Historical Gurdwaras of Punjab
Guru Gobind Singh

"All the Khalsa are My Children"
Gurdwara Katalgarh Sahib, Chamkaur Sahib, Dist. Ropar

During the battle of Chamkaur in 1704 in which the Guru and 40 Sikhs fought against overwhelming odds, both of Guru Gobind Singhs sons died in battle at this spot. The remaining Sikhs in the fort at Chamkaur were being martyred one by one, but they did not want the Gurus two sons to go into battle. Guru Gobind Singh declared that all the Sikhs in the fort were his beloved sons. During the battle Baba Ajit Singh asked his fathers permission to go out of the fort and fight the enemy. He said, "Dear father, my name is Ajit or Unconquerable. I will not be conquered. And if conquered, I will not flee or come back alive. Permit me to go, dear father." Guru Gobind Singh hugged and kissed his beloved son before sending him into battle where he fought heroically until his last breath. Baba Jujhar Singh having watched his brother fight, asked Guru Gobind Singh, "Permit me, dear father to go where my brother has gone. Don’t say that I am too young. I am your son, I am a Singh or Lion of yours. I shall prove worthy of you. I shall die fighting, with my face towards the enemy, with God and the Guru on my lips and in my heart." Guru Gobind Singh embraced him and said, "Go my son and wed life-giving Death. We have been here for a while. Now we shall return to our real home. Go and wait for me there. Your grandfather and elder brother are already waiting for you." Thus the Guru watched his two sons achieve eternal peace through martyrdom. Guru Gobind Singh was prepared to follow his sons and Sikhs in martyrdom, but it was not the great Gurus time yet.