Historical Gurdwaras of Punjab
Guru Gobind Singh

Alone in the Forest
Gurdwara Charan Kanwal, Machhiwara, Dist. Ludhiana

After agreeing to leave Chamkaur as commanded by his Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh escaped into the night and the jungle surrounded by the enemy troops. In the dark the Guru was separated from his three Sikh and left alone in the dense jungle. Guru Gobind Singh trudged through the jungle day and night, his clothes tattered and his feet blistered. Eventually the Guru reached the outskirts of Machiwara town and lay down to sleep in a garden in some bushes on the ground with a stone as his pillow. Here he was found by the three remaining Sikhs Dharam Singh, Daya Singh and Man Singh. This gurdwara marks that spot where Guru Gobind Singh was found sleeping. Guru Gobind Singh drank water from the well that appears in the foreground.