Century of Struggle and Sucess
The Sikh Canadian Experience

"The traveler comes and goes along the highway. What did he bring when he came, and what will he take away when he goes?" (Guru Nanak Dev, Ramkali, pg. 931)


Guru Nanak asks what have you accomplished on the highway of life? As Sikhs celebrate over 100 years in Canada we can ask 'What did we accomplish?' What have we contributed to the Canadian mosaic and what have we gained from that experience? This presentation is not meant to be a comprehensive history of our last 100 years in Canada, but instead an journey celebrating the Sikh experience. A journey which looks at select events in the history of Sikh pioneers to get a better understanding and appreciation of a century in Canada as seen through their eyes, actions and words.

Captain Kesur Singh
One of the first Sikh soldiers who arrived in Canada in 1897 following Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

Part I The Struggle Begins

Part II The Family

Part III Community Strength

Part IV Sense of Identity

Part V Wartime Contribution

Part VI Today & Tommorow


Baltej Singh Dhillon
In 1990 Baltej became the first Sikh RCMP officer allowed to wear a turban.