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Birth of an Old Man (Baba Buddha)
Gurdwara Janamasthan Baba Buddha, Dist. Amritsar

The eminent Sikh saint Baba Buddha was born here in 1506. Baba Buddha had the pleasure of serving under the first six Gurus. When he was a young boy herding cattle in the fields one day he met Guru Nanak who was visiting the village. The boy served the Guru milk and Guru Nanak exclaimed that though young in age, he was a Buddha (old man) in terms of his understanding and wisdom. Baba Buddha converted to the path of Sikhism and became an exemplary disciple of the Gurus. Baba Buddha was responsible for the guruship ceremony of the next five Gurus from Guru Angad to Guru Hargobind. Under Guru Arjan Dev, Baba Buddha was appointed the first custodian (granthi) of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in the Golden Temple in 1604. Baba Buddha was also responsible for the early education of Guru Hargobind as a child and helped to personally construct the Akal Takht. Baba Buddha passed away in 1631 and had his last rites personally performed by Guru Hargobind.