Historical Gurdwaras of Punjab
Guru Hargobind

Leader of the Udasi's
Gurdwara Bath Sahib, Dist. Gurdaspur

The ascetic son of Guru Nanak and the founder of the Udasi order Baba Sri Chand lived here deep in the forest for the last part of his life. Guru Hargobind visited Baba Sri Chand and when Baba Sri Chand complimented the Guru on his chivalry and piety, Guru Hargobind replied with great humility, "It is all the result of your blessing". Guru Hargobind also gave his son Baba Gurditta to Baba Sri Chand as the next leader of the Udasi order. Baba Sri Chand was also visited here by Guru Arjan who told Baba Sri Chand about the hostility of the Gurus elder brother. Baba Sri Chand replied: "This will be his undoing and ruin both in this world and the next". Baba Sri Chand died and was cremated here in 1612 at the ripe old age of 118.