Historical Gurdwaras of Punjab
Guru Hargobind

Birth of a Saint Soldier
Gurdwara Guru Ki Wadali, Dist. Amritsar

This is the birthplace of Guru Hargobind who was born here in 1595. Guru Hargobind was a saint and a soldier and the first military hero of the people of Punjab in 600 years since the conquest of Punjab by the Muslims. Guru Hargobind always carried two swords to symbolize the concepts of Miri and Piri. Piri meaning spiritual authority and Miri meaning temporal authority, Sikhs are expected to maintain a balance between the two, to be soldiers and saints. The 400th anniversary of Guru Hargobind's birth was celebrated in 1995.

Two flagposts representing the idea of miri & piri,
spiritual and temporal obligations introduced by Guru Hargobind..