (Surinder Singh) or phone (408) 996-9404.

Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM for PC or Mac. It covers the history of Sikhism and the contributions of each Guru. The second part is a basic introduction to the Punjabi language with pronunciations, contact (Tarsem Singh Cooner).

Gurbani Informant by CanCon Inc. New Delhi. MS Windows program with entire text of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in Gurmukhi as well as romanized english. Powerful Gurmukhi search capabilites. Comes on 5 floppy disks, priced at £50-00 (requires Adobe Type Manager). If interested contact (Bhupinder Singh).

Guru Granth Sahib on PC ($100). Entire pages of Granth Sahib on screen in Gurmukhi, with search capabilities as well as point and click explanations and printing. This is a floppy disk program and not a CD-ROM. Contact Balwant Singh Uppal: 94 Mars Street, Carlisle, West Australia 6101.


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